FBI Lied To Facebook, Twitter, Etc. & Created Official Truths For Them To Define As “Disinformation”

FBI Lied To Facebook, Twitter, Etc. & Created Official Truths For Them To Define As “Disinformation”

So the regime’s secret police lied to Facebook, Twitter, and surely others (like Google), and said it would be in Facebook’s and the others’ best interest to censor a regime-harming story.

Which Facebook, Twitter, etc. did.

The FBI called the truth of Hunter’s laptop “misinformation” or “disinformation”, necessitating the regime calling a falsity an Official Truth.

You will also recall our side remarked on everything that was happening when it was happening. And we were labeled as dissidents passing on “disinformation”. Accounts pointing up the Biden scandal were quashed, throttled down, and so on. As was also noted at the time. These claims of censorship, too, were called “disinformation”.

Here’s the point of today’s brief post. As I have told us myriad times, never forget that “disinformation” necessarily requires there to be Official Truths. And if there are Official Truths, there must necessarily be some agency, or agencies, in charge of creating, maintaining, changing, and promulgating them.

Zuckerberg said they used “independent” “third party” Official Truth providers to aid him in his censorship. And that Facebook, and surely the other companies’ employees, didn’t provide all the definitions for censorship. Which means they provided some.

Those “independent” sources were likely drawing from the secret police, too. Sometimes likely as directly as with Facebook, with armed agents showing up at offices and requesting, oh so politely, to consider as Official Truths the information they were providing.

But surely, too, these “independent” sources created for themselves some of the Official Truths which they so happily, and for a small fee, provided Facebook et al.

Quoting myself, about the regime’s attempts to set up a Disinformation Governance Board:

I’ve warned us numerous times: for there to be mis- or disinformation there must be a set of Official Truths, and an entity charged with deciding Official Truth. OTs will be propositions that will only be coincidentally true. The criterion of judgment for OTs will therefore not be Truth, but usefulness to the regime.

OT definitions and promulgation can be done in the MOT itself, and will be the more political and less “scientific” they are. Most of the work for science OTs will be farmed out to Experts. If you have no conscience and possess a “degree” from an Ivy League or equivalent, now is your chance to set up shop as an Disinformation Identifier.

And, recalling the regime’s censorship of coronadoom information and the Surgeon General demanding Facebook and others hand over information on “disinformation” spreaders:

The OT list was likely provided by some “academic” or third party, as the report recommended. We also know these disinformation contractors exist, and must exist.

For one, if they didn’t, the government would be solely responsible for defining all OTs. Government agencies are too used to farming out this kind of work, and usually to academia and the like. It’s easier to outsource. And much more defensible. “We didn’t create this list. Experts with PhDs did. That’s why it isn’t political because academics are angels.”

For two, there is no way blue-haired pierced tattooed STD-carrying soy-infused perpetually “outraged” weepy censors at tech companies can create OTs, except by reflex. They must rely on outside agencies for the bulk of what counts as an OT, especially as propositions grow technical.

There is much more on the subject here, in other posts.

What’s interesting about today’s revelations, which are indeed not revelations at all to those on our side, is what will happen to them.

That is, this is all happening as I write. It remains to be seen what the regime media will say or do about Zuckerberg’s comments. Perhaps deny them, and label those who speak of them “disinformation spreaders.” More likely—and I’m just guessing—they will just dismiss and ignore them as “unimportant” and wait for them to be washed away in the next tide of propaganda.

I didn’t have time to edit today’s post, (and I know I’m risking a “hot take”), so it’s likely my enemies slipped in more than their usual quota of typos.

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  1. Robin


    “.. was to be “an ontology-based (sub)system that captures, stores, and makes accessible the flow of one person’s experience in and interactions with the world in order to support a broad spectrum of associates/assistants and other system capabilities”. The objective of the LifeLog concept was “to be able to trace the ‘threads’ of an individual’s life in terms of events, states, and relationships”, and it has the ability to “take in all of a subject’s experience, from phone numbers dialed and e-mail messages viewed to every breath taken, step made and place gone …”

    Darpa Lifelog was established during 2003 but was closed on Feb 3, 2004 due to oversight privacy concerns. Remember those dates: started 2003; closed Feb 3, 2004.


    Facebook origins: launched as FaceMash during 2003, but changed to Facebook on February 4, 2004.

    Hmmm. Who wouda thunk? Both entities founded during 2003, but Lifelog forced to close February 3, 2004, and Facebook was launched February 4, 2004, just one day after. Pure coincidence, amirite?

    DARPA LifeLog => Facebook.

    In my view, Facebook is a CIA/Pentagon cut out that replaced DARPA’S LifeLog that the Pentagon was forced to close in 2004.

    No privacy issues with Facebook! It’s a private company and can do whatever it wants!

  2. Alfred Naujocks

    I realize we aren’t really talking about HB’s lapdance here, but rather about the larger issue, sins against the 8th Commandment.
    Nevertheless, I remark that HB’s laptop is of marginal relevance at most.

  3. Jerry

    “Nevertheless, I remark that HB’s laptop is of marginal relevance at most.”

    To WHO, would you say it is marginally relevant? The current regime? It seems to be quite relevant, based on their actions.

  4. Vermont Crank

    Mark Zuckerberg did not tell Joe Rogan that the FBI told him to”confess” this to Joe Rogan (who is controlled opposition and refuses to interview Trump because democracy) so as to mess with the instincts and intellects of American voters:

    Mark’s a lot like us and he was fooled by the devious Federal BI but he has now seen the light and we can expect Facebook will be a lot fairer, even-handed and believable now.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Had the laptop belonged not to Hunter, but to Don Jr., imagine the outrage to those revelations of seedy crack-ho misdemeanors and presidential racketeering high crimes. Game over for Trump, and rightly so. But Americans, instead of responding with moral firmness, acquiesced in it, albeit with some grumbling. That is a measure of the regime’s success with its long-running campaigns of partisan brainwashing and demoralization. The demoralization campaign weakens people by their participation in sins such as divorce, fornication, sodomy, abortion, et cetera, and especially by free porn pumped directly to all.

    Every man may participate in rebuilding a Godly and moral society by living in truth, refusing sin, and joining with men of like mind. In order to cast stones at the Demoralizers one must stand on the rock of righteousness. As the Demoralizers sink in a sea of sin, free men will rise again on the Rock of Ages.

    ”…it’s likely my enemies slipped in more than their usual quota of typos.”

    Not a one, Boss — combed over it carefully. There’s one minor typo in a copied section, but nary a one in what you wrote today, and there were a number of tricky passages. Nice work.

  6. Incitadus

    Who needs Facebook when you’ve got Briggs?

  7. BDavi52

    3 Days of the Condor…
    Joubert (Max von Sydow), the assassin, explains to Joe Turner (Redford)… after the killing of Atwood and the pending collapse of the CIA plot… what will be coming his direction:

    “It will happen this way. You will be walking…maybe the first sunny day of the Spring….and a car will slow beside you…and a door will open. And someone you know….maybe even trust… will get out of the car…. and he will smile, a becoming smile…. but he will leave open the door of the car (Turner startles) … and offer to give you a lift…”

    Facebook, quite predictably, got into the car.
    The FBI has those ‘becoming smiles’….and Zuckerberg is always looking for a lift.


  8. Cary Cotterman

    We live in an age of lies, lunacy, corruption, stupidity, and evil. Those who have no rational business being in charge of anything are in charge of everything. They and the useful idiots who put them there get stronger and stronger every day. The only positive thing I can think of regarding this situation is that I’m old and will be checking out of it all sooner rather than later. I’d hate to be twenty-five and facing at least another half century in this insane asylum.

  9. Bobcat

    Yeah, of course, corrupt corporatism at work here with Zuckerberg and his lame facebook company. On top of that, fbi is deep state that works in favor of the degenerate democrat party. Predictable. Nothing new here. So they wanted to cover up Hunter Biden’s scandal with his laptop and money laundering. What else would you expect the fbi to do when they decided to raid Trump’s residence? It’s because Trump doesn’t support their neo-fascist, globalist, cultural marxist agendas. Of course, once again, anybody who has half-way paid attention to what’s going on, and doesn’t rely on mockingbird media, knows all this.

  10. WowJustWow

    “ They must rely on outside agencies for the bulk of what counts as an OT, especially as propositions grow technical.”

    And especially regarding coronadoom, where the same claim can change status week to week from being OT, to being right-wing disinformation, and back again. Perhaps it’s a propaganda meta-strategy designed to take all the fun out of being a contrarian?

  11. PhilH

    What papers did Trump take from the WH? Some MSM claim the FBI were looking for documents that have information on foreign intelligence contacts.

  12. Johnno

    Don’t fall for this propaganda. Suckerberg wasn’t fooled. He played along by feigning naivete. As does smokin’dope Rogan. Both of then know what’s up. They just enjoy the gratification of double-think because of the magical aura of “open-minded-ness.”

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