The Disinformation Governance Board Was Conceived After The 2016 Meme Wars: It Was Formed To Stop Trump 2.0: Here’s How It Will Work

The Disinformation Governance Board Was Conceived After The 2016 Meme Wars: It Was Formed To Stop Trump 2.0: Here’s How It Will Work

The creepiest government agency will become the home of the official Ministry of Truth I have been warning you about these many years, announced right after Musk bought Twitter.

Do I get an I told you so?

The sci-fi-dystopia-named Department of Homeland Security will house the new Disinformation Governance Board. The DHS, of course, was formed after the 9-11 panic. Hersterical effeminates shouted, “Save me!” and the government said, “This won’t hurt a bit.” Now you have to bend over, electronically speaking, to board a plane.

If the CDC lets you.

Yet the Disinformation Governance Board was formed not, as we’ll see, because of Musk, but because of the Trump panic, when it became clear to the regime that they needed tighter control of information.

Our new Minister of Truth is Nina Jankowicz, who is giddy about her elevation to Official Chief Scold.

The cat, as you might know, is a nine-tailed whip. It was taken out of the bag when punishment was to be doled out. Offenders would be strapped to the grating and given a dozen lashes. Often for showing disrespect to one’s betters.

A most appropriate way to announce our new Ministry.

This Jankowicz is an obvious midwit who, given her Woman Online book, had one too many things mansplained to her, in complete disregard to her feelings. This disregard she defined as disinformation. This feminist chip on her thin shoulders makes her the perfect Top Thought Cop.

That, plus her calling the Hunter laptop a hoax.

As fun as it is scrolling through her history and giggling at what we find, she is not the story. If it wasn’t her, it would have been somebody else. We can at least be thankful her position wasn’t filled with a Diversity or Perversity quota hire.

The real story is how the Ministry of Truth (MOT) will function.

Go back and read the first linked article to get the full quote about how, to be useful, propaganda has to be complete. Every major information source must be controlled by the regime: if any slip away, a fatal breach can develop in the propaganda program.

The MOT was planned before Musk made his move on Twitter, though the regime’s fears of what he might do surely hurried these plans along. Yet they likely don’t have much to fear from Musk as they might have thought:

I predict Musk, or rather his Twitter management, will work with the Disinformation Governance Board to “stamp out” (or whatever words Twitter execs will use) the worst excesses of the “far right”—and, as a sop, the “far left”. Yet, like Jankowicz, Musk is not the story.

Twitter was a source of irritation for the regime because of Trump. The site worked hard after the 2016 Meme Wars to correct this, purging and throttling influential dissident accounts. We know this because the DHS say so themselves in a 2019 report on “disinformation”.

In today’s information environment, the way consumers view facts, define truth, and categorize various types of information does not adhere to traditional rules. The shift from print sources of information to online sources and the rise of social media have had a profound impact on how consumers access, process, and share information. These changes have made it easier for threat actors to spread disinformation and exploit the modern information environment, posing a significant threat to democratic societies. Accordingly, disinformation campaigns should be viewed as a whole-of-society problem requiring action by government stakeholders, commercial entities, media organizations, and other segments of civil society.

Before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, disinformation was not at the forefront of American discourse…

Since the presidential election, disinformation campaigns have been the subject of numerous investigations…

Until the end of 2018, much of the work on disinformation campaigns was post-mortem—after the
campaign had nearly run its course. At that point, the desired effect of the threat actor had been achieved and the damage done.

Look at this language: threat actor (who did they mean!?); consumers itself is a telling and dystopian word, however common it is. But never mind.

They continue (with my emphasis):

Since late 2018, civil society groups, scholars, and investigative journalists have made great strides in identifying ongoing disinformation campaigns and sharing findings with social media platforms, who then remove inauthentic accounts. However, these campaigns are often identified after the disinformation has already entered and been amplified inside the information environment, too late to fully negate the harm.

I’ve warned us numerous times: for there to be mis- or disinformation there must be a set of Official Truths, and an entity charged with deciding Official Truth. OTs will be propositions that will only be coincidentally true. The criterion of judgment for OTs will therefore not be Truth, but usefulness to the regime.

OT definitions and promulgation can be done in the MOT itself, and will be the more political and less “scientific” they are. Most of the work for science OTs will be farmed out to Experts. If you have no conscience and possess a “degree” from an Ivy League or equivalent, now is your chance to set up shop as an Disinformation Identifier.

Here is some of what the DHS recommended, some of which has already happened since 2019:

* Funding and support of research efforts that bridge the commercial and academic sectors. Academic research efforts, armed with the appropriate real-world data from commercial platforms…

* Establishment of an information sharing and analysis organization to bring together government entities, research institutions and private-sector platforms…

* Encouragement of media organizations to promote the need for healthy skepticism by their users when consuming online content…

You recall (linked at the top) the Surgeon General already demanded social media sites hand over information on users that spread coronadoom “disinformation” (due this week). In order for sites to do this, they necessarily first had to have coronadoom OTs in hand. Meaning this list already exists in some form; and since it exists, somebody created it.

The OT list was likely provided by some “academic” or third party, as the report recommended. We also know these disinformation contractors exist, and must exist.

For one, if they didn’t, the government would be solely responsible for defining all OTs. Government agencies are too used to farming out this kind of work, and usually to academia and the like. It’s easier to outsource. And much more defensible. “We didn’t create this list. Experts with PhDs did. That’s why it isn’t political because academics are angels.”

For two, there is no way blue-haired pierced tattooed STD-carrying soy-infused perpetually “outraged” weepy censors at tech companies can create OTs, except by reflex. They must rely on outside agencies for the bulk of what counts as an OT, especially as propositions grow technical.

For three, we know how these contractors will be formed. The method is given in a story about how Brown University (sent in by reader and contributor Kip Hansen) will “cut ties with ‘science disinformation’ spreaders”. Brown meant dissident scientists and the like who disagree with The Consensus—defined as the “solutions” the regime deems necessary to “solve” global warming.

Brown wants to create “a national or international clearinghouse” list of OT offenders. Organizations that dispute OTs “could be informed that they have been placed on the Disinformation Supporter Yellow List”.

Once on the list, it would be “up to the corporations to prove that they do not spread science disinformation.”

Guilty until proven innocent will be a defining feature of the MOT. After all, you are not an Expert: they are. How can you possibly disagree?

Brown, then, might be the source for atmospheric physics OTs. Somebody has to be. Other universities, or groups associated with them, will provide OTs for the other areas of science and politics important to the regime.

Because nothing succeeds like excess, the MOT will quickly expand to areas in which the regime has no real interest, but some local Safety-First scold does, and because all bureaucracies love to expand. Perhaps the demand for OTs will be about mandatory mitten use in schools in winter. Or maybe how people who come to the country illegally are frowned at when passing off expired grocery coupons. Whatever. It will be something, and likely many somethings.

There will be disputes that are publicized, but the MOT will win these battles in a strategic sense. I mean sites and media that previously did not side with the government on a disputed manner will do so after the dispute is aired, even if dissidents show an OT is false.

Look, too, for plenty of academic “research” that “proves” how golly-gosh wonderful the MOT is at suppressing disinformation. This, as I’ve explained many times, is how Experts are created. No conspiracy is needed: only the incentive to be thought important is. This MOT-Expert partnership will form a positive feedback process, each strengthening the other.

Watch for some kind of badge or certification like “This Site Practices Anti-Disinformation As Certified by the Official Truth Masters”. The Truth Masters will be funded by the MOT.

Leading celebrity, academic, and political women, or the nearest equivalent to women, will say “These procedures make me feel safe.” Government is matriarchy is centered around making women feel safe.

These are the easiest predictions to make because, of course, we’ve seen it all before in other regime areas. The only thing the MOT will do is organize and coordinate these efforts—all while boasting of how this “increases freedom”, saves “our democracy”, and so on.

Buy my new book and learn to argue against the regime: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()

    Quid est veritas : John 18:38

  2. John B()

    A bit OT(get what I did there?)

    Nenana Ice Classic tripod stops the clock at 6:47 p.m. Alaska Standard Time May 2.

  3. This analysis is probably correct. The success of this strategy, however, relies upon the information oligarchy retaining its prestige. That prestige in turn depends, in the long run, on its ability to make correct predictions. Since academic prestige is now in large part a circle jerk in which they are in essence prestigious because they’re prestigious, ultimately that system must break down. The ‘certified trustworthy’ good boy obedience badges they’ll reward compliant outlets with will become a sure indicator of untrustworthiness, while the naughty list will become a sign that a given outlet deserves a second look.

    Arguably we’ve already seen the beginning of this. ‘This post was fact checked and found wrong’ has been a running joke for over a year now.

  4. Dr. Weezil

    You know, for a group of degenerate relativist skeptics, these people love asserting an “Objective Truth” despite the fact that they fundamentally and absolutely reject the idea that there could be an alternative (and correct) one to that which they profess, and even the very concept of singular objectivity itself.

    Skepticism is the primary error, at its core false, inherently contradictory, and attractive like no other thing, particularly to the midwit and higher. It is the source of all errors.

  5. Morten Nielsen

    I honestly think you are waaaay too optimistic.
    The system would only need to define The Official Truth if the system were to work in a rational, fair and predictable manner. But that’s not the point of this at all.
    The purpose is not to make people think anything in particular, but to make people stop thinking entirely.
    Ultimately, the blue-haired pierced tattooed STD-carrying soy-infused perpetually “outraged” weepy censors are the perfect expression and executors of the new order. The important thing to them is not what may be written in some official list, the important thing, rather, is what The Herd is currently feeling.
    If you are perfectly in tune with the The Herd in all things, you will never be caught out, but if (television forbid) you should happen to think for yourself even a little bit, you will eventually twist when The Herd turns, or vice versa – and then you will be destroyed.
    No Official Truth is needed, only feelings. Submit yourself to The Herd or be crushed.

  6. Forbes

    If I can speculate, there might be one saving grace: Musk/Twitter refuses to participate. For such an effort to succeed, there can be no leakages, no exceptions. It has to include all forums.

    Having said that, this proposal (as Briggs lays out) is no different than the jab roll-out. I.e., the CDC “recommends” and then private institutions mandate the CDC “recommendation.” Nefarious. The jab or your job.

  7. Briggs:

    “Do I get an I told you so?” Yes.

    But what are you doing about it? Clearly disinformation is a major issue and equally clearly government is not the solution. So now what?

    Check your email, last Friday I sent you a draft for this: (since somewhat improved) :

    Might work, might not – but some discussion here would be helpful.

    oh..and yes, some people get security warnings on my site. They’re disinformation.

  8. Johnno

    Briggs Briggs, this Disinformation Department of Homeland Security is old-hat, it is not the story. In order for the government’s net to be total, you need to think BIGGER!

    Just wait until you hear about the ‘Department of PRE-CRIME’!

    After all… Disinfo, insurrections, hatred, bigotry, racism and funny memes must be stopped before it happens. Experts agree that this is the logical next step. More tracking and surveillance and precognitive models and AI will also be necessary, you understand…

  9. John B()

    The SCOTUS leak is part of the MOT, correct?

  10. Cary Cotterman

    John Carter, if prestige depends on the ability to make correct predictions, then the climate change cult should have gone down decades ago. Yet, in spite of prediction after prediction failing consistently for over half a century, their hysteria still carries the day with government, academia, corporations, and a large chunk of the general public. But maybe you’re right, and we just haven’t got to the point where the failure of their claims leads to the collapse of their dominance.

  11. scuzzy

    I’m confused. Post Modernism, which defines liberal thought, claims that there is no ultimate truth. Truth is what you think it is. Just like if you’re a man that thinks you’re a woman then of course you are a woman. I guess that only applies though if your thoughts align with the MOT.

  12. Uncle Mike

    I think therefore I am the enemy.

  13. Cookie

    The Western democracies have become the inbred Oligarchy predicted long ago.

    Change never comes at the top, why would any of those descendant half wits want to change…they have it all their way.

    You want a different outcome then create a democracy that really is a democracy…and that doesn’t mean voting for Trump?

  14. johnson j

    Truth Social is also obviously part of the ministry of truth, hence the name (and early on they said no cussing is allowed, so they can define anything as cussing and ban you, and probably will define faggot as cussing since Trump is a pro-gay controlled opposition faggot). And twitter under Elon is too, since he clearly has said he isn’t really the “free speech” absolutist he claimed before. Plus he wants to put literal computer chips in people’s brains, so how much free anything other than a free ride for himself can the man believe in?

  15. c matt

    The MOT could provide a valuable service. By identifying something as “disinformation” we can rest assured it is true.

    I personally hope they compile a list of “disinformation” sites (updated weekly) ala ADL to make my browsing more conven– I mean, safer.

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