Putin’s Third, And Final, Act — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Putin’s Third, And Final, Act — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

There’s a play showing now but unlike most plays the third and last act hasn’t been fully written yet. But I think the first two have. A long time ago. Like Golitsyn told us, back in 1984.

The first act (Kinetics) is nearly done. The second act (Economics) has already begun. Like the first, it features Vlad, who uses jiu-jitsu as his primary mode of engagement. And like Act One, the carnage is astounding. All of Europe is about to go dark. Maybe the Anglosphere too. This may lead to more kinetics, but outside of Ukraine.

Act three is The Ecclesial act. Which will possibly calm the kinetics and restore the economics. For a price. Everyone has their price. Even Vlad.

What is Vlad’s price? This is unknown as yet, even to Vlad, because this is the un-written part of this play. He will be tempted to write large and ascend to Caesar’s throne. The other choice is to assume the mantle of Caesar but then to kneel before another throne. In other words, to deny Caesaro-Papism. Which, of course, would be alien to the history of the Orthodox world.

That is the choice he faces. One is to fulfill the Slavic dream of world conquest (as Third Rome), the other is to be the tool of world salvation, from First Rome, as Solovyev foretold. There’s an abyss between these two choices, and we’re hanging over the edge of it.

Why is Vlad so calm while the West is frantic? It’s because Vlad read his lines to perfection. And the West forgot to do their assigned reading, and cannot imagine a play in which they are not the ‘good guys’. Besides, given the correlation of forces in the kinetic and economic arenas, why wouldn’t Vlad be confident? In the third (Ecclesial) arena there is widespread chaos as well, making it believable that the throne of Peter may be as weak as the Western Caesar. In other words, it looks like Vlad could run the table. Eight ball, side pocket.

All of the kinetic and economic prophecies uttered by Western oracles have all fallen flat. It’s now obvious to any that, beyond the shadow cast by the Wailing Wall, Russia is militarily light-years ahead of the West. Our generals ship new victims to Vlad’s doorstep each day. Why should Vlad advance westward, stretching his supply lines, when his enemies deliver themselves to the daily slaughter? He’s not only de-militarizing Ukraine, but also all of Europe and the US-UK, as the ‘arsenal of democracy’ is now near empty.

The next step, unfolding in Act II, will be the economically-accomplished de-Nazification of the Empire. This will happen when the furnaces go cold this winter. Refrigerators will be un-needed, because your London flat will be plenty cold enough to preserve your food. If you have any.

As someone once said, the revolution is only nine meals away. Once food goes, all (political) bets are off. We will see then if anyone still inside the Matrix can wake up from the Euro-Nazi siren songs.

Things should fare better here, but at another price. We have food, fertilizer and fuel, if we will use them. Again, it is a matter of willpower, not resources. Can we wake up in time?

For all you naysayers who endlessly cite GDP statistics as if to show this whole thing described is impossible, remember this: health care, education and financial sectors make up half our GDP. The other half is full of ‘services’ that barely produce anything burnable or edible. The Russian economy produces actual goods. Both military and civilian. Sanctions don’t work when your opponent has all the resources (and willpower) he needs to survive. Europeans don’t.

Which leads to Act III. Who will rule the Church? And what kind of Church will it be? We already know that, just as in Washington, drunks are at the wheel in Holy Rome. Elsewhere, within the denominational remains of Christendom. Well, that question leads to the un-written end of this Act. Yet, according to Bezmenov and a few others, it actually has already been written. The question is, will Vlad continue to follow that script?

Or will Vlad be the Russian foreseen by Solovyev? The man who submits to the Universal Church? Which, if he tries to be that man, may well set off the final power struggle. The struggle for the Throne of Peter. Will Patriarch Kyrill meekly assent to this? Or will he resurrect the spirit of Patriarch Nikon and seek to assert the primacy of the Universal Church (under his Eastern leadership, of course)?

Personally, I think Kyrill may soon be the last man standing in Third Rome. And the next man seated in First Rome as well.

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  1. Vermont Crank

    Do you mean that the next Pope may be from The Orthodox Church, a convert like Nikon was rumored to have been?

    That will be an interesting conclave 🙂

  2. Robin

    Love Ianto Watt’s work. Especially his bringing a spiritual aspect to the current global turmoil.

    I hope and pray that he is correct. But the forces of darkness are ever present and pressing us from all sides.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”…as Solovyev foretold.”

    Solovyev? — what’s that, a brand of Russian vodka? So now I have to go read this Solovyev dude… I wonder should I do that before or after I mow the lawn? Okay, check out Solovyev’s mug — perfect — you can just picture him in some anarchist coffeehouse commiserating with Dostoyevsky. And then Tolstoy walks in and the fun hits the fan.

    ”…to fulfill the Slavic dream of world conquest…”

    Is that actually a dream with Slavs? Maybe. I’m not so up on my Slavic plotting. I know there was the Great Game played against the Brits in the 1800s, but wasn’t that more a defensive op countering the world devouring Brits? And then Cecil Rhodes, the City of London (insert Happy Merchant meme; two hands, nose above curtain, dangling puppets, bashing each other), and then the Yanks have their plot, and the Yellow Peril is waiting in the wings. Everyone’s got a goddam plot these days.

    And it’s all very interesting, and worth studying, but if I may wax meta, a mite — there’s always perps plotting for power in this fallen world. Just as there’s always burglars plotting, and fornicators plotting, city councils plotting, etc., and even the slothful are plotting to sit in easy chairs pounding keyboards. Not a lot you can do about it, and in a way it doesn’t matter who’s plotting what. The question is; how can one live rightly in such a madhouse? That, I think, is what Jesus taught.

    ”For all you naysayers…”

    I, say nay?! — nay, I say! I say not nay, but yea. A yeasayer am I, I say yea… to nay, to all you yeasayers — just say NO!

  4. Mann Friedmann

    Och aye, Bagpipe!
    Thanks for a good dose of reality!
    Just a reminder to check one’s samskaras at the door before attempting scapegoating.

  5. Incitadus

    Gorby flirted with the WEF, Vlad was a dues paying member.

  6. Gunther Heinz

    Putin is a …. nigger.

  7. Jovan Dragisic


  8. Johnno

    Putin lovez Vexxines and all the QR code cattle-tracking applications and minor heart side effects that come with it.

    Tells you all you need to know really. Even if he’s not a full member of the club, he really really wants in!

  9. Kenan Meyer

    In this war Russia is defending herself against a US/NATO attack and legitimately so in my view. There is zero evidence for your claim that “Putin” is up to something greater. Sorry, but this view of Putin rather reflects an essential part of US propaganda. Factless claims is not in the spirit of Briggs’ blog IMHO

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