You, Dear Reader, Are An Extremist

You, Dear Reader, Are An Extremist

We live in the Golden Age of Comedy. Need proof?

Somebody said this imagery (embiggened one here) was like Hitler and Stalin had a baby.

This could happen, too, because current wisdom has it some men can get pregnant. Clever readers will complain that neither of these men are still alive. But if a man can get knocked up, being dead should be no bar, either. We just change the definition of what it means to be alive.

If this was the illegitimate birth of everybody’s favorite Ultimate Evil and the Man Who Was Not So Good, Maybe, But His Heart Was In The Right Place, then they were drunk when they conceived it. Their child’s name, we have heard, is Darth Brandon.

Whose grand idea was it to have our Telepromoter Reader In Chief shake his fists in faux rage? What instructions did the screen have? PAUSE AND IMAGINE YOUR DEPENDS ARE FULL? He became the embodiment of the cliche of the old man yelling at the MAGAs to get of his lawn.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic,” they had Biden say. Then, after people heard that, and realized what it meant, they trotted Biden back out the next day to say, “I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country”.

Is this the wave-particle duality of MAGAs? Looked at through the calculus of extremism, they are an intolerable affront to Our Democracy. But looked at in the lens of polling, they are sweet-hearted gentle voters?

This speech was so farcical that even CNN found itself blushing. They altered the color scheme so it wasn’t so The Exorcisty.

Never mind all that. Let’s think about what it means to be an extremist. No better source on that than the White House’s press flak, hired, we were told at the time, because of her race and disdain of normal sexual practices.

You have to admire her speaking manner. She tolerates, but barely, oh-so-barely, and with a sigh, interruptions from reporters asking for clarification. You can see behind her eyes that she is just about done with them, and all of us, for daring to question her.

She puts one in mind of this familiar quote by BAP:

Should the tyranny that has descended on our age ever gain the power it seeks and then be challenged enough to feel itself in danger, the mass annihilations that will be carried out by homosexual, transsexual, and especially lesbian commissars will exceed in scale and cruelty anything that has yet happened in known history. Imagine lesbian mulatta commissars with young Martin Sheen face and haircut manning the future Bergen-Belsens, installations that will span tens of miles.

Incidentally, that we don’t see this is one reason the regime’s performance in orchestrating that speech is comedy rather than horror. They hold power in all major, and most minor, institutions. Yet they can’t work up enough nerve to begin the arrests and stuff the camps. Pathetic.

Back to the flak. “When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking,” she said.

Thus, if 50.0000…0001% of Americans believe one way, and you believe something else, you are an extremist. Officially.

Never mind how to calculate what percent believe what, and that when the flak said “majority of Americans” she meant “majority of the people I know”, and think about allowing disagreement instead. Clearly, an extremist is a bad person. He hold views which are wrong, obviously, but they are so wrong they could lead the extremist to commit evil acts.

The extremist is not only potentially physically violent, but he is a clear and present danger to the children and the weak minded, such as NPR listeners. These people do not have the ability to resist strong arguments, and can, through no fault of their own, come to believe extreme views if they hear them.

And that means that if the extremist is allowed to prowl the streets freely, then eventually enough people will believe the extreme view. The once minority view can become the majority view.

Which instantly turns the minority, whose views only yesterday were right and proper, making them good people, into extremists. The extremist can turn good people into bad people.

The flak, and all her elite friends, cannot bear to be thought of as bad people, so they will do whatever they think they can get away with (which isn’t much) to keep their views “the majority”.

This is only one of the absurdities of assuming Truth can be had by vote—called Consensus in science. The result is of the several Voting Fallacies I cover in Everything You Believe is Wrong.

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  1. Robin

    Brandon got so riled up because Mrs Dr Brandon refused to change his diapers before the speech. Understandable; nobody likes to walk around in dirty diapers.

  2. Zundfolge

    “When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

    I love how a 13%er (and a lesbian one to boot) just told us that minority = extremist.

  3. Ann Cherry

    In that speech, we witnessed the birth of the “Dark Brandon” puppet, which, after a big “thumbs down” (or was that “fists down”?) by the audience……

    …. was quickly swapped out for the more traditional “Uncle Joe Stolen” puppet the very next day.

    Nevertheless, they made their point. Stay tuned for another Plandemic, and quarantine camps, for those recalcitrants they can’t just arrest and imprison for, say, “failure to report something on a tax return while voting Republican.” They don’t even need a virus, because “racism” is about to be officially named a health crisis.

    The truth is out there, and also within. Just make a list, of what’s happened since “Dark Brandon” puppet took office. I’ll start:

    1. Less than two years ago, Uncle Joe Stolen “won the election” while campaigning from his basement, while already in an advanced stage of dementia; meanwhile his opponent got 10 million more votes than Obama’s last election, but still *somehow* lost. Nuff said, because even 2,000 itemized points (or 2,000 Mules) won’t convince the unwilling. (Yes, free will does exist, and some will to live by copious redactions.)
    2. After a bunch of unarmed Trump supporters, along with some FBI plants and ANTIFA actors dressed as Trump supporters “invaded” the capitol, fencing with razor wire was put up for months on end. Everyone ignored how, only four years earlier, D.C. was practically burned to the ground during Trump’s inauguration, and how Madonna stood at a podium in front of the Capitol and said “I’ve thought an awful lot, about blowing up the Whitehouse.” Because when Democrats blow up buildings and kill police officers, they’re “mostly peaceful protests.”
    3. Dark Brandon’s first act was to kill the Keystone Pipeline, while supporting Russia’s Nordstream 2 Pipeline to Europe. Now that sanctions due to the Ukrainian invasion have cut off Russian oil, Europe is well and truly facing a disastrous winter. All of this foreseen, by anyone with half a brain. All purposeful.
    4. Dark Brandon pulled our troops abruptly from Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans and their supporters to die, and leaving behind at least 85 billion in advanced military equipment. The Taliban is now a leading arms exporter, supporting itself by selling our own weapons to our enemies, and China is taking over the Kabul airport, construction for which we U.S. taxpayers paid billions. All of this foreseen. All purposeful.
    5. Under Dark Brandon, we face an energy crisis, a looming food shortage crisis, a crime crisis, an education crisis, and a recession about to become a depression. All of this foreseen, all purposeful.

    Of course, calling what’s going on “planned’, “foreseen”, “intended” and “purposeful”, makes one a “conspiracy theorist” or “Extremist.” These aren’t crises, they tell us, but useful, completely unforeseen and unintended little road bumps along the way to Progressive Paradise, painful only for the Little People, who as compensation will walk on a path of rose petals, when Paradise arrives. It’s right around the corner!

    As our energy secretary Jennifer Granholm recently noted, high gas prices will help us transition to “Electric Cars” …which will “help stop climate change”! Of course “All Electric” gives them “All Control” over our cars, homes and businesses, via “Smart Meters” and other devices. In fact, we are so dumb, they’re going to need Smart Meters for us, too! I hear they’re working on an injectable version.

  4. arthur Foyt

    Don’t they teach anymore that freedom of speech means that we DEFEND to the death your right to have your personal views? In the USA it even means that we have police protect NAZI parades. FREEDOM is a great thing and this president fears it.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “You, Dear Reader, Are An Extremist”

    Well, there are some regrettable neckties hanging in my closet.

  6. Johnno

    All of this is even funnier if you picture it like I do…

    Where Geriatrically Infirm Joe is a senile Uncle Scar, and the Lesbian one and the rest of the staff are cartoon hyenas.

    Then, imagine this moment of speech into a musical number.

  7. Evangeline

    “That is an extreme way of thinking.” So what. So what times a billion.

    And now it is what, a literal crime to think something that deviates from their thoughts. They are identifying what to think, and thou must not depart from it, or else. What astounding arrogance and worse.

  8. If you can quote bap… 😉 ..

    Festinger’s work was largely motivated by his need to understand what happened to turn normal, decent, people into a national mob bent on killing millions of their fellows – and he succeeded. His analysis of what happens to more deeply committed cult members when core elements of the prophecies the cult is based on are publicly and irrefutably falsified provides the only known behavioral model that not only describes what happened in Germany, Russia, China, and hundreds of other places around the world, but allows us to predict the consequences of disconfirmation among the millions of otherwise sane and normal people making up today’s progressive movement in the United States and elsewhere.

    FYI: does not rely on google’s crawler and therefore indexes sites google deletes from its feed to other search engines like duckduckgo.

  9. Milton Hathaway

    A comedy? Indeed. So often these days I am reminded of walking by the television when I was a kid, when my sister had on one of her inane sitcoms with the wise-ass little girl and the creepy canned laughter (my TV shows were totally different, you see). It pained me greatly to even be in the room, the urge to stick my fingers in my ears was so overwhelming, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    While my reaction is much the same to today’s woke news stories, one thing is very different – I feel guilty for tuning out. Then I think to myself, it doesn’t matter if I tune out, what good does it do for me to be outraged, what can I do about it anyway? Then I think, what if everyone felt that way, do the bastards win by default? No, I think, most sane people are like me, they are also tuning out, it isn’t going to affect our principles or our vote one smidgen. But what about the impressionable young and the generally weak-minded? No, I would be the last person those people would pay any attention to. Back and forth I go in my mind, back and forth, back and forth, descending rapidly toward insanity, alternately mentally cackling hysterically and screaming in hopeless desperation, closer and closer to the edge, until . . . hey, what’s that? Ooo, shiny!

    Anyway, Professor Briggs, consider this an earnest heartfelt “Thank you for your service!”, from me to you, for continuing to fight the good fight for those of us that have cowardly tuned out from the inanity of the woke world, fingers in our ears, quietly waiting for our next chance to vote. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

  10. Gunther Heinz

    Why is she/them wearing a mop on her head? Very extreme.

  11. Clearly voting is a threat to democracy if you do it wrong.

  12. A setup for martial law in November depending on the results of their vote theft attempts.

  13. Alfred Naujocks

    There were no annihilations. Stop shilling.

  14. Vermont Crank

    Life imitates art.

    Miss America noted that Fielding Mellish was a subversive mother because he disagreed with the President

  15. Vermont Crank

    Susan Rice is the in-house marionette who pulls Biden’s strings for the Holy Negro, Obama.

    IF the media discovered to its audience of what was happening vis a vis the families of the 911 victims maybe even they might become woke to who really is controlling this horrow show.

    Of course, it is easy to day the speech was a distraction from several things- the failure of the Dems to produce anything the voters might appreciate etc – but I think the speech is meant to be a Look, a squirrel diversion from what Obama has been doing to a nominally Christian America.

    Obama was recruited by Commies to ruin America and the commies don’t care if he is a Mahometan just as long as he destroyed the country they hate.

    Obama said – live on CSPAN – that he’d be happy to have third term as POTUS just as long as he could control things from behind the scenes.

    Yeah, he’s happy and he is the reason crazy Joe Divola, um Biden, will approve the Iran nuke deal.

  16. John R T

    ditto: M. Hathaway – Thank you, Briggs!
    J6 show-trial mega-screen/backdrop; Biden ranting, Troops at attention, and garish lighting: someone is channeling Mussolini.
    Take courage. Blessings continue.

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