Election Open Thread: We Did It To Ourselves Again

Election Open Thread: We Did It To Ourselves Again

I am pleased to announce my prediction came true. On Monday, I said “My prediction is that Unhappiness increases, regardless who wins whatever offices.”

Nailed it.

Maxine Waters won re-election. AOC won, too. So did that stroke guy in Pennsylvania who, at times, was even less aware of the world around him than Joe Biden (this is another prediction verified for Yours Truly, albeit an easy one, his competition being what it was).

But wait! Don’t order yet, because with this election of nitwits, dimwits, and strokewits, I’ll throw in one genuine bona fide nowit! Tony DeLuca.

Yes, nowit. It seems old Tony died back in October, but because he was part of “our democracy” he won with ease. The necrophiliac community is reportedly overjoyed.

Now if you can’t laugh at that, your sense of humor needs surgical alteration.

Incidentally, my favorite part of the Fetterman story is this tweet: “According to CBS News exit polls, women backed Democratic candidate John Fetterman by 15 points, slightly higher than the 11-point margin Biden won women by in the state in 2020.” Sympathy pays.

Gretchen Whitmare (a kind of nightmare) and that broad who runs New York both won re-election. Proving people generally enjoy their servitude.

Chuck Grassley won again, too. He’s 89, and so will shortly, Experts agree, join Tony DeLuca. We might also guess both men will vote the same way in the coming years.

In Montana they put good and evil to vote. Yes, really. They asked voters “Should be embrace a satanic evil, or should we be good?” And, at least the last I looked, the people chose Satan.

I do not jest. On the ballot was “Referendum 131”, which asked Yes or No, “Requires medical care to be provided to infants born alive, including after an attempted abortion.”

The people said No.

The old joke used to be Montana, where men are men, and the sheep are nervous. Add babies to the list. And stay away from doctors.

Oh, before we leave that topic, you did see the part where the babies are born alive, right?

Blake Masters, who I think was the only truly and openly anti-regime candidate, was getting stomped when last I checked.

Incumbents won handily most everywhere. People like what they’re used to, even when what they’re used to is pain, misery, inflation, dissension, and tumult.

Maybe this guy puts it best (click into it if you can’t see the second tweet in the thread):

Well, maybe you have different ideas. Or reason for good cheer. Let’s here ’em.

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  1. Jay Smith

    vote harder

  2. Alfred Naujocks

    I voted, at the local Islamic Center, right after a Muslim cleric.
    The machines (computers) were malfuctioning, though my ballot worked, or so the machine said.
    I cannot mount a coherent defense of my decision to bother.
    Old habits die hard.
    I hope Putin drops the bomb.

  3. The dead guy and stroke guy voting are not surprises, nor is that Montana vote.

    People don’t vote for those things directly, but for the side they represent.

    I would vote for a brain dead R senate candidate to give Rand Paul a chance to subpoena Fauci.

    The thing that has changed is that the candidates have become terrible enough for the polite explanation that we vote for the specific person to be shown false.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Here’s a reason for good cheer:

    ”I am pleased to announce my prediction came true.”

    Your model is killing it.


  5. Incitadus

    Then there was the oh so timely Supreme Court ruling on Row vs Wade
    which was basically the only thing the brain clots had to run on.

  6. Alan Breedlove

    Here’s a reason for good cheer: elections are for the City of Man. Completely temporal. This, too, will pass, just as all child sacrifice cultures—Inca, Mayan, Aztec, Carthaginian, et al—have passed. The best part is that we know how this all ends, because He has already won.

  7. BadThinker

    Over 900,000 “mail in” votes in PA, nearly 90% of which went to Strokey and Regime Shapiro. Definitely happens, totally normal in a state of 13 million total people.

  8. George Johnson

    Looks like impaired brain function will be a requirement for election to office.

  9. Depressing, but too early to tell.

    before you count your dead chickens give some thought to:

    1 – there is a stark difference between the visible (in person, with ID, no obvious machine cheating) vote which went overwhelmingly GOP and the invisible (mail, collection box, after adjudication) vote which went even more overwhelmingly left.

    2 – it ain’t over till it’s over: many delayed counts and lawsuits in progress today.

  10. AB

    The ‘death cult’ will have whoever is willing to join, and will fight against those unwilling. The fight is real, but it is a spiritual war whose form takes many shapes. Thanks for all you do. Keep fighting the good fight!

  11. DAA

    The reasonables have already lost. Time to cut losses and go into the wilderness. It is up to us. I am very sorry.

  12. Johnno

    Democracy has done it again!

    So, same time next year?

    I propose that we shift to a revolutionary new model where all winners are chosen by spinning a roulette wheel. I hear it’s possible to rig those too, but it will at least be faster and more efficient than the fancy computers in the touch screen voting machines. I’m told that they don’t count ballots, they “calculate” them! Democracy is a model, and every vote an adjustable variable!

  13. Vermont Crank

    Much of voting is simply mischief by morons but I do wish Glenn Greenwald was showing up on Fox News to report on the Bobo Brazil for President of Brazil results.

    I wish Greenwald’s report included footage of a controversial debate in which Bobo lost it and Coco Bopped his opponent on his head.

    I know this is a v very obscure reference to a guy who was a World Wide Wrestling Hall of Fane member but let’s not forget that Trump used to appear on WWF so, you know…


    Yes, THAT is the clown America elected

  14. Vermont Crank

    O, and now we are going to have to wait on Georgia. Again.


    Wouldn’t it have been great to have an independent in what was a two man minority race of faux Reverend vs Football guy?

    The Independent? John Rocker.

    The chicken feathers would really be flying and the stink could be detected from the space Station.

    If we are gong to have democracy, at least make it entertaining.

  15. they cheated

    They just cheated again.

  16. Cary Cotterman

    I regard myself as one of the most cynical men on the planet, with the least possible faith in the intelligence of the masses, yet from time to time they still manage to surprise and disappoint me with their stupidity. The failure to recall Newsom was one of those times, and this midterm election is another. We have opportunity after opportunity to make things better, yet the majority insist on perpetuating the nightmare.

  17. Milton Hathaway

    I was pretty nervous about the predicted red wave – had enough of the country switched back to pre-Covid in-person voting? If not, the R’s didn’t stand a chance, and the red wave was a mirage. I buried my head in the sand, I didn’t want to know.

    Well, faced with reality this morning, I checked. It seems that no-excuse mail-in voting is indeed alive and well in the US: .


    For a Democracy, or a Democratic Republic, to survive long-term, the average political IQ of those who vote regularly must be far above the average political IQ of the population. Fortunately, it takes only the tiniest of hurdles, such as making one’s way to a local polling station, to weed out the vast majority of low-information voters. The reason, I think, is that most of these low-information people actually know they shouldn’t really be voting, they know they won’t muster even a minimal initiative to educate themselves on the issues. The Demonrats know this, of course, which is why they guilt and bribe and harass the unmotivated, sending them mail-in ballots they never requested, registering them to vote with a simple checked-box on the vehicle registration.

  18. Dennis2022

    This country is finished, and it deserves its coming collapse. When they got away with 2020, it was clear they wouldn’t stop if the RINO GOP allowed the same lack of rules to protect election integrity to prevail going forward…and, of course, the RINO GOP did nothing, and scum like McConnell actively tried to undermine MAGA candidates.

    Record inflation, rapidly escalating food and energy costs, supply chain breakdown (soon to be worse due to diesel shortages), empty shelves, a decrepit regime headed by a dementia-ridden puppet that has the USA on the verge of wars in multiple locales, a border flagrantly ignored at home, while the regime sends billions to the Ukro-Nazi washing machine to launder funds for oligarchs, corrupt pols, etc. in to defend the arbitrary Soviet Ukrainian borders of 1991, while ignoring 8 years of literally genocidal Ukro-Nazi shelling of Russians in the Donbass…and still it looks like this scum regime will keep the Senate, while the GOP just barely takes the house? No doubt there was massive fraud again (quite clear given the shenanigans in PA and AZ)…coupled with the obvious fact that at least half of Americans are just total morons who seem to love their degradation.

    Russia, which is leading the global revolt against the woke libtard Globalist American Empire, is now the last best hope of mankind. If Brandon succeeds in starting WWIII, a Russian victory can’t come soon enough. Washington Delenda Est. Hail Putin of All the Russias!

  19. DMA

    It was not a choice of good or evil in Montana. There are almost no abortions that result in a live infant. There are some infants born without any likelihood of survival. These unfortunate few deserve the love their parents can give while they remain alive. This law would have removed that possibility and required the dying infant be removed from the parents and treated to the rigors of resuscitation, CPR , injections, etc. I opted for the parents to choose for their child and pray none of them are given false choices.

  20. Rudolph Harrier

    In about four months grifters on the right will be talking about how this is actually a good thing because public dissatisfaction will lead to an even bigger victory in 2024.

    You know, like what they did after 2020 and after every other Republican loss. I swear Charlie Brown, this time you really will get to kick the football!

  21. Cookie

    The dog and pony show always gets people talking.

    The results were decided long ago.

    The majority lose!

  22. Uncle Mike

    My prediction also came true. Ninety-five percent or more of the USA voted Republican. Check the county-by-county election returns map for whatever race you’re interested in. A sea of red with a few blue islands. The Satanists are congregated in the disintegrating urban wastelands. I don’t know if that fact is cheery or not, but it’s something.

  23. Briggs


    Nevada VOTED to add equal rights for “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” to its constitution.

    Reality is now solidly ILLEGAL in Nevada.

    It’s not that some guy wants to flounce around in a dress, it’s that YOU MUST say he’s a girl.



    So is necrophilia.

    And so on.

    Now protected by LAW.


  24. C-Marie

    Thank you, Matt, for this information.

    From Ballotpedia: “Montana LR-131, the Medical Care Requirements for Born-Alive Infants Measure, was on the ballot in Montana as a legislatively referred state statute on November 8, 2022.

    A “yes” vote supported this ballot measure to: state that infants born alive at any stage of development are legal persons;
    require medical care to be provided to infants born alive after an induced labor, cesarean section, attempted abortion, or another method; and
    establish a $50,000 fine and/or 20 years in prison as the maximum penalty for violating the law.

    A “no” vote opposed this law that makes infants born alive at any stage of development a legal person and that requires medical care to be provided to infants born alive after an induced labor, cesarean section, or attempted abortion.”

    Jesus said that things will get worse, and worse and worse. He will keep those who look to Him.
    God bless, C-Marie

  25. Ann Cherry

    Would there be this much bitter disappointment, if ya’ll hadn’t been told for the past two months, RED WAVE! RED TSUNAMI! RED TYPHOON!

    Why the long faces? Consider that we will probably gain control of House, and yes, even the Senate.

    In AZ, currently, over 400K votes, mostly “in person ballot drops” (most likely Rs or vote Rs) are still uncounted. There is zero doubt, in most sane minds, that Lake, and yes, even Blake, will pull out wins.

    Harmeet Dhillon was on Tucker explaining how they have legions of lawyers in all of the battleground states where cheating was rampant in 2020, especially AZ.

    In GA, there will be a run-off in a state that gave a huge thumbs-up to an incumbent “R” governor. The masks are coming off: We even heard a left-wing pundit call Herschel Walker “Coon-like”, and he didn’t even lose his job.

    On the baby-killing front, why did Lindsey Graham introduce a pro-life bill in the Senate (15 week abortion limit), right before this election, making it a front-and-center issue for getting out the Democrat vote?

    [Timing is everything, Senator Graham. The Supreme Court only just made this a state issue, why not leave it that way for now. Let people see clearly which states codify child sacrifice, and now, child sexual mutilation.]

    Why did Mitch McConnell recently state that Republicans wouldn’t re-gain the Senate? Why did he put his money on Lisa Murkowski, who votes against her own state’s energy interests, and supported impeaching Trump? Nevermind, it looks like Lisa’s (and Mitch’s) opponent, a non-RINO, will be the new Republican Senator for Alaska. Go Kelly!

    There is also reason for optimism on the local level, as many if not most school boards, and many city councils, became more conservative and “R” dominated.

    Decades of leftist rule in our schools has had its effect: over 40% of students recently polled, think the death penalty is, at times, appropriate punishment for “hate speech”. This is why Democrats want to give 16 year olds the right to vote.

    This election did an important thing: it put the brakes on the Biden agenda; and even if HE doesn’t realize it yet, we can be sure his handlers do. They want us feeling disappointed, but they are the losers in this election, EVEN with all of their malfunctioning “tabulators”; EVEN with their “mail-in-ballots”, and the rampant harvesting thereof.

  26. C-Marie

    Thank you, Ann Cherry!

    God bless, C-Marie

  27. Johnno
  28. Vermont Crank

    I have a sister-in-law (SIL) who is absolutely convinced that Donald Trump is still POTUS and that he is letting Biden pretend to be POTUS to show American show bad liberalism is. No, I am not joking.

    I tried to tell her that Ron DeSantis should be the next GOP Nominee for POTUS but she says that he is not trustworthy like Trump is. No, I am not joking.

    She is a political puritan who believes in Trump the person – you know, the God-Emperor, as many conservative and alt-right blogs called him. I tried to tell her such language has an effect on both conservatives and liberals but she is having none of that. I tell her that even blogs like Vox Day’s no longer call him God Emperor but she doesn’t care. I am MAGA, baby

    Yes, and you and yours walked right into a moral loss in the midterms (if GOP even wins the HOR) but, like the guy they worship Trump, they care only about themselves.

    I tried to tell her that democrats are rational vis a vis elections because they don’t care about the intellectual, moral or spiritually qualities of their candidates because they want a coalition that results in their victory.

    They want power, they want to rule whereas far too many GOP voters will only vote for candidates they imagine are pure and attached to the Constitution (which is the Coup Creed of those representatives the several states sent to Philadelphia to rework the Art. of Confederation) and so folks like my SIL will lose with self-righteous pride.

    Have I mentioned that my SIL is insane ?

    I love her but she is nuts.

    LOSE WITH PRIDE is the unofficial motto of many on the right.

  29. Johnno

    Vermont, sounds like a few Catholics who believe Benedict XVI is playing 5D Chess by deliberately half-abdicating to allow Francis to run as an Anti-Pope to expose heresy in the Church.

    Sometimes, you have to know when to admit that somebody simply just screwed up.

  30. vince

    up Briggs’ way in the Mitten (Michigan)
    they re-elected their captors…
    Is it the water?

  31. Johnno

    More mysterious chart spikes for the blue guy! Mystery!

    Batches of new Democrat votes rolling in late from somewhere… thank goodness the count is still going, otherwise they never would’ve found them!

  32. DEEBEE

    ‘Now if you can’t laugh at that, your sense of humor needs surgical alteration.”

    That would Humor affirming care.

    Can you imagine the size of that market, all the greedy butchers of Kaiser Permanente etc might be distracted from various children-ectomies

  33. Johnno

    The late-arrival ballot drops are rolling in!

    BREAKING: Maricopa Drops SHOCKING Sunday Numbers — Claim Only 54% for Kari Lake FROM ELECTION DAY! And Independents Went to Hobbs! — STEAL IS ON

    THE STEAL: The Number of House Seats Continues to Dwindle As GOP Leaders Remain Silent and Ignore Reality

    WAYNE ROOT: You’ve Been Gaslighted – Democrats Just Stole Another Election.

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