Russia’s Separation From The West — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Russia’s Separation From The West — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Webster’s got it wrong, again. They tell us the ‘Word of the Year’ is gaslighting. Hell, that’s been the word ever since The Fall. Or at least, since the Fall of Troy, as I said in my book .

But there is a word that accurately tells us what the new year holds for the West. That word is autarky. A nation that is economically absolutely self-sufficient. There are few contenders. North Korea has attempted this by contracting the concept of human existence. Nazi Germany tried this by expanding the definition of its borders. Neither example had the means to achieve this.

But don’t confuse autarky with autocracy, the absolute rule by one man. There have been many who have attempted this feat, including Dolph and Kim. And, according to many, Vlad. But again, there are few true contenders.

Those that do all have the same first name: Caesar. In his many forms. And this name often works, for a while. But then, its holders die. As we all do. That should tell us something, but it usually doesn’t. Death should be the Word of the Year, but it never gets chosen. Although we all eventually agree with it. Willingly or not.

But let’s get back to Vlad. As I always do. He is Caesar. At least in the East.

As the prophet Daniel told us in his prophetic vision, the statue of the Four Empires shows the final empire (Rome) standing on two legs. East and West. The statue is currently shifting its weight from the Western leg to the Eastern leg. As it has done periodically throughout the last two millennia. The Western Caesar is fading, as his ability to marshal resources wanes. That’s what the Empire is all about, you know. Resources.

Caesar Vlad, on the other hand, rules a land that can do what no other can. His land can produce, end to end, a complete chain of production for all he needs to continue in power. Indefinitely. That is what the Russian world is. Let me give you an extreme example. What country can produce, from nose to tail, a nuclear powered titanium-hulled submarine carrying ICBM’s that can reach any point on earth in under an hour. With something equally nuclear.

No, not even the West can do that. We can produce that same result, but only so long as the Imperial supply chain remains unbroken. What have the last three years taught us about supply chains? Simple, Komrade. They aren’t under Imperial control anymore. We farmed too much out to our enemies.

Vlad has used the time from 2000 till now to reclaim control of the vast resources of Russia, which account for approximately two thirds of all mineral wealth, in almost every category. And our idiotic sanctions have driven his minions to create internal alternatives to Western products. From the simplest to the most exotic. And no, the military might of Russia does not depend on four-nanometer chip technology. They build brutally simple weapons in brutally brilliant ways. To the point where we, in our sociological fever swamp, have fallen generations behind.

From raw materials to energy to floor-production, the West has stripped itself of its sinews. All in pursuit of the lowest labor-cost profit. Which, in times of peace, is foolish. In times of war, it is suicidal. We are now at war. We must now pay the price. Mark these words—the clock has run out.

Russia no longer needs nor wants the West. We have forced this upon them. They have willingly embraced it. Russia no longer envies the West. In fact, she despises it and all our kinky ways. And she is determined to never again pine for our approval.

Don’t get me wrong. Vlad is still a Caesar. He is an autocrat to be sure. Yes, he has to satisfy his Oligarchs, his Boyars. Every Caesar must. No, I don’t believe for a moment that he will be better than Augustus, when the world was at peace. For that was exactly when mankind had reached its nadir. Which is why the True Autocrat had to appear, to save mankind from itself (and not just from Caesar).

Words matter, you know. For in the beginning was The Word. And the Word was made flesh. And the singular Word that really matters is the name of the One true Autocrat. He who rules His one true Autarky. An economy totally inclusive, yet totally self-contained. One totally created by His Word.

The remembrance of the time of His coming is now upon us. Let us remember that He came, not to save Caesar (whoever he may be) but to save us. What words will we say to Him?

Christe Eleison?

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  1. Vermont Crank

    I don’t know much about Pootie Poot but based upon the little i know about him, I’d take him over our poopy pant POTUS.

    As for my own self?

    I’ll take Catholic Monarchy for survival, Alex.

    Democracy is a sick joke but keep voting because your vote is really meaningful.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The Last Welsh Barbarian writes: ”Russia no longer needs nor wants the West. We have forced this upon them. They have willingly embraced it. Russia no longer envies the West. In fact, she despises it and all our kinky ways. And she is determined to never again pine for our approval.”

    Riley Waggaman has been doing excellent reporting on this question. Here’s a quote from an interview he did:

    “But is Moscow taking steps to halt or reverse the Great Reset agenda that has swept the globe following the outbreak of COVID-19? Although no longer rubber stamped by Schwab, Russia’s technocratic revisioning of the social contract between government and citizen continues without any significant interruptions. From CBDCs to experimental genetic “vaccines,” Moscow is still marching to the same tune being played in Davos.”

    As much as I would like to think Putin fundamentally opposes globohomo I see too much evidence suggesting he’s either playing the heel in a globohomo wrestling script or is a rival gangster in a racketeering turf war.

  3. Alfred Naujocks

    Who IS this Tanto guy, anyway?
    I suspect he’s your alter ego.
    I have only contempt for anyone supporting the, er, let’s call them “globalists,” for anyone supporting the globalist narrative concerning WW2, even if he’s only a nom de plume.
    I say you’re a glowie, just like that Carlson guy turned out to be.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Russia has always had a problem with the West. Except for a few intellectual Russian Francophiles in the 18th and 19th centuries, they have pretty much been an insular bunch with little regard and even less interest in things Western. Would that they had kept that attitude after 1991 and the world would have been better for it.

  5. Kevin

    I have had ample opportunities analyzing the aims

  6. El Koraco

    Briggs, you have used this ridiculous alter ego of yours to predict Russia nuking its way to Rome. It is stuck in a defensive war in eastern Ukraine. Just give it a rest.

  7. Briggs

    El Koraco,

    Whenever I pretend to be Ianto, I put on a false moustache, crack open a pack of unfiltered Camels, uncork the port, and eat a plate of bara brith — with butter — to go with my Welsh rarebit, and then stare at my signed poster of Vladimir until inspiration strikes. It does not take long.

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs, so that’s how you do it — method acting. Impressive. I never suspected the tall, witty, and polished Briggs was also writing lines for what I took to be a short, hairy, Welsh savage. Maybe you also write that “Shecky Greene” character. Or even this “Hagfish Bagpipe” joker.

    Whatever, but I would advise commenters here to watch what you say — Briggs put nine rounds in the last wise guy to run his mouth:

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