The Western Empire Is Mor(t)ally Wounded — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Western Empire Is Mor(t)ally Wounded — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

I have been seeing in these past silent months the latest fin-de-siècle. The end of the cycle. It’s not pretty. At least, not for the Western Caesar. We are now witnessing the changing of the guard. Bottom line: we are no longer the guards. Let me try to explain.

Scripture tells us that ‘God will not be mocked’. But it does say there will come a time when God will be mocking us. And surely, my friends, that time is upon us. Apart from the seriousness of the titanic battle unfolding before Him, He must be rolling on the floors of Heaven, gasping for breath as He wipes the tears of hilarity from His eyes. He does have a sense of humour, you know.

Yes, yes, of course. He truly does mourn those who spurn Him and His mercy. Just as He surely mourns those slain for His name. But the former would have rejected Him regardless of anything He did for them. Just ask Lucifer. Created just one notch below deity, yet still envious of Him.

As for those who bled for Him, He will heal their wounds. Like Job, He will restore them a hundred-fold. Their pain will pass, but not so for their tormentors. They will only have themselves to torture, and this they will do. Forever.

Which brings us back to the mocking of Man. Accomplished by His allowance of our unbounded insanity. An insanity mixed with a hubris that called forth the mirth of Michael. Michael, who burst out laughing when Lucifer’s Fallen Komrades said ‘he is like God’.

Thus, Michael earned his name; Mi-Cha-El. ‘Who is like God!’, he exclaimed. Leaving Lucifer and his cohort only one choice, to flee the derision of Heaven. Better the Abyss, they said, than the laughter of their Lessers. And their Greater. That laughter still rings above us as they continue their descent to the bottomless pit. But the question is, will we join them in this joy(less) ride?

This is where we are today. Bottomless insanity, increasing daily. No end in sight. Because there is no sight. The Bearer of Light has blinded himself, and all who follow him. They hold a torch they cannot see.

And here is what they cannot see. The game is up. The Western Empire is mor(t)ally wounded. By its own hand, no less. No, there is no hope left. Recovery is impossible. Caesar has cut his own throat.

Here is the astounding part, in my eyes. The West could have stretched their horizon for another twenty or even fifty years. If only they would have been rational. If only they would have seen the obvious. Let me give you an example, from this week’s WSJ (3-7-23). The first in a series of ‘explanatory’ articles trying to shape the ideological battleground confronting us. One in which a Lt. Gen. says he was struck by ‘how quickly China had advanced’ and how ‘our long-held doctrines about warfare were becoming obsolete’.

Now, this is not the astounding part. No, the stunner is that he was saying this in 2018. And that since that time, we decided to die before we ever got to China. We decided to die in Ukraine.

Let me recount the WSJ story. In countless war-games against China since that time, every iteration shows the Western Empire running out of munitions in a few weeks. Weeks. In the meantime, Russia continues to empty our armory in the killing fields of Donbas. Even the UK Minister of Defense admits they have only a few weeks of ammo left after shipping everything to Ukraine. And here is the salient point—the West is industrially naked. We need months to produce what the idiots in Kiev are using in a single day. While the Russians are expending ten times that amount. Without pause.

Does anyone really believe this is winnable? I don’t. And again, this is before we get to the China question. This is now. Not tomorrow. Now.

But that is not why I am writing. Obviously, I don’t believe the West can prevail upon the field of battle. The numbers, for those who bother to look, are stark. Yes, you may say the press assures us we are winning. Consider the source. Broaden you view, if you can bear it. Better yet, just look at the logic. Does anyone actually winning a war behave like our rulers? No, they don’t. It’s pretty obvious. Panic has set in. And not just on the battlefield. Just go the store (for anything) to verify this.

And so, let’s move along, Citizen. The kinetic front is lost. And so is the economic theatre. There is no real productivity left in the West. The bulk of our supposedly gargantuan GDP is composed of Health care, Education, Media/Entertainment and FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real-Estate). All of which are composed of electronic blips in a computer. There is no industrial base left. For munitions or materiel.

So, ask yourself, what would happen if America was cut off from all imports, how would you build a home? Or furnish it? Or repair it? And how would you feed yourself and your family? How long can the Central Valley of California ship you produce? And how long can the heartland ship them grain? Is there anything that will sustain us locally?

Talk all you want about our boundless bounty. Show me how it can operate. Alone. Show me how an economy built on speculation and immaterial wealth can continue to operate when half of the GDP evaporates, as it surely will when people begin to doubt its foundational strength. Few people today understand the concept (and results) of panic. When it comes, all bets are off. Why? Because the payoff on all our bets is in a coinage no longer valued. Ask the folks in the Weimar Republic how much a barrow-full of Reichmarks were worth.

But again, this is not why I am writing. I’m only recapping what is now actually behind us. The kinetic and economic dies are already cast. I’ve said this since I wrote my book a decade ago. No one listened then. No one listens now. No one can see anything that is right before their nose. Why? Because we are willfully blind to reality. Why is that? It’s because we have never known reality. We’ve never had to look it in the face. But that day is coming, very soon.

But before that day comes, there is a final trial that awaits us. And while we can whistle past the military and economic graveyards, we won’t be able to dodge the last one. The graveyard of belief. What do I mean? Simple, my friend. What is it you will die for? Anything? Anyone?

I know, I know. How rude of me to speak of death. I was chastised for my ‘rudeness’ just this morning by some random Karen when I loudly voiced my displeasure at the idiotic operation of the local Post Office. Karen immediately sprang to the defense of Goliath. Like any good imperial subject should! I’m sure she would have fainted had I even hinted that we will all one day die.

But it’s true, correct? And so, let’s move to the third horse of this Eastern (Russian) apocalypse. The ecclesial world beckons us. We cannot avoid it. Even if we try, even if we deny, we will someday die. And that is the final rudeness. The one we desperately don’t want to talk about. Especially to ourselves.

We can’t avoid it now. No, the military and economic worlds are lost, whether we know it or not. But the inside horse of the Russian troika now pulls alongside us, driven by Francis, the feared charioteer of Ecclesial Rome. He’s not running Le Mans. He sees life as a demolition derby. And he’s driving for Imperial Team Biden.

Now we have to decide who is our real King. Forget about the Eastern Caesar in muscular Moscow. Forget about the dystrophic old Emperor of Wall Street. Think about the last Emperor. Who will he be? Will we be willing to die for him?

And now, to the meat of the matter. Are you on the FBI watch-list? Well, are you a Catholic? More to the point, are you wedded to the Latin-past? Are you a pro-life Catholic? Tell me, how did we ever get to this point, where someone had to parse the word ‘catholic’? It means ‘universal’. How can you divide it?

Are you one of those weird people who can actually say they remember the past, let alone embrace it? Are you one of those who can actually say they have beliefs they will die for? Have you noticed, no one is hunting down Methodists? Or Anglicans! Or any of the other denominational shards in the ruins of the civilization we now occupy?

Here’s where we’re at, Komrade. The powers in Ecclesial Rome have totally abandoned us. They have bridged the material abyss, and are now Wholly Rome. Imperial and Ecclesial. They are now one and the same, in the West. Here lies the imminent danger. Which way will you leap when it all becomes agonizingly clear that Caesaro-Papism is the only official choice, both West and East? Mortally-speaking, these seem to be our only choices. Will we embrace the hedonistic Western version, aided and abetted by the current Pope? Or will we embrace the austere and harshly pietistic version offered by the Patriarch of Moscow, who seemingly embraces the family values we once knew?

Both versions are false. Therein lies the danger. Will we succumb to the outward appearance of Third Rome, as it seemingly opposes the rotted remnants of First Rome? Or can we see that they are two side of the same false dichotomy?

By the way, you can forget about Second Rome, too. They are, as I have written before, simply ‘the Other NATO’. Totally beholden to the Empires (both East and West). No, now the choice comes down to this. What is it you will die for? Remember, in the Coliseum, no one gets to call ‘time out’. You can’t demand the Sacraments (from either clergy). You don’t get to claim any rights (or Rites). You can’t demand a fair trial, and even if you could, you’re still a sinner. Face it, we’re all guilty. There’s only the mercy of the court.

Only Peter was granted that power, in Heaven and on Earth. And Peter gave it to those who held to The Faith. And now we have to ask the court to judge our Faith, and give us the mercy we so desperately need.

Brothers, as you petition the Court for mercy, bereft of innocence, guilty like all of us, naked as a jaybird, let me ask you this: have you even got a reliable character witness? Anyone the Court might be willing to listen to? Like, maybe, the Judge’s mother? Last I remember, she was talking about the Errors of Russia. Not the errors of Rome.

So then, Komrades, Citizens. What’s in your wallet?

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  1. Jovan Dragisic

    Briggs, you may think people don’t remember, but a year ago you were writing through this mad prophet persona of yours how Putin was gonna nuke his way through Eastern Europe. Why do you get off on constantly scaring people? You are becoming like the Covid people.

  2. Well, last time I checked, the “errors of Russia” story was finished. Communism fell, in the eighties, driven by a *change of heart* of Russian people. It was bottom up, as former Soviet officers attest (Andrei Martyanov). After all, just ask yourself “what would have happened if USSR were still alive and decided to impose their brand of communism on the world, given the current deindustrialization of the West?” I think we dodged a pretty big bullet there. Kudos to John Paul II and others! And also to Russians themselves, obviously. They are the ones that changed their hearts.

  3. Briggs


    That’s because I only pretend to be Ianto on Thursdays. On Wednesdays I pose as an unlicensed Armenian phrenologist.

  4. Incitadus

    Putin may have miscalculated Biden’s just the sort of misanthrope to push
    that big Red Reset Button. Though seemingly harmless, bumbling, and inept
    on the surface he’s got palatial bunker and has no aversion to body bags. He
    was mocked as a stutterer throughout childhood, he is obsessed with self praise,
    and he has a very low IQ.

  5. Vermont Crank

    Are you on the FBI watch-list?

    Yes, every real Catholic is because the FBI was taken over by the ADL when Meyer Lansky made Gay Edgar Hoover a deal he couldn’t refuse, exist as head of the FBI in name only but put my Jew buddy in actual charge or I will release proof that you are a poof, the girl friend of Clyde Tolson. Look, we got the low down dirty on you and Clyde when you came down to Miami every winter and stayed in the Mob safe hotel. O, and one more thing, that wig you wear really is gay

    The gentleman is right. It is all over for America. Thank you Neo-Cons, an d by Neo-Cons I mean Jews.

  6. Vermont Crank

    a military expert on America’s dissolution

    As an aside, isn’t it more than curious that neophytes are invited to perform analysis requiring expertise and experience?

    In the March issue of “Culture Wars” in the midst of a report on the Mark Houck Trial (The FBI/ADL political persecution of the pacific pro life protestor Mark Houck – The 25-30 heavily armed FBIADL agents showed up at his house in a predawn raid) it was observed that even though there was video evidence presented at the trail the FBIADL prosecutors continued to lie about what was happened and it was so bad that jurors were openly rolling their eye at the lies.

    But, that did no stop the FBIADL, they just continued to lie, right uo until the end of the trail where Houck was acquitted.

    One of the progressive pant-suited propagandist/prosecutor and special agent was , Pam Maguire.

    As the author of the trial report, Brendan Whitaker, noted, she should be investigated for her role in the trial.

    She wont be investigated because the Jewish Attorney Merrick Garland seeks to terrorise pro lifers, especially Catholics, because, as attested to by over 400 Jewish Organizations who signed a petition, abortion is a fundamental Jewish value.

    That is, Jews have forced their religion on all other Americans.

    But, back to Jacqueline Maguire and why we know she will not be investigated. She joined the FBIADL at the age of 30 after graduating from Quantico only a few months before 911.

    So of course she was chosen to investigate the putative Flight 77’s crash into the Pentagon.

    Mr. Whittaker observes, Why was a young woman agent with no experience selected over a host of other veteran agents with years of investigative experience to lead the investigation into one of the country’s most significant and devastating terrorist events in American history?

    Of particular interest are the excuses that Ms. Maguire has offered for her failure to release any security camera (footage) collected by the FBIASL from the Pentagon and surrounding businesses, showing Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, after FOIA requests.

    Ms. Maguire claims that one of the collected evidence shows what the requests are seeking…The City Gas station had several security cameras aimed in the direction of the Pentagon. Flight 77 flew directly over the gas station at an altitude of roughly 50 feet, less than three seconds from impact, shows not evidence sought by the FOIAs

    To this day, film has never been released to the public showing Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon.

    This is the FBIADL at work , it is La Costa Nostra – Our thing , meaning the deep state – not a Res Publica – a Public thing. If the FBIADL thinks you deserve to know anything they will release an official lie.

    But keep voting and keep telling your own self that it matters.

  7. C-Marie

    “Scripture tells us that ‘God will not be mocked’. But it does say there will come a time when God will be mocking us. And surely, my friends, that time is upon us. Apart from the seriousness of the titanic battle unfolding before Him, He must be rolling on the floors of Heaven, gasping for breath as He wipes the tears of hilarity from His eyes. He does have a sense of humour, you know.”

    No! No! No! To even joke that God mocks us and laughs about this, is sooo sad, as to write that says that the writer must not know God our Father Who loves us utterly and Who loves fathering us, and Who gave His only begotten Son up to death so the Resurrection could come to pass, so that we could live forever with Him.

    I am amazed and sorry that Briggs posted those words said to be written by Mr. Ianto.

    That the world is in such a horrid state is due to unrepentant sin. God is allowing all of this so that people will repent and come to Him, for He alone is Life Everlasting.

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Either the end is nigh, or we’re just witnessing the latest Castellammarese war.

  9. Johnno

    The Errors of Russia are alive and well everywhere, and America is becoming Communist, just as Sr. Lucia warned.

    And remember folks, Putin locked down and masked Russians up and forced them to get jabbed too! He is a climate and CBDC cultist as well. The same globalist fanboy he’s always been.

    Finally, people are also asking questions as to whether his laid back prolongation of the war seems sketchy… Something’s amiss…

  10. Vermont Crank

    Douay Rheims

    Psalm 58:  9 But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them: thou shalt bring all the nations to nothing.

  11. Sad American

    I am afraid it’s all over but for the crying’ and dying’. We have been betrayed and have only ourselves to blame for allowing the absurdities and lies we tolerated.
    It’s too late to resolve.
    We are past the tipping point.
    The only refuge left is faith and in God that he will see us through these troubles that are an unstoppable force.
    Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

  12. Luke

    Excellent Post first time reader!

    Not even a religious fellow but have come to respect it more as I grow older and perhaps wiser. In 2020 the dark forces presented themselves for too see for those willing to look. From Aesop’s fables to Old Religious texts of all faiths the lesson is clear. You will not defy Natural Law, Mother Nature, and/or God. And if you make habit of doing so you will lose.

  13. C-Marie

    In the Bible, in this case, in the Old Testament, David is praying, asking God to deliver him from his enemies. Here is verse 2 … Douay-Rheims Psalm 58: 2. “Deliver me from my enemies, O my God; and defend me from them that rise up against me.

    David is asking God throughout Psalm 58, to deliver him from his enemies, and thus he does pray in Psalm 58 verse 9, “But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them: thou shalt bring all the nations to nothing.”

    But that does mean that God laughs at the people who are His enemies … that is David’s desire.

    God does and did do everything that can be done to save the people who are His enemies … even to suffering whippings and torture and death on the Cross.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Arrugula


    That’s because I only pretend to be Ianto on Thursdays. On Wednesdays I pose as an unlicensed Armenian phrenologist.”

    Im eating a salad while reading this and that is f-ing funny! Phrenologist……Lol. LMAO.

  15. mark

    Great article and analysis. As to the depletion of Western armaments and fiscal capital, would it be the most outrageous supposition to think Zylinski could be a sheep dipped Russian asset. If you work through the Cui Bono question of the Ukraine, Russia AND China both stand to gain from the course we are on right now. By pulling the West into this mess we are quickly draining ourselves of money and military resource. Also we are leaning into a bias toward Europe and leaving our Pacific flank open. This is all helped along by infiltrators and fellow travelers in the upper echelons go our own Government leading us to weakness and defeat.

  16. DAA

    Armenian phrenologists depend on a measuring system older than most. No AI can keep up with it.

    About Cui Bono: I doubt Russia looks upon China with assurance. The demographic time bomb may even deprive Russia of at least Eastern Siberia and Kamchatka.

    There is however some logic to this being a war to deprive the West of ammo and weapons. But one must start looking at some other people for that. Start by looking for common ancestry.

  17. Vermont Crank

    “A Commentary on the Book of Psalms” Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

    But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them: that shalt bring them to nothing.

    They thought they were not heard, when they plotted so privately, and proposed doing wonders. “But thou O Lord, from whom nothing is secret “Shalt laugh at them” for this folly; for you can not only baffle their designs with the greater ease, but even though they had the while world to support them”thous shalt bring all nations to nothing.”

  18. Cary D Cotterman

    This is the kind of stuff I write late on an alcohol-fueled night, then delete when I read it the next day.

  19. Ted

    Lots of food for thought. Yes, it can be true that the Coliseum is next for us who hold fast to the Truth. Or, it could be about eleven other bad things that loom before us. We’ll see. Keep the Faith.

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