More On The Tyranny Of Experts: CDC & Banning Driving

More On The Tyranny Of Experts: CDC & Banning Driving

Want to hear a great joke about our burgeoning Expertocracy?

Rochelle Walensky still has her job.


Not as funny as England’s Experts proposing those under 25 can’t drive their own children around, about which more below. And not nearly as uproarious the pranks Expert Walensky pulled on us.

Remember the time—excuse me: times—she greased her way to a microphone and announced that if you were vaxxed you couldn’t transmit the covid bug? That’s Norm MacDonald-level material there, fellas.

Her “this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated” line had them cracking up in the CIA’s offshore dungeons.

Remember when she said not to worry about being injured by the vaccine, when by design and on purpose all—as in all—vaccines are designed to cause harm, a fact they used to teach in medical schools before they DIEd? Wonderful!

You can’t buy that kind of funny. But you can have it mandated. And that is our point.

It was highlighted that up until last week the CDC still mandated foreign travelers to the USA must still be vaccinated. The USA is one of the last countries in the world to retain this anti-evidence policy.

Even Canada no longer requires the shot! And that country is led by one of the biggest comedians alive. Trudeau is even mincing all over the Great White North insisting he never made anyone take the vax.

Since that story appeared, the CDC announced, in their beneficence, that the shot mandate will expire on 11 May, as scheduled. The fellow writing the article worried, though, that “authorities have previously chosen to renew these policies just ahead of previous expiration dates.”

Authorities? No. Experts.

I want to be nice about this, as possible, but the CDC is staffed by midwit Experts. This is crucial to understand out Expertocracy. The “official” state of emergency has already ended in the USA—they even had Joe Biden sign some piece of paper saying so. But the CDC’s Experts decided to wait another couple of weeks to join, because why? Because they could.

Remember when the Experts at CDC—ostensibly Experts in various theories of health and departures for health—not once, but twice, dictated to the nation that landlords could no longer evict tenants because of the covid panic? A panic the CDC led in creating and maintaining?

How in the unholy hell can the CDC know anything about the customs and law of landlord and tenant? Easy: they tell themselves they do. That is all it takes. Self esteem. Which itself is provided by credentials and titles.

Even the so-called Supreme Court had to slap back the CDC’s Experts for their outrageous usurpation of power on evictions. The CDC’s Experts reply was to sniff and say, “We are Experts. Therefore we know best.”

It’s the same everywhere. We’re running out of places to hide from Experts. They grow bolder, and thicker, by the week.

In England, “New drivers under 25 could face a ban from carrying young passengers in their vehicles as part of a proposed ‘graduated driving licence’ scheme.”

That is a proposal so ignorant and over-reactive it could have been thought of by an Expert. Let’s see.

It seems an 18 year old driver got into an accident and killed herself and a child. There was, however, a fact we report with sadness, a survivor. An Expert. It was her idea, because of this one incidence, to become a founding member of the Cult of Safety First!

Experts will strangle us all, while shouting “Breathe! Breathe!” Even God in his anger didn’t give Moses the power to unleash Experts.

I guarantee that every Expert at CDC, and the one who came up with the cockamamie scheme to ban driving, has a “degree” from a university. You can’t get that stupid without one. Experts gave us three years of idiot panic, and now, unemployed, they seek other outlets to tyrannize with their credentialed midwittery.

It can be distressing to think of all the foolish people ruling over us. But consider this: it’s going to get worse. Enjoy what you have now.



Walensky steps down (see statement at link). How rude of her. She just spoiled today’s opening joke.

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  1. Vermont Crank

    Coronadoom was the putative cause that “justified” the Govt to continue systematically violating the Constitution (which is just a piece of paper with absolutely no authority even though Mike Lee carries one around in th pocket of his ill-fitting suit jacket) but in an even more dramatic fashion.

    Briggs notes the landlord and renters matter. The Gift intervention on that score is specifically contrary to the Takings cCause of the Constitution and the govt, in justice, owes the landlords the money they deprived them of earning. Will it ever be paid back?


    The spooks are running America into the ground (when they are not electing Biden and protecting his clan of criminals) and so outside of trying to avoid being injured in the collapse of the Empire (move the hell out of all cities) one better get right with Jesus as these are the last days of America.

  2. brad tittle

    I sort of support 16 year olds who get their drivers license not be allowed to carry peers for at least 6 months. (If you drive a friend home, make sure you DO NOT GET pulled over)…

    A little fear in a 16 year old isn’t a bad thing.

    Here is the technique I used to train my kids. “You are driving”. And then we drove and we drove and we drove.

    When my youngest got to drivers training, he already had 50 hours. The driving instructor was grateful. He didn’t have to guide the kid through “What is the gas pedal and how do you push it”. This meant the instructor could teach him things the first lesson that were not rudimentary. The only trick involved in this technique is preparing yourself to be in moments of extreme terror and remain calm at the same time… Unlike the driving instructors car, your car doesn’t have the panic break.

    I still worry every time he calls me though.

  3. Forbes

    And that’s why I keep saying, to those asserting “never again” in the aftermath of the Doom, “don’t kid yourself–that was a trial run.” Like all govt interventions in the affairs of man, the first one tests what govt can get away with, so next time, they blow right past it without hesitation, having already established the precedent of abusing human rights, civil rights, informed consent, nd individual autonomy and bodily integrity.

  4. Here’s something from zerohedge today ( Establishment Economists Are Finally Realizing It’s Time To Pay The Piper) I thought you’d enjoy:

    This [being dead wrong all the time] tends to be the modus operandi of top establishment analysts, and the majority of economists out there simply follow the lead of these gatekeepers – Maybe because they’re vying for a limited number of cushy positions in the field, or perhaps because they’re afraid that if they present a contradictory theory they’ll be ostracized. Economics is often absurdist in nature because Ivy League “experts” can be wrong time and time again and yet still keep their jobs and rise up through the ranks. It’s a bit like Hollywood in that way; they fail upwards.

    In the meantime, alternative economists keep hitting the target with our observations and predictions, but we’ll never get job offers from establishment publications because they’re not looking for people who are right, they’re looking for people that toe the line.

    And so it goes. I look forward to the fast approaching day when all of these guys (and girls) proclaim frantically that “no one saw this crisis coming.” After things get even worse, they’ll all come out and say they actually “saw the crisis coming and tried to warn us.”

  5. Cary D Cotterman

    Millions of young parents would no longer be able to drive their own children anywhere? Has any expert considered, for one second, how transcendently asinine and impossible that would be?

    “It’s going to get worse”–yep, which is why I’m glad I’m not in my twenties or thirties, looking forward at another fifty or sixty years of life in this insane asylum. It’s the silver lining to being old.

  6. You were prescient!

    We seem to select politicians and “Public Servants” limited to double-digit IQ’s. It is so tiring to have borderline intellects managing our country. Perhaps otherwise intelligent people are lobotomized on accepting or being elected to the positions.


  7. DAA

    Perhaps this is the last plague – unleashing Experts.

  8. JH

    It seems an 18 year old driver got into an accident and killed herself and a child. There was, however, a fact we report with sadness, a survivor. An Expert. It was her idea, because of this one incidence, to become a founding member of the Cult of Safety First!

    Uh? You’d rather have no survivors?!

    “Sharron Huddleston is the main advocate for the law change after her daughter, Caitlin, was killed in a car crash in 2017 as a front seat passenger.

    The driver, also 18, was her friend, Skye Mitchell, who also died. She had passed her test four months previously.

    Another teenager in the back seat survived the crash with serious injuries.

    An advocate doesn’t have to be an expert. Isn’t it wonderful one doesn’t have to be an expert to be an advocate? Just need a loud mouth…. and drama queen. And everything is a cult. There is a cult of too. LOL.

  9. Briggs

    JH, you’re right. I looked at It is a cult. “Best law firms for women.” Hilarious.

  10. Johnno

    “The evolutionary psychologist William von Hippel found that humans use large parts of thinking power to navigate social world rather than perform independent analysis and decision making. For most people it is the mechanism that, in case of doubt, will prevent one from thinking what is right if, in return, it endangers one’s social status. This phenomenon occurs more strongly the higher a person’s social status. Another factor is that the more educated and more theoretically intelligent a person is, the more their brain is adept at selling them the biggest nonsense as a reasonable idea, as long as it elevates their social status. The upper educated class tends to be more inclined than ordinary people to chase some intellectual boondoggle. “

    -Sasha Latypova

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