What To Do About Black Crime?

What To Do About Black Crime?

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Here is a video from late last week, a common kind, a kind which you have seen before, and will see again. It is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a country that historically did not import black Africans as slaves (though they did take white slaves). It imports black Africans now, however, under the notions of Equality and Fairness.


One man in the comments (in Dutch, translated) asked “Am I seeing this correctly? Did a toddler also intervene to kick senseless?” The answer is yes. He saw correctly. A toddler joined in the happy frenzy of violence.

A news article (also in Dutch) reported that “The police immediately called on everyone to stop sharing the images. ‘We would like to ask you to stop sharing these videos,’ the Southeast Bijlmermeer police team wrote on Instagram.”

The article did not say why the police said not to share the videos. You already know why anyway.

The American newsman Tucker Carlson after his firing was discovered to have said something about how “white men fight.” This gossip was released because the media feel it is their duty to destroy all their perceived enemies. And Carlson is an enemy because he sinned against Equality. If white men fight differently, it means they do not fight the same as blacks. And indeed they do not. Not on the whole, not on average.

Here is the same video as the first, but removed to San Francisco, a city (also with no history of black, but of Chinese, slavery) that is shutting itself down, largely due to crime (but also Expert hubris-filled overreaction in the covid panic). Was Tucker wrong?

An Irish (no black slaves in Ireland) girl of 13 was in yet another video shown being beaten. As it was reported, “When her mother contacted the school looking for answers, she was asked: ‘was her daughter racist in any way that might have instigated the incident'”.

There are not only videos, but still images. You see examples like this weekly, though you have to watch close for them, since they appear only on local news channels, and disappear fast.

Blacks are vastly more murderous and violent than any other race, by about an order of magnitude. There are minor fluctuations in the numbers from here to there, and from then and now, but the signal remains. Further, these statistics are well known, and heaved out often to display to our elite, who pretend not to understand them.

The most recent, and humorous, incident was last week. Somebody posted a cute meme showing bar graphs of inter-racial violence, with black-on-white having the largest, enormous spike. A news camera is shown, but somehow it can only see the white-on-black blip. Elon Musk responded to the meme, asking, “Odd, why would the media misrepresent the real situation to such an extreme degree?”

Rhetorical question or genuine puzzlement?

In any case, the meme was taken up by a black Harvard student of “data science”, who has a large following. He attempted, and failed, in a long thread to explain why the obvious is false. But his followers took the attempt as proof he was right, a common partisan fallacy. The Our Side Answered With An Expert Therefore We’re Right Fallacy.

What the student (and meme) didn’t say was that while blacks do violently attack and kill other races at the highest rate (“Man Charged With Hate Crime After Shooting Two Strangers Execution Style Because They Were White“), they most enjoy killing each other. Indeed, since the Summer of Floyd, black-on-black murder rates have distinctly shot up. As Steve Sailer has diligently documented countless times: “In 2021, for instance, the FBI reported that blacks made up 60.4 percent of all known homicide offenders (a new record—apparently, something went very wrong in America on May 25, 2020).”

But you knew all this, even if you pretended you didn’t.

It can pay to pretend not to know, especially when noticing causes pain and “canceling”. What would you do, though, if you’re the subject of one of these videos? You can’t not notice then. And defending yourself might be seen as a criminal act.

The pulling force of Equality has caused every conceivable “solution” to be tried. None worked (no, not even handing out money: even rich blacks are more violent than poor whites).

Yet on consideration, we realize all of the “solutions” occurred in the background of incessant unearned praise and propaganda.

Blacks are told they are guiltless, and so they have no guilt. They are told (by deed) that they will not be punished if they seal, and so they steal. They are told that if they kill it is not their fault, and so they kill.

They are told the other races are their enemy, and that the other races are the true cause of all their woes, woes which they alone suffer. And so they treat the other races as their enemy. Blacks are told they are the equal, and even superior, in every way, to the other races, and so they marvel when their own lives do not accord with this propaganda.

It therefore seems there is one approach that has not been tried, and which might help calm the waters: stop lying.

Since that won’t happen, you must have your own personal solution. Feigned blindness is well enough, but you won’t always be lucky. To shade the odds in your favor, maybe take this advice from John Derbyshire.

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  1. Peak Absuridity

    Some are a little more equal than others and that’s racist.

  2. — Blacks are vastly more murderous and violent than any other race, by about an order of magnitude. —

    Which makes them very valuable to the State. The perception of rampant violence and disorder causes decent people to turn to the State for “protection.” That, in turn allows the State to expand its power and pelf. Funny, isn’t it, that the violence and disorder never actually diminish!

    A previous study that was actively suppressed by the media — despite having been conducted impeccably by a reputable institution — occurred in New Jersey. Read about it here: https://www.libertystorch.info/2014/03/02/pieties/

  3. Vermont Crank

    Can you believe the lyrics of the song, Tomorrow? Yes, if….

    Walking down a street you see a black
    Turn around and head right back

  4. Alfred Naujocks

    Blacks are “told?”
    If only we could somehow figure out by whom….

  5. Incitadus

    Well cheer up soon the headlines will be filled with white liberal shootouts
    at the Tesla.

  6. Funny, you see that video from Netherlands and see blacks attacking a white. I look at that video and see that obviously the West is rotten, just like the communists were saying it was since the fifties.

    Is the problem a supposed difference in racial character or is the problem grooming of a hostile population by neoliberal capitalists to suppress entire continents with threats and application of low-intensity violence?

    And finally, what about https://www.wmbriggs.com/post/46531/ ? Is violence trully absent, or are you just not looking in the right direction? 🙂

  7. Murray

    They engage in exactly the same behavior in Africa and Haiti, places largely free of the malign influence of whiteness. The journals of 19th century explorers in Africa are highly instructive in this regard: they describe bacchanals of sex and violence (and sexual violence) that read like a descriptive caption service for WorldstarHipHop.

    It has nothing to do with racism, poverty, paternal absence, the legacy of slavery, or stereotype threat. It IS cultural, but culture is downstream of genetics.

    This is exactly why segregation and Apartheid were instituted in the first place, and went they may eventually come to be seen as wise and benevolent policies (or maybe just the least-worst). People who behave in this manner are unfit for civilized society, and there’s no good way to fix them.

  8. @Murray

    Well, truth be told, both segregation and Apartheid were instituted by English. But the English were not the only ones who had close interaction with black people. I’d be much more impressed if you could provide similar examples from, for example, Spanish or Portugese.

  9. Anonymous

    Title should have been: “What To Do About White Obedience?” If the middle class put violent attackers in prison, then there would be very few violent attackers around to hurt the public. Instead, the middle class obeys officials defending the violent attackers from their victims. This is the American version of pacifists getting on the boxcar.

  10. PaulH

    Similar issues in Canada:
    “Is Justice Still Blind in Canada?”

    “Since Smith is black, he also submitted an Impact of Race and Culture Assessment, or IRCA—a presentencing report in which “Black and racialized Canadians” can demonstrate how systemic racism led them to commit their crime.”

    Oh, dear.

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    A major issue for blacks is that they believe that everything bad that happens to them is due to racism. When I first got out of graduate school I applied to an even 100 positions, and got call backs in the single digits. I attributed this to a tough job market, especially since everyone I knew was in a similar position. The only person who thought differently was the black guy who said after every rejection letter “Everyone knows that they would have hired me if I was white!”

    This leads to a firmly external locus of control. There is no need for self reflection or self improvement, because it’s always the external force of racism that is to blame. And without self reflection there can be no guilt, and hence no repentance.

  12. Johnno

    These blacks are doing very useful work for elite liberal whites as the vanguard in their war against the non-elite more sensible whites.

    Don’t be fooled, it’s all a white on white war via a proxy.

    But it doesn’t answer the question – why is blacky as a group on average so susceptible to doing this?

    The answer is conditioning and encouragement and increasing lack of accountability. But more importantly – learned blindness on the part of those blacks that are not violent, but are in charge, and excuse away the actions of their flock. The culprit is always in another castle.

    But even if that were true and whitey was pulling the strings, there is no excuse for personal responsibility to not do things that are so daft.

    So it has to largely be the conditioning via institution and group culture and media – unholy trinities that have displaced Christianity and themes like personal sin and forgiveness for Commie screeds of absolute justice and equality built on distorted half or even quarter truthed or outrighted fabricated history.

    The state experimented on black people historically… maybe those experiments never ended, and now we are finally seeing the success – convenient welfare foot soldiers that can be steered like raging bulls for the party’s purposes, ready to stampede on the opposition.

    Could’ve been any one of us non-blacks to be fair. Just happened to circumstantially be them.

    What is to be done?

    The Catholic Faith. Baptism and instruction. Humility. Confession. Grace and the Sacrament. Slowly, painfully, providentially. Anything they could possibly want now or be grieving over is nothing contrasted to eternity.

    Convert the savages as we used to. The government and Americana has failed and is exacerbating the problem now. Stop turning to those jackasses for a solution.

  13. Rob Morrison

    As noted, the statistics along with the factual evidence prove the theory. However why is this? I would say we should look at Solomon’s proverb which says, Prov 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” This proverb is typically referred to in training up a child by a parent in the righteous way and I mean that in the biblical way of following the 10 commandments found in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 which the first 4 are toward God and the last 6 are toward our fellow man. But this proverb cuts both ways. The black community is just showing more of mans depravity right now and they are being allowed to do so and God is allowing it to happen with his perfect purpose in mind. Solomon’s proverb 14:34 “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.” is being proven over and over again. We are living out Paul’s letter to the Roman church Rom 1:18-32. And that is backed by Paul’s same letter referring to the wickedness and depravity of all men, black, white and any color in between found in chapter 3. God has already given us up and unless we repent we too will go the way of all nations and of course showing what is happening in Holland and Ireland shows this is happening in many places and not just in the US. God says through the prophet Isaiah 45:5-7

    5 “I am the LORD, and there is no other;
    Besides Me there is no God.
    I will gird you, though you have not known Me;
    6 That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun
    That there is no one besides Me.
    I am the LORD, and there is no other,
    7 The One forming light and creating darkness,
    Causing well-being and creating calamity;
    I am the LORD who does all these.

    Come Lord Jesus quickly!

  14. Basilio

    Portugal the most decadent country in the world!

  15. Vermont Crank

    Well, we can’t treat black crime by hiring the gangstas as actors in Ads (Ads, one wiseacre said, That’s where all the black fathers are) and Joey Bribem can find only so many of them unqualified enough to be on an agency or to sit as a judge on the Federal Judiciary



    Whitey may as well just admit that not a few of our local and vocal minorities have had a historical pattern of parenting somewhat different than ours;


  16. C-Marie

    And the church system of man is becoming more and more visible within Christianity … look up … Francis receiving a Bhuddism blessing … Francis and Hindu humanism recent meeting … Francis and pacha mama idols … Francis and Islam agreement signed by Francis in whoch is stated that God desired diverse religions … Francis and the homosexual oriented nativity scene of a few years ago … Francis giving the ok to homosexual couples in many areas … no particular sign of evangelization within Francis group … lots of homogenization … and sadly more … and this is nearly by white all men … JPII allowing pagan statue on Catholic altar at Assisi and allowing for all the relgions who went there to worship their god …. Vatican II saying Islam worships the same God as Christianity … but JPII did say there is no salvation through Islam …. John Paul II bowing to the Koran …. racism in the Catholic Church in some or many of the southern parishes hopefully only years ago … Sooo much more ….

    Stay close with Jesus Christ …. your Guardian Angel is with you …. be God’s smile with His Love to others …. place all your trust in God our Father …. be led of by the Holy Spirit in every thought, word, and deed …. practice caution as needed. Pray for all parents and children to love God and neighbor as He commanded us to do.

    God bless, C-Marie

  17. JH

    Blacks are told they are guiltless, and so they have no guilt. They are told (by deed) that they will not be punished if they seal, and so they steal. They are told that if they kill it is not their fault, and so they kill.

    Is there a survey that tells you so?

    Let me offer some facts and establish connections. supported by evidence Black Americans are the most Bible-engaged ethnic group and the most likely to identify as Christian . They have the highest ethnic-group crime rate. Therefore, black Americans are told by Bible that they shall revenge and kill and that they shall be forgiven. Perfect reasoning… as perfect as the reasoning used for the above quoted claims by Briggs.

  18. DAA

    I am not American, so don’t know the lay of the land. I have family in the US, but the only black guy they know is actually an Angolan (that I know of). I read somewhere that the literacy tests around WWII for blacks had much better results than, say, the Korean War tests, and it has all been downhill ever since, with Korean War being better than Vietnam. Care to comment?

  19. JH

    Briggs, here is a book title suggestion for your next book – Why You Should Believe Everything You Read”. lol.

  20. Briggs

    JH, Glad to see you finally accept the stats on black crime. Progress.

  21. JH

    Briggs, where did you get the idea that I reject the stats on black crime published by our government? I am not anti-government or anti-FBI. As a statistician, I am careful in making generalizations that don’t become stereotypes. I am no expert in making blanket statements. I sure miss Sheri, the Queen Blanket Statement Maker.

  22. MMinWA

    Funny you don’t see videos like this one coming out of Russia or Poland or Hungary or other Eastern European nations do you? Hmmm why is that? Something to do with the white men over there vs here maybe?

  23. The True Nolan

    @Rudolph Harrier: “The only person who thought differently was the black guy who said after every rejection letter “Everyone knows that they would have hired me if I was white!”

    I have seen the same thing. Spent most of my life working in computer tech fields, not a place with a LOT of Blacks, but have worked with a few. One guy was really good, very professional. As a side note I would add that he spoke very good English, no shuck and jive. Worked with one Black lady, lesbian, really bad attitude, low performance, broke every rule you can imagine, and FINALLY got herself fired. Not easy to do when you are a Black lesbian. Other coworker was a Black guy, technically quite good, but NEVER on time, never kept commitments, spent most of his day gossiping, was kicked out of several locations by angry customers and every time moved to a different (easier ) location. A promotion to a district tech support slot came up and he didn’t get it, but he was convinced that “the only reason why I didn’t get the promotion is because I am BLACK!”

    “I’M BLACK!” The perfect excuse for whatever ails you.

  24. Milton Hathaway

    What To Do About Black Crime? If you are talking about reducing it, the the answer is “nothing”. There currently appears to be no vested interest in honestly addressing the issue. Indeed, as others have point out, just the opposite is true, there is strong vested interest in misplacing blame and ‘whitewashing’ cause, which means the problem will be getting worse. In the past, there were voices of sanity from within the black community, and I donated to them. Those voices are silent now, every single one of them, cancelled by the mob.

    We look back on fascist Germany and wonder how it could have happened. But isn’t the soaring rate of black-on-black crime effectively genocide? Good people remain silent because of the assured destruction of speaking out weighed against the exceptionally bleak prospects of being heard?

    Sometimes I wonder what the percentage of blacks in the US population would be without the self-destruction of black-on-black homicide and abortion. Is this the hidden liberal white agenda for blacks in the US, to enable them into eradicating their own race? Short of violence, it would be hard coming up with a more effective pavement of the road to hell.

  25. JH

    Milton Hathaway,

    “Overall violent crime volume decreased 1.0% for the nation from 1,326,600 in 2020 to 1,313,200 in 2021, which was up 5.6% from 2019. ” While black Americans are overrepresented in the violent crime statistics, one can hardly use the crime data to conclude that black Americans are “vastly more murderous and violent than any other race…” Criminals, white or black, a small part of each ethnic group and are not representative. White-on-white percentage is high too.

    The black population in, say, Chicago, decreased, but its overall population has increased from from 2010 to 2020. And overall white population decline between 2010 and 2020, why? IF I say it’s because that most of the violent crimes was committed by white, you’d probably think this is a ridiculous claim. Right? (I don’t know you and it is likely that I am wrong.)

  26. Johnno

    What To Do About Black Crime? If you are talking about reducing it, the the answer is “nothing”. <

    Well, to be fair, Liberal McWhitey, champion of the blacks and all things progress, has also been trying via Planned Parenthood. Someday, they will finally succeed, but until that day, they progressively make the problem worse for Blacky, which then, they blame on us for trying to prevent their Final Solution to the Black Crime Problem by allowing more Black children to be born.

  27. Milton Hathaway

    JH: Yes, calling black-on-black crime a form of genocide probably wouldn’t make it past the fact-checkers. I’m trying to inject more hyperbole into my dissertations. I notice that my liberal acquaintances use hyperbole and non-sequitur very effectively.

    If you say A implies B, where A and B are closely related concepts, it’s typically not hard for me to recognize any errors of logic. But if you say A implies Z, where A and Z are disparate concepts, my brain tends to freeze up; not seeing the possible relationship between A and Z, I am unable to refute it. I find it to be a very powerful debate tactic – it should only be used carefully if your ultimate goal is truth and establishing workable solutions to problems (i.e., convincing people to do the right thing). Democrat politicians use the technique to death to convince people to do the wrong or ineffective thing, causing untold damage.

  28. Smarg Jones

    Blacks destroy everything they touch…cities, schools, hospitals….are you ready for what’s coming?

  29. “What is to be done?
    The Catholic Faith. Baptism and instruction. Humility. Confession. Grace and the Sacrament. Slowly, painfully, providentially. Anything they could possibly want now or be grieving over is nothing contrasted to eternity.
    Convert the savages as we used to.”

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    Might want to look at history and facts. Just one case study blows away your “solution”: Rwandan genocide.

    “Faced with death, some Tutsis ran to the Catholic Church for shelter. At the Ntarama Catholic Church where over five thousand Tutsis were killed, the people had shelter in the building but not in the custodians. It wasn’t just at Ntarama, Catholic parishes at Nyamata, Nyarubuye, Cyahinda, Nyange, and Saint Famille were just a few of the churches that served as slaughter slabs and sanctuaries of death. They were presented to their killers and they were killed. Tens of thousands of them were slaughtered right in church before the priests who had preached to them of the Love of God through Christ, who had taught them of the 10 commandments, who had taught them to live, to love and to fear God.”

    Bottom line: the net result of several centuries of Christian proselytizing, converting, and preaching to savages was to exacerbate ethnic/tribal fault lines. The Catholic church demonized the Tutsis.



  30. Jo Jo Isa

    The American negro over the past thirty years – on a “progressive” basis – has clearly demonstrated what the overwhelming majority pathologically are : ruthless, vicious, beyond self-loathing, endlessly lie ridden genocidal monsters. Utterly inhuman. They are never to be trusted. Ever. They lie, cheat, steal to no end. Assault, rape and murder come as easy to them as a duck takes to water. Their excuses are limitless. Their “perspective” beyond disgusting. I, and millions of non negro look upon them with sheer contempt and avoid them completely.

  31. Jim

    I’ve been to Africa many times and I generally find black people to be friendly, cheerful, and fun to interact with. Of course there are plenty of African-Americans who are utterly dangerous, many of whom display sociopathic traits. On the whole, though, I have learned a lot from black writers, musicians, artists, etc, and I am not hostile to black nationalism.

    Despite the existence of many fine black individuals, blacks are generally dysfunctional on a population level. There are some exceptions, like the Igbo, but on the whole they are destroyers of infrastructure, order, and, indeed, civilization. No other group destroys infrastructure systems with the same degree of satisfaction.

    In South Africa they strip the metal from electricity pylons. They burn electricity generators to protest the ensuing electricity shortages. They burn train cars to protest bad train service, resulting in more burned train cars. They take over the power grid and botch it so badly that there are rolling blackouts.

    This behavior is spreading to other countries. They recently disabled metro stations in Paris. They have turned Detroit and other US cities from functioning first-world settlements to crime-ridden slums with low property values. In Canada they are responsible for 99% of the gun crime in Toronto. In London, almost all the gun crime and most of the knife crime.

    The simple truth is that it is a combination of culture and genetics. They are intertwined. It is pernicious conceit that more discipline and a religion like Christianity (or Islam) can fix things. Kent’s comment above is spot-on.

    Yes, they had a much higher rate of literacy and employment when the welfare state did not exist. Nevertheless, the global pattern is clear. Barring a few subgroups, they will slowly grind down their host countries. Together with the general decrease in IQ (the reverse Flynn effect), humanity is going to be lucky to have functioning sewer systems let alone rocketships to Mars.

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