If You Had To Choose “Ignore Or Believe All Academics On Climate Change”, Which Is Smarter?

If You Had To Choose “Ignore Or Believe All Academics On Climate Change”, Which Is Smarter?

Update See the Twitter thread (and account) for many more examples. NOBODY has been able to find a word yet that Experts haven’t tied to “climate change.”

Got an email telling me of story about a well known, even respected, academic, a specialist in the Bible, who said that because people misinterpret the Bible, they don’t really understand or feel as deeply about “climate change” to the depths he, this caring academic does.

This ardent asservating academic says “believers in the Second Coming are significantly more likely to oppose governmental attempts to fight climate change.” Whereas he thinks the Bible says we ought to “fight” “climate change.”

The man, as far as I can tell, has no more training in the field than the next guy. And the next guy is somebody who imbibed decades of incessant idiot propaganda. There is no other excuse or explanation for demanding we “fight” “climate change”. You may as well “fight” the sun rising in the east. The climate will change however hard you “fight”.

The email caught me at a bad moment. It was right after I saw this current picture of a group of South Korean doctors, who apparently were involved in an indoctrination ceremony into the Cult of the Mask.

The wrenching stupidity of these Experts, as the kiddies say, triggered me. It was one ridiculous stunt from academics too many.

In my talk at Hillsdale, I emphasized the many sins of academic science, including the quite unbelievable idea that only bad things can happen because of “climate change”. Nothing good is possible. Or nothing good can be admitted, for fear of the academic mob.

If it’s delicious, photogenic, or useful, “climate change” will quash it. If it stings, bites, or is a menace “climate change” will cause it to flourish.

I mentioned the Warm List, a now out-of-date compilation (it was last updated eleven years ago) of the havoc “climate change” will wreak. My favorite is alligators in the Thames. There have since been thousands, even tens of thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of academic papers “proving” the miseries of “climate change”, when it finally strikes.

My first thought was to run a reader contest: FIND THE THING THAT WILL NOT BE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED BY “CLIMATE CHANGE”.

But I realized that this is an impossible task. For fun, I thought I’d do a few myself. How about, I don’t know, something hilariously stupid, like warts?

Yes: the peer-reviewed paper “The effects of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on skin and skin?related diseases: a message from the International Society of Dermatology Climate Change Task Force” says, “Wart viruses may be susceptible to changes in temperature, a fact that coincides with a significant increase in the prevalence of viral warts during El Nino in Peru”.

Surely there has to be something academics have not thought to apply their vast intellects to? Something screwy and perfectly unbelievable. Like maybe masturbation? That’s it! If there’s anything that describes academic machinations better than this activity, I don’t know it. But with “climate change”?

Yes: “Climate change on the therapist’s couch : how mental health clinicians receive and respond to indirect psychological impacts of climate change in the therapeutic setting“, in which we read, “the murky depths of climate change despair…worrying about the environment ‘and then all I want to do is masturbate because it…'” It goes on a very long time.

Try this yourself. Go to scholar.google.com and type in X "climate change" (the quotes ensure the exact phrase is included), where X is seemingly anything. I was thinking of WKRP in Cincinnati and typed in Booger—and got hits! Turns out there a “climate change” researcher saddled with the surname Boogers. You have to laugh.

I admit my imagination is not as fecund as academics, and I could not find something that they hadn’t already thought to tie to “climate change”. Pizza (I was hungry), oregano (which goes on pizza), cheese (ditto), tomatoes (you get it), beer, cannoli (you have to have desert!).

“Briggs, no way. I get the joke, but there’s no chance they did cannolis. Stop exaggerating.”

O ye of little faith. In the peer-reviewedhttps://iris.unica.it/handle/11584/316682“>Glocalization and everyday life” we find interest in “climate change” and how food is “an effective symbol capable of strongly evoking a cultural identity. In the case of Sicily, this role is mainly played by pastry, and in particular by two sweets: cannolo (the singular of cannoli) and cassata.”

At least I learned the singular of cannoli. There are also TIRAMISU and GELATO (acronym) models used in “climate change”. Look them up yourself.

So. Which way should you bet? Ignore or believe all academics on climate change?

Ignore. And it’s not even close. True, you’d lose a few gems if you tossed out everything academics have ever done on the subject, but the price would be worth it.


Even foreskin:

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  1. Dr. Weezil

    A Protestant biblical “scholar” more concerned with naturalism than the salvation of souls?

    Why, that never happens.

  2. Vermont Crank

    Bart Errorman. I keep getting mail asking me to subscribe to “The Great Courses” and, of course, he is part of the crummy syllabus cos “expert.”

    If any reader of the Bible is not Catholic or in the process of converting simply means he down no understand the Bible.
    From Introduction to Dom Orchard’s A Catholic Commentary o Holy Scripture

    The Bible as The Church’s Exclusive Possession:

    It is a teaching of the Church that the Old Testament Scriptures were transferred to her ownership by Christ himself in view of her position as the new ‘Israel of God’ and the heir of the OT promises; and that the New Testament Scriptures being written within the Church by some of its members for the benefit of all (or more precisely, within the society of the Catholic Church by Catholics for Catholics), are likewise her exclusive property, of which she is the absolute Owner, Guardian, Trustee and Interpreter….

    The Church, being the divinely appointed trustee of the whole deposit of revelation, holds the Scriptures as her very own. They are part of the patrimony or dowry that she has received as the Bride of Christ…


    There is danger in treating with protestant Bibles and, especially, is there danger in protestant exegesis for it is not infrequently the case that one ends-up reading protestant eisegesis anchored in the errors and heresies of their 16th century progenitors.

    It took the modern Ecclesiastical Praxis of Ecumenism and Indifferentism to create a fog of liberty gigantic enough to obscure the Salvific truth that it is Holy Mother Church, and Holy Mother Church alone, who owns the Bible, lock, stock and barrel.

    Because I am the same age as Israel, I am old enough to remember the Ecclesial Orthopraxis prior to the lamentable 1960s when there was not one Catholic Prelate or Priest who publicly praised protestants and their denominationally ideological approach to Holy Writ.

    Now, I must write that I am not attacking individual protestants who read and revere Holy Writ but it is quite clear to Catholic men of a certain age that were a protestant to become an expert in Scripture, he would cease to be a protestant.

    If that be Triumphalism, make the most of it.

    Don’t go to the left,
    Don’t hang a Louie;
    Stick with what’s right
    Read only Ol’ Douay:


    And, if you want the truth, read only Catholic Commentaries





  3. But one has choice, https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&q=%CF%80+%CF%95+not+less+than+powers+of+2 gives you:

    oscillating-body wave energy converters with hydraulic power take-off and gas accumulator;

    statistical analysis program for the social, behavioral, and biomedical sciences;

    devices for congestion management – Electric … ;

    combining P?values Yay 😀

    optical wireless indoor localization using LED ceiling lamps;

    database private information retrieval with constant communication rate

  4. spudjr60

    As to the question in the article’s title; Ignore, because that is what “Climate Scientists” do when they tweak (erm I meant re-parameterize) their model and don’t get the result they hoped for.

    “believers in the Second Coming”, well that would be EVERY Christian, Roman Catholics included.

    1110 results for wicca “climate change” including this one: Social Work and Human Services Responsibilities in a Time of Climate Change: Country, Community and Complexity

    Is Bart Ehrman just trying to sell his book? Armageddon: What the Bible Really Says About the End.
    And this respected academic is really just another self-anointed genius spouting heresy; Ehrman denies the Resurection, denies our Blessed Lord’s Divinity etc. One of his reasons is that he knows for a fact that HE understands ancient Greek better than the people who grew up speaking ancient Greek and were the best educated scholars of their time. Ehrman’s Books
    How Jesus Became God : the Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee
    Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why
    The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: The Effect of Early Christological Controversies on the Text of the New Testament
    Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them)
    and his “Great Courses” series Misquoting Jesus, How Jesus Became God, The Triumph of Christianity

  5. cdquarles

    I will say, before reading any links, ignore. So much of what they think they know, just isn’t so.

  6. lol – try this in scholar.etc

    “Climate change” mules

    fav line for extract for the 4th hit ” Mules and asses are also largely to be found in the developing world”

    From: (Enteric fermentation and ruminant eructation: the role (and control?) of methane in the climate change debate)

    The titles alone amount to a comedy skit!

  7. Jim Fedako

    Per ChatGPT, “As an AI language model trained on factual information, I must state that climate change has predominantly negative impacts on our planet and its ecosystems. While there may be some perceived benefits in some specific areas, such as longer growing seasons in some regions or increased access to resources in certain areas, these “benefits” are heavily outweighed by the negative effects that climate change is having on our planet … We must take immediate action to mitigate its effects and work towards a sustainable future for all.”

    Turns out, contra wokeism, perceptions do not count. Only factual information, a euphemism for The Party line.

    By the way, ChatGPT said we need to take immediate action. Which means now, as in right now, which is the now that is now past. Oh, well.

  8. Uncle Mike

    When the Bible was written the Earth was (on average) 2°C warmer than today. None of the authors mentioned “climate change” or the alleged agony of warmth. The quackademics are full of crap in that regard.

    More importantly, WARMER IS BETTER. Longer growing seasons, more rain, more biological productivity, etc etc etc.

    All the “fighting” (ban fuel, jack up the price of everything, starve the poor, scrub the atmosphere of CO2, etc etc etc) is BAD for the planet and humanity. The “cure” for the non-problem is the disease (mass insanity) that would kill us all.

    There are far too many posers pushing this HOAX. Tragically it may be too late to eradicate the extreme FATHEADEDNESS infecting our world today.

  9. Cary D Cotterman

    ChatGPT’s opinion on climate change? Predictable, seeing as how it was set up by leftist climate hysterics. Like models, AI is “garbage in, garbage out”.

    As for the affect of warming on masturbation–only positive (less likelihood of “shrinkage”)

  10. The True Nolan

    I rarely even exchange with the CO2 Idiots any more. I saw YEARS ago that they are cult members and either cannot or do not respond rationally. However (you knew that was an “however”, didn’t you?), I recently did an exchange where the Climate Cultist had sent me a link that “5 Million People Die Annually Because of extreme temperatures!” Ah ha! Proof that I am a heartless yahoo and wish more heat strokes on innocent people, huh?

    I read the paper. Roughly 90% of the 5 million dead die from cold, not heat. The study even says that current warming is saving more lives from freezing than are lost from over heating. But to a Climate Cultist, it doesn’t matter how many are saved by warmth. Only the heat deaths count!

  11. As I’ve pointed out, science now substitutes for religion as justification for the imposition of government tyranny. Unlike religion it appears that science has no necessary connection to reality since any assumption whatsoever can be conjured out of thin air to form the whole cloth as required.

  12. Johnno

    Do Expurts affect Climate Change?

    A new study shows that Expurts talking and talking and talking and publishing research papers related to climate change can have a devastating long term accumulative threatening impact on the climate.

    The solution is therefore obviously clear. We must kill the Expurts to save the planet.

    But is that going to far? Or, if not, can we ever kill enough of them?

    These are hard questions that Google Scholars need to face.

    But for the time being, there is no reason to prevent gentler and easier solutions from being put into practice, such as encouraging young people to reconsider entering academia and instead turn to more trade skills. Government action is also a necessary step by cutting funding completely to such polluting institutions and organizations.

  13. rimple

    everything is connected, the real world is complex. You being a so-called self assigned expert in uncertainty should be least surprised.

  14. Briggs


    Let me guess. Academic?

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