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  1. When people say “The odds are…” (when they’re talking about an outcome that can have only one outcome) they’re actually talking about a certainty not an odds situation. It seems that probability is more a weighing of variables for one side against the other…and even that won’t obey the rules.

  2. Me: I have dumb question.

    Questionee: There are no dumb questions.

    Me: If the double-dashes were screwing things up, couldn’t you just pull down the video, tweak something trivial, and put it up again, so YouTube would assign a new video url?

    Questionee: Ok, maybe there are SOME dumb questions.

  3. Even if the machine were perfected and never gave a “wrong” flip, the outcome – heads or tails – would still be conditional on the way up the coin is placed on the clothes peg.

    If the act of picking up the flipped coin and placing it for the next flip were to result in it being inverted each time then – taraa – the probability of heads would be 50% 🙂

    PS liked the post and the video.

  4. I was able to watch the video Tuesday afternoon by replacing the m-dash with an n-dash in ScrewTube search box. Watched the first half before returning to other things.

    Liked the vidoe

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