Experts Addle Kids’ Minds Over “Climate Change”

Experts Addle Kids’ Minds Over “Climate Change”

Question from Anon:

Why are the left so afraid of climate change? What is they want to preserve exactly? The whole concept doesn’t pass the simplest credibility check. They want to preserve the world for future generations they often say. But the world they want to preserve doesn’t include them themselves (they will be dead) nor their children (they don’t have children) nor their past (they believe preserving a cultural or historical past is racist), nor their language (again, racist) art (racist), music poetry ideals myths stories ethics (all racist). Why would say a Briton want to fight so hard as to make his one life on this Earth unbearable, intolerable, just to leave Britain a sort of temperate version of say a Dakka or Karachi suburb?

I don’t get it. They say they want narwhals and lemurs and platypuses around but they aren’t even prepared to take forceful action to preserve a hedge (which is the closest in terms of biodiversity and species richness they will ever get to Amazonia).

There is no one answer, but a distribution of them. We speak here of the untutored, non-Experts who react violently over “climate change”. By “untutored”, I mean those who cannot, or not do, or will not understand any of the fundamental physics and other massive complexities and uncertainties involved in three dimensional fluid flow over a rough differentially heated sphere. I mean regular people who have learned the minimum they need to support their beliefs.

For this set of people, particularly young people, there is one predominate answer:

Incessant propaganda.

Maybe you recall that New Jersey school that from Kindergarten through high school teaches “climate change” in every single class; yes, including gym. The level of science of these classes has to be on the order of a Bill Nye fever dream.

NPR—surprise!—recently did a follow up on this school.

Lansing and her classmates had spent weeks researching the impacts of human-caused climate change on their communities and their own lives. Their bas-relief tiles and the three-dimensional images sculpted onto them represented something each of them learned.

Lansing’s tile featured a blueberry branch – a nod to the rich agricultural heritage of New Jersey, which has earned it the nickname “the garden state.”

“A lot of those things that we are used to seeing aren’t going to be able to be grown here with the continuing climate change,” said Lansing, who comes from a family that grows their own food.

NPR claims “climate change education has been empowering.” Empowering. A favorite woke word. It can’t here mean educated, because none of these kids learned any physics. It can instead only mean a false earnestness glued to a quasi-religious morality. One which gives purpose and meaning to life, especially now that Christianity is fading so rapidly.

A junior in high school said, “As a little kid, I was really scared of the changes in the extreme weather that was going on around me and missing school because of hurricanes.”

This is New Jersey, remember, where the weather is as tumultuous as Methodist church service. There is therefore no justification for her fear. Not in Reality. Not from observation. That fear can only have been inculcated by a relentless barrage of propaganda—a barrage that can be resisted only by a few.

This kid continues: “[My teacher] telling me why these were happening made me feel like I could do something about it even though I was like 11.” (By “like 11” did she mean 10? Or 12?)

This kid’s mind was first addled by ignorant or unscrupulous teachers who falsely taught her there was reason to panic, and then those teachers comforted the very panic they induced by given that kid a false sense of “empowerment”. Error compounding error. Madness.

It is no wonder the young are ejected from “educational” factories with the mindsets of Mrs. Jellyby, who you will recall from Dickens’s Bleak House, a woman who “cared” so deeply about the miseries in Africa that she entirely forgot her own family. These kids come out wanting to save “the world”, but know nothing of their own neighborhoods.

For confirmation, here is a report from the Experts at the American Psychological Association. Which one source summarizes: “Climate change can play a major role in affecting young people’s mental health.”

Now it is impossible—it is not possible—that a few tenths of a degree change in some artificial index could affect anybody’s “mental health”. Unless they first have been severely propagandized and had their minds addled by Experts. Which is precisely what is happening.

One of these Experts, unable to help herself about the addling, nevertheless sees its harms, vaguely:

[Expert] is also concerned about how climate change could influence young adults who are making decisions about their career and relationships. The report identified that the consequences of extreme weather and climate anxiety affected decision-making, impaired cognition and lower levels of self-control.

Impaired cognition!

I challenge you to find a better two-word summary of our predicament.

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  1. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Well, it’s OK, but it doesn’t answer the question. The question is, precisely, why the propaganda o why the need for it. The answer is deeper: social engineering. The “powers” want, as Oliver Anthony says, “total control, want to [control] what you think, want to [control] what you do”. They don’t think that you know…… mainly, they want to control births…. They are possessed by moloch and ba’al and screwtape and asmodeus. In the final analysis, they are agnostics and believe they’re gods

  2. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    * Not “agnostics”, gnostics, my phone tricked me

  3. Gunther Heinz

    Stop fighting and start showing how climate change is great. Climate change reduces inequality! Climate change mitigates racism! Climate change lowers high blood pressure! Stop fighting, start playing their game.

  4. jwm

    As I read around the internet, going through a long list of bookmarked sites, I notice how frequently “climate change” is gratuitously inserted into articles that have nothing to do with climate. Yesterday I read where climate change is affecting toilets in some Scandinavian country. What a load of crap. The danger is that so many young folks are being raised to believe that they must divest the world of much of what makes civilization possible in order to save the planet for- who knows what? Will they gladly do without electricity, transportation and food to save the world? Only if they are raised to believe it must be done. I hear a lot of us old farts expressing gratitude that our remaining time here on planet Earth is short. What a tragic state of affairs.

  5. Cary D Cotterman

    When you name your little girl “Lansing”, you advertise to the world that you belong to the idiot class. You don’t even need to put a “We Believe…” sign in your front yard.

  6. Cary D Cotterman


    I have come to feel the same way. The silver lining to being old is that I will most likely get my ticket punched before the final, total collapse of civilization. My parents died in 2005; they never even heard the name “Obama”, or the term “transgender”. I envy them. Sure, they went through the Great Depression and World War II, but those were disasters that everyone was working to overcome, not to make worse, and they won in the end–civilization was saved. One of the bleakest prospects I can think of would be to be a twenty-year-old today, facing another sixty or more years of the nightmare that’s being created. Being created for no good reason.

  7. Ragnarok

    @Cary D.

    Civilisation was saved? Bloody hell!
    Look around you, what did they save.
    This “Greatest Generation” nonsense has to die, and die hard.
    If we win this thing, history books in 100 years will almost certainly NOT refer to that generation in glowing terms.

  8. Ragnarok

    @ Cary D.

    Whose books do you think those dastardly Germans were burning?

    You must be aware of one Magnus Hirschfeld!

    It would have been as well that they were allowed to extend those cosy bonfires worldwide.

  9. Doc:

    How about doing something positive about it? Why don’t you use my “saving the republic” (I put it on paul530.substackcom because google et al hate and lie about and my telearb site) as a guest column? Your audience will then tell us why it won’t work and I’ll offer you a rebutal -maybe we can get a real discussion going and maybe even some action – because it can be done and if I were an American I’d be doing it.

  10. So-called “civilization” isn’t possible without a priest class with the occult knowledge of how to mind control the masses to sacrifice their lives for so-called “civilization.” The pyramids of Egypt were built for mind control purposes and the whole so-called “civilization” revolved around them. What was the point of that for the people who laboured and died. It’s all madness.

  11. Marisa

    Cary D Cotterman: Lansing is the poor fearful girl’s surname. Full name Evelyn Lansing.

  12. pedro

    The complete “pseudoscience” of this post and others is absolutely astounding! Basing your rhetoric argument on “the left is lazy to handle climate change” is individualistic at best, and just straight up bad-faith in the worst.

    ” Now it is impossible—it is not possible—that a few tenths of a degree change in some artificial index could affect anybody’s “mental health”. Unless they first have been severely propagandized and had their minds addled by Experts. Which is precisely what is happening. ”

    This particular phrase, as a matter of fact, comes from such a privileged, American-centric armchair-ass-planted approach that I can’t even start to describe how reductionist it is. It’s not just a “few tenths of a degree change”, it’s already one. One that has already soared temperatures to record highs in places like Latin America (Brasil reached 60ºC of “apparent temperature” as of yesterday, and the death toll continues to rise) and Europe.
    I am writing this from Portugal’s south, a place which has been no stranger to droughts throughout the years. This last decade, however, several dams have hit record lows, and precipitation levels in the winter have dwindled more and more aswell.

    Now there is no “indoctrination” in our schools. Subjects run fine and this topic is hardly ever brought up in primary and middle school. But it is clear to see why. Because we already see it’s effects on our day-to-day lives. Several farmers in Alentejo had to sell off land and cattle due to water shortages, a situation they were NOT facing 10 years prior, even amidst a big financial crisis.
    And you dare sit here and say this does not affect anyone’s mental health?

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