The Expertocracy & Institutional Capture: How Madness Propagates

The Expertocracy & Institutional Capture: How Madness Propagates

Yesterday we discussed the first and most important step in how the expertocracy guarantees mandating and propagating madness, which is the Western legal theory that Experts get to decide on the philosophical and metaphysical system under which we must swear allegiance. This is done under the name of science, but the argument is fallacious. Scientism is the result.

From this flows the self-perpetuating and self-policing credentialing system present in Western universities. Only criticism from inside is heeded, and only Experts get to decide who is inside.

But this isn’t a complete explanation for why this form of madness, and why now. How could so many take pleasure in the mutilation and drugging of children, and, of course, adults?

Again we look to a feature of the expertocracy, which is institutional capture. But one that was aided and abetted by rank cowardice.

As we said yesterday, the insane are ever with us. Lunacies, old and new, crop up continuously. No form of culture is ever without its bad ideas. Yet it was natural that egalitarianism—Equality is the great leveler: nothing can stand against it—would lead to the demand that desire and fantasy become law. In this case, it was seen as “unfair” that a man “trapped” in woman’s body should not be acknowledged as a man, and vice versa. And so we are made to swear the insane are sane, and that sanity is insanity. That part of the story is well known.

It is ludicrous in the extreme that a person can change “gender”, no matter how much artificial help he or she receives. And everybody knew this—except for the bug-eyed bat-guano genuine lunatics. Who are loud and who have weaponized screeching. To a brave man, being screamed at by a blue-haired fat ugly wide-eyed harpy is nothing. It is a joke, at worst, and not an attack.

But to the coward, the screeching is devastating. He hears it and freezes and can only fear the worst. “If I do not surrender, I will suffer. And I will receive no support from those around me, who also shrink under this attack. I have no choice. To save myself, I must surrender,” thinks the coward.

Cowardly acts are always intensely painful. The coward must relieve this pain. And there are only two ways to do this: rediscovering his manhood, which is rare, and lying, to himself most of all, and this is the most frequent course.

Again, when a man becomes a coward it is painful. Perhaps there is no greater pain than a man recognizing he has turned yellow. He must assuage this agony. And the simplest way to do this, like a man under attack by overwhelming forces, is to surrender, and to insist you surrender, too. Misery does, indeed, love company.

The coward seeks other cowards, so that they can gather and convince themselves that they have ackhsually done the right thing after all. We have seen this time and again, and with the greatest force under “gender” madness.

GLAAD (groomers, lunatics, angsty arseholds, and demons?) has done us a service by compiling statements from every top medical organization, showing how they have surrendered to the madness, and how they demand you must, too.

Before reading this list, which I’ll highlight below, remind yourselves of the number of doctors and medical organizations that have stood against the madness in the face of the suffering this brings.

Having a hard time thinking of examples? Well, it’s not easy: they are few in number, and growing smaller.

The GLAAD list is six months old, and I shouldn’t wonder it has grown longer by now. Here is a picture of the current list, all of which has fallen to the expertocracy:

They are all there: the American Psychiatric Association, the rich and growing richer American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and of course the American Medical Association. Even, or I should say especially, the World Health Organization (WHO; here’s a link to their new guidelines).

Experts have captured all of these organizations, and many more. There is (almost) no hope regaining power in any of these institutions and restoring Reality. Critics simply will not be given the credentials necessary for such a coup.

The statements are all much of a muchness. Here is opening of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s:

The AAP’s 2018 policy statement ‘Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children and Adolescents’ defines gender affirmation as developmentally appropriate, nonjudgmental, supportive care provided in a safe clinical space.

It is as possible to be “nonjudgmental” as it is for a man to become a woman. Which is to say, it is impossible. Somebody’s judgment must always be exercised. But nobody’s from Team Reality. (Recall the Imposing Your Belief Fallacy.)

Every one of these statements is seeped in effeminacy. Each allows cowards to point and say, “What can I do? The top women in my profession are for this. If I want to keep my job, I must go along.” The most rebellion they will allow themselves is silence.

But as we should all know by now, silence is never enough. One must applaud, and be seen to applaud. This is why we have the truism: the coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man but one.

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  1. Robin

    I don’t agree that it is cowardice. This is too simplistic.

    It’s about money and power and it’s coming from the top down. The average schmuck working 9-5 to feed his children has no chance resisting it; to do so is the equivalent of standing in front of a steam roller and trying to stop it with your bare hands. It’s not going to end well.

    This is about money. Blackrock, Fidelity, Vanguard. Between the three of them they control about 50 trillion in assets. The financial system in the US has become a big circle-j*rk with the average schmuck sitting in the centre.

    Take Disney/Boeing/etc (name any Fortune 500 corporation). If they want Blackrock to invest (and this is no longer optional) then they have to kowtow to Larry Fink. If they are good ESG boys then they get preferential loans. Blackrock stacks the corporate board with overpaid lackeys. Then Disney/Boeing employees must invest their pension savings in Blackrock/Vanguard/Fidelity pension schemes. Blackrock/Vanguard/Fidelity get even bigger.

    Then to be **Good ESG Partners** they have to demonstrate that each of their vendors also has ESG plans. Thousands and thousands of small businesses then find themselves cast into the same noose: DEI or DIE.

    This has become the fundamental business model of US corporations. And they secretly love it because it keeps the proles nice and subservient and the vendors struggling.

    There is only one way to stop it; create laws banning the practice. This cannot be done from within the DEI corporate complex with any degree of success; it has to be done from the local level up.

  2. JerryR

    If X=>Y and if X disappears and no Z => Y, then it makes sense to think that Y will disappear.

    Why are there migrants, rushing through our southern borders, and migrants pouring into Western Europe? Because they come from areas that never had X.

    So why should we believe we are any different as X disappears? These migrants are not bringing X with them.

    Of course, Y is the modern world of prosperity. But what is X? It only happened in one place but then spread when a few nearby societies adopted it. X is a combination of two properties never mixed together till the 1600s in England and then spread to its colonies. X is Christianity and individual freedom.

    Both are rapidly disappearing.

    There were experts in the 1600s and 1700s and all throughout history and throughout the world and they ruled or controlled who ruled. We are returning to a world of the past.

  3. JohnM

    Chicanery and Reassignment at the American Academy of Pediatrics = CRAAP

  4. re: “There is (almost) no hope regaining power in any of these institutions and restoring Reality.”

    Umm… in the emperor’s case all it took was one small boy.

  5. Cary D Cotterman

    My response to NPR-listening, Newsom-loving transgender cultists:

    1. In my mind:

    “I recognize your right to indulge in this bizarre, grotesque fantasy; however, although you and everyone else here insist that I refer to your daughter as your “son”, “he”, and “him”, as a firm adherent to reality I absolutely refuse to participate in such nonsense. In all sincerity, I assure you I can happily bear your disapproval and dislike, satisfied in the knowledge that I have not dropped to my knees when confronted by lunacy.”

    2. What akshually happens:

    I go to another room. Avoid everyone until it’s time to leave.

  6. Johnno

    Expertocracy is a result of institutional atheism.

    No God? No providence.

    No providence? All life is accidental.

    If all things are accidents, sex need not be fruitful, conception doesn’t need to be necessary, your existence at any age need not continue, and having a contradiction between the mind and the body is not an impossiblity.

    If there is no value for life, there is no sense for anything post or after-life, which is just as accidental. Nothing you do matters. There are no rewards for bravery that harms you.

    Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Might makes right to make for favored races and groups. Existence is all a struggle to survive, red in tooth and claw, knife and bullet. Take and feed.

    If there are those who oppose these atheistic truths and the pursuits of pleasure and the dampening and suppression of residual guilt, the atheistic state, a group of elite bureaucratic mutual partners for self benefit and their dependant slaves, may use all things at it’s disposal, even assymetrical bureaucratic control over religions to reinforce atheistic values.

    They won’t stand to turn out to be wrong. Existence is about winning! They MUST WIN AT ALL COST! Inconsistency doesn’t matter, consequences be damned! It’s about being #1 ! It’s about filling the vacuum that once was God!

    The atheistic state can’t live being satisfied by it’s aimless self. It seeks God as naturally as it must satiate hunger and thirst. It makes itself a god as it devours and drinks itself.

  7. John M

    Real Gender Affirming care would be to help a person be what their chromosomes are.
    XX they get help being a girl, woman, female. XY they get help being a boy, man, male.

  8. Sumguy sumwhere

    All of this, every last bit, is happening with such ferocity, because in 2016, much to the Chagrin of experts everywhere, We the People did find an ounce of backbone (only an ounce mind you) and voted for sanity, even if only marginal sanity, in Donald Trump. We collectively said “enough”, in the meekest way that we could collectively do it. And the Experts decided, then and there, that they too had enough (as in, they were finished playing the charade of democracy, dispensing with entertaining the values of the dirt people).

    The screeching when Trump was elected was the equivalent of the firing upon Ft Sumter (only the nature of the belligerents has flipped) .

  9. rontomlinson

    >To a brave man, being screamed at by a blue-haired fat ugly wide-eyed harpy is nothing. It is a joke, at worst, and not an attack […] But to the coward, the screeching is devastating. He hears it and freezes and can only fear the worst.

    It’s a profound truth. As a child and young man I was invariably terrified by the rage of other people. The solution for me lay in the remembrance of a childhood fairy tale: Rumpelstiltskin. Nowadays when I facing off an apoplectic person I can’t help superimposing this image in my minds eye:

    Dancing with rage is simply funny!

  10. The powers that be want population reduction and by a significant amount. Full spectrum warfare is being conducted to make that happen.

  11. C-Marie

    Full faith in Jesus Christ is the answer.

    God bless, C-Marie

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