The Regime Has Never Looked So Weak. What Will They Do Next?

The Regime Has Never Looked So Weak. What Will They Do Next?

This is a post written in haste, and I welcome, more than usual, your take on the events of the day, since I surely missed a lot.

So Tucker Carlson had his interview with Vladimir Putin, the latter, whatever else he is or may be, coming across as an intelligent man, a sober man, and man with some grasp of the world and his place, and his peoples’ place, in history.

Putin repeatedly embarrassed the American Regime, quipping about our elections, our watery border security, the color revolution in Ukraine (our doing), the USA blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, and much more.

Also yesterday was the special council’s report on Old Joe’s purloining classified material and passing it around. Crimes, they said. Bad ones. But which the council urged not to prosecute because Old Joe was, well, too old, his memory shot and his mental faculties withered, a man not quite sure where he is or what he is doing.

This came a short day after Biden remarked at how he had had meetings, very important meetings, he said, with two dead and long deceased European politicians. Which may even be true. Once you get that close to the end, maybe it’s like they say and you can see the Other Side with some clarity.

The Regime, whoever is in control, realized the quick sequence of events made them look foolish, weak, disorganized, guilty, and, frankly, pathetic. Something had to be done lest they also appear defeated.


The first was to have the clown—judging by the makeup and comedic demeanor—they hired for her demographic achievements to lie to the press to peddle to the stage on her mini bicycle and announce that Presidents frequently commune with the dead. They really did this!

The second was to trot out old Joe to a news conference. They would prove to the world that, despite rumors, Old Joe was indeed still on this side of the grave. That he was not losing his mind, and that his knowledge of geography was just as good as Putin’s.

This spectacularly blew up in their faces, the Regime coming away looking like they had just been a pie fight with the Three Stooges, when Old Joe mixed up Mexico with Egypt. Hey, close enough, right?

Biden gasped and wheezed his way through the presser, even at one time blowing a good joke because he choked on the timing, his voice eeking out its last wind, every breath sounding like it could very well be his last.

Now Putin hinted, as many, oh a great many, have, that nobody knows who is in charge of the American Regime. The dull truth is likely nobody is, not in toto. There are various factions controlling this and that fiefdom. But nobody, except journalists, who are lying, believes Old Joe is in supreme charge.

Point is that the Regime was so weakened by yesterday’s display, even before the day was over, that Greg Abbott, the embattled Governor of Texas, was bold enough to tweet “Who is in charge? America deserves to know!” That most stoke some level of fear inside DC.

Rumors, once old now new again, flared and said that Old Joe would be canned, likely at the Democrat Convention. Readers will recall that was our guess (blog, Substack). The only way they can rehabilitate Old Joe after yesterday’s disaster is to keep him far away from all outsiders, except sycophantic media. Which is, of course, nearly all media.

Trump has won the Republican nomination, in all but name. There is no chance Biden would survive a debate with Trump, who could never put on a performance as erudite as Putin’s, but who would still think circles around Biden.

So either Biden has to go, or Trump does, or both do. What will the Regime do?

The Ukraine debacle is entering a new phase of hilarious incompetence. Treasury Secretary Janet “Inflation is Transitory” Yellen had her mythical Marie Antoinette moment, boasting “We don’t have to get the prices down because wages are going up.”

And these are only two examples of a legion of similar Regime blunders. Please remind us of others in the comments.

The Regime is therefore weak and wounded, they know it, and they know we know it. Yet like any wounded beast, this can be the time that they are at the most dangerous. The rulers in power surely will not surrender that power easily. They may become desperate. We may get that war they’ve been pining for.

Or they may lash out in other ways. Or even collapse ignominiously, though that seems to me the longest of long shots.

What do you say?

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  1. Michael Dowd

    We all must suffer the consequences of our collective apathy for allowing the present situation to take place.
    To preserve our Constitutional way of life we need an aware and revolutionary mentality.

  2. McChuck

    We are the hands that change the world.

  3. Phileas_Frogg

    Most telling takeaways from this interview:

    – The vacuity of American foreign policy thinking is insulated against most of it’s more dire consequences by geographic and geopolitical isolation from other major powers, and nothing else. Were we a standard terrestrial power, we would have already collapsed, but our Maritime status affords us unbelievable latitude to make foolish mistakes. (As an aside, I begin to suspect that should Mexico ever get it’s act together, they may actually pose a serious threat in the coming decades, should they so choose).
    – Putin is neither the Fascist boogeyman of the lefts nightmares, nor the Traditionalist Slavic Aragorn of the rights fever dreams. He is simply a man who seems very concerned with the realities of governing his country, with an understanding of, and respect for, it’s history. Definitely not any sort of racial nationalist for the Russian people.
    – The unbelievable amount lost in translation, both literally and contextually from Westerner to Slav. It was sometimes impossible to tell when he was joking, when he was taking a shot, or when he was just being frank.
    – It highlighted a long-time certainty which many prefer to ignore: “Our democratic system self-sabotages us on the world stage.”
    – We have neither enough centralization to compete with other centralized regimes globally, nor enough decentralization to maintain the affections of the domestic population internally. Our present balance between the two is merely inspiring hate from all quarters. Too chaotic to face foreigners in a trustworthy manner, too heavy handed and distant to ensure a natural affection with our own people.

  4. Incitadus

    We the citizens of the world including the Russians are getting
    Cold War 2.0, peppered with bombs here and there, until world
    government is in place. Should our attention or resistance stray
    too far they may even toss around a few nukes. What’s going on is
    a class war not some struggle of civilizations. The NWO is being
    ushered in by Putin, Biden and Xi and all three are at war with their
    own people not with each other. It’s not what they say but what they’re
    doing in all three cases to subjugate their own people and wreck their
    respective economies. It should be obvious to everyone by now that food
    will be control knob of the New Order as it has been for thousands of years.
    They certainly are not shy about going after production even at this early stage.
    What do they call Ukraine; oh yes the bread basket of the world, especially the
    poor 3rd world. God bless the farmers it’s time for rest of us to wake up and head
    to the castle for a heart to heart chat. Putin’s speech; glib as ever just what you would
    expect from one of Schwab’s young global leaders.

  5. ok

    1 – Tucker Carlson disgraced himself – he seemed utterly clueless about Russian culture and the degree to which that’s informed by history and religion. On the positive side, he mostly adhered to his usual formula: encourage the guy to talk..

    My fav example of this is that Tucker clearly did not understand the Russian cultural tradition of telling it like it is in ways that the other guy will wildly misinterpret – so when Putin said it was good that the CIA did not hire Tucker, he was expressing his irritation that Tucker had not been properly briefed and clearly did not understand Putin’s position (despite several “I already saids”..) by implying he doesn’t have what it takes to work in special services.

    Many years ago I did some articles for American thinker – before it became a rant site – this one:

    has a nice illustration of the issue.

    2 – I don’t know enough Russian to be sure, but thought the translator doesn’t do idiomatic English either and dropped a lot of nuance (as well as making some outright mistakes). Maybe TCN could add subtitles in Russian? For example, Putin did not say the CIA had blown up Nordstream – Tucker heard that, but what Putin actually said was that the suspect list is limited to those who both wanted to do and were capable of doing it.

    On the other hand he did say that Russia does not know who’s in charge in the west – and implied that they are not discounting various conspiracy theories on this.

    3 – on Mann vs Steyn – most people thought this was about the hockey stick fraud; but I imagine (lacking much evidence yet) that the verdict came down to “did Steyn libel Mann by comparing him to Sandusky?” = yes.

    4 – Biden/Harris – it’s hard to see how Biden hangs on after Hur’s positively brilliant solution to being ordered to exonerate an obviously guilty figure. All credit to Hur..

    Sadly this means I have something in common with Biden: I’ve no idea what happens now.

  6. cook

    I don’t blame Biden or any other opportunist from filling an empty stage.

    The Empire has been on the skids for a while, the cracks papered over by a slick media system that now looks ridiculous.

    No the people to blame are you and me for not noticing, power needs constant monitoring and constant vigilance by all, not by the few while the rest have a good time.

  7. Cary D Cotterman

    They can’t conceivably expect this broken-down ancient fool to go on another five years. Yet they keep denying the obviously worsening senility. All they seem to be capable of are desperate “whatabouts” referring to Reagan or Nixon. All that is irrelevant. This is now, this is Biden. It’s time for him to go.

  8. Uncle Mike

    Stick a fork in Biden. Next comes the Left’s new “savior”, the smug limousine lib from La La, to gather the rats fleeing the sinking ship. Gagme will be crowned at the Dem Convention in Chicago in August.

    Probably amidst riots. Despite appearances the Regime is not weak.

  9. Biden’s obvious incapacity is all part of the gaslighting to facilitate bringing in the New World Order they’ve been telling us about for literally decades. Putler is fully on board with the WEF nonsense, WHO coof plandemic schemes, and is happy to hump the Wailing Wall every chance he gets as with the rest of world’s politicians. Putler’s “everyone except us are Nazis” is bizarre and nonsensical but presumably aimed at his own population rather than the West. It’s all fake and gay

  10. Cloudbuster

    “We don’t have to get the prices down because wages are going up.”

    Well, it’s uncomfortable, but it is the truth — not the “don’t have to” part, but the way the actual policy will proceed. Since the Great Depression and Federal Reserve control of the monetary system, the value of the dollar has consistently only moved in one direction. Down. Inflation is all but the law of the land, the hill our government is willing to die on. Rising wages is their only possible response to falling dollar value, because the value of the dollar will continue to fall, as it has for about 90 years. You don’t have to be a prophet to know that.

    Well, that’s my opinion. That and 100 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

  11. Johnno

    Tucker left too many questions on the table.

    – What was all that stuff with WAGNER about?

    – Why did Russia go along with the covid-hoax and lockdowns and forced vexxinations?

    – What does he know about the US biological labs in Ukraine?

    – Comments about the situation in Syria and Russia’s support for Assad.

    – Comment about that Skripal thing.

    – Comment on MH-17’s shootdown and who was really behind it.

    – Why is Russia pursuing a surveillance state and health passports?

    – Does Putin really believe all this climate hersteria horseshit?

    – What role is Russia currently playing in the Israeli/Palestine brouhaha.

    – Just for fun, what is a woman? And could Putin comment more about what he thinks of Western faggotry in all its forms, just to drive the lefties into an apoplectic fit.

    Hopefully there can be a follow up. Musk oughta push X as a platform for more interviews with world leaders like this. Schedule Assad in.

  12. AlexS

    The interview was incredibly frustrating to watch for this native Russian speaker. The translation was atrocious and lots of nuance ended being lost.
    The key point here is to understand that Putin said at least 3 times – “? ? ??? ??? ???????? ???” which roughly translates into “there’s noone here to negotiate with”. That’s basically the gist of his position – he feels that no agreement will be honored over time because his counterparts keep rotating over and over again.

  13. the regime in ex-DDR (GDR) collapsed ignominiously but not before the rulers pulled all strings to send Princess “Glossu Rabban” Angela who did to West Germany what was done to her East Germany (tit-for-tat).

    I expect something along these lines in U.S.A.

  14. Johnno

    Putin is right. No one knows who is running America. Not even Americans. The current senile occupant needed election fraud to get in, and still obviously isn’t running things. Neither is that thing he calls his vice President. He’s too senile to stand trial, but apparently can run the country? Well, he isn’t, so good, I guess?

    American’ts like to go on about Putin “lying”, well I believe Putin is being diplomatic when he says he “doesn’t know.” He likely has a very good idea, but diplomacy 101 is to allow the adversary to save face when encouraging him to back down. Let the DisUnited Stoopids of American’t boast out loud about how great and victorious they are as they are escorted with dignity into the old folk’s home on a golden wheelchair built from the Ukranian gold reserve vault and US dollars for toilet paper.

    American’t commentators on the right always have to legally say that they “dislike” Putin, and vaguely say that he is a “killer, authoritarian, invader, undemocratic, very very mean, etc.” like the projecting effiminates that they are. They actualky think Puytin hasn’t ever been challenged by reporters inside or outside Russia before? Do they ever bother wantching those fancy G-Meetings, or the numerous club events Putin or Lavrov or that other Russian press chick does for reporters in stark contrast to the White House diversity hirees? Why? Will they lose subscribers? Will they hurt American’ts feeeeelings about the utter circus facade 2 party dysfunctional borderless hersteria tik tok political trans-shit show that is their country that likely never was since unlike Putin, they can’t even get the facts about their precious so-called “civil war” straight? Don’t want to finally admit that the philosophical errors of their “divine” constitution which the Catholic Church defined as Americanism are finally coming home to roost?

    Yeah, yeah, Russia, China, Iran, Genghis Khan etc. all do bad things, boo hoo… But guess what? Takes one to know one. Or rather, in the grand game of thrones and princes, the American’ts are losing badly, and DIE will not help it even qualify for a participant trophy, but maybe the Russians will add some nice comforting words and pronouns to their hypersonic missiles when they finally send them our way.

  15. Ooops – I was wrong about the jury’s basis for the punitive damages award against Steyn. It seems Mann’s legal team may have misled the jury a bit on what they could do (I’m told this is one of several appeal-able issues) – and, in any case, there’s this from findlaw (remember compensatory damages assessed against Steyn came to $1):

    In State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Campbell, the Court clarified these issues by rejecting the use of certain evidence pertaining to a defendant’s purported “bad acts” that were committed in other jurisdictions. The Court also suggested that punitive damages should not exceed compensatory damages by more than a single digit multiplier and, in large value cases, might not comply with due process if the award exceeds the amount of compensatory damages.

    AlexS – Right, except that the net net on this was that his negotiating partners cannot be trusted – not just that the people in charge change, but that their committments do not bind either their own or their successors actions.

  16. Zorost

    The real problem is that there is no ‘us’ to take advantage of this weakness. It’s all just variations of swamp creatures and different factions, as the OP noted. Either we get USSR 2.0 or the Successor Wars, with the Diadochi being current governors and generals. Any of those trustworthy enough to be our leader? Didn’t think so.

    Until real Americans start controlling regions from dog catcher to governor, we are nothing but spectators of those fighting to see who gets to be next at the trough. This time likely w/o a Constitution or those remembering what freedom looks like.

  17. john844

    @Johno… some of us do indeed know (((who))) is running America…

  18. pyrrhus

    Just getting the interview done and distributed to hundreds of millions was a huge achievement, though Tucker’s persistent questions about the American journalist-spy, patiently answered by Putin, were annoying…Putin didn’t hint, he stated outright that the US was not ruled by its elected officials, though he couldn’t say who the real rulers were…Putin’s exposure that the German government was actually blocking the flow of cheap Russian gas was devastating…

  19. — The Regime is therefore weak and wounded, they know it, and they know we know it. Yet like any wounded beast, this can be the time that they are at the most dangerous. The rulers in power surely will not surrender that power easily. They may become desperate. We may get that war they’ve been pining for. —

    The condition of “nothing to lose” has provoked the bloodiest and most totalitarian behavior possible from other regimes that have found themselves in that position. Watch your back. Know where your weapons are. Buy more ammo.

  20. Milton Hathaway

    For those who are like me, unable to make sense of your modern-day Demonrat Party, you could try this reframe (apologies to Scott Adams). Instead of looking at big woke media (BWM) and big woke tech (BWT) as arms of the Demonrat Party, try flipping the direction of causation around, and start with the premise that BWM is in charge of the country, and is playing the tune that the Demonrat Party and BWT are dancing to. Even some in the Republican Party feel compelled to dance to their music. Although this doesn’t magically explain all the absurdities, it makes much more sense to me in explaining the self-destructive behaviors.

    BWM is thoughtlessly driven by a pablum of platitudes, such as “make a difference” and “afflict the comfortable”, pounded into their pedestrian sponge-brains in J-school. Add in a large dose of extreme shortsightedness, with no vision past the current news cycle. No single person or entity is in charge of BWM, they are a loose collection of extremely like-minded individuals lashing out against a system they have been indoctrinated to despise. Unfortunately, they have a huge paving machine with an endless supply of good intentions asphalt.

    In other words, BWM is a committee of the worst kind. The country is currently run by this committee. The explanatory power of Hanlon’s Razor continues to astound me.

  21. The True Nolan

    If the US has anything approaching a fair election in November, the Deep State will be facing Trump. So, if Trump is the patriot he presents himself to be (and I admit there are valid reasons to be skeptical) the Deep State will be in big trouble. How can the Deep State stay out of trouble?
    1) Assassinate Trump
    2) Attempt to rig the election again in spite of public awareness of what happened in 2020 and 2022
    3) Prevent the election from being resolved by the electors
    4) Prevent the election completely

    As for who might become the Democrat candidate, maybe they will pull out an old General. Or, yes, they might try Michelle Obama. Crazy, yes — but when has that ever stopped them?

  22. Gunther Heinz

    At a dinner party, Harold Macmillan, British PM at the time, asked Madam De Gaulle what she was looking forwars to upon the reitirement of husband as President; “A penis!” she replied. President De Gaulle then assured the startled Macmillan that what his wife meant to say was “happiness”.

  23. re: “some of us do indeed know (((who))) is running America…”

    Musk? But, that’s not Middle Eastern is it?

    /SARCASM (Yeah, I know what you meant. Not buying it.)

  24. Johnno

    NATO Chief Shocks With Prediction Of ‘Decades-Long Confrontation’ With Russia

    “If Putin wins in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that Russian aggression will not spread to other countries,” Stoltenberg continued, echoing an assumption that’s been a persistent talking point out of Zelensky and his Western backers.

    He urged that to prevent this future scenario, the allies must ramp up support to Ukraine and member states must invest in NATO military infrastructure. “Deterrence only works if it is credible. As long as we invest in our own security and remain united, we will continue to deter any form of aggression,” Stoltenberg said.

    Interestingly the words followed on the heels of the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin wherein the Russian leader appeared to appeal directly to the US government saying he is ‘ready’ for sincere talks to end the war. “We are willing to negotiate,” Putin had told Carlson and said in reference to the Biden administration: “You should tell the current Ukrainian leadership to stop and come to the negotiating table.”

    But Putin also emphasized that the West must understand it is “impossible” to defeat Russia in Ukraine. Putin’s point was that no matter the timeline, and how long the war gets drawn out, it will be the same result of a Russian battlefield victory.

    The White House was quick to bat down Putin’s apparent overture as insincere. “Despite Mr. Putin’s words, we have seen no actions to indicate he is interested in ending this war. If he was, he would pull back his forces and stop his ceaseless attacks on Ukraine,” a White House official told The New York Times this weekend.

    From the start of the war it has remained a key talking point of Western pundits and leaders to assume Putin is driving an ‘expansionist’ war that threatens the rest of Europe. This has resulted in some leading European allies to drastically increase their defense spending and arms production, as Stoltenberg is still encouraging with his latest comments.

    Biden Rejects Putin’s Offer For Negotiations On Ukraine Issued In Tucker Carlson Interview

  25. Patient

    As I said from the very beginning of plandemia, everything is only and only: A Plot for chip (well, and a little genetic modifications; what do you think your imperfect and backward bodies (and brains) are “naturally fitted” for chipping?).
    So no one has caught it completely, because where is the information on the basis of which to make sense? (And the most misguided are fans of Riley and Rollo, because they are supposedly closer to reality, but not exactly.) So let me say something about it. (Not that you here – smart and learned people – you care. Just like that, for nothing.)

    Comment (my) from their friend’s website. About the alt-mainstream mafia 😉 😀

    Iain recently visited Rollo and talked about the “transition to multipolarity”, etc. And there, when they came to the topic of “transhumanism” (which Rollo raised), again, at least as far as I remember, Iain, except for social changes through digitalization (under the 2030 agenda), reduced things (in his honest personal judgment, not intentionally, I guess) to something like “a change in people’s thinking, behavior and social relations, through the mass psiop from the pseudopandemic to the present day” (which includes the effect on people through the subsequent “wars”). At least that was my understanding, I think I fairly express it?

    Recently was Tucker’s famous interview with Putin. Riley (who claims to have a real special military operation/war that was not properly conducted for a number of reasons that they discussed at length in podcasts and articles with Rolo and Marco) published the transcript of the interview, we are waiting for his opinion soon.

    Now I see that Rollo has an article (from the 10th) with comments about the interview – “No, Nazism Is Not Why Putin Invaded Ukraine” (See it.) And there he begins with:

    “We are still bringing the newbies up to speed.
    So, basically, the narrative put forward by this blog regarding the SMO is as follows:
    – the real reason for the invasion of Ukraine was an inter-oligarchic spat
    – Putin wanted to rescue and restore his personal friend and adopted family member Medvedchuk to political power”

    For him, the global radical reconstruction, in recent times popularly known as the “great reset”, whose most active phases, I dare say, began with the pseudopandemic, continues to have nothing to do with the very real “[local]oligarchic dispute”, popular for the masses as “war in Ukraine / special military operation (sometimes “war against globalists, etc.)”. Like the whole great reset is not a thing for him. …


  26. Patient

    Now the boring (for serious people) part begins.
    Yesterday, I signed up (to try) in David Icke’s forum 😀 , made a topic about Russia’s “transition to a new technological order,” posted the opening post, posted a second, about how one day after the Kremlin published the interview in which Putin said, “There’s no stopping Musk… We should be careful with genetic modification, formalize and control processes that there’s no stopping.” in Russia, in a Roscongress press release for a major forum on future technologies, they say that at the forum they will show that their brain-computer interfaces and technologies for genetic modifications are better. They quickly approved the thread and the first comment, I wrote the third and when I pressed “post”: “Sorry! We could not find that topic.”


    “About the program
    Almost all key areas contain amazing technological solutions. For example, developments in the field of neurobiotechnology. First of all, when it comes to the brain-computer interface. In Russia, there are deeper and better developments in this area than those promoted by foreign colleagues. The forum will show how far we are at the forefront here.

    Biotechnology, artificial intelligence, etc. are on the agenda, and this is a kind of assembly that will fundamentally change the methods of management and coordination in the personalization of modern medicine. And, of course, we will talk about genetic technologies, where our country, in partnership with foreign experts, is at the forefront of technological progress.”

    Throughout this page you can read about the program of the forum, which is today and tomorrow (there is a link to the site with the program in English).

    The Forum aims to provide an open platform for dialogue between representatives of the government, business and scientists in order to develop joint steps for research and technology in areas that will shape global development and the future of mankind in the near term. Our job, Russia’s top priority, is to use the enormous potential of such innovative solutions to ensure economic growth and improve the quality of people’s lives.


  27. Patient

    On February 10, the Off-Guardian published: “What NO ONE is saying about Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview.” by Kit Knightly, where they (correctly) explain why Tucker can’t be trusted (with Off-G’s usual “depth).

    One or two days before Musk announced his success with the first implantation of a smart brain chip, Off-Guardian published the article: “Here Come the Cyborgs: Mating AI with Human Brain Cells.” January 28, 2024, By VN Alexander.
    There, the author eruditically explains how the so-called biodigital convergence, or merging of humans with machines, is unfeasible fiction, and she scoffs (with subtle sarcasm suitable for a sophisticated and educated lady, of course).
    Off-Guardian kindly provides a link to Madame Alexander’s personal website, where, in her biography, we read: “She is a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center alum, former Public Scholar for the New York Council for the Humanities, and 2020 Fulbright Scholar at the Digital Humanities Lab at ITMO University in St Petersburg, Russia.” https : // vnalexander .com/

    RTs have the slogan “Questions more!”. I have, but less and less. ; )

    Some of the sessions of the forum:

    Genetic and Genomic Technologies: New Opportunities in Diagnostics and Personalization
    The creation of gene-therapeutic drugs, something unheard in the not-so-distant past, capable of effectively treating patients with defective genes is a 21st century breakthrough in biological medicine..
    Session topics :
    Genetic Technologies: Part of the Medicine of the Future
    Maria Vorontsova* — Member of the Presidium, Russian Association for the Promotion of Science
    (*Putin’s supposed little daughter. Already revealed to be true, but it’s an “open secret.”)

    Regenerative Medicine and Cell Technologies: Looking into the Future
    …In the future, it will be possible to grow tissue to replace worn-out cartilage, teeth, skin, blood, and then organs, and then even fragments of brain tissue without having to worry about the body’s rejecting them…How effective are regenerative medicine and cell technologies and what is keeping us from introducing them into clinical practice today?

    Triad of Future Biosecurity: Genomic Surveillance, Big Data and Mobile Technologies
    Russia is one of the leaders in ensuring biological safety and, as such, provides assistance to other states in this area.
    Session topics : Technological Sovereignty in Biological Safety
    Panellists [among them]:
    Josefina Campos — Senior Technical Advisor for the International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN), World Health Organisation Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence

    Meeting of the Working Group on the Legal Regulation of Genetic Technologies, Including Genome Editing, and Bioethics Preventing Hereditary Diseases and Promoting Reproductive and Genetic Well-Being

    As medical practice adopts more genetic technologies, it becomes easier and more affordable for expecting parents to prevent hereditary disease in their future child.
    Session topics : Genetic Technologies: Part of the Medicine of the Future
    Maria Vorontsova — Member of the Presidium, Russian Association for the Promotion of Science

  28. Patient

    Last, and I’m gone.

    Creation of Artificial Organs and Biological Systems: Technologies of the Future
    High levels of scientific research in this area, as well as a focus on achieving practical results, including the creation of artificial, bio-artificial organs, and high-tech equipment, are all very significant for strengthening Russia’s technological and biomedical sovereignty. Prospects for the development of transplantology involve the creation of compact implantable biological systems and technical devices that could become an effective alternative to human organs, as well as the development of ways to achieve active longevity in otherwise doomed patients.

    Public Meeting of the Council for the Implementation of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Genetic Technologies for 2019–2030

    Genetic technologies are a priority for Russia’s Scientific and Technological Development Strategy. Presidential Decree No. 680 dated 28 November 2018 on the Federal Scientific and Technical Programme for the Development of Genetic Technologies for 2019–2030 was introduced to better coordinate among the Russian genetic scientists working on state tasks for the development of genetic technologies in the country. The aim of the programme is to provide an effective approach to the problems of accelerating the development of genome editing and other genetic technologies, laying the necessary scientific and technological groundwork, improving measures in place to prevent biological emergencies, and ensuring national security.

    Technologies for the Non-Viral Delivery of Nucleic Acids: Gene Therapy of the Future
    …it is extremely relevant to develop zero-risk systems for the delivery of nucleic acids, including genetic editing tools, in order to somehow circumvent these restrictions. Technologies that can ensure the effective delivery of genes with long nucleotide sequences, including genome editing systems, will expand the areas where genetic therapy is used and will significantly reduce the cost of such therapy, making genetic therapy drugs more accessible to patients in Russia.

    Innovative Oncology
    …Scientists are especially focused on personalized approaches towards curing cancer. Biotechnological developments are underway in the field of oncology. This includes cell therapy, mRNA vaccine therapy, therapy with oncolytic viral strains, as well as developments in gene editing and gene therapy.

    The Emergence of Neurotechnologies of the Future
    …Virtual reality technologies that provide partial and complete immersion in a computer-generated space have become especially popular. Neural interface technologies (brain-computer interfaces) have gained serious and large-scale development over the past decade. Which neuro-technologies are the most promising in the present and in the near future? What lies ahead for us when various neuro-technologies reach critical mass and inevitably begin to hybridize with one another? What will the neural interface of the future look like? Will we move from the correction of neuro-pathologies to the augmentation of human capabilities? Will neural interfaces connect individuals into an ‘Internet of Brains’?

    Why Does the Brain Need to Connect to a Computer?
    …The number of areas in which BCIs can be applied is truly vast…In addition to medicine and healthcare, such technologies can also be used in smart homes. In one form or another, neural interfaces are one of the recent technological trends that cannot help but develop further. Today, humanity has already approached the dividing line between science fiction and real everyday life, and it will be very interesting to explore what advantages lie ahead for people when this line is crossed…What is preventing the widespread adoption of BCIs?

    Value-Based Healthcare: A New Approach to Patient Engagement
    …the creation of a ‘Digital Medical Profile’ for each citizen, the introduction of telemedicine and remote health monitoring using the ‘Personal Medical Assistant Platform’, the use of medical products with the function of remote data transfer and the proactive service ‘Digital Process Diaries’, and accumulating clinical recommendations and standards of medical care to identify health risks.

    Two hours of the interview: about Ukraine (justifying the narrative – which is a common East-West and mainstream-alternative media, but is simply designed for reins for different audiences).

    And two minutes of the interview about Musk, chips, genetic modifications, where it became clear that Putin and Russia are not opposed, “there is no stopping”, but formalization and regulation are needed.

    = Done. Brain chips and genetic modifications are officially underway. Now it remains to start the conversation “whose chips and genetic modifications are better?”. The Russian chips, because they are not gay, transgender and globalist.

    As I say from the beginning: the scheme is to accept the chips and genetic modifications, so it must be from good people (for the “norms” – from the nasty globalists), but for good and smart, antiglobalist people – the “chip for good” scheme. 😀

  29. Johnno


    Here’s what Putin said during his chat with Tucker on February 8:

    Putin: Our goal is to stop this war. And we did not start this war in 2022. This is an attempt to stop it.

    Tucker: Do you think you’ve stopped it now? I mean, have you achieved your aims?

    Putin: No. We haven’t achieved our aims yet because one of them is denazification. This means the prohibition of all kinds of neo-Nazi movements.

    Oh. What happened to the rest of the goals Putin spoke about when he announced the start of the SMO two years ago?

    Let’s review Putin’s address on February 24, 2022, in which he laid out his case for Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. I encourage you to read Putin’s statement and see for yourself what Moscow hoped to achieve with its special military operation.

    I’ve taken the liberty of condensing Putin’s fiery address into five objectives for the SMO:

    -To halt NATO’s eastward expansion

    -To protect the people of Donbass

    -To “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine

    -To ensure Ukraine does not become a “hostile anti-Russia”

    -BONUS GOAL: To demonstrate that Moscow will no longer tolerate Washington’s “empire of lies”

    Feel free to nitpick but I think this list does a decent job of highlighting the main aims of the SMO as stated by Putin two years ago.

    But if we accept that Putin listed multiple objectives when he announced the start of the SMO in February 2022, why did he only speak of denazification (the “prohibition of all kinds of neo-Nazi movements”) when Tucker asked him if Russia had “achieved [its] aims” in Ukraine?

  30. re: “Biden Rejects Putin’s Offer For Negotiations On Ukraine Issued In Tucker Carlson Interview”

    In other news: “Old Man Yells At Cloud”. (A step down from his usual ‘Tilting At Windmills’?)

    Dare I say this: We would not be here w/Orange Man. We all know this …

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