Propaganda Science: Black Women Murdered More Often Than Whites, Implies “Racism” Is At Fault

Propaganda Science: Black Women Murdered More Often Than Whites, Implies “Racism” Is At Fault

Here’s the propaganda headline: “Black women six times more likely to be killed than white women: Report“.

“Doesn’t seem like propaganda to me, Briggs. I’d bet that number is true.”

I’d bet it is, too. But you’re wrong, boyo. It’s propaganda science. Propaganda is not only the telling of lies. It is the telling of incomplete truths, too. And it is the telling of truths that imply lies. Indeed, the closer propaganda is to the truth and the more it begs you to make the wrong implication, the better it is.

The number is probably close to the real one. But notice, as most will not have, what is missing from the headline. You might not see it, so let’s look at the story and the paper and see if you can peg it.

Bernadine Waller, lead author of the paper, called the disparities “heartbreaking.”

“As a scholar whose research examines intimate partner violence, I have long known that there were disparities in homicide rates between Black and White women,” Waller, a National Institute of Mental Health postdoctoral research fellow, said in a statement.

“To uncover the fact that Black women are murdered at rates as high as 20 to 1 in some states is heart-breaking and underscores the urgent need to make substantive structural shifts.”

That disparities is a woke word. It signals an inequality, and by woke theory all inequalities are (a) bad, (b) caused by evil and malign forces, and (c) must be eliminated with extreme prejudice. There is no other way to reach Equity. Otherwise known as the state of uniform undifferentiated lifeless gray goo.

But never mind that. Let’s see the implication.

The homicide rates increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, the data found, which also followed the widespread national protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd.

“These trends reflect systems that have long disserviced communities of colour, and underscore that sustained investment and vision to support underserved communities are critical to reverse racial injustices that impact health and wellbeing,” said Keyes, a professor of epidemiology at Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.

You will have seen “racial injustices” and the slew of other woke words, e.g. “communities of colour” (why the Brit spelling?).

The implication has begun, and in earnest. The dreaded r-word lashes the reader. An act which causes normies to shrink back in abject terror. While he’s there, on the ground and cowering, comes this blow:

But the racial disparities were also higher in areas where those of low socioeconomic status lived. These are the same areas with histories of racial violence, such as lynchings, the report found.

Brilliant. This excels as propaganda, and if there were annual awards in the art, this entry would at least appear among the finalists.

What we have is a perfectly true statement: more black women are slaughtered in those states which had lynchings. But that’s only because that’s just where more blacks live. Which they neglected to mention.

Yet as you are pondering that, that’s when the propaganda implication smacks you upside the head, making your mind reel. “It was whites who lynched. Whites are causing the deaths of sacred Black women!” You’d even think the capital B.

Of course, the real reason for the deaths of black women is black men, the most murderous of all groups. Blacks of all ages and both sexes account for about half, and maybe even more than half (see link below), of all murders in the States. Half is fifty percent. Which is a mighty chunk. Black men, and in particular young black men, which are maybe five to six percent of the population, account for the bulk of that half.

It would have been easy enough to check the FBI stats on this (blog, Substack), which I see no evidence of in their peer-reviewed paper. In, hilariously, The Lancet.

The authors conclude “The underlying culprit for these disproportionate rates might be racism”. Okay, how? How can “racism” cause black men to kill more? Especially during the Floyd riots, where “racism” could not possibly have ramped up quickly enough.

But pandering could, and did.

In the Summer of Floyd the cops pulled back, not wanting to be called “racist” or be arrested and jailed for life for doing their jobs. The rest of the populace reasoned that blacks were allowed to misbehave because of mysterious “racism” that somehow pervades society but which nowhere is found.

If we could end pandering, we could end many “disparities”.

Reminder: “racism”, i.e. using race as a basis for thought, action, or treatment, is rational (blog, Substack). Or, rather, can be. Not that way we use it to pander.

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  1. Tillman Eddy

    You are correct on all counts and racism actually does have something to do with it:
    Black on Black Racism!

    I am weary of being pilloried unjustly for my melanin-deficient skin color! As evidenced by my not using justifiable deadly force on two separate occasions involving Black men, one armed with a rifle, I believe I have earned my bonafides.

    Law enforcement at several levels, Sergeant, Lieutenant Detective and Prosecutor asked the same question: “You found a Black man in your bedroom closet at three am with a rifle in his hands and did no shoot him?” I did not need to! It was my rifle with the ammunition stored separately. I preferred him in jail rather than have blood on my hands.

    Sadly, something in the Black culture leads to crime and violence – I am not an Expert, but I believe the destruction of the Black nuclear family that was historically matriarchal, has led to the decline. When having couples, man and woman (am I allowed to use only two sexes?) together to raise the children, the antisocial trend will reverse. I have no idea how to accomplish such.

  2. Russo

    The message is clear: if you’re White, then you’re responsible for everything and anything that ails everyone else. Now just substitute “Jewish” for “White” in that sentence and you’ve got a formulation that led to mass genocide about 90 years ago. What’s truly amazing, and a testament to the power of leftist propaganda, is that if the kooks promoting this anti-White rhetoric are successful they will have induced a majority White country to self-immolate with words alone. As always, all that was needed was a few useful idiots…

  3. Tars Tarkas

    ” Propaganda is not only the telling of lies. It is the telling of incomplete truths, too. ”

    Propaganda isn’t about telling lies. Lots of perfectly true ideas are used as propaganda. Most of the narrative articles, whether they are true or not are propaganda. Some propaganda is pure lies, but some is true. The measure of propaganda isn’t whether or not something is true. It is more how it is presented.

  4. Tars Tarkas

    “What we have is a perfectly true statement: more black women are slaughtered in those states which had lynchings.”

    About a 3rd of lynchings were of White men. The whole lynching story is propaganda. The liars spreading this propaganda would have you believe that black men were lynched for looking a White woman the wrong way. That’s a pack of lies. Many of the lynched were Child rapists and murderers, often with black victims.

  5. Cary D Cotterman

    Any eighth grader of normal intelligence can see through the propaganda of that report. It takes a Democrat rube to fall for it. You know them when you see them–they all have resting NPR face (think Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart).

    Rampant racism (at least among whites) is one of the myths of our time. The truth is, black culture has to change. There has to be respect for two-parent families, law and order, education, hard work, punctuality, personal responsibility, arithmetic as it’s recognized in the real world, merit as opposed to DEI, etc., etc. before any progress will ever be made.

  6. Milton Hathaway

    Yes, a very deceptive headline indeed. Can it be fixed?

    “Black women six times more likely to be killed than white women” -> “Black women who closely associate with black men are six times more likely to be killed than white women who don’t” -> “Women who associate with violent amoral men are much more likely to be killed than women who don’t”

    Interesting, if you fix the headline the story vanishes into an allegory of common sense, as old as the Bible. Which just might explain why I hardly ever read past the headline and first paragraph of a woke media news story anymore. I must be a gourmet news consumer. Yeah, that must be it. And here I was thinking that it was just my attention span, like everything else about me, shrinking in my old age.

  7. Johnno

    Even more simply Milton…

    “Black women are 6X more likely to be killed than white women, whenever there are 6X more black women than white women in the area. Study shows.”

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