Recent Appearances: Fate Of The World & Broken Science

Recent Appearances: Fate Of The World & Broken Science

I was on some podcasts recently discussing the fate of our sad world in part, and talking Broken Science a lot.

I still stuck by my prediction that come the Democrat convention in August, Gruesome Newsom replaces Biden. Of course, even I give this little credence. Especially because it assumes an intelligence from our rulers that if they have, they have done a magnificent job concealing. I make the prediction because the swap is was I would do if I were in the Party of Evil and wanted to maximize the flow of blood.

We did more fundamentals of Broken Science, the why and how.

It was my pleasure to meet Michael Farris the first time on his show. But Jay I’ve known for a while, since he was one of the first Broken Sciencers. He recalls a lovely anecdote of our meeting.

I had to dress in layers. T-shirt, shirt, sweater, jacket. Because “climate change” has caused the temperatures to plummet. High of 25. In civilized units. And constant snow squalls. To greet the new Spring. I won’t even tell you the low, because you won’t believe it.

Michael Farris from Coffee and a Mike.

Coffee and a Mike site. Tweet. Direct link.

(I have no idea why this image is so big, but the video is so small. It’s a Rumble embed.)

Jay Couey from GigaOhm Biological

GigaOhm Biological site. Tweet. Direct link.

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  1. You can safely ignore anyone who talks about the “Democrat convention”. There is nothing called the “Democrat Party” in the United States and, consequently, no such thing as the “Democrat convention”.

    Not that I would support this party no matter what it was called.

  2. Incitadus

    Really enjoyed the interviews they reinforced all of my confirmation biases.
    You covered a lot of ground great job. Briggs; an island of sanity in a mad mad world.
    Coming soon summer interviews in his vast wardrobe of Hawaiian shirts.

  3. Cary D Cotterman

    You misspelled “Newscum”, or maybe it was just one of the countless typos your enemies sneak in.

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