Washington State Bar to DIE: No More Bar Exam Because Diversity

Washington State Bar to DIE: No More Bar Exam Because Diversity

Though I dislike doing a topic more than once during a week, it’s been a while since we last reviewed our woke DIE litany. But the State of Washington forced it upon us. So here it is again:

  1. Woke officials demand to DIE.
  2. They promise standards will not be lowered.
  3. Standards are lowered.
  4. It is announced the standards were never really necessary.
  5. It is discovered the utopia of DIE has not yet been achieved.
  6. GOTO 1.

This cycle repeats until DIE results in the death of the organism. Which you might not see as a good thing. But it is, for in that death, complete Equality has been reached. This is Victory. See, for example, any major (and most minor) institution in woke countries.

Washington State announced they want the legal profession to DIE. Top lawyers in the Washington bar looked about and discovered, lo, there were not enough blacks writing boilerplate. They wanted more blacks writing boilerplate. Because what could be better than having black bodies take pen in hand to write boilerplate. “Black bodies” is a woke phrase, not mind. Yet tow to achieve this glorious state of more black bodies writing boilerplate?

By lowering the standards of becoming a lawyer while—and here is their real innovation—announcing standards are not being lowered. They thus combine Steps Two and Three, a brilliant move, making the journey to total DIE that much faster. But better is to come, as we’ll see.

Here is the story, according to one paper:

The bar exam will no longer be required to become a lawyer in Washington, the state Supreme Court ruled in a pair of orders Friday…

The Bar Licensure Task Force found that the traditional exam “disproportionally and unnecessarily blocks” marginalized groups from becoming practicing attorneys and is “at best minimally effective” for ensuring competency, according to a news release from the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts.

Sharp readers will have noticed that not only have the woke Washington lawyers combined the first three Steps into one, they put Step Four in at the same time!

They DIEd, promised eternal standards, instantly lowered them, and announced the standards were useless all in the same move. This is like scoring a touchdown and getting the two-point conversion in the same play.

DIE scholars will be studying this maneuver for use in their own organizations. What used to take months, even years, has been accomplished in one day. Total DIE in one sudden move cannot be far behind.

It still awaits. As smooth as this DIE innovation was, it could not complete the cycle and incorporate Step Five.

That will come when the woke look about and see that they have enough blacks in the profession, but not yet enough in what are considered to be the higher ranks of the profession.

Which is how Ketanji Brown Jackson got her job on the Supreme Court. And before you object, remember it was announced by the people making her appointment that she was getting her job because she was black. How well she has been acquitting herself you can judge for yourself.

How soon until being black is sufficient qualification for any profession?

Incidentally, the picture of the board of woke e Washington State Supreme Court justices is perfect. They are still frightened of breathing other people’s air.

They, perhaps, are not the only ones frightened, as this quote suggests:

Gonzaga School of Law Dean Jacob Rooksby said he is supportive of alternative pathways but hopes they will be implemented at a smaller scale first.

“I’m on board with it in concept,” Rooksby said. “The devil is in the details.”

This is a most careful answer. It sounds like a clever, but cowardly, way of saying “Please don’t call me a racist, but I don’t want bad lawyers.” This has some chance of being a good interpretation, given how the article continues:

[Rooksby] hopes for “guardrails” so that the goal of increasing diversity and meeting legal needs in marginalized communities is met.

Rooksby expects the earliest an alternative pathway process could be implemented at Gonzaga would be in 2025.

There is no good reason in the world to “increase diversity” for the sake of increased “diversity”. Because, of course, because of our DIE litany.

Rooksby wants a cap of 5% on the “experiential pathway”, maybe in the hopes it will limit damages. It won’t. Because once you let the woke monster in, it consumes and destroys all in its path.

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  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “Because once you let the woke monster in, it consumes and destroys all in its path.”

    The good news is that once the woke monster has destroyed all in its path, it DIEs, having killed the host. What the beast feeds on is sin, and there’s a fat feast to be had. But once that’s burned off, like deadwood in a forest, the ponzi collapses and new healthy growth will spring up and reestablish a sound moral order. And make a mulligan mashup of mixed metaphors.

  2. BrianH

    *and is “at best minimally effective” for ensuring competency*

    In a sane world, this would be cause to tighten standards, not eliminate them. Woe to the client who puts their defense in the hands of a newly minted DIE attorney.

  3. Bryan

    I live in Washington State and spoke to a lawyer friend of mine. He told me he would be outraged if he weren’t so focused on the idiocy of the entire thing.

    Washington State doesn’t have a racism problem. It.doesn’t.exist. Some of my black friends are still stuck in the 60’s and 70’s imagining slights against them today insisting that people have looked at them differently. Meanwhile their own teenage kids laugh about racism and use it to their advantage wherever possible.

    If you are black in Washington State and can’t get ahead it’s your own damned fault. No one else. I know whites, hispanics, and blacks that are all caught in a cycle of poverty and it’s always crappy life choices, bad families, and insane government rules that perpetuate poverty.

  4. nick o'tyme

    i thought black a.i. was writing the boilerplate?

  5. Phileas_Frogg

    I’m torn.

    The reasoning is garbage, but licensing requirements are, generally, garbage as well. Specifically within the field of Law, I don’t know that I hate the idea of removing a licensing requirement, but I don’t know that I don’t hate it as well and would greatly prefer merely requiring the passing of the exam, rather than the exam PLUS schooling and a degree.

    If were put to it I would avail myself of Chesterton’s Fence: “If you don’t know, for certain, the reason a fence has been built and you don’t know, for certain, that the reason isn’t valid anymore, then you are obligated to leave the fence standing.”

  6. Johnno

    All the better to prosecute you, my dear!

    From making DIE police officers to making DIE lawyers and DIE judges… wake up and see the pattern!

    Once the 1st amendment is illegal, Trump losing his towers is just the start!

    Don’t worry about the 2nd one, they know that if you haven’t used it by now, you never will! You shall all hang separately!

  7. Cary D Cotterman

    Why not just go whole-hog and waive medical school and flight school for negro-Americans while we’re at it?

  8. Milton Hathaway

    Once, when I was laid off in a tough job market, I toyed with the possibility of doing some consulting in my field, and put out some feelers. Consultants were in demand, the going hourly rate was stratospheric, and the work didn’t seem particularly challenging, well within my capability. But very quickly some status-quo enforcer from the field came down on me like a ton of bricks with a scathing cease-and-desist letter, threatening all manner of unappealing consequences. I would have to have a list of certifications and licenses and put in years of apprenticeships, etc. Which totally explained the unmet demand and high hourly rates – the field had become a gravy train for the participants, who wielded the resulting power like a sledgehammer to keep lawmakers and bureaucrats and any other potential threats in line. Humans by nature loathe competition.

    So I’m on the fence with this one, but leaning heavily toward the free market lawn. If the bar exam does such a good job of creating great lawyers, how come there are so many lawyer jokes?

    I think the most interesting aspect of this is the timing and the unintended consequences. When it comes to boilerplate, ChatGPT is a severe threat even today. True, ChatGPT will casually make devastating mistakes now and then. Does that matter?

    What happens when studies show that attorneys from marginalized groups win fewer cases and see lower monetary awards? Will the rules of the court be changed to improve their outcomes? Let that one sink in for a minute.

    BTW, all of the Washington State Supreme Court justices are liberal morons, and thoroughly political. In their wisdom, they recently determined that a capital gains tax is not an income tax but instead an excise tax (!), and therefore didn’t violate the state constitution. That court has a long tradition of similarly inane pretzelating rulings. Of course, they are geniuses compared to the dim-witted governor, and angels compared to the satanic attorney general, and, well … just go ahead and nuke the state capital from orbit and start again from scratch. Oh, and send another nuke to Seattle to discourage reinfestation.

  9. Johnno

    Looks like I’m gunning to win for one of my New Year’s Predictions boys!

    “Russian state media as well as The Wall Street Journal’s regional correspondent is reporting at least 40 people killed, and over 100 wounded and injured, in the unfolding major terror attack on Moscow’s largest concert hall.

    Initial videos have emerged showing what appears to be attackers in combat fatigues with assault rifles going around the mall part of the venue (which is attached to the concert hall) and shooing randomly. There are reports from RT of follow-up blasts happening even amid a huge security, police, and emergency response. “


    They’re saying it’s ISIS, but we all know who ISIS is working for! Likely with Ukranian help!

    I hope Briggs mails me my prize before the end comes… Our horrible, horrible escalating end!

  10. Gunther Heinz

    Quality certification MUST be optional, and expensive. Usually it’s the clients that do it.

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