What Trump Should Do When They Let Him Win — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

What Trump Should Do When They Let Him Win — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

This is Part 2 of Watt’s idea that our rulers, knowing what Biden has become, put up a token fight and let Trump win while retaining all aspects of managerial state power, so that our rulers can have someone to blame for the inevitable chaos and collapse that results (Part 1: blog, Substack). And so end with even more power than if they fortify the election for Kamala. Excuse me: Biden.

I doubt this, at least for the reason that giving up power, even if only the symbolic power of the Presidency, is not something leftists do. However, we have clearly entered the Land of Wokesanity where incompetent mendacious thieving rulers are determined to DIE or steal as much as they can or entwine us in wars with their (not our) enemies. The only people left who think Biden is capable, and not a senile decrepit diaper-pooping inveterate-lying creaking teleprompter-reading creature, are NPR listeners and college professors (do that Venn diagram). People who, by this opinion alone, should lose their right to vote.

So the real question is: are our rulers serious? Watt says no. I think they are. Never pass up on stupidity as an explanation, I say. I still think they’ll have Biden stroke out, or something, and replace him at the convention, when it will be too late to do anything about it. Even that, however, is imputing an intelligence to our ruling elite that they have not evinced. And so may be wishcasting on my part.

As may be Watt’s ideas below, on what Trump should do if they let him win. I think he has no chance to do even one of these things, but I agree with Watt that he should do them all. As a start. At least for this reason, then, Watt is worth reading to see how much we are missing.

Our enemies have decided to fool us, again. By not breaking the rules, like they did in 2020. For once, it is in the Deep State’s interest to not break the rules. But can the winner (Donald) actually fix things that are actually broken? Well, yes. But not like he tried to the first time.

Donald needs to think like a ‘fixer’. That’s a guy who doesn’t solve problems. He just makes them go away. Sometimes, by simply ignoring them.

If Donald wants to accomplish something great this time, he needs to rediscover what made America great in her beginnings. That is, her localized freedoms. Rooted in Christian belief. But not the radicalized Puritan version that produced today’s Yankee Overlords, who have Trans-cended their own past. Weird, isn’t it, how the most scrupulous ones eventually morph into the most salacious ones.

No, this time, let’s adopt the Catholic concept of subsidiarity. That is, let issues be resolved at the lowest level possible. The level closest to The People. Forget democracy and recall The Republic. Let The People rule, locally.

Yes, let the States regain their freedom. The freedom to act as sovereign entities, as they were when they voluntarily joined the Federation. Let Texas enforce her own borders. Let Florida enforce her own voting rules. Let Alaska control her own drilling. And let South Dakota have her own 4th of July fireworks display at Mt. Rushmore again.

In other words, Donald, don’t lift a single Federal Finger in opposing the resurrection of the States, and their sovereign rights. Don’t try and accomplish anything at the Federal level. Sure, rescind and suspend all the ‘rules and regulations’ you can. And join the States in suing the various bureaucracies for obstruction of their rights. Wake up and play offense for once. Two can play the LawFare game, if you think about it. Why is it always the Feds vs The States in that game?

All you need to do is to control the DOJ. A tall order, I know. But you do this by firing everyone in the top five layers of it, and refuse to replace them. Most replacements would be Deep Staters anyway. Ask Bill Barr. Then put in one reliable man with chops (I know one, his name is Scott Bloch) who knows the system, and how to effectively oppose it. Put one guy in who will simply refuse to authorize a single operation.

Then starve the rest of the beast. Don’t try to ‘reform’ it. It can’t be done. It must be starved out. Veto everything, budgets included. Use every line-item veto power available. Outsource all DOJ action to reliable private sector firms (they do exist). And even if these prove incompetent in the pursuit of offensive LawFare action, at least they aren’t conducting 4am raids on homeschoolers. Oh, and yes, arrest Lon Horiuchi, for murder. On multiple counts.

Then rescind the economic sanctions to free what’s left of the economy. Make federal departments (like Energy and Education and Health Care) advisory and not compulsory. If necessary (and it probably will be) issue Executive Orders suspending all enforcements of non-vital regulations of government at the Federal level. As defined by you, Donald.

And, as a last resort, declare martial law to enforce it. But without troops. Do it by simply giving The People the legal standing (based on your Executive Orders) to wage Lawfare at the State and local levels. Let the people be your legal troops. Let them occupy the Courts with lawsuits. Let the other side learn to play defense for once.

Also, quit holding press conferences that include any reporters from the MSM. Have special ones for small town editors. (Yes, I know, plenty of weasels there, too, but their megaphones are much less powerful). Invite The People to the White House for rallies and a show of support (without having to contest any election). And hire your own bodyguards (preferably Chechens; call Vlad, he can loan a few).

And ditch Jared this time around. We don’t need Israel. Or Palestine. Or Ukraine. Or Taiwan. Or any of those other sore spots around the globe. Perennial sore spots, because we keep picking the scabs. We never let anything heal by itself. The only thing we need to save is The Heartland.

No more Flying Pigs (F-35’s). Or Treaded Tortoises (Abrams Tanks, that are so heavy they can’t cross most battlefield bridges without collapsing them). They’re all obsolete anyway, if you haven’t noticed. Warfare has changed. It’s now automated. Robot drones and robot tanks and missiles will rule the next century. And we have nothing comparable to offer. The other side is ahead by at least one (if not two) generations. The only thing we have left to offer is either the blood of our sons or the life of our Nation. Or both. Starve the arms industry, before it starves us.

Let’s focus on America, the Nation. Let’s forget America, the Empire. Let Vlad be the policeman for a while. He seems pretty good at that in his neck of the world. And Ukraine is his neck of the world. He seems to be a very cool customer. Let’s see what he can do. Let’s quit poking his bear. Let’s start feeding our own.

Finally, don’t let anyone near the Big Red Button. Or even any little red buttons. Bring as many troops home as you can. That was the only real legacy of your first term, Donald. No Foreign wars. God will reward you for that. And he will doubly bless you (and Melania, your long-suffering spouse) if you can avoid a hot Civil War. A shooting war, that is. And the only way to do that is to stay away from Ft. Sumter. Quit trying to reinforce all these Federal outposts in the States and around the world. Just let the South (and all the rest of us) rise again.

Instead, start a Civil Cold War. Make California and New York pay their own way. How? By refusing them the ability to enforce their rules on the rest of us. Let them have all the greenery they want, but only on their own nickel. And let’s start to regionalize our power grid. Let Texas power Texas. And let California power whatever they can. We’ll see how much they hate coal and gas when the wind dies down. And then, the coup de grace – declare some stupid Supreme Court ruling to be ‘unconstitutional’. And therefore unenforceable.

You’re the enforcer, Donald. If you refuse to do their bidding (as President Andrew Jackson did), what are they going to do? Arrest you? Remember this – nowhere in the Constitution is there a mention that the Supreme Court can declare anything to be unconstitutional. Read Article III, Section 2, subsection 2. Congress has the power to limit the Courts, not the other way around. Quit worshiping at the altar of Marbury vs Madison. That was the first dagger in the body politic. Followed by Lincoln and his War Against The States.

The last daggers were thrust in 1913, when the States lost their representation in the Senate, Income Taxes were imposed (which the Supreme Court had preciously ruled ‘unconstitutional’) and finally, the Federal Reserve stole our purse. Let’s take a lesson from President Jackson, and let’s laugh at them when the courts ‘demand’ we enforce their judicial fiats that are, by definition, unconstitutional.

I’ll tell you what’s unconstitutional. It’s The Empire. And the sooner we kill it, the sooner we can be resurrected as a real and organic nation. That’s something we could rightfully be proud of.

There you have it. The fix is in. The only real question is, will we be smart enough to see how to really fix the problems? And to not hit the political Tar Baby one more time? Take a lesson from Vlad in Ukraine. Forget playing offense, because you haven’t got the ball. Learn what ‘active defense’ is. Asymmetrical warfare is our only option. Just remember this – that’s what won the Revolutionary War for us. That’s the last war we really won. So, let’s get back to the winning formula.

Wise up, Br’er Rabbits. Quit punching the Tar Baby! If we don’t, we won’t escape Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox again. They won’t fall for Briar Patch tricks again. They’ll give up one election cycle, but only to shift the blame for their folly. Then they’ll ride to our ‘rescue’ after they paralyze Donald (and the rest of us) if we try to fight with conventional means.

What will this rescue look like? Simple. Government by AI. No more need for elections, Komrade, we can trust machines, right? What better way to eliminate political corruption, eh? But guess who writes the software.

Take a page from the enemy’s playbook, and start filing complaints. Millions of them. About everything. At every level. Form committee’s and attend every local process. It won’t stop them, but it will slow them down. And that’s the whole idea. We need time more than anything else. Time for the Empire to gently collapse. Which will rob the enemy of his power.

This election cycle is our last chance at regaining our Nation. Regardless of how it happens, when Donald wins again, we have to fight in an entirely different way. Otherwise, our lucky rabbit’s foot is going to get eaten. And we’ll have only our Imperial selves to blame.

So, listen to your Uncle Remus, and say your Oremus. And this time, we’d better mean it.

Because it’s our last chance.


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  1. Hun

    1) The only reason why they would let Trump win is to get gullible Whites join the military and fight for Israel. Being more pro-Israel than anybody else is Trump’s superpower.

    2) Trump can’t fix anything. Not only because he lacks the will and capability, but also because the system is unfixable. It needs to rot out and collapse. The only thing that a capable president could do is to make the collapse more favorable to Whites by stopping and reversing the third-world invasion and that’s most likely not going to happen.

    3) “Forget democracy and recall The Republic. Let The People rule, locally. Yes, let the States regain their freedom.” Hello, it’s not the 1980’s anymore! And even then this kind of stuff was only seriously discussed only among libertarians and paleos. By early 2000’s, this kind of talk would get you in trouble. Something much more radical needs to happen now.

    4) “Two can play the LawFare game,” No, only one side can play lawfare. The other side needs to come up with something else.

    Trump is going to be 78 in a few weeks. He is way too old to be able to do what needs to be done. He can, at best, be an annoyance to the “elites” and that is nowhere near enough.

  2. 1 – first: I do not think “the fix is on”. I do think Biden/Harris will be replaced before the election: maybe Kennedy/Romney? 😉 or, at least, a surprise of some kind aimed at making Trump’s earlier rhetoric and opp-research worthless.

    2 – second: advice should be actionable. most of what you recommend either can’t be done or can, but requires many years of strong support in Congress. So a strong Trumpian majority in both houses with a VP ready and able to take over in 2029 are essential to any sensible action. So what can Trump do if elected? rescind biden’s executive orders; return the policy and regulatory frameworks for the government to the status quo ante; and pursue important pro-america policies that were stymied by Congress and the media between 2016 and 2020 – e.g. border wall; DOJ and Dept of Educ reform; and de-escalation of american commitments abroad.

  3. Steve

    Amen, Ianto.

    Here’s hoping someone in his circle is as wise as you.

  4. Johnno

    Unfortunately, we know Trump is susceptible to bad advice, like covid lockdowns and fast tracked vexxines. And he hasn’t learned. So unless he is pretending hard so that he can can project infallibility in order to win this year’s Democracy Cup, that dog don’t hunt.

    Trump like most Americans are true believers in America. They don’t realize that things are really that bad, even when they send FBI agents with a license to kill to his house to seize papers they themselves sent him.

    These patriots believe that America can rise from the dead. But it won’t. Only One Being could do that, and only one Institution espoused to Him is guaranteed to also do that. And last I checked, it wasn’t America.

    No, only Annihilation awaits us, it intimately involves Russia, and the only Chair of authority that can prevent that is currently vacant and roadblocked by imposters.

  5. Incitadus

    I caught hell from my wife with my last ‘Warp-Speed’ post on here and don’t want to suffer that
    fate again. She makes the point that this is probably our last do-over and a non vote, the direction
    I was heading in, is a vote for the gender affirming scalpel wielding Satanists. She points out Trump
    is an idiot and not bright enough to be some deep state psy-op, he’s just another Israeli flag toting
    buffoon intent on being a better arms salesman than Putin. As such I am compelled and or propelled
    to vote for him yet a third time, which they say is a charm. Short of the Praetorian Guard showing up in
    the Senate he’s our last best hope of righting the ship despite all the rot below the waterline.

  6. Tillman Eddy

    Ionto Watt is a Hoot!

    While I do have mixed feelings about his “Solutions”, I do like his presentation! We should all sit down together with a sarsaparilla (or other interesting libation) and talk about Life, the Universe and Everything… commenter Incitadus is invited!

    So, Briggs, you have tickled my fancy once more – thank you!

  7. Orange Man Bad will continue with more of the same since he’s just another meat puppet for the oligarchs in charge. Anyone who believes otherwise is studiously ignoring what happened last time. If elected this time he’d spend much more time wringing his hands and blaming The Swamp[TM] for the continued collapse of Wiemerica.

  8. Robert

    Brilliant article. I wish I wrote that. I think Alexander Hamilton would approve.
    The solution is astonishingly simple. Keep everything as local as possible.
    I believe that Trump is on board with that idea.
    The idea which made America great is so simple that most overlook it. Just keep government to an absolute minimum. Sure, there will be some highly dysfunctional locales that fail, but the America that grew from colony to superpower will be back to its old self, the one that put a chicken in every pot and a man on the moon

  9. C-Marie

    “Oremus”, at the end of this article is the solution, and the prayer must needs be in the heart of every American, “Forgive us Father, for we have sinned.” Only this genuine repentance by all, can stop this judgment. And since that is an impossibility, tis best to prepare by the Holy Spirit for that which is coming. Be in Jesus Christ, always.

    God bless, C-Marie

  10. Alzaebo

    This is the finest *do-able* action list I’ve ever seen.
    Kindly disregard the naysayers, this is a masterpiece.

    Simple. Realistic. Effective. There’s no defense against being ignored, having your toys taken away, or the door shut in your face!

    And if I may peeve a bit, just look at these responses. None of these people are serious. Everything from Gob to the Parties to Dr. Doom to force our job for us.
    As if a civil war is guaranteed to go our way. If Armageddon simply ignores our demands for revenge wish-fulfillment, welp, we have no defense against being ignored!

  11. Fred

    What if Trump is part of it…..controlled opposition?

  12. Hagfish Bagpipe

    What Hun said. Empire politics is a fool’s game. Trump led his hapless followers into the Jan. 6 trap, then denounced and abandoned them. Anyone who follows that ridiculous judas goat now deserves what they get. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

    Focus on those things over which one does have some power; yourself first — get healthy and stay positive, stop watching porn, get sober and out of debt, etc.; then your family — work on getting your boat provisioned and move to a more secure harbor, if possible, out of big cities, while mending sails and plugging leaks as you go. Help your like-minded neighbors do the same, working locally to strengthen one’s community. Subsidiarity is a fine concept. As the Empire degrades and chaos rises some families/communities/states are going to do better than others. Some are going to do very well. Think like our founding pioneers and emulate their practical, courageous, cheerful, indomitable spirit.

  13. Incitadus

    Yea I know Hagfish you’re undoubtedly right I’ve made the same points myself. The scene with the
    Saudi princes with everyone’s hands on the globe and the sword jig put me off immediately. He
    was completely impotent during the Summer of Love Floyd Riots, on the defensive throughout
    his administration and last but not least he superintended the Covid-Op, trust me I get it, but what’s
    the alternative but continuing assured mass destruction. For now we’re stuck with the red/blue duopoly
    and discontent is spreading. Leaving it to it’s own devices sitting back on the ranch and watching the
    implosion while prosaic and appealing may result in a meltdown of irrecoverable proportions. We can only
    hope that it really is just a fight between two mob factions and for now choose the lesser of two evils until
    populist forces can solidify and sweep them into the dustbin of history.

    Bit long but lots of meat on the bone…(no pun intended)
    Our Revulsion Has Created A New Populist Majority
    There is no stopping it now – it’s going to happen

    MAY 25, 2024

  14. Steve

    Truth, @Incitadus.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Best of both worlds.

  15. Bear Claw

    Rump will be selected

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