The Election Fix Is In, But Not How You Think — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Election Fix Is In, But Not How You Think — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Briggs note: Consider two old men, both in the habit of painting their faces so that they appear not too near death, are running for the ceremonial role of President. Yesterday rulers released a heavily edited cut of Biden challenging Trump to a debate. The paint on Biden’s face was not enough to make him appear lifelike. The entire thing is farce.

Watt’s point about the incompetence of our rulers and their hatred of Russia provoking a war on the dollar is correct. Our rulers also cannot stop spending. This means bad times are coming. This is the main takeaway from this post.

But does it mean they’ll work behind the scenes to quash Biden and let Trump win? Watt thinks so. I doubt this. But consider. If they fortify the election in favor of Biden, they have no excuse for violence. Or maybe they are hoping for it before the election.

If you think you know what will happen, by all means let us know. Part II of Watt’s piece runs next week.

The fix is in. How do I know? Simple. Bill Barr said he was going to vote for Trump in 2024. This, from one of the greatest political stoats of all time. This confirms my fear in the most blatant of ways.

I’m getting that hair-on-the-neck feeling again. About Donald, again. And about how he’s going to win, again. Just in time to be blamed, again, (along with all Heartlanders) for the coming economic/military collapse.

I first posted here in July of 2016 and said Donald would win in November. And then deliver the Empire to Vlad. Which he did, in the weirdest possible way. A way none of us could have predicted. Except Hilary and Joe, who were the actual colluders. And who have effectively amputated the Western leg of the Roman Empire, both militarily and economically. And now, against their colluding will, the East will rise again.

But this time, the shoes are on opposite feet. This time Donald thinks he can win (whereas he was actually surprised in 2016). And the Hilary/Biden cabal think they can’t possibly win (again, the opposite of 2016). At least, they can’t win in a fair fight. Now here’s the weird part. Joe is good with this!

Yes, that’s what I said. Joe doesn’t want to win. Because he knows the Western empire is about to visibly collapse. And he needs someone else to take the fall for that. That would be Donald. And all who vote for him. All Joe has to do is keep up the facade till Inauguration day. He may even withdraw before the convention. Leaving the Dem’s without a credible replacement.

The MSM is already primed for this. They have reversed the multi-year ‘Ukraine-is-winning!’ narrative. They are rolling out the new narrative. The story line goes like this; ‘Trump and his MAGA Gang have destroyed America – everything was fine till he returned to office’.

Then they will use this buckling of the economy and military to justify their rollout of DeepState 2. Where ‘patriotic’ bureaucrats oppose Donald’s every move as he attempts to right the ship. Which, under earlier conditions, could be done, to an extent. But not now.

Why is that? Because the global economy has been effectively sundered. No, I don’t mean that commerce doesn’t continue to flow, globally. But now there are two competing financial camps. Whereas prior to the Sanctions War (a.k.a. WWIII Part One) there was a Uni-Dollar world. But the sanctions demanded by the Russia-Bad crowd have resulted in our own economic suicide. Before sanctions, everyone traded in Dollars, which created world-wide demand for them. This effectively masked the internal inflationary effect of running a 36 trillion dollar public debt.

All those outside the Anglosphere understand this. Now is their best chance to escape their debt bondage to the Western Empire. While Ghaddafi and Hussein paid with their lives for trading oil in non-dollars, today everyone is peaceably busy buying oil (and everything else) in anything-but dollars. With good reason. If you have to get dollars for trade, you risk buckling under the Western Fisc. And if the royal treasury is running low, well, the Sherrif of Nottingham just might confiscate your foreign-exchange account. Like it did to Russia.

Make no mistake about this. Every lesser nation on earth understood this seizure as an act of war. At the nuclear-dollar level. No nation on earth wants this to happen to them. So, they are all looking to minimize the need to deal in dollars. Here’s the funny part: every one is now buying ‘sanctioned’ oil. Buying from India and China, of course. Those two, who refused to sanction Russia, are buying Russian oil/gas at a deep discount. And re-selling it at market rates, pocketing a handsome profit. But here’s the kicker- both sides of these transactions are settling an increasing number of trades in their own currency. Thus, becoming functional allies of Russia.

Yes, the Empire tried to sanction the one nation that holds approximately two-thirds of all the world’s mineral wealth. And one of the largest agricultural exporters as well. With the wave of our Imperial wand, we demanded that everyone stop buying anything from them. Yet if Russia disappeared from all markets, the lack of huge swaths of vital commodities would cripple the world. All rational people understand this. All have begun to find the work-arounds, like the one described above.

So, multi-polar global trade continues, profitable for both buyers and Russia. But fewer trades are transacted in Caesar’s coin. The net result of sanctions has been to free the markets. Free it from the Empire. It takes a special class of genius to destroy a perfectly good Imperial scam. One that has worked (to our benefit) for centuries. But our glorious leaders have done it!

This is why you are seeing the change of Imperial narrative. Everybody from The Economist to the WSJ and even the NYT is busy explaining why Joe is going to lose in November. The articles are so numerous and widespread they deserve no further mention.

Now consider the other Leftist advantages that come from ‘letting’ Donald win. All of the sudden, all who claimed 2020 was stolen have lost their incentive to continue that battle. Conversely, all of the Left’s lost credibility from that nefarious heist is fraudulently restored. How? By simply stepping aside the runaway train of an infuriated electorate. Any who continue to dwell on the past are recast as sore losers. Because if Donald wins in 2024 then obviously, Komrades, the system still works. Da? No more need for electoral reform, eh?

All the necessary excuses for ‘why Joe lost’ are now in place, starting with RFK, Jr. who will be blamed for bleeding votes from Joe. Don’t be fooled. Dominion will still be on-call, but with a different algorithm loaded into the counting software. So no, Donald won’t win in a landslide, ‘officially’ of course. The Left will then be able to say Donald has no real mandate. (By the way, is that a sexist word?)

Plus, the Left (a ridiculous term, I know) won’t be re-acting this time. This time they will be pre-acting. That is, they will be expecting this, because they will make sure it happens. They’ve already distributed the new script to their Deep State members. Time Magazine (among others), already has a story on what the ‘First 100 Days’ of Donald’s next reign will seek to accomplish. In other words, Deep State Komrades, here’s what you need to be looking for, in order to obstruct it. Point by point. Get ready now. Start bullet-proofing your departments. Start issuing rules that make it nearly impossible for Donald to rescind them easily. Gum up the works, NOW. Get ready.

Then get ready for another flip of the script. The one where the Left starts accusing the MAGA side of voter intimidation and maybe even a little Dominion-work of its own. Surely ridiculous (because no one who knows the Stupid Party like I do could believe this), but nevertheless, ‘believable’ enough to spark the release of ‘The Return of Antifa’ blockbuster. Followed by BLM-2. And maybe even ‘Pandemic II’ Why not? Donald fell for it once, it’s worth a shot.

And all of this will be swimming in an economic broth of declining wealth and rising prices. Meanwhile, the Rest of The World (ROW) continues to exit Stalag Luft 7 in the offshore re-make of ‘The Great Escape’.

So then, HeartLanders, how do we escape this trap? How does Donald navigate these rapids without capsizing the boat? As I see it, there’s only one way. And it’s pretty simple, but it requires all those who still dream of the American Empire to wake up from that nightmare. How can Moses (Donald) get Pharaoh to listen when he says, ‘Let My People Go’? I’ll tell you in my next post.

But until then, we must keep one thought in the forefront of our minds. And that is this; we can never restore the Western Empire to its former level of ‘glory’ (aka economic and military dominance). Why? Because it was all built on conditions that no longer exist.

First of all, the oceans that protected us in past wars no longer exists in the new reality of hypersonic warfare. Plus, we have no hypersonic answer to Russia’s possession of them. And no means to produce them, domestically, even if we could design them. We’re the ones who lack the critical resources needed. Isn’t it amazing, the ones who control those resources are exactly the ones we’ve pissed off. Brilliant, eh?

Secondly, the global economic jailbreak has already occurred. The Emperor has no clothes, and the ROW knows it. No one is looking to buy our debt anymore. Which means our ability to control the global economy has slipped away. That genie won’t willingly get back into the bottle, and we have no means to functionally coerce him.

Finally, our internal cohesion is gone. We are in a post-Christian, post-rational society that can’t answer the simplest questions (like, ‘what is a woman’?). Every axiom is under assault. And since no axiom can be proven, it’s easy to demand proof, knowing none can be given.

Therefore, I will close this part by stating the following: the best that can be hoped for is that a legitimate victory by Donald can at most only buy us some time. Maybe enough time to forestall a nuclear event (which our current leaders seem to desire). Maybe enough time to achieve a ‘soft-landing’, economically speaking (which Vlad and Xi seem to be willing to facilitate, in order to keep us from using the Big Red Button).

Maybe enough time to repent of our Imperial ways, and to rediscover our true National way, as a fellow (but not ‘exceptional’) member of the family of nations. And then, maybe, maybe another four years to regain our faith and a position of trust and actual respect amongst the family of nations. And most importantly, in the Heavenly realm.

God, have mercy upon us.

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  1. You’re right, but you’re also wrong. Trump will be permitted to win, but not for the reasons you have stated.
    The System wants a war with China. Yes, that is illogical but understanding that our enemies are crazy is kind of the point when trying to work out what they’re doing. Right now the US military is in a hole. It’s 40K short of its recruitment total. And the ones not joining are the southern good old boys. The MAGA boys. They won’t fight for Biden.
    But they will fight for Trump. A MAGA war. In every sense.
    Not only does the System get its war, but the bulk of the casualties will come from the ranks of its greatest domestic enemy; young white working class men.
    So they might win their war with China, (doubtful), but even if they don’t then they weaken the ranks of the MAGA boys. Win win.

  2. Phileas_Frogg

    I find myself vacillating on the likelihood of the regime permitting Trump to once again claim the mantle of Caesar. Ianto and Jim both lend credence to the claim (not light endorsements by any stretch, but then neither has been an infallible oracle in the past despite their generally positive records) and I see the logic, but I just don’t know that they’re willing to take the risk. He is overtly more hostile and suspicious than he was the first time because of the consequences of permitting them to get away with 2020, nationally and personally.

    Trump is getting burned and attacked for the crime of daring to rhetorically oppose the Empire and of having roused and meaningfully lead it’s plebian faction in a fashion that is, quite literally, without precedent in modern American politics. It’s fairly obvious from how his first term went that he wasn’t prepared for this level of opposition and obstinacy from the Managerial State. That being said, the fakeness and gayness of Clown World knows no bounds so I hesitate to take most of this at face value.

    If you put a gun to my head, with a promise to shoot me if I turned out to be wrong, I’d have to say that they will permit Trump to win. What Trump will do following that is anyone’s guess at this point, but the one thing he can’t afford to do is make open war on China or Russia.

    Virtually anything else can be navigated successfully, if not easily or in all likelihood.

  3. Incitadus

    The only difference between Trump and Biden is that warp speed will give you a reach around.
    Adam makes a good point and this is precisely what we see happening in Ukraine. Putin’s nationalists
    are getting killed as are Ukraine’s ultra nationalists, small land holders and farmers, obstacles in
    the consolidation of wealth and resources, what war has always been about. Consolidation by the
    forces that launch the wars but never fight in them. Peasants get stuck with the deficits oligarchs with
    the profits it’s a simple but effective formula that’s worked throughout human history. Nothing has
    changed Putin, Biden and Xi are all in the Great Reset NWO Climate Change Club pulling on the same
    rope around the collective neck of humanity. Trump is a card carrying billionaire member who just
    superintended one of the largest culls in human history. A great leader, just having seen Event 201,
    would not have become an instrument of his own peoples destruction. But Trump always has the
    neophyte refrain which was trotted out repeatedly throughout his administration to excuse egregious
    error, it’s almost as advantageous as senility. Whatever you do just don’t stop voting!

  4. Phileas_Frogg

    @Michael Dowd
    The presidency is ceremonial, until it’s not. In any confrontation precipitated between the formal and the informal power, open and articulated conflict always favors the formal power categorically, if not practically. It’s why declared wars and open invasions will always counter cloak and dagger bullshit when they’re aimed at the right target (obviously no amount of force makes any difference if you miss your target).

    Forcing an open fight in such a way as to reveal and prove the domination of the formal by the informal may be the only meaningful action left to whoever occupies the office of the Presidency at this point. I’m not even sure it has a chance of, “winning,” but at least the jig would be up and we could all stop pretending.

    I don’t know about all of that. I do know that I agree with most of it, but I don’t know about ALL of that. I think there are real cleavages in the upper echelons taking place as the merely self-interested are growing increasingly uncomfortable and frenetic with the truly committed which may be enough of a gap for something unexpected to happen.

    We all know how the play ends, we’ve known since John put pen to paper on Patmos, but no one really knows how exactly we get there. Not even the villains being allowed to run the show at present. Not really.

  5. Incitadus

    Phileas_Frogg: War has always been directed at the domestic populations of belligerents. Princes
    of different states, in the past family relations, would conspire to start wars together to quell domestic
    unrest in one or the other of their respective principalities. It has been this way for thousands of years
    and yes they are capable of stabbing each other in the back this goes without saying. Hitler and Stalin
    were both funded by Wall Street and there are American chips in all of Putin’s missiles and tanks. War generally
    relies on young men desperate for a chance to be heroes or to break up the boredom of youth. It is always
    framed as an existential threat which it almost never is. Just starting to dawn on Ukraine is that it is nothing more
    than the fatted calf having never been given enough weapons at one time or adequate training to win. This
    war has been planned for decades the losers’ as always the little people of every country involved. Biden just
    walked away from 100 billion dollars of equipment in Afghanistan without batting an eye. Equipment that will
    all be replaced by taxes as will the hundreds of billions destroyed in Ukraine. Think of war as a flywheel on
    the peasant economy.

  6. C-Marie

    God has declared judgment upon America die to unrepentant and continuing sin. Trump will be re-elected to work His will . Will he be able to withstand the pressure of the work? Will America repent and lessen the judgment? Let us do our part by repenting of any sin.
    God bless, C-Marie

  7. There’s no need for war expansion with Ukraine and Israel at it. War funds are flowing to the MIC. The reason Orange Man Bad may win is so “right wing populism” can take the fall when the Petrodollar crashes. That’s if the banking cartel can reign in the globohomo enthusiasts they’ve unleashed.

  8. Johnno

    I have a different theory.

    The machine will rig the election.

    And this time they will rig it in and overly obvious and discoverable way.

    But – They will RIG IT FOR TRUMP.

    Then they themselves will cry, “FOWL!”

    Then the press will echo it!

    Then the wheels of the DOJ and every other beaucratic organisation will turn surprisingly fast; hypersonically!

    FRAUD will be uncovered! A RECOUNT! And this time no data will be missing! All the system’s fraud countermeasures will have worked! This election night will is not like any other night!

    Biden will still have lost, but Trump will be found to have cheated! “CHEAT! CHEAT!,” screams the front page on the NY Times!

    Conservatives and MAGA will be befuddled! Flumoxed! The proof will, in fact, be there! They will be caught in the vice of having to admit the data, however the prosecutor will cut them off before they can utter a “but…”

    “DISQUALIFY HIM! DISQUALIFY HIM!,” will scream the liberal Jewish elites!

    “EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY, WILL ROBINSON!,” declares the transitional government!

    Temporary* Power is granted to the new bipartisan committee, and it’s Chair-person.

    * Estimated 4 years*

    * minimum

    “Who will elect the Chair-person and committee?,” asks FOX.

    “Can we now elect a Catholic King?,” tweets W M Briggs.

    “RADICAL TRADITIONALIST SEDEVACANTIST MONARCHIST!” – reads the red stamp on Brigg’s FBI Dossier.

    “WM Briggs commits suicide,” claims the WAPO, subheading: “How many in the MAGA movement are dealing with the fallout of Trump’s rigged election.”

    Trump has not appeared in public or on Truth Social since November. “Suspicious!” – Musk retweets.

    What will happen next?

    “Stay tuned, after these messages, sponsored by Pfizer!”

    “Cancer? Myocarditus? Blood clotts? Dizziness? Bizarre behavior? Neverending covid? Paralysis…?”

    “You may have many questions… But we have solutions for you! Talk to our A.I. doctor!”

  9. Michael Dowd

    C-Marie. You get my best comment award.
    Now God will be providing more direction for us. It will not be pleasant.

  10. Phileas_Frogg

    Interesting. I own a copy of, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” but I didn’t know he was still active.


  11. C-Marie

    It will not be pleasant at all, but we can make it as long as we place all of our trust and confidence and hope in Jesus Christ. He will supply our needs as we look to Him in all our ways.

    After all, we are only here for a time and then into eternity! He has given to me, 80 years so far, and He has definitely proven that He is Lord of all. He has rescued me so many, many times, in so many ways, back to Him, and forwards in Him. He is definitely trustworthy!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  12. TimothyS

    I don’t mean to be a whiner, but sometimes I think God has a sense of humor about what it means to have mercy on us.

  13. C-Marie

    Perhaps God does have a sense of humour regarding His mercy as we would see it. Here is a possible scenario which I consider very probable in the humour vein of mercy. Looking for a miracle of mercy, and God moves in the mercy of the practical.

    Dear God, Have mercy on me, my spouse is driving me nuts.

    Well, My child, here is mercy for you. Take a look at your own ways, and see if anything needs changing for the easing of your spouse’s life. In My mercy towards you, I will work with the both of you, bringing more joy into your lives as you both cooperate with Me. You will see, know, and understand as time goes by. My mercy helps you accomplish that which you cannot do without My help, which is everything.

    Well then, Lord God, please do grant more and more mercy to us all of the time. And, I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer, dear Father, through Your Son Jesus Christ, by Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Michael Dowd


    Yes. Give mercy, get mercy. At least from God.

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