The Debate: A Key Moment In The History Of Comedy. Plus Predictions

The Debate: A Key Moment In The History Of Comedy. Plus Predictions

How’s this prediction from 6 October 2023 looking?

Here’s the link to the original: blog, Substack.

Of course, it might not happen. Biden’s ravening ego and criminal history (and thus his nervous anticipation of becoming a civilian again), his avaricious enabling mate, his absolute inability to tell the truth (6 handicap!), and the irrational fear of Trump by our evil rulers, might keep him glued to the chair until he wanders off one morning, leaving the seat to The Cackler.

Who, everybody says, Biden picked to ensure they didn’t dump him midstream. Which shows he’s not, or he wasn’t, as dumb as she sounds. Yet would Biden rather see the country burn than have his pride suffer? You bet. Look to history. Many such cases.

Or maybe they do a deal where they get even Trump to agree to let Biden escape and remain unprosecuted. They’d have to concoct some “health emergency” or something to allow Biden one last face saving.

Don’t forget it’s the Convention that must nominate Biden. Those behind-the-scenes party members and delegates still have the official power, not Biden, though that power hasn’t been used for half a century. Those muscles are flabby, but there is still time to tone them up.

Then Newsom would not be unexpected. But not funny, and not even approaching hilarious. And we live in the era of black comedy. To fill the punch line with a real knee slapper, look also to Hillary.

Before you say “President Trump”, though, you did not forget this headline, I’m sure:

What say you?

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  1. Forbes

    I might not have the details precise, but I understand the DNC already installed/voted/named Biden/Harris as their party candidate via a Zoom meeting so that the slate (Biden/Harris) could be entered on the Ohio ballot. Ohio had a filing deadline earlier in June. The upcoming party convention is a mere performance for entertainment and publicity purposes on TV.

  2. Milton Hathaway

    I watched the debate and quickly turned it off, I didn’t want to hear any “analysis”. I purposely avoided political media for the evening and went to bed. Today I wake up to the surreal news of big-name Demonrats panicking and calling for Biden to drop out of the race. I find it surreal because by my observation, nothing really changed in Biden’s mental presentation, his performance at the debate was in keeping with all my observations of his recent public appearances.

    So … I smell a rat. I think the debate was a setup to get Biden out of the race. Who set up who I’m not sure, but if this were a TV drama, the critics would pan it for the shallow acting performances. People who had been vociferously defending Biden the day before now acting panicked and saying he has to go? And the (unprecedented?) debate between the two major party presumptive nominees so early in the election season, before the conventions? Clearly the fix was in.

    While this is all entertaining, it is vital that the Demonrats lose bigly this November, up and down the ballot, and the best hope for that is/was having Biden at the top of their ticket. I suppose the next best hope for our side is that Kamala Harris gets tapped. A nightmare scenario would be Hillary replacing Biden at the top of the ticket, because she’s so maniacally adept at the satanic underbelly of politics, from stealing elections to her plausibly deniable homicidal skills.

  3. Biden is the nominee. To get on the Ohio Ballot they used a virtual convention vote. So new nominee made by the live convention would not be on the Ohio ballot unless Biden voluntarily quits or is ousted through the 25th amendment process.

    My belief is he quits before the convention and Hillary, Michelle, and others fight it out there. I assume the point of the bebacle was to pressure him to quit.

  4. Brian (bulaoren)

    Does president Biden play guitar? If so, I might suggest a post-retirement career; Delta blues man, under the name Slack Jaw Joe.

  5. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    In keeping with yesterday’s post, I think Biden was very, very hot yesterday, his eloquence was hampered by climate change, which affects old people the hardest

  6. Johnno

    All they/them TeeVee people and Expurts suddenly feigning shock and acting concerned at the old man is funny, but the scripted nature of their performance is given away by the fact that none of them logically inquire as to WHO is therefore actually running the country? Maybe the country is running and ruining itself just fine? Then do we really need politicians anymore? The horror of such a suggestion!

    My guess is that the long term agenda has been fortified, and regardless of what Trump says, “Ukraine” will still get its 10 years worth of war money that Trump helped make happen, and Israel will be supported no matter what! Art of the deal, Trump has made the concessions, and Biden will be found guilty and blamed for all of the bad things, but not stand trial or be convicted because he’s conveniently senile.

    At least… That’s the plan! But I suspect that things will not proceed smoothly, SOMETHING is coming! And neither party is going to be happy.

    Also in other news, I stand with Archbishop Vigano against the Antipope scum! Out! Jorge, out!

  7. _Jim

    BIDEN ‘performance art’ day after debate (Friday) in N. Carolina –

    Title: “WATCH LIVE: Biden speaks at first campaign event after debate”

    I think someone decided he’d best not ‘hide’ after the poor performance Thursday; Are we to see moar [sic] appearances like this, driven by Jill and the very apparent poor performance Thursday evening?

  8. The ideas of the next President conducting business while under house arrest wearing an ankle monitor OR working from a minimum security Federal prison are both so outrageous that either might come to pass. Here comes the Absurd American Century!

  9. Johnno

    I’m getting the feeling that they are going to run Jill Biden for President in exchange for Joe stepping down.

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