The Church’s Limp-Wristed Coronadoom Response

The Church’s Limp-Wristed Coronadoom Response

Perhaps the worst thing the Church did in response to coronadoom was to issue, in the true spirit of “synodality”, a new “viral” translation of the Bible. These modified verses will take some getting used to.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: except coronavirus; but that goes without saying. –Psalm 23

Those that truly love Christ, his Gospel, and his people, they are not afraid of men; the spirit of power, love, and of a sound mind, is opposite to a spirit of fear, unless they are living in a typical pandemic, then Safety First. –1 John 4:18

But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, unless she is not wearing a mask.” –Matthew 1:20

Maybe I copied these down wrong. But I didn’t miscopy this, the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Life’s official response “HUMANA COMMUNITAS IN THE AGE OF PANDEMIC: UNTIMELY MEDITATIONS ON LIFE’S REBIRTH“:

The lessons of fragility, finitude, and vulnerability bring us to the threshold of a new vision: they foster an ethos of life that calls for the engagement of intelligence and the courage of moral conversion. To learn a lesson is to become humble; it means to change, searching for resources of meaning hitherto untapped, perhaps disavowed. To learn a lesson is to become mindful, once more, of the goodness of life that offers itself to us, releasing an energy that runs even deeper than the unavoidable experience of loss, that need to be elaborated and integrated in the meaning of our existence. Can this occasion be the promise of a new beginning for the humana communitas, the promise of life’s rebirth?

This reminds me of one of the late great Don Rickles’s routines. He’d start, “I’ll never forget the Reverend Dolan, who said…”, then spout off, in a loud, commanding voice, a gibberish paragraph like this. The punch line was Rickles ending the recitation with a puzzled look and a shrug of the shoulders.

Guess you had to be there. But if you can make any sense of that maudlin string of words, you’re a better man than I.

One part that is understandable is this: “The pandemic, however, forces us to look at a number of additional factors, all of which involve a multifaceted ethical challenge. In this context, decisions must be proportionate to the risks, according to the precaution principle.”

It’s understandable because it’s wrong. The precaution, or precautionary, principle is the philosophical justification for abject continuous unremitting fear. Anything you do, including doing nothing at all, can have the absolute worse consequences. This is a logical truth. The PP would have you protect against every potential worst case, an impossibility. In reality, then, the PP is always used as a weapon to justify panicking about whatever thing its holder wants to panic about.

The rest of that document reads like a Theology 101 homework assignment cobbled together from Jesuit seminarians after a drunken all night party at José’s Jaunty Merry Lighthearted Bar & Disco. The same sort of people responsible for tweets like this:

What strikes the average Friday fisheater is how quickly, and even eagerly, our spiritual leaders embraced coronadoom restrictions. They didn’t protest when the government said to shut down public masses. Even though they could have. Our dear prelates and priests could have said, “No way we’re stopping the worship of God. Come get us if you have to, but we’re doing it.”

They likely would have won that fight. But, with practiced somber faces, they instead came to the microphone and said, “You can’t even go to the funeral of your mother. Safety First.”

Cardinal Dolan on 12 June sent an email sympathizing with those cut off from the Eucharist.

Your patience and understanding throughout this difficult period have been admirable. I have been moved by the many letters, phone calls, and emails sent to me, expressing your longing to be able to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist, telling me of your admiration for your parish priest, or offering your support for your parish and the archdiocese as we deal with the financial implications of the coronavirus shutdown. Even though our churches were temporarily closed for public Mass, our priests and parishes found new and innovative ways to reach out to the people…

This consummate bureaucrat was so moved he…did nothing. Safety First.

Oh, maybe I exaggerate. A trifle. He did throw his considerable and increasing weight behind our land’s latest cause.

“The rallying cry of ‘Black Lives Matter’ has echoed throughout the land, as indeed it should,” wept Cardinal Dolan. “[T]he reality is that the sin and evil of racism continues to haunt our society, and, sadly, it too often appears that, for some, Black lives don’t matter, or don’t matter enough.”

He didn’t spell the magic word BLACK!, only “Black”, so traces of racism still haunt his Eminence.

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  1. V

    The Vatican has been completely discredited since at least its secret deal with Beijing.

    I can’t stomach its language.

    I talked to a priest I appreciate about this recently, and was told not to judge because I “don’t know all the facts”. One never does.

    Really really odd.

    Strange times? Or perhaps it’s always been this way.

  2. Briggs

    No, V. It hasn’t always been this way. It is strange times.

  3. John B()

    sede vacantis?

    I have asked this question time and time again … usually during Ianto’s posts

    Usually no one is willing to go that far
    The current denizens seem a little more animus about the NO Church

    So I ask again, is the chair empty

  4. John B()

    Sorry I missed thi:s

    “Friday fisheater ”

    My old Catholic friend referred to himself as a “mackerel smacker”

  5. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    You have to make the proper distinctions: Paglia, Dolan and America magazine. They are representatives of separate archetypes. 1) Paglia: a bishop who hires a painter to make a frescoes in his Cathedral, and, in the work of ART, the prelate is portrayed naked in the arms of a young and naked bodybuilder… This is the chosen one to be presiding the academy of life that used to be the prime defender of life and the family in this world. 2) Dolan, cardinal BRAVO, the man of the Met Gala, featuring slots semi dressed as cardinals and saints. A man so hellbent on being liked by the New York and Hollywood bankers and media people that he can strive to become their prime propaganda operative, and hail with his sounding “BRAVO!!!” the “first football player who came out of the closet” and lends the Saint Patrick parade for “pride” exhibition[ism]. 3) America magazine: one of these things that used to be Catholic, but got robbed by sworn enemies of the Church, that kept the outward appearance of Catholicity (the “catholic” “universities” are prominent instances), but are made up of rabid anti catholics and, to be thorough, anti human. The world is filled with these types, and the man in Peter’s see is very glad his masters are getting what they want

  6. Sheri

    In masks we trust. God, not so much.

    We bow to Covid 19 in fear and terror. There is no God that can save us from the Covid. Even Satan is impotent. Covid, the Almighty, rules all. A cloth mask, however, can be our savior.

    Just finishing a “PP” mask that looks great but couldn’t protect from a gnat getting through. Guess when safety is the last concern and control the first, well….

    They said “In this context, decisions must be proportionate to the risks, according to the precaution principle”. Sure, and during the 1918 flu epidemic and gauze masks, mask-wearing people DROPPED DEAD LIKE FLIES. The masks are an IQ test and most of the population FAILED. I am horrified that the collective IQ of the globe does not exceed that of my Yorkshire terrier. I could never have imagined such utter brainless idiocy.

    Louis Gohmert was NOT protected. Obviously, we are being LIED to.

    Notice the Left loves religion when they can use it against braindead people? The rest of the time, they are closing down or burning down churches. (Is anyone else surprised Nancy Pelosi has not burst into flames yet?????)

    Black Lives Matter is less than 20% black. The rest are hispanic (really, white) and white. So 80% of BLM is NOT black.

  7. Nate

    “And men rejoiced at finding themselves led once more like a herd of cattle, and at finding their hearts at last delivered of the terrible burden laid upon them by Thee, which caused them so much suffering. Tell me, were we right in doing as we did. Did not we show our great love for humanity, by realizing in such a humble spirit its helplessness, by so mercifully lightening its great burden, and by permitting and remitting for its weak nature every sin, provided it be committed with our authorization? For what, then, hast Thou come again to trouble us in our work?”

  8. Kathleen

    What strikes the average Friday fisheater is how quickly, and even eagerly, our spiritual leaders embraced coronadoom restrictions. They didn’t protest when the government said to shut down public masses. Even though they could have. Our dear prelates and priests could have said, “No way we’re stopping the worship of God. Come get us if you have to, but we’re doing it.”

    They likely would have won that fight.
    [/END QUOTE]

    As an act of CHARITY — the mitre wearing wolves (and their priestly lackeys) must be reminded of their grave sin in this matter at every possible opportunity.

    Along with being reminded that they will answer Christ for their grave sin.

    That they may repent while they yet have time.

    We have to pray that they stop their rush to hell.

    But I find it increasingly the case that I am only able to do so by strongly reminding myself that there is more merit in praying for the detestable than those it is easy to love.

  9. Mike H

    The Vatican has been completely discredited since at least its secret deal with Beijing.

    The Vatican has been completely discredited since Vatican 2.

  10. Jerry

    The most telling point of all, about our Bishops, and the Vatican….these Edicts of Enlightenment rarely, and usually never, mention the name of our Lord at all.

    Obsessed with the secular vision of “saving lives!”, but nothing about saving souls.

    There are some good priests left, pray for them!

  11. Michael Dowd

    All true, all the time. The Church is in the business of protecting itself against God and Man. The right answer would have been to stay open, refuse to follow government guidelines on the Virus and tell all parishioners that now was the time to get there souls in order. Accordingly, confession would be available an hour before morning Mass and after for 2 hours or longer if necessary.

  12. Loki said it. The Church agrees with Loki, not with Christ.

    “Kneel before me. I said… KNEEL! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.”

  13. Dean Ericson

    ”11Put on the full armor of Personal Protective Equipment so that you can make your stand against Corona doom. 12For our struggle is against flesh and blood, against the Obamas, against the Clintons, against the powers of the Sorosians, and against the brainless forces of Coronadoom. 13Therefore take up the full armor of PPE, so that when the day of Karen comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.…

  14. Kathleen

    The Day of the Karen!

    Perfect! Haha!

    Isaiah gave the road map to this point.

    When God’s people stray in an effort to help them repent…

    First He lets them fall into the hands of weak men.

    Then weak men and corrupt men.

    Then weak men, corrupt men and degenerates and sodomites.

    Then finally weak men, corrupt men, degenerates and sodomites and…

    Degenerate women, i.e. Karens!

    Nothing left after that but rubble and being hauled off…

  15. John B()

    Mike B said: The Vatican has been completely discredited since Vatican 2.

    Does all this and the Beijing affair bring into question the Vatican apologists for the Church (Pope) role during Hitler and Mussolini

    I ask again, is the Chair EMPTY? and what are your rights, duties and responsibilities?

    Or are you all just happy that you can at least celebrate your Latin Mass

  16. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    So I ask again, is the chair empty

    No. Francis is Our Pope and Our Cross and his reign reminds us of who is the head of His One True Church, Jesus Christ, and by choosing Francis as Pope (not talking about the instrumentality of the St Gallen gang etc)
    God is actualising His infinite Justice.

    St Vincent of Lerins (Commonitory) teaches us Catholics that God permits prelates (and Francis is a prelate) to try and introduce novelties as the way God tests us to see if we love Him and we show God we love Him by rejecting novelties and by holding fast to Tradition – what was once believed by all everywhere.

    Commonitory is worth reading and rereading.

    There is no cause to panic.

    There is cause for all men living to thank God because God desires the Salvation and Sanctification of all (The two reasons why Jesus established His Catholic Church) and because you are alive today you can be absolutely certain that this is the time in which you have the greatest chance of attaining unto Salvation and Sanctification because that is what God desires for all living.

  17. Gail Finke

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: except coronavirus; but that goes without saying. –Psalm 23

    PERFECT, ha ha ha ha!!
    O tempore! O mores!

  18. Hun

    There is still opposition within the Church, even at the highest echelons. The further east you go, the more opposition to the prevailing order you will encounter.
    Discipline prevents them from taking action. Just like the clueless conservatives in the US, they hope for the next election of the new Pope to fix things.

  19. Rudolph Harrier

    When the Church began shutting down masses, I started digging through various dioceses across America. There were many dioceses where masses were completely shut down, even though many counties in the diocese had 0 cases and the remainder did not crack double digits. I looked back at some of these rural dioceses and found that there were STILL many counties with 0 or single digit cases.

    Another thing that’s frustrated me with the church is that despite being so Gung Ho about doing everything online, websites are still rarely updated. For example, I was going through various dioceses today to see what they had done since I last checked, and the Diocese of Grand Island in northern Nebraska still says on its website that masses are suspended indefinitely throughout the diocese. I couldn’t believe this since the diocese had practically no cases when they shut down and still has hardly been hit at all. I had to go to several parish websites within the diocese to verify that they are once again having mass.

  20. Ken

    I, for one, will do my part for a new humana communitas and be on the lookout for hitherto untapped “resources of meaning”, including those disavowed.

    Regarding the latter, the Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator seems to have a certain potential.

    A similar, perhaps more advanced (perhaps not) “resource of meaning” is Seb Pearce’s New-Age ‘BS’ Generator.

    Check’m out.

    A cautionary public service warning: Readers embarking into the deep philosophical realm of ‘BS’ are first encouraged to study Harry G. Frankfort’s (he’s a philosopher!) mini treatise, ‘On Bullshit.’ Understanding the semantic boundaries helps learning appreciation — undoubtedly most (all?) readers of this blog will want to ensure they truly appreciate distinctions … one can hardly imagine anyone that would knowingly or willingly conflate Bullshit with mere Humbuggery, or vice versa, for example. Hence the significance of Frankfort’s seminal masterpiece.

  21. William,

    I do really like the new look for your blog.

    Excellent job brother!

  22. TMcDII

    Briggs, consider this. The Catholic Church orders communion hosts to contain hydroxychloraquine for distribution at Mass. Blessings to body and soul. The pews would be packed. Offertory baskets would be full and “Gloria” sung with gusto,

  23. Ray

    Ever notice that when these black criminals are killed by the police the media portrays them as saints, like Saint George Floyd?

  24. Ray

    Have you noticed that when these black criminals are killed by the police the media portrays them as saints, like Saint George Floyd?

  25. Uncle Mike

    Thank you, Ken. Already my wisdom quotient is quantum disentangling. Some of my new insights:

    “Your body is inherent in your own miracles” and “Your desire inspires a symbolic representation of space time events”. Also “Dogs are sterile”.

  26. Sheri

    Kathleen: Why does one pray that evil be removed from the world when clearly God said that will not happen? Praying that evil people see the light makes no sense to me—they are possessed of evil, worship Satan and are destroying the world. Would praying for Hitler caused a sudden conversion? If God wants their attention, he has ways (Saul/Paul comes to mind.). (I’m sincere in the question. I’m not trying to be nasty.)

    Ken: I am not surprised at all by your suggestions…..
    it’s so “you”. The BS generator is good for dealing with trolls, but even they realize it’s BS after a while. If trolls realize this, you’re using a vacant suggestion there….You would be good as a new age professor, teaching crap and being angry and depressed, hating all of humanity. Assuming that’s not already your job. (If it is, stay away from Twitter. It’s like hemlock for the electronic age.)

    From reading the comments, I am lead to believe the most evil person in the world could become Pope and the Church would back them, all the way through the Anti-Christ becoming Pope (that is possible, I think). This is another thing I have zero understand of why it would be good. Good has certainly been redefined by ALL, not just the Left or Progressives. No wonder the world is crumbling.

  27. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()

    Sheri: This is another thing I have zero understand of why it would be good. Good has certainly been redefined by ALL, not just the Left or Progressives. No wonder the world is crumbling.

    Maybe … only just maybe … you would enjoy “Good Omens”, where angels and demons can’t seem to grasp the concept either

  28. Kathleen


    >> Why does one pray that evil be removed from the world when clearly God said that will not happen?

    I didn’t say that, please re-read.

    >> Praying that evil people see the light makes no sense to me

    Just one of the reasons, but one that can be arrived at by reason without faith.

    If an evil doer repents, then he starts working on our side, rather than the other side. So it is a gain of 2, the evil side loses one worker, the good guys gain one worker.

  29. FreemenRtrue

    At our remote location a courageous pastor never terminated Masses although for several weeks he streamed and FM broadcast to the parking lot. We asocial distance in the pews if not family. Masks are voluntary – few actually wear this mark of the Beast – a mouth closed by a fabric of Lies. We have never missed the Holy Eucharist as our intrepid pastor distributed to cars circling through the driveway. We are so very grateful for this man of integrity – this servant of God and servant of His flock. A good priest is worth more than his weight in Gold and just as rare.

  30. Fredo

    The Red Decade by Eugene Lyons 1941
    (all that is old is new again)

    “The workers and “peasants” of America didn’t spurn the command
    to revolt-they never heard it. They were too numbed by the shock
    of lay-offs, foreclosures, the evaporation of small life’s savings
    to do more than pray with Herbert Hoover for the return of
    prosperity. The middle classes and even a portion of the moneyed minority,
    however, did try revolt. Their sudden misgivings and fears drove
    them into more-or-less fascist movements at one extreme, into more-
    or-less communist movements at the other extreme.

    Having lost their sense of security and self-reliance, they grabbed
    in panic at the nearest formulas of reassurance or revenge. Planning
    and collective enterprise, as preached shrilly by both fascists and communists,
    seemed wonder working gadgets to steady a reeling economic world.
    At both extremes it became the fashion to sneer at democracy as “doddering,”
    “hypocrisy” and “sham.”

    Thus it happened in the years that followed the market crash that
    the Communist Party of the United States became the magnetic center
    for a large and fast-growing mass of near-communists, sympathizers,
    fellow-travelers, spare-time insurgents, frightened liberals and
    masochistic capitalists. It was the dawn of a Red Decade. Many a
    bankrupt broker hesitated between jumping out of his skyscraper
    window and jumping out of his class. Intellectuals, so-called, hesitated
    between joining the Catholic Church and joining the Communist
    Party -they yearned for a faith and surcease from thinking.
    (A few compromised ultimately by joining both Moscow and Rome.) “

  31. Veronica

    I think your “viral” bible verses did a good job putting the finger on what was so disturbing about the church’s response to the coronavirus crisis. (And I should put in a caveat here that I am Eastern Orthodox and not Roman Catholic, but the reaction was similar.) Perhaps this was not the intention on the part of the bishops, hierarchs, etc, but the message I think many people got from how quickly they folded was that they themselves suddenly did not appear to really believe the admonitions we receive constantly to trust God and to not fear. It was almost like they were saying, “well, we used to think nothing was too big for God, but this one is.” Again, I don’t know that that was the intention, but it was a message that I think many received, and found disturbing.

    (And I hope I don’t need to add that “trust in God and not fear” /= “do nothing and take no precautions”.)

  32. C-Marie

    Re the anti-christ becoming pope…here is what Bishop Sheen had to say…

    “Satan will set up a counterchurch which will be the ape of the [Catholic] Church … It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content.”

    We are living in the days of the Apocalypse, the last days of our era. The two great forces – the Mystical Body of Christ and the Mystical Body of the anti-Christ – are beginning to draw battle lines for the catastrophic contest.

    The False prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit Church.

    Christ’s Church the Catholic Church will be one; and the false Prophet will create the other.

    The False Church will be worldly, ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches and religions, forming some type of global association.

    A world parliament of Churches. It will be emptied of all Divine content, it will be the mystical body of the anti-christ. The Mystical Body on earth today will have its Judas Iscariot, and he will be the false prophet. Satan will recruit him from our Bishops.

    The Antichrist will not be so called; otherwise he would have no followers. He will not wear red tights, nor vomit sulphur, nor carry a trident nor wave an arrowed tail as Mephistopheles in Faust. This masquerade has helped the Devil convince men that he does not exist. When no man recognizes, the more power he exercises. God has defined Himself as “I am Who am,” and the Devil as “I am who am not.”

    Nowhere in Sacred Scripture do we find warrant for the popular myth of the Devil as a buffoon who is dressed like the first “red.” Rather is he described as an angel fallen from heaven, as “the Prince of this world,” whose business it is to tell us that there is no other world. His logic is simple: if there is no heaven there is no hell; if there is no hell, then there is no sin; if there is no sin, then there is no judge, and if there is no judgment then evil is good and good is evil. But above all these descriptions, Our Lord tells us that he will be so much like Himself that he would deceive even the elect–and certainly no devil ever seen in picture books could deceive even the elect. How will he come in this new age to win followers to his religion?”

    Is it on its way?. Oh, yes!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  33. Joy

    Ed Bonderenka,
    That’s a nice clear new web page, it’s always good to find audio discussions.

  34. Sheri

    L Ron: Thanks. I’ll check that out.

    Kathleen: “We have to pray that they stop their rush to hell.” Is that not praying that evil be stopped? Are you not asking that evil be banished, albeit, one person at a time?

    Yes, I understand that a person who is evil going good is a win-win. My confusion is why a person who chose to be a good little disciple pf Satan would be changed by a random person praying for him. As noted, if God wants the person’s attention, he knows how to get it. The person CHOSE to follow Satan. This seems to be something in God’s realm of actions, not something people can affect no matter how much they want to do so. Even praying still puts it in God’s hands and not people’s. I shall give it further thought….Thank you for answering.

  35. Kathleen


    Again, I said:

    “We have to pray that they stop their rush to hell.”

    No more.

    No less.

    As far as providing a reason, I provided one of many reasons.

    The simplest of reasons and one that can be understood by someone who does not posses the theological virtue of Faith.

    What you evidently want is catechism. That can not be handled in a discussion forum like this. It is discourteous to the owner and those trying to discuss a specific topic.

    Given my background, if you were TRULY interested, I could provide you catechism. It would require a very significant effort and time commitment on my part. It would also require that you acquire a set of recommended books. And it would have to work around my considerable time constraints so it would not be a rapid process. So, I would ask you not request it lightly. That you be truly committed to learning the Truth of the Faith.

    If you are truly committed, respond with an email address where you may be contacted for ongoing lessons.

    Best regards,

  36. Kathleen


    If you are interested in self-study I would recommend starting with:

    The Catechism of the Council of Trent

    Baltimore Catechism Three

  37. The Church has been dealing with plagues for two millenia and they still haven’t developed an approach?

  38. Joy

    See that false dichotomy up there in the first satirical bible quotes:

    Of course there is clear evidence in the bible whee Jesus is tempted by Satan in the wilderness to leap and be saved from physical danger. It’s a Sunday school lesson in its simplicity so that everybody can understand. If someone tells you to take a physical risk which you know is not sensible, on the basis that ‘God will provide’, it’s time to question who or what is guiding or motivating you.

    It is a call for sound thinking as well. The problem is that the physical actual truth/reality, has come up against one the key dogma, (F you insist on constructing the argument that way, of course).

    *see People’s Fundamental Objection to the Catholic Faith

    The choice is stark for a dogmatic individual. Yet again the church is finding itself, in the US, perhaps, and on line, evidently, in a pickle. Perhaps other Latin countries are having problems if they promote rebellion of infection control guidelines.

    That ‘sound mind’. Or as it is described in other translation, ‘self control; would include a degree of selflessness, since the transient ‘rulings’ are not only there for your inconvenience. It isn’t all about you. It is the classic example of doing something to help others. That some have taken advantage and power grabbed or politicked shouldn’t be a surprise or a reason to claim a them and us choice about the following of guidelines. To let the perfect be the enemy of the good is just unrealistic and ideologically irrational. Like someone who is frightened of breaking ribs or dislocating a spinal fracture when performing CPR.

    To act as if the virus will behave in a way convenient for those who want to attend mass. As if God will save them (and not to do so shows you lack faith), or are a scaredy cat! That’s quite a claim. People who understand the disease aren’t frightened for themselves if they are frightened at all. Those who don’t understand the disease are legion on both sides of the false corona doom debate.

    It says in the bible:
    “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there”. I

    John Lennox, a Christian mathematician has written a book about coronavirus and its impacts.
    He’s not concluding that it’s nothing to worry about and just like seasonal flu. He too, sees so much of the good which has come out of the national response. Not simply the obvious sadness.

    I checked out the annual figure for the US which has an average of fifty thousand per year. In half of that time, the US has already lost approaching three times that figure, now looking like it will be four times the annual flu number. So it’ll be six or eight times the normal flue season. That is the current rate. Taking action CAN reduce that rate. Why would anybody argue against such action?

    Given that most people have still not had the virus yet and so many have been shielded successfully, to allow the no intervention approach is to ignore the truth which can be seen in the numbers by anyone.

  39. Joy

    It is a call for sound thinking as well. The problem is that the physical actual truth/reality, has come up against the key dogma, (IF you insist on constructing the argument that way, of course).

    Should read.
    (Editing errors can be a fallacious excuse for dismissing a comment)

  40. John B()


    There is a lot to process in your comment – I agree and disagree with you on many points

    The first and foremost is this whole thing is more than just about the virus and everybody’s health. People respond to that and sometimes not in a healthy way.

    I have also had many issues with the mask argument, but more and more the anti-maskers to me are beginning to remind me of petulant entitled children, the very children that are often held in contempt by this Blog. Where did the “kids” pick that up?

    But let me re-examine what you’ve said and hopefully can get back to you and “flesh” out more on what you’ve said and what arguments that come from what I’ve said.

  41. Joy

    John B and Briggs (if you’re not too angry to read my comments!)
    I reacted the sae to the mask thing. particularly since I associate them with strange oriental countries.
    So it isn’t that I don’t understand the reaction, you can believe that or not.

    I think it was ac actually reading the blog that mad me suddenly look differently about what I’d heard and from whom until that point.

    If I recall the first time I came back out of genuine concern for some of the souls on here (jby which I mean their health) and curiosity to see what Briggers was saying and because I felt it was his time to shine, I was so surprised to see how cross everybody was. But then I’m not American. I do understand that a little better than I let on sometimes.

  42. C-Marie

    Just today I found that I was holding a grudge against our neighbors who have had all of their lawn removed and have not replaced it for six weeks with anything, and that is causing much dust everywhere including the leaves of our rosebushes which dust makes it harder for them to thrive. I was wanting to phone our neighbors and ask them, finally, to spray down the dust each day. Husband suggested animosity could then be given grounds to grow between us, and then where would we be. I was still fuming a bit and as I sat awhile afterwards, Jesus quietly said the word “Forgive”. I knew what He wanted me to do, and so I did forgive, and I immediately knew a lifting of the “dust” burden that I had been carrying for weeks.
    And I know better!!!

    Regarding the Bishops and more, I expect that fear drove them in the coronavirus situation. People do not suddenly have an evil heart, but if allowed, evil can grow step by step, and fear can drive people to do all sorts of things, which is why we are to renew ourselves daily in God’s company and live with full trust in Christ.

    Do pray for graces of repentance all round. God alone is to judge hearts. He alone can judge hearts in all truth. I certainly will not judge, for I would be doing so without the knowledge that is necessary, and I definitely do not want to be judged, but forgiven.

    So, always forgive with Christ’s Love, let go of the difficulty to Him, and go forward with confidence in the Holy Spirit’s helps. God our Father loves us and He would have us without even what we would call, the tiniest sin, for even for that tiniest, Jesus died.

    God bless, C-Marie

  43. John B()


    Reading comments (why would I be angry?)

    I may be until Tuesday at which point I’ll post here and corona doom


    Isn’t it great to be married to the right person?

    As Red Skelton used to close
    Good Night and may God Bless

  44. Joy

    John B,
    I meant Briggs being angry, sorry, not you.

    C Marie,
    Your roses are tougher than you think. I love roses. Briggs hasn’t done a post on them yet…still waiting.

  45. John B()

    Why would Briigs be angry?

    I do have a question for Briggs

    Did Altar Karen proffer a mask to our host?

    Hard to believe the church did not anticipate a poor congregant showing up sans mask and having one available for use?

    Perhaps one blessed by the priest, bishop or Governor WITCHmore herself?

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