Why Corporations Are Woke

Why Corporations Are Woke

Corporations are woke because, at first, they had to be, in fear of being sued. Then, after the “solutions” to prevent monetary loss took hold, it was because they wanted to be. Now all citizens must be woke.

This story is well known on the Reality-based right; this is a handy summary of our doom for those not familiar with it.

It is true, and can be admitted, that attitudes towards blacks in some areas of the States in mid-Twentieth Century were poor and unjustified. Instead of correcting these attitudes through cultural means, the government (which includes the media and so-called non-governmental organizations) decided to correct them through law. The Constitution said freedom of assembly (association) was paramount. The government added, by force of law which they were forbidden by law to add, “free association, but not if there is wrongthink.”

Forced association happened quickly. Blacks were bused to non-black neighborhoods and made to mingle. Armed federal troops enforced these rules.

It became illegal to “discriminate” because of race (which academics to this day say doesn’t exist, except the white race, which is evil). Yet it was difficult to prove anybody made decisions, i.e. discriminated, because of race. A corporation could say “We did not hire this black man because he is unqualified” even if, in their heart of hearts, they did not want to hire this man because he was black, and even if it was true the man was unqualified.

Courts quickly moved to define “discrimination”—now a bad word—statistically. “Discrimination” against individuals no longer had to be proved. Instead, it was sufficient to show “not enough” blacks were hired. This was the real beginning of the insanity. If “discrimination” was limited to actual demonstration of individual race-based decisions, the madness could not have spread far because of the difficulty of proof.

Defining “discrimination” statistically turned the presumption of innocence into the presumption, indeed proof, of guilt. The problem is obvious: what positions are subject to “discrimination” complaints? Ambiguity in job descriptions made this messy. What denominator should be used to prove a “disparity”? The ratio of blacks to non-blacks who live in a three-block radius of the corporation? Four blocks? The county? State? Country? This year? Last? Those holding certain experience and credentials? Which?

It became almost impossible to be innocent of “discrimination” statistically. Lawsuits and their judgments were too costly to bear. So corporations, especially larger ones that could afford it, began to preemptively institute race quotas. This was the beginning of wokeness.

Race quotas must needs be tracked, and tracking requires trackers. Thus the start of corporate zampolit, a.k.a. human resources and Diversity directors.

Race was almost simultaneously expanded to sex, and other categories, but race and sex were the largest “identities” to be tracked—at first. The story of statistical “discrimination”, quotas, and empowering quota trackers is the same for sex, and later for other “identities”.

The problem became finding bodies to meet the quotas. In simple factory jobs, this was somewhat easy. In more complex positions that required experience, ability, and what we used to call education, it was not easy. Standards had to be, and were, lowered—with corporations proclaiming simultaneously standards would not be lowered, and that they weren’t really necessary anyway. Lowering standards is costly, so again only the larger corporations could absorb the cost, and (this is a pun) the smaller companies who couldn’t.

Quotas were most blatant in education. Academics are notorious snobs, so at first they could not bear direct infusions of unqualified women and non-whites into their own departments, which still had standards. So they created new departments (and sub-departments): Studies departments. Standards for placements into these departments were largely belonging to the proper race or sex.

These quotas seemed to fix statistical “discrimination”, and administrators were satisfied. But the situation quickly became a problem because these departments to be considered real had to have students. How to get them? Wokeness accelerated when taking Studies courses became mandatory. And it accelerated again when it became apparent that being awarded a Studies “degree”—“degrees” being necessary for entry into polite society—required no intelligence or ability.

The inevitable happened. Quotas expanded from the gross levels—across the corporation or university as a whole—to individual departments within the institutions. It expands still, because as long as “discrimination” is defined statistically, it will never disappear, and will forever arise everywhere, through changing definitions of numerators and denominators and “identities”.

Obviously, “discrimination” expanded well beyond race and sex. Even sex itself had to be defined into what it was not (thanks Neil Gorsuch!), a form of lowering of standards.

The more quotas spread and become necessary, the more quota trackers that are needed. Thus the greater power of zampolit, and the further weakening of standards.

Yet wokeness would never have spread far if it were not for the tacit premise of Equality. The military, for instance, to meet their sex quotas had to pretend there were no important differences between the sexes. Or in behavior for those who defined their “identities” based on non-procreative sexual desires. Leaders at first faked their belief in Equality, and many still do, but as the “degreed” woke came up through the ranks, the belief became sincere.

Just about everybody now believes in Equality to some degree. Not just in the sense that people should be treated the same under the law, but that all people are “really” the same at base; it’s only that their circumstances are different. If circumstance were identical, outcome would be identical, or nearly so. Small departures from Equality are allowed to be spoken of, but these departures narrow and become fewer the more wokeness spreads.

There was never, not ever, any evidence for Equality; indeed, all observation in all of history is against it. But it is still believed. Inequality implies irreparable, inescapable disparities, and these cannot bear to be thought of. It is “unfair” that Bob was born tall and manly and intelligent and Sue was born small and feminine and dim. These differences can be eradicated, though, through law or force. Mothers used to say “Life is unfair”. Now they say “Sue.”

As the “identities” to which “discrimination” applies necessarily expand, because everybody wants to be a Victim, there being no higher class of being, corporations must become woker. They do so because the zampolit, and even ordinary employees, hired are more often true believers, and because it becomes costlier to avoid wokeness. Thus a corporation (this is a famous Stone Toss joke) devoted to selling burgers will feature in its advertisement a mixed race pair of men engaging in sex-like activities.

The woke are litigious. The corporation’s ad allows them to bypass a lawsuit or other disturbance. The ad upsets the Reality-based (or just “based”), but what can they do? Sue the corporation for displaying perversion? That’s x-ophobia (where x is a variable). All the based can do is bitch and withhold their patronage, which costs the corporation very little, especially as the oligarchy expands and options tighten. All credit card companies are now woke. Can you live without one?

The based can sue for “reverse” “discrimination”, which as a cultural warfare tacit may be licit, but it comes with the tacit premise of Equality, which if it isn’t recognized corrupts even the based.

Appeasement won corporations breathing room, and it saved them money initially. But, of course, appeasement will cost them more in the end. Get woke, become broke. A hilarious example is Boeing. A wag (I lost the original link) posted Boeing’s series of Vice Signaling tweets showing how committed to Diversity they were, that quotas were now at a peak, and that they were enthusiastically ensuring Diversity would only grow. Next to this was a series of news articles about their new planes falling out of the skies.

Wokeness is now everywhere. No field of human endeavor has escaped. Veils are being drawn over Reality with increasing vigor. Even Congress will eliminate hurtful Inequality words like father and son.

The end will not be soon. The greater the wokeness, the more true believers there are. Mostly among the young, but also the old with respect to earlier areas of wokeness. How many “conservatives” will now speak against homosexuality, for instance? How many will speak against transgenderism in five years?

Corporations will, with varying degrees of success, portion off Reality-based from woke departments, probably by hiding them in “special projects” sections. The love of money is still stronger than love of Equality. The stealth is essential to avoid quotas and lowered standards. This will be easier for richer entities, with smaller ones failing or being absorbed into larger ones.

The genuine end comes when the strain against Reality becomes too much to bear, as with Boeing. Competition from Asia can only hasten the break.

I got the picture for today’s post from Woke Capital, whom everybody should follow.

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  1. Sheri

    I always said the biggest mistake ever made was the civil rights movement because you CANNOT legislate people liking one another. I still cannot ascertain if at the time the ability to drain the population of cash for “reparations”, the rioting, etc, were part of the plan, or just a happy bonus.

    Statistics are not used for quotas or there would be FAR LESS blacks and women. Quotas were used as punishments and no math was involved.

    As I have said before, if I actually thought people gave a crap about their children, I’d be waiting in the wings to watch their faces as a “diversity” surgeon murders their child via incompetence. I’d watch the poor dead child brought to the sobbing parent that aided in the death. But then, for that, parents would have to care and if they cared, they would have fought to protect that lifeless lump.

    Oh, and parents not loving their kids will allow, or does allow, pedophilia to thrive. There will be quotas for this too. So many kids available for sex with their teacher or whatever. Of course, the teacher will not be guilty of any crime, so quotas will be created for the number of available partners, subdivided by age, “sex” and gender. If not enough “males” are available, females will be transgendered and fill the roles. Science has been very helpful in this woke era.

    The most laughable, delightful outcome is governments fined for hiring TOO MANY WOMEN. Makes my heart all warm and I laugh every time I see another institution bitten by its own stupidity.

    Shakespeare was right—first, kill all the lawyers….

  2. Jerry

    I started following Woke Capital, Briggs. I don’t know whether to curse or thank you.

    Happy Kwanzaa.

  3. Nicely stated, except for the error at the beginning. “It is true, and can be admitted, that attitudes towards blacks in some areas of the States in mid-Twentieth Century were poor and unjustified.”

    You misspelled “but mostly justified, based on the actual behavior of most blacks.”

  4. Every single commercial now features an interracial couple and/or a gay couple. The only white men shown are either faggots or helpless twits being rescued by their ultra-competent wives.

  5. DAV

    Epitomized by “awoman”. Maybe that noodly dish should be called “rawoman”.

  6. Murray

    The Coronadoom and Great Reset follies of the past year have amply demonstrated that our elites are both incompetent and malevolent, and we are watching a horse race to see which of these two qualities prevails. The outcome will be extremely unpleasant in either case.

    No doubt there are a few in our ruling class–particularly among the tech oligarchs–who are perfectly competent, and who understand that the new religion is incoherent bunk from alpha to omega. But they are very few indeed, and due to the process you describe above, they are surrounded by countless legions of true-believer midwit zealots. This will set a hard limit on their totalitarian fantasies, since there’s only so much you can do when your lieutenants are untethered to reality, but that’s not good news for us ordinary folk, because it means they won’t learn anything from their failures.

  7. JohnM

    It is easy to claim equality in employment in the Arts, in the Office and in the Caring Industry; but I have never heard anyone crying for equality in Bricklaying, Building Labouring, being Dustmen, working in the Repair Garages, etc.

    Is it because the work is physically hard, or dirty or outside in all weathers (sometimes, all three)?

  8. Karen

    One more giant pile of evidence free bullshit. Can’t you at least once provide some support for your blather? One link to a real document and not right-wing fantasies?

  9. Ackshually, I’m pretty sure that, with the possible exceptions of Alfred Bulltop Stormalong and the goddess Athena, no one is *born* tall, manly, and intelligent.

  10. Doghouse Riley

    For jobs requiring actual skill, corporate America just hires competent (and cheap) non-whites from Asia through expanded visa programs or offshoring. Problems solved.

  11. Uncle Mike

    Careful inspection reveals that “diversity” efforts are aimed at Blacks because the other races are already co-mingled. There is no virtue signalling push, for instance, to hire more Asians at high tech companies; they’re over-represented as it is. Racial quotas at Universities discriminate against Asians primarily.

    Similarly, Hispanics are largely co-mingled, cross-married, and fully integrated, with the exception of certain border towns. There are no Hispanic ghettos in northern cities. After a couple of generations immigrants are melted into the pot, and vice versa — everybody eats nachos now. I’m on the all nacho diet myself and am not one of them, ethnically.

    Native Americans are largely cross-bred, even on reservations. Only 1 in 5 Indians live on the Res; the rest are integrated. The systematic apartheid established for indigenous people didn’t work even though the goal was clear and enforced by law.

    It’s just the Blacks who have failed to integrate. Only Blacks need affirmative action. Woke companies hire Blacks to be janitors at executive pay rates, because the companies can’t find enough Blacks who can do the complex tasks, but they want to de-discriminate the salaries. They don’t need to do that with the other races.

    Whose fault is that? Is it all the other races who have singled out Blacks to fail at school and work? Are Blacks victims of non-Blacks, or of their own selves? Segregation is unlawful, but it is an actuality in the Black community because it is self-imposed.

    And regarding women: they already possess most of the money, assets, and power. I’d tell them to quit b****ing, but my punishment would be swift and painful. I know my place…

  12. Rogelio García

    Here in Spain, and I believe this is the case in several european countries, the real left-wing polititians are always called “bolivarianos” by the clueless right-wingers, as if the former were following the lines of South and Central American comunism, especially from Venezuela. While it might have been the case in the past, when the left was a blue collar worker-oriented thing, right now the european radical left is universitary and woke. As hell…

    It is surprising to watch young radicals religiously following the lines of USA´s Democratic Party wokeness, when the USA was the devil for them 10 years ago. So you can tell this is a strongly subsidized, international move, with firm universitary roots, based on whitewashing/demonizing, and especially on reducing the complexity of the world to 3,4,5 tags with which any impressionable, unexperienced, cocky young person can judge any given situation. Most of those tags end up with “-ism”, as you know…

    In my country the vast majority of the population is white, with generation after generation of white spaniards as ancestors, so you don´t really have racial or religious quotas as of yet. But the ultrafeminism is just out of control, with the steady repetition of the “women get less paid for the same job” mantra (a complete lie, at least here). Also, you are compelled to have a particular quota for women in management roles (they want to oblige to have at least 50/50 in the future), and there are laws which allow women to get job aids and subsidies at older age than men, and others that force to choose a feminine piece of art (a script, for example) in the case of supposed equility of talent (like there is a way to know this objectively…). Oh, and of course you are doomed (I mean, DOOMED) if you wife or any woman says you hit her, raped her, or even psichologically mistreated her. Most complaints are filed for complete lack of substance or proof, but no judge dares to iniciate legal proceeding against the woman who lies, so the nutty team keep telling that only 0,001 % (or similar) of malist violence files are fake. They actually abound…You will lose your kids, your house, your life, your everything.

    The other day I was having a walk in a small town, and every shop (I mean this: every one, like in a creepy Rod Serling´s “The Twilight Zone” episode) had the motto “Malism-free Space”. Like if “men”, in general, need to be constantly reminded that we don´t have to wipe the floor with the store atendant, or that killing the cashier is unpolite.

    I don´t know. In 10 years, the whole First World will be the same mass/mess. I hope I´ll find a spot, maybe an island, where to completely dedicate to meditation, music, life as it was meant to, while watching the planet just got mesmerized by the complete madness on the distance…

  13. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Sheri. You are right. The Civil Rights ACT replaced the US Constitution but few Americans know that.

    “The Age of Entitlement” by Christopher Caldwell describes the unfixable problem

  14. GamecockJerry

    Karen – what an appropriate name.

  15. acricketchirps

    On the other hand I got a a close relation named Karen who makes Briggs look like AOC.

  16. DAV

    Oops wrong tab

  17. John Moore

    A couple of points to add…

    Corporate HR departments have grown like cancer because of the general rise of regulation of hiring, only part of which is the “anti-discrimination” woeness. HR departments draw their personnel from the “humanities” side of universities, which means they come pre-indoctrinated and confidently “woke.”

    Corporate executive suites are usually filled with ambitious folks who got their miseducation at the Ivy’s. These folks are also well indoctrinated by their professors. Still, often they don’t really care about much other than spending the wealth of their shareholders, and having their egos stroked by fellow executives. The latter requires the appearance of wokeness. On top of that, they are so highly (over) compensated, that they rarely feel the consequences wokeness inflicts on their workers, and on society in general. Only if they get “canceled” by some past act of non-woeness are they likely to notice.

  18. LS5

    Discrimination is not because of any action or intent any longer. It is because of an existing trait that is inferior or perhaps the result of some metaphysical or gnostic disease.

    That we do not think this way, have this type of knowledge, they are indoctrinating others as needed.

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