Grown Scientists See White Men, Scream Eek!

Grown Scientists See White Men, Scream Eek!

Revolver recently ran an article on why companies are woke, coming to the same conclusion as us: they are woke because they have no choice.

It’s either, in their words, get woke or go broke.

One main reason is fear of lawsuits in a climate of anti-white animus. An incident from the piece highlights how deep the kimchi we’re in. Abercrombie & Fitch “was sued into oblivion for failing to reflect racial diversity in its marketing strategy.” Seems the company had to piss away “$40 million to several thousand minority and female plaintiffs.”

Why? Not enough non-white men in their advertising. Which isn’t any sane person’s idea of anything even approaching a whiff of a shade of a crime. Nevertheless, fearing they’d lose a lawsuit amidst growing anti-white fervor, they settled and gave the race hustlers their blood money.

And so now A&F, against their own will, is woke. This suit also explains why non-white men are now the feature of most (all?) ads.

Well, that’s a pop culture clothing company and advertising, decadent by definition. How about in areas rich in Experts? Surely they are immune from the woke mind virus?

You will recall I predicted (two weeks ago) that within two years a Nobel Prize in science would go to a black, perhaps even a black woman, merely for the sake of appearance. This sage forecast came after the announcement of this year’s prizes, when it was discovered there wasn’t an Official Victim anywhere in the lists.

This next item doesn’t exactly count as a verification, but it’s close.

From the political magazine Scientific American comes the headline: “Nominees for a Science Award Were All White Men—Nobody Won”.

We learn a “protest by a group of scientists has ignited spirited discussions about the persistent lack of diversity in such awards”. Lack of Diversity means insufficient Official Victims, regardless whether they are deserving. Here’s the proof.

Five of the nation’s top ice scientists found themselves in a conundrum.

They’d been tasked with a formidable job: reviewing candidates for the American Geophysical Union’s fellows program, the most prestigious award given by the world’s largest earth and space science society. But when the group looked at its list of candidates, all nominated by peers, it spotted a problem.

Every nominee on the list was a white man.

“That was kind of a bit of a showstopper for me,” said Helen Fricker, a glaciologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and one of the five committee members.

One instantly suspects Fricker was promoted beyond her abilities, because she was a she. This, of course, may not be so, but it is rational to entertain the idea. An over-promoted person is naturally going to identify merit as a “problem.”

Here’s the hilarity. “The selection process [for the award] this past spring was an arduous, careful operation from beginning to end.” This (with other details on the process) means they found the best persons to nominate—where best is relative to ability to do geophysics.

Now Fricker confirms our suspicions: “One of the reasons I was put on the committee was because I’d been quite vocal about the year that I’d been a fellow, I was very much in the minority, and we needed to do better and get more women.” “Do better”, as we know, means promote more women, regardless of ability.

“So the committee members,” led by a probable beneficiary of promotion-beyond-ability, “made an uncomfortable decision. They declined to recommend any nominees at all.”

Sorry, white men, you have been judged too worthy, too good. You’re embarrassing the rest of the field. So the award goes to no one.

The decision has triggered a spirited dialogue among AGU members and other earth scientists about the persistent lack of diversity in science awards — and how to address it.

The only hint in the article about merit is that it is bad, a hindrance to our bright brown feminine future.

“We are disappointed that there were fewer women and fewer individuals from international countries nominated and awarded in 2021,” AGU said.

Why, were you looking for some? What happens when you find them? Better geophysics, the ostensible basis of the AGU?

No, we’ve already dismissed ability. That can’t be it. Your disappointment has to be because of the perverse desire to not see so many white and (East) Asian men. These Y-chromo paleskins did such an excellent job creating AGU, and doing geophysics, it became desirable politically for other races and sexes to get in on the spoils.

Which won’t be around as much anymore. The spoils, I mean. Because once you, à la Affirmative Action, begin promoting based on Diversity & Perversity, you must necessarily lower standards.

In saner times, the lack of women and non-whites and Asians in competitive intellectual endeavors would be evidence of built-in, ineradicable differences in ability and desire. Alas, that thought is anathema. Fricker and others can’t even think it: it has passed beyond into an incomprehensible language for them.

Back to my prediction. I’ll close with these thoughts from the article:

Only about 3 percent of Nobel science prizes have gone to women since the awards were established more than 100 years ago. Not a single one has been awarded to a Black scientist.

Anybody want to bet against me?

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  1. Sheri

    Someone needs to buy them a full-length mirror and 5 years worth of theory by a “non-expert” to save them from themselves. Going broke is better than being a flaming idiot who richly deserves a beating in an alley. Unless you worship money. Then you just deserve the thrashing. The fact they are COWARDS AND MORONS does not excuse this. Either stop the stupid or destroy society. And getting rich while destroying society just get you into a different level of hell. So enjoy eternity in hell for your greed and stupidity.

    Not enough STUPID idiotic jerks in their advertising. I say let them all to to hell and don’t buy their crap. They deserve to lose their money for selling their damn souls.

    Nobel is making deals to send the Nobel committee to the lowest levels of Hell for what they are doing. It may not even require an afterlife for this to happen……

    Nominees were all woke jerks, no matter what color. All committee members are headed for hell.

    You get more women and blacks when they do the hard work. Screw ‘em before that.

    Interestingly enough, some Peace Prizes have gone to women. Maybe women have more important things to do than quantum physics.

  2. spaceranger

    The AGU has always had a chip on their shoulder about the Nobels because there is no prize for Geophysics.

  3. DWSWesVirginny

    It wouldn’t bother me if all these prizes went away. They have a baleful effect on true scholarship. And it wouldn’t bother me if all commercials and ads simply didn’t have human beings in them. Well, such extremes do bother me but I’d rather have them than all this rancor about not enough this or that racial, ethnic, sex types in them.

  4. Dennis

    We live in the most stupid society ever. Not just stupid, but the most lame as well.
    Fitting that we have a fake and ghey Presidency for a stupid and lame society.

    “This suit also explains why non-white men are now the feature of most (all?) ads.”

    Probably. On the rare occasion I watch live TV and can’t skip through ads with DVR, I’m struck by how the ads for nearly everything – and even on channels with basically no black demographic, like Tennis Channel and Golf Channel – are pretty much all minorities now. If a token white gets in, it’s usually as one half of a mixed marriage.

    The A&F experience also probably helps explain why Victoria’s Secret revised its ad campaigns to feature ugly, obese, and trans models.

  5. Crew

    I am trying to remember a series of papers on the internet that explore IQ by race and sex and accurately predicted how frequently a woman would win a Fields Medal based on the difference in IQ variance by sex but am coming up blank.

    There were rumors that the author was Linda Gottfredson’s ex husband.

  6. Johnno

    I have the solution!

    What the noble people on the Nobel Committe should do is create an entire new category of the Nobel Prize!

    The Nobel Diversity Prize!

    Just find the best diversees of any year in whatever field, maybe one from all of them in every category and give it to them. Have them standing higher up on the podium and with $50 bucks more for their cash prize!

    Also the medal featuring some white guy will have to go. Maybe replace it with any noble looking animal from the Sahara. I’d go with a zebra. Very diverse.

    Spraking of Revolver, they are doing good work and you all should pay attention to this!

  7. Rudolph Harrier

    Drinking game: take a swig every time you see a married white couple in a commercial who are less than 60 years old.

    It’s a great way to cut down on your drinking.

  8. Johnno

    Another solution is for well off white people to hire a diversee as their proxy in all matters public-facing.

    To do TV and employment interviews on their behalf. To accept awards for them. To attach thier pictures to their papers and resumes an social media profiles. It’ll be kind of like that movie ‘Surrogates’ or that anime ‘Shadows House.’ But with real people!

    Just think of how many jobs for diversees this would open up! The 1% could easily have 100 of them available throughout the year! Even better if you search for your best doppleganger.

    I’m a genius! I should start a business and patent this idea before Facebook steals it! But I’m also willing to be bought out if Zuckerberg is interested…

  9. Dennis

    How about a Nobel Prize for Vax Mandate Resistance for this guy, now ex-WSU coach Rolovich:

    How many would have the fortitude to keep refusing to give even to the point of giving up a $3million a year gig? (Okay, granted, I’m sure he’s got plenty socked-away already and will be just fine money-wise, far more than most in a similar position facing “vax or fired” – and I don’t know how long he’s been a head coach making that kind of cash – but still…that’s a lot to leave on the table…). And notice they apparently denied him a religious exemption as well. How do they determine whose religion qualifies or verify whose beliefs are strong enough to qualify, btw? Totally corrupt system.

    Though ESPN’s bias and framing around the sob story of a man we’re told little about in terms of overall health (45 year-old “healthy” man just up and dies of Covid within a few days?…yeah, not buying it) – aside from the claim that on his deathbed he supposedly lamented not being jabbed (ring a bell? – a rehash of the claims of that nutty Alabama doctor months ago) – is barf inducing (though expected from mainstream media – even sports media are in the tank for the Regime Narrative).

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    It’s worse than just denying his religious exemption. The university HR granted his exemption initially, and then later revoked it. Apparently they didn’t realize that he was the football coach when they granted the exemption (I don’t know if the exemptions are considered without names, or if the guy in HR responsible for signing the papers didn’t follow football.)

    I don’t see how in that situation they can’t be sued for religious discrimination. Whether such a case will actually succeed is another question, since the courts have long shown that they will ignore the law for optics and politics.

  11. Forbes

    Coming soon: Participation trophies for “scientists.”

    Participation trophies are derided by most (but not all!) adults in youth sports leagues as unnecessary–both as an award and as to the cost.

    A friend who (volunteer) coached his 3 kids in various youth sports leagues relates how the fathers all huddled pre-season to declare a no “participation trophies for all” policy, though retaining a small award recognition to the season winners. Winning is worth the acknowledgement of accomplishment, but the expense of participation trophies for all is both a waste of money, while recognizing no accomplishment.

  12. Dennis

    Rudolph: “The university HR granted his exemption initially, and then later revoked it. Apparently they didn’t realize that he was the football coach when they granted the exemption…I don’t see how in that situation they can’t be sued for religious discrimination. Whether such a case will actually succeed is another question, since the courts have long shown that they will ignore the law for optics and politics.”

    Crazy. Yeah, if he’d been a school janitor or something, they probably wouldn’t have cared. Once they realized he was one of the most visible and highest paid school employees, sounds like they decided it made for bad optics. Not only does it sound like religious discrimination, but also quite arbitrary in its application. I don’t know how they can legally justify reversing an exemption that had already been granted (unless they claim he somehow lied on the initial application or something). I hope he sues.

    Given that Enlightenment liberalism is the ideological basis of the founding of this country, and that the thrust of legislation and jurisprudence, over the last 100 years especially, has tended toward religious indifferentism and opposition to anything resembling an established religion defined as socially or culturally “normative,” I don’t see how anyone who claims a religious exemption can be denied legally on any grounds. If I simply say I am opposed to this, or to any vaccines or other medical treatments, for “religious” reasons, that should end the discussion, even without delving into theological specifics (or even if I claim to have founded my own “Church of Dennis the Revelator”). Employers or others shouldn’t even have the right to question the depth, sincerity, or basis of the claimed “religious” beliefs. To do so at all should be deemed, ipso facto, illegal religious discrimination in our current law and jurisprudence.

  13. Dennis

    I should totally incorporate the Church of Dennis the Revelator, declare myself Pontifex Maximus in Perpetuity of the CDR, and apply for tax exempt status with the IRS. If the Scientologists qualify, why not my CDR?

  14. The True Nolan

    Regarding the diversity in advertising matter, in a nice bit of synchronicity, I happened to be reading a copy of the magazine “Science News” today. For years (decades?) now, I have been noticing the push to marginalize the role of White men in science and in Western culture in general. Whether one approves of it or not, the fact is, Western Culture, and especially science are the products of a majority of White men. That is not at all what you see when you read popular scientific oriented magazines. I decide to do a count of sex and racial characteristics of people in the magazine, articles and advertisements.
    Final counts for sexes shown?
    Male: 36
    Female: 46
    unknown: 2
    White: 34
    POC: 44
    Unknown: 6
    Breakdown of Whites?
    White Male: 13
    White Female: 21

    Categories were judged strictly by personal interpretation and opinion, but I suspect the numbers are pretty close. Conclusion? Article illustrations and advertisements are slanted to portray a demographic which does not match real world propensities and abilities. If I were reading Sports Magazine or Hip Hop Today! I would EXPECT to see a majority of POC; they seem to excel in those fields. But Science? Not so much. I would expect to see (if reporting were being done impartially as far as sex and race go) more White men portrayed. Instead, White men are being actively marginalized and are only shown as about 15% instead of the majority.

  15. JRob

    As Tom Wolfe called it in Bonfire of the Vanities: Plaques for Blacks

  16. Crew

    Science these days is rapidly becoming another Cargo Cult!

  17. Rudolph Harrier

    Science was “becoming” a cargo cult when Feynman gave his lecture on Cargo Cult Science. It now IS a cargo cult.

  18. awildgoose

    You’d have thought a head football coach at a large university like WSU would have been a shoo-in for, “Club Saline Placebo.”

    Guess not!

  19. Leo

    @awildgoose 5:59
    A prop shot perhaps?
    Just make it’s loaded with blanks.

  20. Crew

    I leave you with this:


    At the annual meeting of Women Against the Gap, Prodigy unveils a model of mathematical ability that brings together seemingly isolated facts. He demonstrates that there is a single math ability gap between the sexes, biological in origin, and independent of race, culture and geography. Prodigy introduces the theory of Everyone which accounts for all available data.

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