The End Of The Steal? Update With Pence’s Letter of Surrender

The End Of The Steal? Update With Pence’s Letter of Surrender

You can’t say it’s been dull. Not when this happened:

That’s a screenshot from early Monday morning, because I worry the content itself will disappear. Or Wood will. It’s only three in a long series of similar, um, thrusts—so check the link for more. There is much, much more, too. No literal smoking gun videos. Not yet, or not never. Who knows.

If that was the oddest thing, Biden’s campaign itself can only be described as miraculous.

I mean it: a genuine miracle. If the election was straight.

He sat in his mother’s basement most of the year, emerging occasionally to address crowds in the high single digits, all appropriately socially distanced. In one or two cases, there were even as many as two dozen non-media people.

Even the Immaculate One, Obama himself, in his efforts on Biden’s behalf couldn’t draw more than a deck of cards worth of people.

No one could remember a single thing he said, including himself. His only messages were “I’m not Trump”, and “Death is coming.”

Yet, somehow—nobody has been able to say how—more people voted for Biden than for Obama, than for anybody. That had to be a miracle.

Or it had to be cheating.

Which it was.

Regular readers will recall we documented a large number of stolen votes, queer results that were best explained by theft, and what Biden when he was alive called shenanigans. No point rehashing all that now. If it had any effect, it’s already played out. We’ll have plenty of time later to remind ourselves how easy it is to steal a Presidential election. Just ask JFK, Richard Nixon, and the honorable Richard J Daley.

The day after the election the fight was on to restore proper votes. It was Trump and the Deplorables on one side, and everybody else on the other. We outnumbered them in bodies, but they had most of the power. We’ll see today which counts for more.

It didn’t take long before the Party of Cucks began their planned, and inevitable, premature surrender.

What’s that? You say some Republicans are publicly supporting Trump? Uh huh. The best they said was “The 2020 election … featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations and lax enforcement of election law, and other voting irregularities.” Allegations?!

Tom Cotton, a man who briefly hinted he might have hair on this testicles, melted in the heat and announced he’d support the Deep State. It’s likely hhe made some kind of deal and turned coat. Investment tips? Hot committee assignment? Lies about supporting him for a Presidential bid? It doesn’t matter, really.

The Turtle joined his withered mitts with Shrunken Skin Pelosi to put in a fix. The Uniparty people figured that Trump supporters, who they somewhat fear because they are passionate and vote, would be placated by a staged debate, after which the hammer would fall.

The GOP branch of the Uniparty would then announce, “At least we tried. Now we need your donations.”

Let’s see if that happens.

At any rate, since the GOP knows only surrender, with its victories thin and infrequent, it is past time to abandon all support of them. The debate is whether to reform the party, which is impossible, or to begin a new one, which will be weak. Weak it may be, but it can’t be weaker than the Cucks.

We don’t need to reform the GOP branch of the Uniparty. We need a second party. That doesn’t seem likely, since parties cost money, and the other side has most of it. Of course, if Trump pulls it off tomorrow, this task will be infinitely easier.

There’s no point in not admitting the best likely won’t happen. Still, genuine miracles do happen. Mike Pence could have his Road-to-Damascus moment and remember his duty.

But if that doesn’t happen…Leo Wong on Twitter asked “What would a Harris-Biden administration look like”, correctly putting the names in the proper order. I replied like when the carpetbaggers descended upon the South in 1865, only with more greed.

The primary motivation of our rulers is twofold: steal as much as they can for them and their own, and show everybody who is boss. Punishments galore will be meted out for having the temerity for not having stood against Trump.

Yet…yet if the real miracle does happen, the screeching world-piercing lamentations from the women on the left, both its males and females, will be glorious.

Reminder: There are many other theories of how this can all play out to the 20th itself. I have been told by friends of ours you can trust that if Pence utters “12th Amendment” anytime today, more can happen. More to come on that.



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  1. Shecky R

    get back on your meds Briggsy or keep residing in your fiction-infused mentally-ill bubble… better than any soap opera.

  2. “What would a Harris-Biden administration look like”?
    Russia, 1918. Bosnia, 1992.

  3. Jerry

    You gotta hand it to the GOP – they can put on a rousing show. I suppose they have enough experience that they should.
    Likewise, you gotta hand it to the Left – they have put on a a real clinic of “How to get what you want – and more”.
    Never was there a more despicable bunch, and yet they walk away with the trophy every time. Trump was the exception, even the best get caught with their pants down occasionally.
    I had hoped that enough of the GOP would have enjoyed winning – if only for the sheer novelty of it – to actually try to keep hold of it for awhile. Was it so bad to win? Enjoy a little power themselves for a change?
    This is all above my pay grade.

  4. awildgoose

    Pretty sure that Powell and Wood both took the ticket to run ops to discredit the actual fraud investigation.

    I thought Biden’s Secretary of State nom talking tough about China’s new HK crackdown was the cutest kayfabe I’ve seen in a while.

  5. Sheri

    Lin Wood the conspiracy nut?

    Never underestimate the value of hatred in an election. Really, Americans vote AGAINST people far more often than they vote for anyone. Actually, it would have miracle had Biden not cheated. Let’s get our miracles straight. Plus, Biden BEAT OUT OBAMA FOR THE MOST VOTES EVER!!! Never stop mentioning what a LOSER Obama turned out to be, beaten by the Turnip in the Basement. Make posters.

    Why are people not ending their tweets with “Twitter is diputed” in red??? How useless the right is….

    Yes, Tom Cotton is a rat and so will Pence be. Everyone has a price and Satan has more money than God. And God does NOT save a society that sells out to Satan over and over and over and over. Satan worshippers are not saved.

    Donations to the GOP will continue. Americans are idiots, remember?

    Shecky, poster child for why not to watch soap operas.

  6. Zundfolge

    Went to bed last night and the R’s were ahead in the Georgia race with only a couple of Republican counties left to report and I wake up this morning with two shiny new Democrat Senators from GA (which is what I pretty much expected). So they stole the Senate, and later today they’ll wrap up their theft of the White House.

    America … it was nice while it lasted.

  7. If Putin and his former KGB goons ran an operation like this against Trump, that would explain many puzzling aspects of his conduct over the past four years.

    I’m assuming these blackmail sessions went down in the basement of a pizza parlor somewhere?

  8. DAV

    Uh, yeah, sure, whatever you say.

  9. vssc

    To survive; band together, form ranks.

    Or perish, justly for being the most heavily armed cowards in history.

    No, the silent AR will not save you; that bluff has been called.

    No, you will not fend them off alone.
    Less than 4 can’t even run, less than 8 won’t survive.

    For the schoolhouse Rockers here is your Constitutionally and legally mandated militia duty.

    Our Common Duty

    Men’s Duty is to Defend

    There actually exists Constitutional and legal mandates for all men to band together in local militias.

    2D Amendment Mandate
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
    This isn’t the individual right to bear arms, its a mandate for all men to be in a militia. This was a necessary duty we fell down on, its not about crime, self defense, or hunting. Nice GOP scam on that one NRA, an individual is nothing in war.

    Legal Mandated Militia Duty
    All adult males 17-45 are in the militia, if National Guard organized militia, the rest in unorganized militia – which is in no way a prohibition from organizing to be “well regulated” that is organized and trained. 10USC, Section 246-the Militia.

    These aren’t rights.
    These are duties.
    If you want to ensure our survival and a future for our children; Form Ranks.

  10. Bernard of Clairvaux

    Pence has made no indication he will do anything other than just count the electoral votes he’s given, so the chances of anything different occurring are vanishingly small. He’ll argue that the Constitution made him do it. The real question is how soon will the word Penceling enter common parlance amongst the Deplorables.

  11. Briggs

    awildgoose, Thanks.

  12. Dennis

    This country is finished. With the Presidential steal complete, the GOP establishment long-since exposed as worthless, spineless cucks, and the Senate now in Democrat control as well, the road to 100% pure unadulterated Covid-based woke tyranny will never end (crass, sacrilegious, and utterly brain-dead nonsense like “amen and awomen” is just the beginning for the clown-world sh*tshow this Congress will be).

    And having a Covid Cultist President and Congress will, even where they are limited in actual power themselves to impose the national face diaper mandates forever that they keep demanding and other tyrannical measures, just embolden Democrat governors and mayors and assorted other scum everywhere to continue doubling-down on this Corona tyranny and insanity making life a living hell from which the only escape is death. I pray for thousands of Lee Oswalds, Sirhan Sirhans and John Wilkes Booths to arise and cleanse this nation of its political and media class, and that some rogue genius with a nuclear bomb explodes it over the Capitol on Jan 20. Anyone who managed to accomplish that feat and wipe DC off the map would be mankind’s greatest benefactor.

  13. Zundfolge

    Dennis, its not just the GOP Establishment that are worthless, spineless cucks. Most of the people are too. As vssc points out, we’re likely going to “… perish, justly for being the most heavily armed cowards in history…”

  14. Rudolph Harrier

    The only republicans that can now be supported are those that supported President Trump at cost to themselves, or those with a long track record of actually voting for what they promised (ex. Mike Lee, Rand Paul). This constitutes maybe 5% of the GOP if counting is generous. Everyone else gets nothing, not even a vote.

  15. Dennis

    The establishment Uniparty with left-liberal and right-liberal wings needs to be broken up and a real and viable third party take the place of the worthless GOP wing. There is no reason to ever again vote for a Republican (or to vote for that matter, especially in a Presidential election, since it’s clear no true election reform will be coming in the wake of the massive fraud of 2020). We need a genuine Party of the Right in this country to smash the GOP in the wake of its gross betrayals over the years.

  16. Zundfolge

    Dennis, you’re argument seems to be “The system is irretrievably broken, so we need to use the system to fix the system.”

    War or slavery is our only choice now and we’re all too well fed and comfortable (and probably squeamish) to choose war.

  17. Dennis

    I want to smash and dismantle the system as it currently is (Ultimately, to be frank, I’d dismantle the entire US federal government, break up the country altogether, and toss its Masonic Enlightenment Constitution on the fire). But doing everything possible to smash the GOP wing of that system would at least be a good start. (That the Dem wing needs smashing as well – and is objectively even worse than the GOP on most every policy – goes without saying; but the GOP were supposed to be on OUR side, so they must perish first).

  18. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    A proper response to The Democrat theft of two more senatorial seats, and all that has gone before this election season is 1 John 4; 11-18.

    Even if one of the GOPers had won, we all know Mittens would have switched parties to “make it fair.”

    Dear Briggs. You certainly did more than your share of heavy lifting. God Bless you

  19. Sheri

    Lee: Too much of the wacky weed again…..

    I TOLD you Pence was nothing but a demon. No one ever listens and then the Capitol is breached, tear gas, gunfire, broken windows. All hell is breaking loose–and that was the plan and Americans obediently played right into it. Welcome to Hell.

  20. While Sheri’s diatribes can become predictable and tiresome, she brings up a valid point (not that she or I am the first to think of it). Trying to say “it’s a fraud and a steal because nobody cares about Biden and yet he got more votes than Obama” is a poor argument. There hasn’t been a candidate that has attracted as hatred as Trump has in living memory. The vast majority of nominal Biden votes were shrieking “not Trump” votes.

    As to “war or slavery,” get real. No one is or will be in chains, people will be living in 2024 pretty much as they are now. Yes, apathetic, delusional, and either smug or angry but still pretty much the same.

    For the record, my vote was cast for Trump, though it was pointless since I live in California. And I was appalled by the ludicrous “Amen and Awoman,” and more so by the asinine “gender free language rules” adopted by the House. My business partner pointed out that that prayer was uttered by the (as far as I can tell, retarded in the literal meaning of the term) Representative who feared that Guam would tip over and capsize. I tweeted that there is no hope.

    But like the “war or slavery” language, like my “there is no hope” language is pure hyperbole.

  21. Dennis

    “…’because nobody cares about Biden and yet he got more votes than Obama’ is a poor argument…”

    I agree to the extent anyone argues about absolute numbers as if they prove anything, because population has increased as well. Trump and Clinton each got over 12 million more votes in 2016 than Reagan in 1984. That certainly doesn’t prove they were both more popular than Regan in ’84! Plenty of much better evidence of mass fraud than just raw vote count. Aside from raw numbers though, among other things, it is highly suspicious that in a handful of urban areas of swing states Biden allegedly drew voter turnout in greater percentages than Obama in either 2008 or 2012. Does anyone with a brain seriously believe voters in say, inner city Milwaukee, Philadelphia, or Detroit were more excited to turn out for Biden than Obama? And that’s just for starters. No question the election was stolen, and Biden will be the most illegitimate President ever. And establishment GOP cucks like McConnell have only themselves to blame for losing the Senate as well. I only hope the farce of having an illegitimate and decrepit puppet as President will hasten the collapse of this crumbling, decadent regime.

  22. Dennis

    The Conservative Inc. toerags at TAC and NRO are having conniption fits. Hilarious stuff.

    Dreher is predictably hyperventilating about an “assault on constitutional democracy” (he’s probably got David French on the line helping him breathe through his Covid-muzzle with relaxing mantras about “liberal democratic norms and procedures”). Apparently massive election fraud to steal the Presidency is not an “assault on constitutional Democracy” but contesting and protesting against such electoral theft is!

    Larison is calling for expedited impeachment and conviction of Trump before Jan 20! All the more reason for Trump to issue a flurry of pardons and Executive orders pronto. Start with Snowden and Assange if he wants to really piss off the Deep State military-industrial-surveillance complex and their compliant tools in the mainstream media (none of whom have gone to bat for Assange – except Glenn Greenwald, one of the few honest leftists around).

    MBD says there is “no evidence” of “material fraud” in the election, but claims Trump actively incited violence while presenting “no evidence” if that claim himself (unless he thinks contesting an election amounts to ipso facto “incitement”). No evidence of material fraud? Has he been hiding under a rock for the past 2 months? Or just taking dictation form NRO’s neo-conman donors?

    Hope they burn it all down. The Capitol in a heap of ash and rubble would be what this nation and Congress deserve. I might actually turn the TV on for the first time in a month just to see it glow.

  23. Scott in Phx

    Well, unfortunately, there really is no way for the VP to stop the steal. He doesn’t have that power.

    That is up to the House and the Senate.

    Obviously the Dem House isn’t going to stop the steal.

    But, sadly the Republican controlled Senate won’t either.

    The Founders didn’t really design a system that was impervious to fraud.

  24. Briggs:

    What do you think of this stuff by Edward Soloman?

    ( )

    I thought his original stuff made sense – but went through the “math paper” attached to the statements linked in the article above and thought it more than a little off. Now, I know little about number theory but evenless about his particular focus and, of course, I want him to be right. So… what do you and your readers think?

  25. Scott in Phx


    a gross mis-reading of the 2A.

    the militia clause was merely a “consolation prize” to the anti-Federalists who had tried to stop the adoption of the Constitution, and failing that, the ability of the Congress to raise a standing army.

    But the a-f’s were bought off by the Federalists who promised a Bill of Rights.

    Madison gave them the right to arms but as regards the militia, the standing army, and Congress they didn’t get anything.

    The militia clause just expresses the idea that the militia is necessary to the security of a free state but it and the entire 2A leave the Congress in control of the militia and to raise a standing army.

    The Congress has neglected the militia and raised up the standing army.

    The 2A doesn’t change that.

  26. Alan Breedlove

    With all due respect to the private citizens like Briggs who worked to uncover the election fraud, Trump used them. Had Trump truly believed the election was stolen—not from him but from the majority of American voters—it was his duty to uphold the Constitution and use every legal means necessary to uncover the fraud. On November 6 he should have invited the congressional leaders of both parties to the White House and explained that he was going to put his political and personal reputation on the line and unleash the federal government to seize and impound every ballot and voting machine in the six states and follow the evidence to wherever it leads. Instead, we got Giuliani, Lin Wood and the Kraken lady, none of whom have any experience in federal election or Constitutional law. Trump took the coward’s path, and lost both the election and whatever shards of respect he had left.

  27. Rudolph Harrier

    Do your part to cheat in the next election. Fraud is an acknowledged part of our democratic process, and not engaging in fraud is as bad as not voting.

  28. Brian

    This is some first-class, unfounded, rumor-monging. Waaaay out in right field. Beyond the fence. By a mile.

  29. Dennis

    “On November 6 he should have invited the congressional leaders of both parties to the White House and explained that he was going to put his political and personal reputation on the line and unleash the federal government to seize and impound every ballot and voting machine in the six states and follow the evidence to wherever it leads.“

    Ah yes, that could have happened because the Democrats in Congress are so amenable to reason and working with Trump (especially in contesting an election they claim their guy won), and the right-liberal controlled opposition establishment GOP was really ready to fight tooth and nail for Trump if only he’d invited them and their left-liberal Dem buddies to a pow-wow at the White House three days after the election. And what force or authority could Trump have used to impound election machines or taken other action in 6 states by force, especially when he got little to no help locally from GOP state legislators, governors, or Secretaries of State? He was impeded every step of the way in contesting the election by what is supposed to be his own party (but really isn’t and never was – it’s the party of spineless establishment derp state weasels like McConnell, Romney, Lindsay Graham, and Gov Kemp).

    And now after today’s political theatre psyop, protests are being used as a pretext to shut down the already weak and perfunctory attempts by some senators and congressmen to object to certification.
    Politicians and media who made excuses for, or even egged on, the BurnLootMurder and Antifa riots destroying cities all across the country all summer are now pretending a few people running around the Capitol taking selfies in Pelosi’s office and breaking a couple windows are an unprecedented “assault on our dumbocracy.” The US is a sick joke and failed state – irredeemable and irreformable – and the sooner the system collapses entirely the better. Only then might there be a chance anything decent can be built in its place from out of the ruins.

  30. C-Marie

    Patience. Patience. This is only the beginning. Much more is to come to pass. In order to be able to survive, mentally, emotionally, physically, each of us must abide in Jesus Christ and He will abide in us. This means a definite acceptance of Christ’s Lordship over oneself in every way. This means complete capitulation of oneself to Him.

    For years much of America and much of the church has been working their way, away from God and His commandments. Remember, He is God whether one believes in Him or not. There is no nothing when one dies.

    The murders of the unborn and just born children, the denial of God’s creation of human gender and sexuality which covers ever so much, greed, graft, corruption, and so much more, and now He is allowing America to reap and harvest, what has been sown. It will be a very rough ride. Jesus Christ alone is our peace.

    God our Father has a plan. Be with Him. Be His. Trust Him. To have fellowship, one must trust, and God is completely trustworthy.

    God bless, C-Marie

  31. Rogelio García

    One thing is sure: every generation has the feeling that it is the chosen one, living history-changing events. Usually this is not true, and things end up going back to normal, whatever “normal” is. But not this time. We are indeed witnessing the starting point of such extraordinary changes that 2020/2021 will be regarded as a gate to a scenario we can´t totally foresee. Life is not going to be the same in any way.

  32. I can sympathize with Mr. Pence. The Dems have a history of sweeping away checks and balances for a short term gain and then having such arrogations of power turn around to bite them when the majority changes. And he didn’t want the sort of authority being claimed for him sitting around for the next Dem VP to pick up and wield like a bludgeon (or, more likely, a bayonet).

    Legitimate governance rests upon the consent of the governed. Let’s see how many of us they really are willing to throw in jail.

    …considering Kamala Harris’ treatment of minor drug offenders, and the overall authoritarian habits of the Left, it IS likely to be a lot.

  33. Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin,

    Over the years Republicans have been especially harsh on Drug Offenders. Harris would fit right in.

    Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

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