On Excess Deaths & Covid: Could Vaccines Be Upping Totals? — Coronavirus Update CIII

On Excess Deaths & Covid: Could Vaccines Be Upping Totals? — Coronavirus Update CIII

This week I thought it would be fun to focus on Expert over-certainty, hubris, and absurdity. And, of course, theirs and rulers’ bloodthirstyness. But before all that, a serious analysis of “excess” deaths and vaccines.

The gist is this: CDC says 96.3% of 65+ year olds have had at least one dose. Yet the most vaccinated are still dying the most from covid.

The youngest, without vaccination, are dying the least (or scarcely at all).


The scare quotes are a necessity. There are no such things as “excess” deaths except with reference to a counterfactual model. Ever. We may say “This is how many deaths we would have seen if there was no coronadoom or vaccines”, but the numbers are conditional on a state which does not exist. So they can never be verified.

So a model representing this non-state (no coronadoom/no vaccine) is a logical necessity. And all models, good and bad, only say what they are told to say.

With those caveats, here are the monthly all-cause deaths by age group since January 2020 (the CDC doesn’t publish these as one source before that date: source):

We’ll be careful, so pardon my pedantry. This is for the whole USA. Drop offs at end are due to late counting; after two months, most counts are in.

The most obvious feature is that old people die in larger numbers than young. No one can be surprised by this. It changes only for the youngest, those under 1 year. This is also not surprising. Making it through year zero dramatically improves survival.

Focus on 85 years or older only, the group with the largest deaths. We see what we take to be the first coronadoom wave in April-May 2020, the second wave (in the southern/western USA) in summer 2020, the 2021 winter peak, and the Dreaded Delta blip in summer 2021. We don’t yet assign causes with any certainty.

The DD is only a blip, too, compared to the previous waves. Notice another thing: seemingly superimposed on the peaks are a general downward trend. These all must have a cause, or causes.

One might be that the first waves of the coronadoom killed off the most vulnerable, people who would have died, say, in the next year, but died now (as it were), right after the man-made bug was released or escaped. Monthly deaths in the summer 2020 were about 10 thousand higher than in summer 2021, when the doom was not peaking.

Why is the DD only a blip? Perhaps, in part, vaccines. CDC says 96.3% of 65+ year olds have had at least one dose.

A plausible story, for the oldest, is that the winter of 2019 was mild, with few flu deaths, and then in spring 2020 the doom hit (thanks for the funding, Dr Fauci!). The oldest succumbed most easily. Winter came, and people, as they always do, died off in larger numbers, from the doom and all other diseases.

Vaccines were introduced (in large numbers) in the early spring of 2021, and the oldest got them first. Deaths from the doom, in a relative sense, began to drop, until the Dreaded Delta came along. It was easier to spread, but less deadly, in part because of its intrinsic characteristics, or in part because of vaccines.

Or, in part, because the most vulnerable were already dead by the time of DD.

How much credit we give each cause we can’t do, not without making some sort of model, which means making assumptions.

Our plausible story, though, is a combination horror story—Expert hubris at playing Prometheus—and success story—Experts creating vaccines to cure the bug they created.

Let’s see if this story holds for other groups. Focus on 75-84 year olds. Similar, but not quite the same story. Summer 2021 deaths are a tad lower than than summer 2020. Not as many vulnerable to die is one possibility. The doom peaks in the same spots. This group is just as vaccinated.

Now 65-74. Same thing, except now deaths in both summers are about the same. Also, the DD-timing is just about as bad as the spring 2020 peak. This group is slightly less vaccinated than the others. We can’t say it’s the DD itself, and its characteristics, being the full cause, because we don’t know whether it’s deadlier for this group, or whether something new, like the vaccines and weakened immune systems (because of the vaccine), interacting with the DD.

Now 55-64. The doom signal starts to attenuate in a large way. This age group just isn’t dying at the same rates as the older. The DD peak now is larger than the initial spring 2020 peak. People are even less vaccinated here, but still the rates are higher compared to those even younger.

Funny the DD peak is so high, though. The peak wasn’t for the oldest, where if we believe the vaccine did all the shrinking, it should do the same for all ages, like all Experts claim. The only other plausible candidate is the vaccine+doom interaction, meaning Experts are in error.

We’re in danger of missing things because of disparities in age signals. Let’s focus in on younger groups:

Again focus on the oldest, 45-54. A remarkable change! The doom was never bad for this group until winter 2021, and then again in the Dreaded Delta—which here matched the intensity of the winter. Amazing. Starting in the summer 2021, it was this group that was most aggressively targeted for vaccination. Firings began for those who did not believe Experts.

The spring-summer 2020 was normal, as was the winter 2021, in the sense that deaths are what we’d expect. But the DD-timing surge is curious. The alpha variant was the one responsible for the winter 2021 peak, and that is supposed to be more virulent. How is it that the DD alone is causing a higher peak?

Recall these are all-cause deaths. So here it’s even more plausible something else introduced to the system, in concert with the bug, is causing the surge in deaths. It could be vaccines, it could be something else. But you can’t dismiss vaccines.

After all, side effects in the young are more common than in the old.

Okay, now 35-44. Suddenly, the DD-timing peak is higher. This group, too, was also targeted strongly for vaccination. Propaganda wasn’t in it. You can see that the previous peaks were never huge, relatively speaking, so there should have been less impetus to vaccinated, and more caution. Only those with strong comorbidities, say, should have been jabbed. Not everybody en masse.

Notice, too, the summer 2021 deaths were higher than the summer 2020 deaths, periods in which the bug wasn’t surging—but the vaccines were.

The story for 25-34 year olds is similar, but with more vaccine “hesitancy”. There was little evidence the bug itself was wreaking any kind of havoc. Vaccines were still pushed as “the” solution, though.

Let’s zoom in again on the youngest groups:

The 15-24 year olds don’t have any discernible doom signal in the all-cause deaths. The strange dip here (and for the next younger) is probably a count-timing signal (these are monthly aggregations). There is no reason for vaccinating this group, shown from this data. But neither have this group been vaccinated in large numbers, so there is no other increase in deaths.

The same is true for the youngest groups. No peaks, at all, in all-cause deaths. Vaccines for kids are not warranted. The Under 1 year group deaths have even decreased. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps increased vigilance.

This is long, but let’s now do the attributed doom deaths, and see if they match our story. Here’s the attributed covid deaths by age:

Again, the oldest died, they said, in greater numbers than the younger.

The 85+ group died in largest numbers, until the DD, where they were overtaken by the 65-74 and 75-84 year olds, backing up our surmise that by the summer 2021 the most vulnerable eldest were already dead from the gain-of-lethality experiment.

One again, the 55-64 years olds had peaks with the DD as they did in winter 2021 with the Awesome Alpha. This, again, is damned curious because this group had large vaccination rates. Why wasn’t it working against the DD? Or was the vaccine weakening the immune system, and when the DD hit the vaccinated, they succumbed more easily?

That would only make sense if the vaccine does not well represent the bug itself. Which it doesn’t. It only makes your body make the spike protein, ignoring all other aspects of the bug. Some are saying because of this, immune systems, tuned only to the spike, craps out when confronted by the bug itself. This data is consistent with that story.

Let’s focus in again:

Look at 45-54 year olds. Curious, no? Perhaps a bit of an increase overlaid by surges, with the DD being the largest of all, by far. This curve does not mimic the all-cause curve, indicating something else is in the system.

The same story holds for 25-34 and and 35-44 year olds.

More focus:

Dude. Remind yourself of the all-cause 15-24 deaths. There was no DD-timing peak, nor even any doom peaks; there was even a slight decrease of all-cause at the end.

Yet here is a whopping increase in attributed doom deaths. If this is real, then this age group suddenly got very healthy in every other sense, to make up for the doom deaths. Or it isn’t real, and these doom deaths are over-attributed. Or caused by the vaccine—in a group not yet blanket vaccinated.

Again, remind yourself of the all-caused deaths for everybody younger than 15. A general decrease, or holding steady. No signal of any kind.

Yet here, in the attributed doom deaths, a slight uptick at the end. Coinciding with the DD—and an increase in health in every other way—or the vaccine making inroads to this group.

Well, there you are. There are “excess” deaths in those north of 24, but none in those as young or younger. In the sense that we’d expect only to see the usual winter peak in all-cause deaths.

Something is causing the strange signals. The bug is obviously killing people, thanks to Science. The deaths due to covid are surely, in part, over-attributed in the young. And there is some evidence the vaccine in the young hurts rather than helps, as it seems to in the very old.

Anything more has to wait for more data. If the vaccine is harmful in the younger, then as they mandate it, we should see the all-cause deaths tick up.

We wouldn’t have to do any of this if our Experts kept better track of causes of death and side effects of vaccines. Recording them isn’t even a thing in medicine. No one is quite sure why.

Or why don’t they track covid deaths by those with and without vaccines? How else can we track this?

Hey, it’s Science.



4 January 2021: One jab, 100%.

22 July 2021: Two doses, 85%-90%

Two AstraZeneca shots could be 85-90% effective, UK data suggests

22 October 2021: Three jabs, almost 100%.


22 October 2021: Four jabs, almost 100%


Break into their homes and forcibly vax them:

Isolate the starve them to death, to “protect” the agency in charge of their health.


Isolate the starve them to death, to “protect”, well, nobody.

As any Expert how long you will have to carry a “freedom” pass. One week? A month? A year? Two? Ten? Forever?

Watch them suddenly change the subject.


The CDC, here implying a woman can impregnate another woman, also asks you to trust them on vaccines and Covid “solutions.”


The noble lie is, indeed, official policy:

On the other hand:





Trust doctors.



We’ve had enough numbers this week. Except for these two.

“Cases” (which are fake & gay, but which drive the panic):

And flu, which the media tried to panic us about, but which is still gone. For now.

There are also indications, as we long predicted, of doom deaths creeping up in the growing-cold-people-going-inside north.

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  1. awildgoose

    Anyone who has worked in STEM that knows the efficacy of the flu vaccine knew the claimed WuFlu jab efficacy numbers were laughable.

    As for the techno-tyranny they’re planning, the supply chain issues, if they are real, will put a huge crimp in those plans.

    If the supply chain stories are just another media hoax to cover hoarding of material for the techno-tyranny…we’re in trouble…

  2. Sheri

    awildgoose: We would be in trouble if we weren’t depressed, suicidal idiots. If that were not true, war might break out. But do not fear. We are LOOOOOSSSEEERRRS.

    ********A friend of ours finally got “fully” vaccinated. His wife was “fully” vaccinated. His wife now has Covid. So much for the fake vexxine.

    Thank you for noting there is no such thing as “excess” deaths. One sees this everywhere—science claiming to possess powers of magical foresight where none exists. You see it in climate science too. These are magical numbers, even more fictional than the “i” numbers of calculus, which never made sense either.

    Probably because the most vulnerable were already dead. It’s true with all diseases, natural disasters, etc. There are a large number of deaths in the first wave. The second wave those who remain are the stronger. Oh, wait, that’s Darwin and he was killed off by climate scientists……Sorry…..

    Have you considered that the elites are elderly quite often and they control the money and the drugs for this fake pandemic? Perhaps another causal factor. Killing off the competition.

    They don’t track deaths and infections because real numbers are so hard to beat into propaganda and lying to the public. Made up numbers are so much easier.

    Covid IS A POLITICAL MOVEMENT AND EVENT, NOT A VIRUS. It never was a pandemic nor was it a major threat except politically as the dictators killed and destroyed their victims. They still starve people, keep them isolated—everything Hitler and Mao and Stalin did. Exactly. Yet THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD WANTS and they do nothing to end it. So enjoy your hell.

    I don’t think v@ccinated can save the people in the picture. They are DEAD, they just don’t know it yet. I need eye bleach…..

    Blair Peters, hero of the legalize pedophilia movement (not just because he’s gay).

    The plague lasted 300 years and we’re whining and being turned into slaves for a two year virus? We deserve hell on earth, a hundred times over. We are disgusting horrible creatures.

  3. Ann Cherry

    Here is a website, entitled “From Rome / News and Commentary on the Catholic Church” which may be of interest, even for many non-Catholics.

    Please note (as of this writing) the first two items: first, an article very on-point with Briggs’ post today, entitled “European youth deaths rise sharply – and nobody dares ask why” and, second, a 9-minute video entitled: “Not only Br. Bugnolo says we are about to see a massive die off of humanity”:


    We may also ask, “Why is the Vatican trying to normalize “Trans-humanism”? Six minutes:


  4. Crew

    It seems there is a signal of additional deaths for more than the 45-54 age group.

    However, I see that you have already discussed that.

    Perhaps they were not intending to kill all those people. Perhaps they were!

  5. brad tittle

    @Sheri — yes we are losers.

    @wildgoose — I have managed to thwart the supply chain issues without too much difficulty.

    When I walk into the Cash and Carry, I look to see what is available. If they don’t have the perfect type of bulk meat, I pick a different one. But I have only run in there a couple times and had missing.

    Costco has run out of toilet paper. I show up early in the morning and they have it. (I need to buy 1 package every 9 months).

    Dole Pineapple was missing for a long time at Costco. I managed to survive without pineapple from Costco.

    The computer I just built took 5 days to get here parts wise. I ended up having to buy a new power supply from BestBuy. I had to pick from 3 different ones in the power level I wanted.

    Vanilla? 3 years ago, it was close to $50 a bottle at Costco. Last week, it was $15.

  6. Johnno

    A thing we need to get right about elderly deaths is… did they really initually die of THE COVID ™, or was it because of… something else…?

    Were we being decieved from the very start? Hence why Cuomo was very eager to shove them into nursing homes where they could quietly apply the new protocols?

    Then after the trick was played, the vexxines do the rest?

    Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition

  7. Johnno

    Story of interest! Italy has apparently revised their covi-dead numbers, and would you look at that…?!

    Is Italy looking for an exit from the CoronaScam? Italian Department of Health revises all-time Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to… 3783.


    A deleted government report exploring how to make the public alter its behavior to accept the new ‘green economy’ reveals how COVID-19 restrictions have created a population with a “deep set reverence” for authority and a “powerful tendency to conform.”

    Boosters are a’comin! Mix and match ’em. THE SCIENCE ™ doesn’t care.

  8. Johnno
  9. Cookie

    The game is now quite apparent, to make the old way so toxic that people around the globe will go to Global Government as a preferable option.

    That is what has happened with the Scamdemic, the option of not taking the jab is ostracism, so you now have W.H.O dictating health.

    Follow the money fingerprint at the W.H.O to find the invisible hand behind this agenda.

    How has our representatives allowed this all to happened?

    By money control, trained minions in key positions, reprogramming of the young.

    Nothing has been left to chance.

    State governments will now be tasked with carrying out the demands of Global Government, those who don’t abide will be ostracized.

    Global warming narrative is back to bring in the next phase of control.

    How do you stop it.

    By identifying the players and making it toxic for them to continue.

  10. Ann Cherry

    Sheesh. Once more with feeling:

    Rush Limbaugh used to talk about “illustrating absurdity by being absurd.” One of the best at this fine art, is JP Sears. Briggs posted a great JP Sears video on your Twitter, entitled “Drug Companies Don’t Fund The Media! Stop Asking!”


    Another JP Sears video from earlier this month, is entitled “Why College Is a “GREAT” Idea in 2021”. Among other things, Sears notes this:

    “It will teach your daughters to allow violations. Fathers, thinking about sending your daughters to college? Now, with our mandatory injections, your daughter is pressured into allowing something to be injected into her body, or she won’t be accepted into University. This is a powerful lesson that will set her up well for her dating life, because now when some creep pressures her to be penetrated, or else he won’t want to see her again, she’ll do it, whether she wants to or not! We require her to let others do with her body what they want, which will help the guys she’s dating be much less frustrated, then if she had boundaries which guarded her sovereignty.”


  11. Aaron Glover

    As a recent addition to the 45 – 54 group, any and all analysis relating to that strata will be selfishly devoured.

    “It could be vaccines, it could be something else. But you can’t dismiss vaccines.”

    I’ve split humanity into 3 groups: vaccine happy, vaccine hesitant and vaccine repugnant.
    a) The vaccine happy got their shots the first chance they could. Easily lead, easily manipulated and easy to control.
    b) The vaccine hesitant require extra effort to be lead, more convincing to be manipulated and questionable ability to be controlled. A threatened mandate works well on this group.
    c) Vaccine repugnant? None of that gonna happen

    The curious thing is that the first group doesn’t seem to blip immediately post-vaccination; rather, it seems to be the second group, the hesitant.

    If it is all about power and control, the happily vaccinated are done as they will swallow or be injected by anything they are told to, and the unvaccinated are known, lesser in numbers and easily targeted(up in the true North, at any rate).
    But those late-comers to the table of a mid-pandemic inoculation party, the hesitant…

  12. Pk

    Aaron, that was my thought the other day. Your post makes me more intransigent.

  13. Crew

    c) Vaccine repugnant? None of that gonna happen

    I am not vaccine repugnant. I have been vaccinated before (sometimes without my consent, ie as a child when I was vaccinated against smallpox and polio) and am not opposed to vaccines.

    However, the circumstances around the #ClotShot, the immunity that the manufacturers enjoy and my high level of knowledge now leads me to say that I will not voluntarily accept the #ClotShot.

    I have also been forced to re-evaluate some long-held myths now that the relationship between vitamin D and resistance to viruses has been brought to light so strongly.


    Read the whole thing. It is very interesting.

  14. awildgoose


    Jeez, I thought I was blackpilled!

    brad tittle:

    I too, have received my new PC parts in short order because I made sure Newegg was shipping inside the US.

    As for my 3-in-1 3D Printer/CNC machine/laser engraver, that’s hung up because I foolishly ordered direct from Snapmaker, who are based in China.

  15. Philip Hayward

    Aaron Glover; I’m not ruling out your hypothesis – but it might be possible that Delta is the problem, it might be an “escape variant” created BY the vaccine. Hence those being vaccinated late because of early hesitancy are vulnerable to some kind of severe interaction between the vaccine and Delta infection, that the earlier vaccinated were not.

    It is not even controversial (or shouldn’t be) that you should NOT take a Covid vaccination while feeling unwell; you should wait until feeling better. The risk from your immune system already fighting a Covid infection and suddenly getting the mRNA invasion on top of it, is potentially severe. But those administering the jabs are so hell-bent on the task, they are unlikely to tell someone feeling unwell to postpone for now, even if asked – and they probably don’t ask in the first place.


    Another possibility is that the early hesitant, late vaccinated, got their jabs at the worst possible time – in the seasonal period when infections are ramped up – and the early vaccinated got their jabs in the seasonal period when infection subsides anyway and the risk of a clash with a natural infection was lower.

  16. Philip Hayward

    I believe that the statistics in the USA classify cases, hospitalizations and deaths 2 or 3 weeks after either Covid jab, as “unvaccinated”. If, as I am suggesting, hospitalizations and deaths are occurring BECAUSE of adverse interaction between a natural (Delta) infection and the mRNA invasion, we sorely need this data to be separated out from the “unvaccinated” who definitely had no jab – and re-assess it with a Briggs-level spirit of scientific skepticism.

  17. acricketchirps

    1. I agree, Aaron’s categories don’t seem to cover it. I’m also only vexxine hesitant, but I’m propaganda & coercion repugnant.
    2. I have no idea what the pill colours are supposed to mean anymore. Help me.

  18. acricketchirps

    I think I’ve been taupe-pilled.

  19. Johnno

    It doesn’t matter. All pills are acceptable to THE SCIENCE ™. Just so long as you buy them from Pfizer.

    Over 70% of COVID-19 Deaths in England in September Were Fully Vaccinated



    “No Jab, No Job” – Aussie Supermarkets Demands 300K Workers Must Get Vaccinated Or Find Work Elsewhere

    NIH Scrubs ‘Gain-Of-Function’ Definition From Website After Wuhan Bombshells, Rand Paul Vindicated

    This might explain a few things…

    What’s bugeyes gonna do now?

    Rogan should start his own medication brand like Alex Jones did.

  20. Sheri

    awildgoose: I started at age 6. I have a lot of years of practice.

    Pill colors are becoming like ribbon colors, too many to understand or remember.

  21. Johnno
  22. Johnno

    Canadian news:

    Ontario’s bill mandating vaccines for education and health workers defeated

    No autopsies on your dead body if it tests positive for covid! BWAHAHAHA!!!

    No lifesaving lung surgery without a vexx. Better that you die!

    La Resistance

  23. Alex

    Comparison of all cause with the vaxxene attributed deaths by age groups was actually a serious argument … Perhaps, were the text presented in a less relaxed manner it would be easier to read, but thank you Briggs – I enjoyed this.

  24. Johnno

    Is this given to horses too?

    CDC overjoyed! Vaccines did something better than natural immunity!

    Latest Lancet Study Exposes Limits Of Vaccines At Preventing COVID Infection… therefore conflicting with CDC’s glorious findings in previous link… too bad CDC…

    More Florida poaching!

    Is The Establishment Hiding Mass Resistance To Vaccine Mandates With The “Striketober” Farce?

  25. Russell Haley

    Personally I’d be happy to be locked down. Then when the whole thing falls apart, they can’t blame me. I was sitting at home.

    And it will fall apart. Just ask Dolores Cahill. I did my best at reading the animal trial paper and I’ve sat back and waited. It’s all playing out just like the experiment. When the animals started dying again, the scientists gave them a third dose, and it conferred a short, temporary spike in immunity. And then the animals continued to die.

    Dear God I hope Dolores is wrong. I pray that I am just a paranoid freak.

  26. Dennis

    Russell: In the animal trials you refer to, were there any animal subjects not given a third dose, and if so, how did they fare compared to those given the third dose?

    I know some people who got the initial 2 Pfizer jabs (and one person who got only 1 and never the second), but have said they are not going to get the boosters after having seen everything that’s transpired since. Hoping that by not taking the third they may avoid the worst fate as the long-term effects of these mRNA jabs really starts kicking-in.

  27. Dale

    How to kill hundreds of thousands without a virus: take an aging – and already unhealthy population – and hammer them with fear, morning/noon/night for months and months on end.

  28. Rudolph Harrier

    Interesting paper:


    Seems random if it lets you see it without logging in, so download it rather than viewing it in browser (if it lets you.)

    Here’s a summary of the important results: There are many tables of the effectiveness of the “fully vaccinated” against symptomatic infection at various time periods. In the 15-30 day range it looks decent, with around 75-90% effectiveness across various groups. At 31-60 days it is similar, but more like 70-85%. This drops to about 55-80% at the 61-120 day range, to about 45-70% at the 121-180 range, and 10-60% at the 181-210 day range. In this last range their confidence intervals start dropping into the negative effectiveness range.

    At more than 210 range, maximum effectiveness is 36% in the less than 50 year crowd (who have a very low risk of getting in trouble to begin with, meaning that this represents a very small change in absolute risk.) Men taken as a whole have a 14% effectiveness. Every other group has a negative effectiveness. The worst is in the 50-64 year range which has an estimated -52% effectiveness and a whopping -325% effectiveness at the bottom of the confidence interval.

    Overall this study suggests that the vexxines have some effectiveness early on, especially among low risk groups (who don’t need it.) But that effectiveness drops quickly and is pretty much worthless after four months. In the long run the vexxines might actually make you worse off than being unvaccinated. (One potential reason is that other studies have suggested it interferes with your antibody development, so that those without the vexxine who get sick have a wider range of antibodies of those with it who get sick, or those who got sick and then took the vexxine later.)

  29. US deaths in 2020
    were about 20% higher
    than in 2019
    Blame COVID

    US COVID deaths in 2021
    already exceed COVID deaths
    in 2020

    Great job, vaccines !

    Respiratory deaths are much higher
    in the cold months when people stay inside
    and have lower levels of vitamin D.

    Early 2020 was cold, but before
    a lot of COVID deaths began.

    2021 will have cold months
    at the beginning and end of the year.

    In those end of 2021 cold months,
    vaccinated people will have considerably
    fewer COVID antibodies than they had
    in the few months after getting their shots.

    Vaccine effectiveness fades away quickly,
    similar to influenza vaccines
    (which are about 40% to 50% effective,
    at best, for one flu season,
    which is not that many months).

    Through September 2021, daily average
    COVID deaths in the US exceeded
    the daily average COVID deaths in 2020
    by +16.9%

    With more Americans having natural antibodies in 2021,
    and a very large majority of age 60+ Americans vaccinated,
    or with natural antibodies (probably 95% to 98%)
    you would expect a significant decline
    of COVID deaths in 2021
    … yet we have an increase !

    An increase
    that can not be blamed
    on the unvaccinated.
    They are a younger and healthier group
    in 2021, than unvaccinated people
    were in 2020 (everyone in 2020).

    Add the deaths caused
    by the vaccines themselves
    in 2021.

    The bottom line:
    If we are experiencing
    a vaccine “success” in 2021,
    I’d hate to see a vaccine failure.

  30. Hi Mike,

    As ever, interesting work. I loved your work on particulates from a long while back.

    I thought you might be interested in some statistics on age-standardized mortality from the UK Office for National Statistics and the CDC. They show that the mortality rate in 2020 was the same as 2008 in the UK and 2004 in the US. So, Covid is not nearly as bad as the narrative and response suggests. Both sets of figures have been published on Mises Wire, but I have a summary here:


    In addition, the post linked to includes a discussion of a study looking at life expectancy over 29 countries. It seems that life expectancy has declined by a year on average over all the countries, which represents going back to the life expectancy rates of about 6 years ago.

    The entire Covid affair increasingly looks like hysteria.

    I hope you find this interesting.


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