What Vax Do You Take If You Have A Gun To Your Head From Immoral Idiot Employers? The Vaxs Rated By Side Effects

What Vax Do You Take If You Have A Gun To Your Head From Immoral Idiot Employers? The Vaxs Rated By Side Effects


From Anon, describing a depressingly common situation (all personal details have been changed):

I know that you get tons of messages so I understand if you pass on this one as it may be a more involved ask of you than typical. Also, I am sure I am not the only person asking what I will be asking. I read all of your posts, I watch interviews with Dr. Malone, Eugyppius, Open VAERS, etc. but it is so much material to wade through and coming up with a confident answer on certain questions is tricky.

I am [an under 40 years old] scientist at a large [certain] company in [state] and they recently came out with a vaccine mandate, as we are considered federal contractors at some level. Long story, short, we were given various deadlines to get the shot depending which ‘flavor’ we wanted. I have submitted my religious exemption on Sunday night and now I wait. If is not approved, I really have limited recourse; I could go the legal route through someone like Liberty Counsel, I could let them fire me, I could quit and look for something else, or I wait until the last minute in hopes of something changing before complying.

I know that the most noble action is to stand my ground and let them fire me, but this comes with some very heavy burdens in my personal situation. I make a strong salary [an impressive amount] and I cannot just walk down the street and find something similar. And who is to say that that company won’t impose a mandate once the OSHA decision comes out or just because they can?

I am also the sole income earner for my family ([wife and kids]). To my question; if I decide to comply, which shot appears to have the lowest likelihood for serious adverse side effects as healthy [under 40 year] old? I feel that the J&J is the better choice for those in my position because 1) I am not getting it for efficacy reasons, only to ‘check a box’, 2) it’s one shot, and 3) the blood clot issue does not appear to be that common for my age group (though I could be wrong here). Also, the Open VAERS shows the J&J has the smallest black eye in terms of issues, though it is also the one that has the least number of shots administered, so it could be relative.

I apologize for being long winded and I appreciate the time you have spent to read this. I understand that whatever guidance/information that you provide is opinion, so please understand that. I value your opinion because you are well versed in this topic, you are objective, and you’re all about ‘no bullshit’.

Thanks again, Dr. Briggs

Our rulers are largely midwits (at best) or evil (at worst). They believe, or say they believe, that the vaccines’ powers are canceled in the presence of an unvaxxed. This is either monumental ignorance (not unlikely), or the result of magical thinking (more likely). Vaccines to most of them just are magic. They only work if everybody believes in the spell.

Nevertheless, we can’t cure this ineptitude or avoid their scheme easily or in time. We must suffer their slings and arrows, watching as they preen themselves for their failures while demanding we praise them.

And, of course, follow their dictates.

I rule forbidden any discussion below that says “Suck it up. Get fired.” Many of us are going through exactly the same thing as Anon, and for the same reasons. Some of us are going to say FU to the immoral, cowardly employer. But some of us can’t, for any number of reasons.

Since this isn’t a question of religious exemption, we’ll skip discussion of the morality of abortion and so forth. We did this earlier in the week anyway. Too, we have learned you may not fear the vax. Experts and rulers have decreed all uncertainty is verboten. And illegal.

So here are my lists of vaccines, from best to worst, rated by chance of side effect, smallest to largest, whether near and long term. Only. None of the stats on efficacy are worth much, and are meaningless in the forced vaccination scenario. We saw Tuesday that the group with the highest level of vaccination also had the highest death toll from Covid.

Further, this “chance” I speak of is not quantifiable. It is the best we can do given the poor evidence available to us.


There are about 100—there is no typo—coronadoom vaccines, in various stages of development. Some are deemed by certain rulers “acceptable”, some “maybe”, some “no”, and some have already been abandoned as not viable by Experts themselves (think how bad these must be).

I will update this list as my information changes. One primary source is here. I do not pretend to have fully covered the medicine in this list.

The problem many of these vaxes have is they are location dependent. Midwit rulers say “Use the one that makes money for our favored companies, and don’t use these others.” You’d think, given the mania for mandates, they’d be freer in this. But then you remember what our rulers are, and you laugh.

Some of these aren’t available in production yet, either.

One strategy might be to beg, “I want to be vaxxed! But I want this one.” It might work, since it’s magical thinking driving much of this. Your stated desire negates the vaccine-canceling properties of being unvaxxed (magically). Or you might, if you can afford it, travel to the locales with the good ones. Or wait it out until better ones are on line. Where better means fewer possibilities of side effects.

BEST LIST (best best to least best): Last update: 28 October 2021.

  1. Covid: the disease itself. Nothing confers better future immunity than having had it. Some have already successfully sued to count prior acquired immunity. Press this. It is only Expert hubris of the rankest degree to insist a vaccine—as you’re about to see—is better than the virus. You can catch covid anywhere, and most of you probably already had it, even without knowing. If they insist on a mandate, have an antibody test and see. Some have already sued or pressed the case, and won. Few people recall that even CDC in prior guidance allowed prior infection to count for international travel, as proven by an antibody test.
  2. Valneva: an inactivated vax; i.e. a traditional one. Flu vax is usually inactivated, for example. Idea is to inactivate (disable to an extent) the live virus with formaldehyde or a substance called BPL. One work says BPL is better in some senses, because formaldehyde allows some live viruses to make it into the mix. This accounts for how some people get flu right after vaccination. Valeneva, I believe, used a form of formaldehyde. In their last reported trial, the side effects were lower than AZ’s vax, and “No unsolicited treatment-related serious adverse events (SAE) [were] reported.” In any case, that it is a traditional inactivated vax puts this one high up on the list. Unlike the mRNA vaccines, which make your own body attack itself over a period of time that’s not well known. Here, there are two shots, but the only attack comes from what’s in syringe, and nothing else. Valneva is not yet “approved”. France has it.
  3. Novavax: a nanoparticle vaccine. A nanoparticle is a way to get the important bits of the vax to just the cells where it needs to go, and so provoke an immune response. Or so the idea is. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the widespread applicability of these. They may cause almost no side effects, or they could kill you. An important chapter on nanonparticle vaccines can be read. However, in their Phase III trials, side effects were trivial (well, it’s all relative). It seems—only seems—that if it doesn’t kill you first, there’s unlikely to be long-term side effects. Only part of the spike protein is glued to the nanoparticle, unlike the full thing in mRNAs. Again, the damage is caused only by what’s in the syringe. Your body won’t turn against itself. Nanos also improve over the pathogenicity sometimes caused by inactivated vaxs. I read the Novavax Lancet papers and didn’t see any red flags, and no p-value worship. Novavax is not yet “approved”, but it should be close. Its rivals curiously are helpful. It’s a USA product.
  4. Sinovac: an inactivated vaccine. Also called CoronaVac. They use formalin (same as above, I think) to inactivate. Yes, this is China. You will say, “We can’t trust Chinese numbers”, and you will get no argument from me. But we can also say, with just as much emphasis, “You can’t trust USA numbers.” My reason is subjective. The Chinese made the coroandoom, they also made Sinovac, and they’re very patriotic. Thus I don’t believe they’ll intentionally—now, anyway; before, yes—kill off their own people. My guess is escape of the gain-of-lethality bug we helped create surprised them. And now they want to recover. But you can feel free to guess elsewise. Papers in Lancet show a standard side effect profile, one which is temporary, too. Actual practice is reportedly similar. It’s not all smiling pandas, though. It’s clear I favor any non-replicating vaccine, which limits side effects. You can’t get Sinovac in the States. But you can in Mexico. You might get away with it.
  5. Medigen: protein subunit vaccine. This takes pieces of the virus, part of the spike protein, and injects them. They cannot reproduce. Makers of these things in general boast they are “Suitable for people with compromised immune systems.” Good for people with allergies. This is Taiwan plus the USA, which produces the adjuvant of the vaccine, the same (they say) as for whooping cough and hepatitis B vaccines. Taiwan has published, even in the press, VAERS-like data. The USA has not. Side effects seem in line, but not perfect. This site has a table of deaths/serious side effects of various vaccines (current as of the 24th), and Medigen stacks up okay. Moderna and AZ are worst. Pfizer is best. But recall all these are short-term SEs. You can only get this vax in Taiwan, so lots of luck; and the USA, so far, doesn’t count it.
  6. BBIBP-CorV: another inactivated vax. This seems to be mostly a Chinese export product. It’s not clear how different chemically it is from Sinovac. In a Phase III trial (JAMA) side effects withing 7 days were about the same as the alum-placebo. Since this is inactivated, side effects are even more unlikely after a week. This paper looked at two vaxes, Sinopharm’s HB02 and the WIV04 (which is BBIBP-CorV; the names these guys come up with…). Both were about the same for side effects. No deaths, nothing seriously serious. Good news if you’re a haemodialysis patient: no interesting clinical sequalae. Can’t get either in the States, but both are in Mexico.
  7. Covaxin: an inactivated vax. Indian product. Reports are iffy on this one. Seems authorities might have shot some people up without their knowledge—hey, this is India. Their not-so-calming press release says no real side effects in Phase III trials. Earlier published results, in small studies, found no serious side effects. Remember, these are gun-to-your-head scenarios. I’d take this over any mRNA or adenovirus vax. Can only get in India. And our old friend Mexico.
  8. Others: any inactivated, protein subunit, or nanoparticle. There are some in Iran (no thanks), Cuba (again), Russia (eh), and even Kazakhstan. Gun-to-the-head in Russia, go for an inactivated. Canadian firm Medicago is working on a Phase III plant-based adjuvant vaccine. “Plant-based” sounds soothing, but you can get arsenic from some plants, too. Baylor has a Phase III adjuvanted protein subunit vaccine called Corbevax that I’d watch. There are many more, in various stages. Be careful, though. Even if you’re a guinea pig in a trial, thinking this could count for the immoral mandate, idiot bureaucrats might not count it, as has already happened in the UK with Valneva and Novavax trial participants. Remember: bureaucrats care only about process, not results.

WORST LIST (worst worst to better worst): Last update: 28 October 2021.

  1. Janssen a.k.a. J&J: non-replicating viral vector. This takes a modified form of the bug and puts instructions into your cells to manufacture antigens. In other words, it’s as if you’ve been infected with something like the coronadoom. This is the first of many vaccines that turns your body against itself, by making you be the bad guy. None of these are vaccines, either; they have been rightly called gene therapy. Maybe they didn’t go with that name because it sounds scary. It’s true Janssen has fewer deaths in Open VAERS than others, but this isn’t normalized by shot number. CDC says about 243M Pfizer doses, 155M Moderna, and 15M Janssen. Open VAERS deaths: 11569 Pfizer, 4236 Moderna, 1270 Janssen. Rates (all 10^-6): 17 Pfizer, 27 Moderna, 85 Janssen. So Pfizer is best here; Janssen by far the worst. J&J has been taken off the market in several locales for various side effects. Even the woke NYT admits clotting. It is only one shot, though. But you can get it in the USA.
  2. AstraZenca: adenovirus vaccine. It might help to learn that the biggest “successes” so far for adenovirus vaccines are HIV and ebola. This gives you a modified virus, not the doom itself but a monkeyed adenovirus, hoping to stimulate an immunoresponse that would match the response for coronadoom. It’s a purposeful infection, supposedly less dangerous than the doom itself, which you have to fight off. It’s said to be replication-deficient, meaning it’s difficult for the manmade virus to duplicate. But you know how it is. From the main source: “Very rare side effects have been reported after some individuals have taken the AstraZeneca vaccine, including blood clotting issues (TTS syndrome), thrombotic events, capillary leak syndrome, immune thrombocytopenia, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.” And, as we saw above, death. Here’s a comparison with Sinovac for side effects; not in AZ’s favor. We’ve already seen many countries stop AZ shots for side effects. Some restored the drug. Not sure if you can get it in the USA, but you can in Mexico.
  3. Moderna: mRNA-based vaccine. This vax is in a wrapper so that it only goes where directed; or that’s the idea. Reports are that it is found all over the body, once injected. Allergic reactions to the wrapper are common. It turns your cells into spike protein factories. It’s the spike protein that causes all the damage from the doom. Contrary to some reports, the mRNA does break down over time, and it doesn’t (they say) alter your DNA. Still, for a while, your body is doing nasty things to itself. I list them above Pfizer because the company is a little too hungry. In my mind they are tied with AZ. Maybe AZ is worse: I can’t trust any country that touts Andrew Ferguson. Side effects appear to concentrate in the young. Myocarditis is a real possibility, especially for those under 50 (here’s one teen dead right after). Sweden, Finland, and Denmark “limited” Moderna because of side effects. The real worry is long-term effects. See our friend on this. So You can get Moderna in the USA.
  4. Comirnaty, an mRNA vax. Pfizer wins for stupidest vax name. I put it best worst because it has been given the most, and it if were a true horror we would have known by now. That doesn’t make it good for those under, say, 65. But least worst. The wrapper of the mRNA causes severe allergic reactions in some. India once halted Pfizer. Pfizer is also a little too happy about all this. Who can trust them completely? You can get it nearly everywhere.
  5. Others? None so far. And we have to be careful. We’re noticing side effects in these adenovirus and mRNA vaccines because, in part, so many shots have been given. The sample size is large compared to the inactivateds. Yet it remains true these “ground breaking” vaccines turn your own body against itself. And, given the evidence we have, the chance for long-term side effects is real, though the extent is as yet unknown.

Again, neither of these lists say word one about efficacy. But I’ll give you one word: fourth boosters. Okay, that’s two words. Here’s more words: “Moderna says COVID booster, like flu vaccine, could be yearly.” Thus another conspiracy theory comes true.

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  1. Mercury

    Nothing in those lists and attendant information to make me want to get vexxed. My Doctor (who is forbidden by the State ti give me his personal opinion) said to me when I told him I was vexx hesitant “you only need the vexx to travel”. As I said at the time “Travel is not currently on my agenda” I play Croquet and that keeps me out of trouble for the moment.

  2. Never, ever quit. Make the bastages fire you. Then you have cause for a lawsuit.
    Also note – in many states, you can’t be fired if your union goes on strike. So get out there and organize!

  3. Kenan Meyer

    as to Sinovac: I don’t trust the chinese , i.e. the CCP either. But what I trust is genocide statistics. And those tell me that the CCP is by far the biggest mass murderer among mass murderers in history. Mao alone killed about 35 mio of his very own people btw 1958 and 1961.

    If at all , in theory I’d prefer the russian jab. Reason: they already had advanced research in place before Covid hit

  4. Vax hating fed contractor

    Very useful info, thanks

  5. Max

    If you have to be vaxxed, you might consider treating the injection site as soon as possible like a snake bite.

    After the injection get as quickly as possible to some private place and apply suction cups to the injection site. A sharp knife and small incisions at the injection site before you apply a suction cup will likely improve the effect of sucction.

    That way you’ll have fewer vaccine in your body. If the vaccine is harmful, your chances should be the better the less vaccine is in your body.

    Don’t forget to have something to bandage a small wound and insist that the vaxx is injected into a site that is readily accessible for you, e.g. left upper arm if are you right handed. Of course, it would be preferable to have someone to assist you in getting the vax out of your body.

  6. Sheri

    Answer: What hospital do we take the wounded mess of an employer to after he makes the demand? I don’t need the job I have, he does need to breathe. I may survive a vaccine, they will NOT survive me. Even if the vaccine gets me, there are others who will make sure the employer lives in hell if he lives at all. It’s HIS choice and his rules. And his rules say destroy all those who oppose you. I will follow his rules.

    Quitting seems to work. There are thousands of jobs that cannot be easily replaced. The supply chain in broken. Stock up on goods and ammo, then quit. Let’s moron Nancy drive an 18 wheeler and get those goods out there.

    Oh, both our friends who are “fully vaccinated” have now been given monoclonal antibodies for Covid. So the vaccine did ZILCH except make gobs and gobs of money for the pharma people and kill more people, since the virus was not that effective at killing. Note to enemies: Try something more lethal next time.

    Notice they taught humans to hate one another first so fear works unless you have a plan that requires very few people. They can only be destroyed by small groups of people who value freedom and they are sure these are too small to stop them. So, there’s always “no work”, burn building to ground for everyone. Your employer thought that was fine when he did. Follow his moralality.

  7. john mosbrook

    Why not just pay an outrageous bribe to a Walgreen pharmacy clerk to falsely certify you as vaccinated?

  8. cameron

    From what I can tell they’re not firing people. They’re threatening to put them on unpaid leave.

  9. Sheri

    John mosbrook: Good question! Walgreens has trouble telling what shots they are giving you anyway, so the clerk can just plead honest error and make off with the bribe. It’s a win-win!
    cameron: I read it that way too. But unpaid leave and firing look very much alike in real life…….

    My question: How is your self-esteem and morality so low you want to work for a demonic, cowardly dictator???? Yet many so-called moral people will kiss any part of someone’s anatomy to work for a Satanic jerk. This is what is wrong with America.

  10. Briggs


    That, brother, is where you’re wrong. University of Michigan announced unpaid leave in early November, then if still non-compliance by December, firings.

    But they are very woke, very dumb.

  11. Crew

    As always you have to do what your conscience and your circumstances dictate!

    However, I would suggest that you make them fire you!

    Also, check out https://gab.com/groups/49159 as it has lots of resources for people looking for jobs at companies without vexx mandates!

  12. John B()


    Like everything, no one is doing it the same way.

    I know of at least one company that is offering 180 day unpaid leave

    Not sure how “benefits” are managed

  13. Robin

    Is there is a choice?

    A company that will try to force you at proverbial gun point to take an experimental injection, no matter what your value and not matter how dangerous it may be, will also fire you in an instant for any reason (ie diversity/woke agendas). You will also have to come to terms with the fact that, even if they accept your religious exemption, you are likely going to be ostracised. In my view Anon has discovered the ugly underbelly of a very nasty organisation.

    As I understand it if anything goes wrong and you end up in hospital or incapacitated (or worse) it will be at your own cost, is that correct? In this case you face the risk of financial ruin either way; with the additional risk of life-destroying health events from an injection. You could die; I’ve personal experience of a perfectly healthy 50’s co-worker being found dead by his children a few days after his second dose.

    So, no matter the hardship, you must decide whether you can live with working for that company.

    It’s a tough situation, but I would conclude that your employer is a disgusting, foul organisation that cares nothing for its employees, at the very least.

  14. Astro

    I read the provider information for all three available vaccines and only one has MANDATORY ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING IS REQUIRED in all caps, and it’s not Pfizer or Moderna.

    One then has to consider the VAERS reporting on all three with that in mind.

    Long story short, I think the J&J is actually the best rather than the worst, at least for my age group and gender. You should do your own research on that, of course.

  15. Kip Hansen

    My sympathies, but if you drive to work, walk on city streets, participate in any kind of sport other than playing bridge, your chance of harm ( probability of coming to some kind of harm from such over a year’s time) is far greater from any of those than from a Covid Vaccine.

    I agree with the freedom of choice issue, but we have to choose our fights. Send money to non-profits fighting mandates, but get the vax and call it a good day.

  16. Manny

    Interesting, I would have guess J&J would be the least worst option.

    I wouldn’t have much objection to the Novavax version (from a safety standpoint, of course I object to the coercive aspect). I believe a vaccine that has been around for some time uses the same technology. I don’t understand what is taking them so long. Seems like they are being put through the regulatory wringer while the Pfizers get to do as they please.

  17. brad tittle

    @Kip — Change Covid Vaccine to “COVID” by itself an you get the same sentence with the same meaning.

    And based on the anecdotes running wild next to the data in VAERS, getting the vaccine is more like jumping off a 10m board blind folded into a pool that may or may not be empty. The pool can empty and fill as you fall… (Magic is involved don’t you know…)

    Covid showed up in my kid last week. The kicker was losing his taste buds. They are starting to come back. Somehow I didn’t get sick. I am not vexxed. I have been using the Listerine/Pepto/Zinc/VitC/VitD not approved technique. But did I not get sick because I was already sick in the past? Did I not get sick because I tried to make sure I had enough Zinc in my system to slap the virus? Did the Bismuth in Pepto do the job? Or did my gargling with listerine help kill things…

    My son took a binax twice. The day after his fever (because it didn’t last a day) the line was solid. 10 days later, the line was still there, but much fainter. Binax sensitivity is 65%. Specificity is 99%.

    The loss of taste sort of made further testing unnecessary… But the loss of taste didn’t show up till day 3.

    Are we going to look back at this and wonder if we should have had COVID parties for our kids? I didn’t think it was a reasonable concept at first. Now I am wondering if we didn’t blow it there.

  18. John B()


    mRNA not withstanding, From the standpoint of Religious objection , J&J is the worst because not only were fetal cell lines used in the Development and Test, but fetal cell lines are used in Production.

    (Although there is suspicion that the other two may be using fetal cell lines for Quality purposes, the other two do not acknowledge such and theoretically don’t have to if it doesn’t go into the product)

  19. Sheri

    Kip: No, I don’t have higher chance of harm from other sources. My worst reactions have been to drugs and vaccines. Maybe your average person is safer, but not everyone. I have severe allergies, carry an epipen and have ended up twice in the hospital due to reactions. One drug lasted two months. My last flu shot nearly 20 years ago made me sick for six months. This is the hill I’m willing to die on because I really have little choice. The risk is very, very real to me.

    Brad: I should be safe if your combo works as I have been on that combo all summer due to heat sickness.

    Robin: I agree with you.

  20. Crew

    My feeling is that none of the #ClotShots is better than increasing your Vitamin D levels.

    There are numerous scientific papers showing that Covid-19 hospitalization and mortality is negatively correlated with serum vitamin D levels:

    The following is just one:


  21. Dennis

    Problem with the “best” list is that most are unavailable in the USA (and also unrecognized as valid by FDA anyway – hence the UN flap last month about whether various delegates could enter the country who had only “unapproved” – read “furriner” – vaccines), are they not? But yes, it does seem that if one must (though I would never, under any circumstances), those non-mRNA jabs are the best from the adverse event and long-term risk standpoint (I wouldn’t care about actual efficacy either, since it’s all a sham anyway). I like Sputnik, just for the name.

    From what I can tell, people in the US (those who aren’t principled Refuseniks altogether, anyway) seem, as practical matter, to only have a choice between or Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J. Everyone I know who got jabbed has had Pfizer.

    Also, in re. #1 Best: Even the German Fauci, Dr. Drosten, has recently admitted natural immunity is far superior to vax immunity (to the extent that in a bizarre interview he claimed he HOPES to be infected with Covid multiple times to build even greater immunity (though he still simps for the vaxes as well – these scum just will not admit their policies have been an abject failure).

  22. john b()

    Dennis [ I like Sputnik, just for the name. ]

    Why didn’t some savvy US Marketeer name a US Product Telstar?

  23. Johnno

    Can you actually get Comirnaty? Or is it the EUA Pfizer Ntechwhatever? As “ComityRNA” is “approved” yet nowherr available, or “approved” awaiting conclusion results from ongoing trial, means all the other options immediately lose EUA and must *poof* disappear… at least in the US.

    It should be highlighted that all countries do not recognize other countries vexxines because they do not trust each other. So who is right? Even the UN had to ditch all its vexxine mandates to avoid WWIII.

  24. Johnno

    “Why didn’t some savvy US Marketeer name a US Product Telstar?”

    Probably because of legal hurdles for product naming, and also by making your “approved” vexxine, not only unavailable, but difficult to pronounce,it wpuld hopefully discourage morr people from asking in the hopes that their worries about looking stupid outweigh their skepticism and they don’t ask, only stretch out their arm and submit.

  25. Robin


    Spoke with a local medical consultant (cream of the crop in Britain) who also said the best thing to is to catch it, and is in favour of COVID parties.

    Wales has done quite a bit of joint research with Sweden. Vax uptake in Wales is high as there are lot of retirees, but there are no mandates. It’s generally not a subject of day to day conversation. No company mandates of any significance. Not required of health/social care workers (unlike England).

    Research in Wales/Sweden published Dec 2020 (pre-vax) estimated that about 30% of the population had immunity (where immunity is T Cell/IgG response to Spike, Nucleocapcid and Membrane proteins); mild covid convalescence would confer about 70 to 80% immunity, and severe covid convalescence approaches 100%.

    Very interestingly just cohabiting with a COVID positive family member gives about 70% immunity. Link below.

    “Robust T Cell Immunity in Convalescent Individuals with Asymptomatic or Mild COVID-19”


  26. PaulH

    My understanding is if they put you on unpaid leave, you are ineligible for any kind of unemployment benefits. Very slimy, if true.

  27. Dennis

    “Can you actually get Comirnaty?”

    Interesting question, and also with regard to whether Briggs’ list is using “Comirnaty” as a catch-all for both Pfizer versions [See the Braddock article I linked to and discussed in a several posts last weekend regarding the differences in the EUA formula and the “approved” Comirnaty one – despite FDA assurances that they are the same].

    In effect, Pfizer really has two jabs, the EUA one and Comirnaty, though legally the EUA should have been withdrawn once there was an “approved” version. And questions remain as to why the formulas are different, how the latter could get basically instant “approval” without new trials for a substantially different formula, and why the latter lists a “Redacted Ingredient” on the formula sheet – which obviates any “informed consent,” since ingredients are being HIDDEN from the public (I think Pfizer and Moderna, in addition for being the most dangerous jabs – because mRNA – are also the most devious and untrustworthy of the pharma companies making Covid jabs; not that I really trust any, but those two really seem to rise to the top of the worst).

  28. Dennis

    Personally, I’d advise employees everywhere, even if not actually unionized, to simply band together, file suit on behalf of all employees, and seek immediate injunction of any mandate enforcement (they are clearly illegal and unconstitutional) – and also stage a walkout. If no employees show up, the company will die, so give them a choice: Either your company dies, or you relent on vax mandates. How may, if pressed, will choose the former? The only way this insanity ends if if people join together and take strong collective action – pissant individual begging for “exemptions” isn’t going to cut it in the end.

  29. Russell Haley

    Ah, I see Mammon has our friend by the short and curlies. I would say the following:

    Don’t bother with your religious exemption, because your religious beliefs are meaningless. You have correctly identified the source of your troubles, but instead of fixing the problem (greed), you are going to double down and get the vexx.

    Lets see how well the vexx is working around the world? https://theexpose.uk/2021/10/25/fully-vaccinated-suffering-far-more-than-unvaccinated-and-getting-worse-by-the-day/

    Not so good…

    SO, If you do decide that your wealth is meaningless if you’re dead, then you have a secondary problem. If you give up your big fluffy salary, suddenly all the other lies in your life will start to implode. You will find out if you’re wife really loves you, or loves your salary. Your “friends” will likely start falling away and whatever personal opinion you have of yourself will be obliterated. Then – and only then – will you find out who Jesus really is.

    It is all the sin in our lives that allow these atrocities we are seeing. Remove sin and prepare for martyrdom.

  30. Faith

    Russell Haley, you speak the truth.

  31. Wes

    I got the Moderna vax, for box-checking reasons similar to Anon. Just my personal experience:

    First shot: Arm was sore for a few hours. Then nothing.

    Second shot: First few hours were fine. Then 12 hours of hell — fever, chills, nausea, the works. It was quite bad. I’d heard anecdotally about this possibility, but nobody underscored just how awful it was. My wife was on the verge of taking me to the ER.

    Then, as quickly as it started, it suddenly stopped. No problems since. (Nobody else I know who’s gotten the Moderna shot has had a similar reaction, so it’s not a sure thing. But it can’t be a trivial number of people who experience it, either, since it seems to be common knowledge among everybody I’ve mentioned it to that some people have a bad reaction to the second dose.)

    I’m not taking a booster, even if they threaten to fire me. No way am I going through that again.

  32. Incitadus

    There is no Federal mandate to take the vaccines. Employers that act on the empty
    words of hollow man do so at their own risk of liability. It’s basically a lose
    lose situation for employers, if the vaccines cause harm or they fire someone absent
    the legal cover of a mandate. At this point it does seem the vaccines may pose a greater
    risk than the actual disease. In the end we all suffer with the ongoing destruction
    of production and supply chains and the debasement of the currency which was the goal
    from the outset. Whether you have a job or not may be immaterial in the craven new
    cage world that’s emerging.

  33. Aaron Glover

    “My understanding is if they put you on unpaid leave, you are ineligible for any kind of unemployment benefits. Very slimy, if true.”

    For two of my siblings, yes, they have been slimed. I, and the other siblings await a similar fate.

    And now, from State Media Corp., the above list of best vaccines needs correcting:https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/natural-immunity-covid-19-vaccination-1.6223784

    Note, if you should not happen to peruse the article, the oft mentioned deference to Fauci.

    There is an echo of this concept by the German Fauci as well:

    It is almost as if they are breathing the same air.

  34. Elayne Taylor

    Look. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but I know there’s “always a guy” (in the immortal words of Hollywood producer, Jerry Weintraub). Find a nice doc in your town who will give you the card and squirt the crap in the garbage can. Can none of you bright people figure out a workaround? What you need is “the Weintraub solution” not the least toxic shot.

  35. John B()

    Aaron Glover
    October 28, 2021 at 4:42 pm

    “My understanding is if they put you on unpaid leave, you are ineligible for any kind of unemployment benefits. Very slimy, if true.”

    You probably aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits period. You are voluntarily terminating your employee/employer relationship

  36. Bernard of Clairvaux

    To Big Pharma, “vaccines,” especially for the Doom, are like potato chips. You just can’t stop at one…

  37. John B()

    I guess that actually goes to PaulH

    October 28, 2021 at 1:35 pm

  38. C-Marie

    Pray asking God our Father for the Graces of Repentance for all of us, and then act on them. All of this has the upper hand, at present, due to the extreme sinfulness of our country.
    God bless, C-Marie

  39. awildgoose

    Religious exemptions will be denied because Satan, the Antichrist, and godless Marxists do not recognize any human faiths.

    As for class action suits, I’ve heard that the system is more gummed up if everyone files suit individually.

  40. M A Stadson

    Endless global paranoia is amazing. If all that they want to do is get rid of all of us they can do it way easier than a vaccine or even their manufactured virus. I personally am vaccinated with Moderna and had no reaction whatsoever. I could care if others choose one way or the other I am supposedly immune so why would your choice impact me at all. People with the vaccine have caught COVID & died people who have not been vaccinated have too. I bet if you get any actual data the rates are the same as before the vaccines. People live, people die, it is how life works on this Earth.

  41. Uncle Mike

    I like the Incitadus Solution. Get the jab, feign serious illness/reaction, and sue the bejabbers out of your fake gay employer. Stab them back for tens of millions, settle for one or two, and you won’t need a job. You can live just fine for the rest of your life on the settlement. It’ll be like winning the Lottery.

    Note to Dennis: great time to go into the class action lawsuit biz. You’ll need a cheesy ad to run on late night cable. “Did your employer make you sick? Sue them blue with Stickem, Bleedem, and Laff”.

  42. philemon

    “To my question; if I decide to comply, which shot appears to have the lowest likelihood for serious adverse side effects as healthy [under 40 year] old? I feel that the J&J is the better choice for those in my position because 1) I am not getting it for efficacy reasons, only to ‘check a box’, 2) it’s one shot, and 3) the blood clot issue does not appear to be that common for my age group (though I could be wrong here). Also, the Open VAERS shows the J&J has the smallest black eye in terms of issues, though it is also the one that has the least number of shots administered, so it could be relative.”

    First of all, there are no long-term study data at all in terms of adverse events for any of the vexxines. None. So far, there are some serious adverse events piling up (even if under-reported), and people in your age group and younger are at much more risk from adverse events from the vexxines than from Covid19. Moreover, some of the adverse events have a poor prognosis even in five years.

    Secondly, you are young and have a young family. They do not want to lose you prematurely. (Well, hopefully ;))

    If you are intelligent, you can find work that won’t involve playing Russian Roulette with your health.

  43. Sheri

    philimon: There may not be any logn term study beautifully arranged in a table., but there’s plenty of information on adverse reaction including the FDA. I’m sure the numbers were manipulated, but you use what you can get. Also, older vaccines have such information by virtue of time. Newer ones, including Covid, do not.

  44. philemon

    Sheri: “But unpaid leave and firing look very much alike in real life…” Constructive dismissal is. I think, the legal term.

  45. Uncle Mike

    I’m sorry but I cannot report to work today due to my splitting headache from that tainted jab you forced on me. Taking paid sick leave for now. I don’t know when my condition will ameliorate.

    cc: my ruthless out-for-blood show-no-mercy shark of an atty, Dennis, who has copies of all prior correspondence on this matter. Hahahahahaha

    or words to that effect

  46. philemon

    Sheri: “Also, older vaccines have such information by virtue of time. Newer ones, including Covid, do not.”

    Well, that’s why back in the good old day it took 10-15 years to get a vaccine (and not an experimental genetic modification injection) approved.

  47. Dennis

    Kip Hansen: “I agree with the freedom of choice issue, but we have to choose our fights. Send money to non-profits fighting mandates, but get the vax and call it a good day.”

    And this, exemplifies exactly the spineless, just comply and go-along-to-get-along attitude that lets the tyrants and scum win. I’d love to hear what other fight we should choose or wait for instead. This is the most important and necessary fight now. Nothing else even close. The stakes are all on vax mandates, vax passports/Apartheid, etc. – or all liberty and basic human rights and dignity will be lost forevermore.

    You imply you’ll pick some other – supposedly better – fight some other time. Bollocks. You’ll bend over again and say, “Thank you Joe and Kamala, may I have another!” You should change your handle to Cuck Hansen instead.

  48. Dennis

    I almost wish I did litigation, Mike. Never have wanted to before, but I’d love to be involved in suing the piss out of anyone and everyone over vax mandates and other Covid-related BS. But litigation, especially class action litigation, if you have little working experience with it (and as a sole practitioner don’t have a huge back office of help around), isn’t something you can just jump into overnight. It’d be like a doctor who’s spent a career specializing in dermatology deciding to just go into heart surgery one day on a whim.

  49. V


    To your point, as far as I can tell, there is no FDA-approved vex available in the USA. I think Sen. Johnson (WI) still has an unanswered letter out to the FDA about this.


  50. Uncle Mike


    In my experience a good atty knows where to turn to for help. Do some research. Find the right firm. Help your clients build the scaffolding then make the introductions. The right firm needs rain men. Be part of the solution and garner some fees doing it.

    My attys do what I tell them to do, such as filing the docs I give them, legal research, and putting letters I write on their letterheads. The mere threat of “expensive and time consuming litigation” is often very effective. Problems get solved without the issues ever going to court. Of course, you need the right clients. Can’t help you there. Maybe some creative marketing could. Opportunity knocks. Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

  51. Dennis

    V: “ To your point, as far as I can tell, there is no FDA-approved vex available in the USA. I think Sen. Johnson (WI) still has an unanswered letter out to the FDA about this.”

    Well there are “approved” ones in the US, even if only EUAs (though apparently Pfizer’s new Comirnaty is real “approved,” though, again, by highly questionable means and not sure if it is really available anyway or still just the EUA version on the market) – J&J, Pfizer, & Moderna, but they are all on the “worst” list above.

    My question above was about whether any on the “best” list are available in the US. As far as I am aware, none are, so a bit of a moot point in US right now for those considering caving to the mandates. Basically you take one of the 3 worst or roll the dice on getting get fired.

    Frankly none of them should be “approved” not even with just EUAs. All should be withdrawn from the market. If Jo

    Mike: Hmmm…I couldn’t imagine ever just putting my name to a letter I had not drafted myself, certainly not one a client drafted and asked me to just chuck onto my own letterhead. Ditto “filing docs” – I prepare docs I file for anything, such as Probate Court (pretty much the only court-related work I do). You must have some odd attorneys! But, yes, marketing is not my strong suit (I pretty much despise everything that smacks of marketing or salesmanship), and, TBH, I’d prefer to get out of law anyway soon (that or jump off a cliff!) if I could find something else I’d actually enjoy and could make a reasonable living at (the world being what it is now, even the dream of getting out of this collapsing cultural hellhole of country doesn’t seem to offer many viable options that aren’t also Covid tyrannies. Had a long meeting with a client today about estate tax filing following his wife’s death, who said a friend of his just got back from a trip to Italy; was tested for Covid 10 times during a 2 week trip – despite being vaxed! – and said even outdoors in places like parks they are enforcing masks there still – again, even for the vaxed! Batsh*t crazy! I can’t imagine even putting oneself through that right now for the sake of a holiday anywhere. Just not worth it).

  52. Dodgy Geezer

    Best thing to do is to catch Covid. If you are young, that’s all that you need.

    If you are older, or have co-morbidities, catching Covid carries a risk that it could become severe.

    So the obvious requirement then is to catch Covid and get a TREATMENT for it.

    I wonder why ALL treatments for Covid have been suppressed over the last few years. AFAICT, every single medicine which looked as if it could be helpful has been removed from the pharmacy. The only reason for this that makes sense to me is that intensive lobbying by Big Pharma has persuaded the bureaucrats that ‘vaccinations are the answer’.

    Therefore people must be persuaded or forced to take the vaccines.

    Therefore ANYTHING that lowers the pressure on people to take the vaccine must be banned…..

  53. V


    If there are only EUA vaccines available in the US, then isn’t the mandate illegal?

  54. Crew

    Vox Day points out that fatal car accidents are up bigly in the first half of 2021.

    What else happened coincidentally in the first half of 2021? It’s on the tip of my tongue!


    20,000 in 6 months is 40,000 in a year. Annualized that would be more than 40,000 because the coincidence creating cause did not occur at the beginning of the year and can be expected to take a while before it produces results.

  55. Dennis

    “If there are only EUA vaccines available in the US, then isn’t the mandate illegal?”

    Yes. Biden’s alleged “mandate” is illegal and unconstitutional. The problem is, too many Regime-compliant companies and others who are all already in the tank for the Covid Narrative, are simply pretending his “mandate” has real legal force and effect (same as many did last year when CDC purported to issue a stay on evictions nationwide – absolutely laughable and with even less legal authority than Biden’s alleged “mandate” – yet many cities, states, and local eviction court judges complied as if CDC had genuine legal authority to over-ride state and local eviction law just because it uttered the phrase “health emergency”!), and are bullying people into submitting (and it doesn’t help that so much of the federal judiciary cannot be counted-on to truly apply the law and Constitution either – so it’s a crap shoot. In some jurisdictions I understand injunctions against mandate enforcement have been issued, while in others more Regime-Compliant judges are allowing mandates continue to be implemented and refusing to issue injunctions prior to an outcome of trial on the merits, which could take a while, so the damage will have been done already by allowing them to continue to be enforced during litigation, even if the anti-mandate side wins in the end. This happened in KY when the governor lost the Ridgeway Properties case 3 days before his illegal mandates were set to expire anyway; state Supreme Court had lifted trial court’s injunction on enforcement the previous summer, so even though the governor lost in the end, a year’s worth of damage had been done by Supreme court allowing his illegal mandates to continue. At least the case is good precedent for keeping him on a lease in future).

    But this is also why there’s been the recent terminological game-playing with “Comirnaty”. It’s been rushed to “approval” not just EUA, so military and others are using this as a basis for claiming mandates are legal now, because there is an “approved” not just an EUA jab. All smoke and mirrors. Even IF the “approval” of Comirnaty was not problematic in itself, it means all other EUA jabs, including Pfizer’s EUA version (which they and the FDA wrongly claim are exactly the same formula and just a “branding” name change) legally should be pulled now. Once there is an “approved” treatment for any disease or virus, then the legal basis for EUAs for other treatments for the same thing collapses.

    In a nutshell – the whole system is corrupt and stinks to high heavens!

  56. Rudolph Harrier

    You can tell the true ideas of your management by how they try to implement vaccines.

    If they try to force everyone to get vaccinated and try to shut down all exemptions and loopholes, they are true believers and will stop at nothing. You’re unlikely to keep your job without the vexx.

    If they allow a testing option they probably are just doing things to balance public appearances with limiting their liability. If the requirement is phrased as “you must test, and if you vaccinate you are excused from testing” then technically they aren’t requiring you to get vaccinated. This can help them dodge liability and also reduce the possibility for religious/medical exemptions. If they go down this route they probably do not really care very much and are only doing what they think is the “safest” in terms of the law. As such you will be very likely to be able to keep your job without the vexx and they probably won’t be paying too close attention to the tests either.

  57. Dennis

    “If they go down this route they probably do not really care very much and are only doing what they think is the ‘safest’ in terms of the law.”

    Yes, but keep in mind, what everyone is treating as if it were a “law” is just an arbitrary, lawless, unconstitutional, tyrannical “mandate” by an illegitimate puppet Regime cipher. If everyone would simply act accordingly and refuse to comply, it would disappear, because it would be unenforceable. What are the Fed goons going to do, shut down every business and arrest every owner, officer, employee, etc., and thus wreck the world and economy altogether beyond what Biden already has?

  58. Rudolph Harrier

    I’m speaking in terms of what companies will do, not what we might like them to do.

    If companies had balls and principles they would stand against these orders, or at the very least wait until they were explicitly forced before acting. They wouldn’t act in terms of what might happen or what might make them lose some face among people who never would support them anyway. If you run a company yourself, certainly you should take that advice.

    However most companies are run by principle-less cowards. They are never going to do that, and if you work for such a company it’s only going to do you harm to believe that they will do that. But it’s worth noting that there is a big difference between “going through the motions because they are cowards” and “enthusiastically doing more than required because they hate you.” It’s good to know which situation you are in, particularly since the companies in the former group can be brought around (not be reasoning or appeals to principles, but by convincing them that their current course of action is liable to make them lose more than the alternative.)

  59. philemon

    “However most companies are run by principle-less cowards.” I think they’re run by people who want to monetize their options. If things look bad on that score, due to legal liability not being waived, as they thought, and the company being on the line for damages, they might sing a different tune.

    It’s not like they’re all in the position Johnson&Johnson enjoys to dump their liabilities into new corporation and promptly declare it bankrupt. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/14/-johnson-johnson-puts-talc-liabilities-into-bankruptcy.html

    In any event, there seem to be enough people saying “No!” to make ’em nervous.


    There’s gonna be a political crisis. There has been a devastating, co-ordinated offensive against the populace, first the virus, then suppression of effective treatments to enable EUAs, then the pathogenic EUA vexxines, to be followed with “vaccine” passports.

    We haven’t seen the political counter-offensive yet. And it is not just this issue. This is part of the wider war by the malthusian, eugenicist and globalist oligarchy against the economic, and indeed spiritual, development of humanity, which they see as a fundamental threat. And that just shows you how utterly stupid and delusional they are.

  60. Aaron Glover

    “enthusiastically doing more than required because they hate you.”
    Like, perchance, in the example of a sibling’s unvaccinated significant other who must, I repeat, must, perform a rapid test 3 times weekly in front of a manager at work (said manager then must, must, present results to a higher up before they are uploaded to the ether)?

    A few starts to my next sentence that never materialized:
    a) Logic dictates knowing the rapid test results prior to…
    b) Trust and loyalty are…
    c) They hate you because…
    d) Science be bitchin’…
    e) The land down under…
    (truth be told, the last 2 were complete after the ellipses)

  61. philemon

    Is it just me? Or are lots of people getting pissed off?

  62. CJ

    Anyone know any good places in the MD/VA area where someone can go to (wink) *get the shot* and get the card and get entered into the database so they don’t have to deal with this dangerous mandate. I mean it’s not my fault if they miss my arm and it goes behind me. Asking for a friend.

  63. 1UnknownSubject

    Similar situation to the anonymous inquirer. I crossed the rubicon and got the JnJ shot. I got it as a protest and have waited until the last minute to show my ‘vax card’.

    No side effects besides a fever and being tiered the day after. Lord, I am praying every day that I made the right choice.

  64. philemon

    Keep a hardcopy of every piece of paper your employer sent you, as well as your response back, in your own private file. If anything happens to you, at least your family will have a good legal case.

  65. philemon

    “Anyone know any good places in the MD/VA area where someone can go to (wink) *get the shot* and get the card and get entered into the database so they don’t have to deal with this dangerous mandate. I mean it’s not my fault if they miss my arm and it goes behind me. Asking for a friend.”

    First of all, are you, or your friend, setting yourself up for blackmail?

    Secondly, there is no reason to go along with the clot-shot. The clot-shot mandaters are starting to fold! Don’t cave in.

  66. CJ


    My friend is a federal employee who has 8 years to go. Already had CV. No clue what’s going to happen.

    Not a contractor in the private sector. This is GOV agency they work for (not a sub-contractor).

    Unlike the contractors who are going to get a testing option, they have no such thing in the mandate for the federal workforce.

    Person cannot afford to lose their job, benefits, health insurance since they are sole provider.

  67. kzintis

    Option 1 typically won’t work.

    I had Covid in June. I’ve had 2 blood tests confirming antibodies as demanded by my employer (the antibodies were good enough to prevent me from having to get twice-weekly PCR tests to come into the office). First test in August, most recent was 10 days ago. I was told last Monday that me having natural immunity doesn’t count based on the Kentucky study from CDC (and now reinforced by the study they released this past Friday – not commenting on the quality of either of those studies just that my HR department quotes them to shut down talk of natural immunity). Only the jab will allow me to keep my job. I have until Dec 3 to comply.

  68. Briggs


    I’m reviewing the new CDC study tomorrow. It stinks. I don’t know the other which you mentioned.

  69. philemon

    @CJ: “My friend is a federal employee who has 8 years to go. Already had CV. No clue what’s going to happen.

    “Not a contractor in the private sector. This is GOV agency they work for (not a sub-contractor).

    “Unlike the contractors who are going to get a testing option, they have no such thing in the mandate for the federal workforce.

    “Person cannot afford to lose their job, benefits, health insurance since they are sole provider.”

    I do sympathize, but a sole provider should not be getting a vexxine that has a 1/100 risk of serious adverse events (so far, with no long term data), and no liability to their employer or the people pushing the drugs, unless he has a really good life insurance policy that will somehow make up for him not being around. And a life insurance policy only helps if he dies. What if he is just not employable due to severe injury and disability?

    There are other jobs. It’s his choice, of course.

  70. Dennis

    He needs to sue. Plenty of evidence now that natural immunity is more robust than these unsafe jabs, and his HR twerps are basing their whole policy on an illegal Biden “mandate” in the first place.

  71. Dennis

    Kzintis: I’m sure you’ve seen Brigg’s update today addressing some issues with the CDC state studies.

    Their own list of “limitations” to the findings indicates that the results are basically bogus – finding what they want to find. And, of course, they don’t address short term or potential long-term adverse event risk from these jabs, and end with this: “All eligible persons should be offered vaccination, including those with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, to reduce their risk for future infection.”

    I’d like someone to explain why I need to take a potentially dangerous experimental vaccine, with well-known short-to-medium terms adverse event risks, and unknown long-term risks, in order to “reduce risk for future infection” (which the jabs don’t do, despite the claims form this bogus study) for something that is of little risk to me, or the vast majority of people, to begin with, a global IFR of .015%. Twenty months into this supposedly unprecedented, world-historical pandemic, I haven’t had so much as a sniffle! But, I’m supposed to rush out to get jabbed with some mRNA concoction anyway to line the pockets of Big Pharma and satisfy midwit politicians, media, and HR types? Fortunately, I don’t have an actual officious HR busybody midwit I have to deal with myself.

    Anyway, I’m in KY as well. You might try this site for some info (I don’t know anything about them personally, though): https://www.kentuckyfamily.org/index.php/vaccine-mandates-strike-kentucky-know-your-rights/

    This site has some attorneys who supposedly are working on vaccine mandate issues, but again, I can’t vouch for accuracy. You might try calling some on the list for KY and see if true: https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/10/11/if-you-dont-wish-to-comply-with-vaccine-and-mask-mandateshere-is-a-list-of-law-firms-that-can-help/

    Now that I just finished up a big months longs project for a client yesterday, I might try to reach out to some orgs and attorneys fighting these issue locally and see if I can help in any way (despite very limited litigation experience, which is the expertise needed really to fight these mandates).

  72. Kzintis

    Thanks Dennis! I did read Briggs’ post earlier today – and it was what I expected (also read Alex Berenson’s takedown of the CDC “study” over the weekend).

    I pushed back (a little) with my HR person and asked if they’d read any of the KY report since the first sentence states: “Although laboratory evidence suggests that antibody responses following COVID-19 vaccination provide better neutralization of some circulating variants than does natural infection (1,2), few real-world epidemiologic studies exist to support the benefit of vaccination for previously infected persons.” Their response was “Nope. The CDC says you’re more than twice as likely to get COVID a second time as a vaccinated person is a first time. We’re just doing what they say since that’s best practices. If you have a problem with “the science” take it up with them.” I knew then that I’d have a better conversation about this talking to the plant in the corner of my office.

    Ugh. It’s this willful obtuseness of the mid-level flunkies claiming plausible deniability while holding peoples’ careers and livelihoods hostage that makes me want to defenestrate myself. It’s maddening.

  73. Dennis

    It appears to be based on some, by now, rather old data too…since then we’ve seen a good 5-6 months more of real world evidence of total vax failure. In May and June, many of the jabbed were still in the 4-month “happy zone,” which is where vax efficacy seems to max out and then drop rapidly thereafter.

    HR clown: “The CDC says you’re more than twice as likely to get COVID a second time as a vaccinated person is a first time. We’re just doing what they say since that’s best practices.”

    Best practices my ass. CDC is apolitical body that has no legal force or effect. All it can do is issue “recommendations.” No one is bound by them, nor is there any reason to trust their politicized “science” over other sources. And even IF this CDC study were true and reliable, it still wouldn’t be a sound argument for forced experimental vaccines for a virus with a global IFR of .15%. They may as well argue that you can’t come to work if you’ve had flu before, on grounds that you might get that again too at some point in the future. So what. It’s all meaningless and a totally disproportionate response to what is, ultimately, a rather banal virus on par with flu or countless other things society just has to live with.

  74. Rudolph Harrier

    Every bureaucrat salivates over the thought of having someone else to blame. This is part of why they will rarely point directly to the source. That is, your midlevel manager will point to “company policy.” The higher level managers that set that policy will refer to “recommendations by health consultants.” Said health consultant will refer to “recent studies” without getting too specific about any particular one.

    Such a setup is not accidental. It allows three things:

    1.) Since each step in the chain doesn’t make a full decision, they all get to justify themselves as “an essential part of the process.” That is, the midlevel manager checking up on your health status can say that he is necessary because just deciding policy doesn’t implement it. The upper level managers who set the policy can say that they are necessary because health recommendations don’t translate directly into policy, etc.

    2.) At the same time, should things go wrong, each step has someone else to blame. The midlevel manager can say “hey, it’s policy. I don’t set it.” The higher level manager can say “we need to be responsible and listen to health advice. If our consultants had said other policies were smarter, we would have considered them…” The consultants can say “we can only make recommendations based on the current published state of the research.”, etc.

    3.) Combining 1.) and 2.) with the long length of the chain, everyone in the chain is fully protected. If the decisions were made by one scientist who determined the policies at all businesses which had to be followed without question, then we could hold him responsible. But this does not happen; the scientists making the initial studies have no direct relationship to your business. They can say “hey, we just did a study. It was your company’s choice to make a mandate out of it.” But at the lower end they can claim to be completely boxed in by the recommendations from above.

    This is also why it is unlikely that we will see the actual OSHA requirements any time soon. If the mandates are put into place by force of law it creates a clear link in the chain which bears all the responsibility. It’s better for the mandates if there is just a hint that there will be OSHA requirements sometime in the future, but no specifics. That way OSHA is off the hook, since they haven’t required anything yet. But your company can try to get the responsibility away from themselves by saying that they have to be in accordance with what OSHA is most probably going to say.

  75. Dennis

    “The manufacturing process for vexxines is seriously out of whack.”

    Out of whack…unless it was deliberate and exactly what they wanted as part of the plan all along. How else to explain the batch discrepancies?

  76. philemon

    Dennis: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=244120

    Doesn’t look deliberate. Looks like they just don’t have a clue how to do quality control for experimental gene-modifying experimental injections being pushed out in large quantities at all.

    Then, there’s another fun read for how the spike protein producing, gene-modifying injections might cause more problems in future:



    And, of course, the original “trials” were screwed up to begin with.


  77. Leslie

    Dear Briggs and followers, any data backed reasons why inactivated vexxes like Covaxin or Sinovac would be a bad idea? I am in Mexico and have to travel. Had plenty of exposure to covid already but never got more than mild symps for 2 days. Links especially appreciated. Thank you.

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