How The Money & Power Grab Of Global Warming (& Other Crises) Works

How The Money & Power Grab Of Global Warming (& Other Crises) Works

COP26 is upon, beginning this Sunday. The key metric for us is 26. The UN Climate Change Conference number 26. The first Conference of the Parties, or COP1, was in 1995.

Can we remember back that far? Can we recall the prognostications of doom? How the earth was imperiled if we didn’t do something? If we didn’t act now, or soon, the end was nigh? How islands were going to be washed away within a few short years? Temperatures soaring tenths of a degree?

Typhoons, hurricanes, lightning, floods, fires, famines, tropical storms raging and surging, overwhelming capacity to cope—stop me if you heard this story before with the coronadoom.

The good news is our State Department now allows an X on passports for those who refuse to put their sex.

Oh, wait. That’s another topic. Completely irrelevant here. Our rulers’ asinine official act of fleeing from Reality has nothing to do with global warming.


But, of course, it has everything to do with it, and with every other elite-manufactured crisis.

For I ask you, sincerely, can you trust a government that is willing to pretend to the whole entire world that such a thing as sex doesn’t exist?

If they are willing to lie about something so fundamental, what else?


It works like this, and in all elite-manufactured crises.

The rulers, which are increasingly the oligarchs and the upper echelons of the expertocracy, decide a lucrative crisis is upon us. The cry goes out, “What Expert can take the funds we are providing and prove in a scientific way this list of solutions are the only possible way out of the predicament we have only just now discovered?”

Top Experts answer. These great brains, while taking the money, may even be skeptical, at first or at last. They may even view the whole thing as an intellectual puzzle, taking the payoff only so that knowledge can be advanced, arguing that it never hurts to solve any puzzle, for much can be learned that way. And then there is always the odd case of a true believer, an eminence that really does think the crisis, or something like it, is real.

It is here that midwit Experts ooze out of their offices, excited by the scent of money and the possibility of fame. Many assure themselves that because the upper echelon is in on it, there must be something to the whole thing. They pucker up and aim for the nearest teat.

The proportion of true believers swells. The midwits point to the elite and are happy to believe, well pleased to elevate themselves, in their minds, above the doubters. Soon, a flood of Science™ is upon us, its very size sufficient to convince doubters. How could so many be wrong, they ask themselves. Surely something is here to see.

The same story, with minor variations, is repeated in the bureaucracy. Top bureaucrats, at the national and international level, know it’s best to align themselves with the rulers. Many won’t believe, but will reason like the top scientists. Something good may come out of this, they think. Besides, it’s better to have a larger than smaller office, for the other important work we have.

Then the mid-level bureaus are activated, all seeking a sliver of turf. Many true believers are here, as with the scientists, and for the same reason. They follow their betters. Soon, as with all bureaucracies, the programs themselves become more important than the goal. Process is king.

Once started, nobody knows how to kill a bureaucracy. It can only exist, or grow. Unless some major new crisis comes along to redirect efforts.

Again, as with Experts and bureaucrats, the media, anxious as ever to serve their masters, enters the fray.

Many leading journalists, or owners of media firms, are cynics. They’re happy to preach whatever the official line is, with seeming sincerity, even if that line inverts itself. Whatever, they say. I’m just reporting.

Reporters aren’t terribly bright, but they do look to their leaders, like any group, and because of their limited mental capacity, they become true believers faster. They can never remember what they say from one crisis to the next, which is why we have so much fun looking at their old statements, contrasting them with new ones. This Reality exposure doesn’t faze them in the least. They keep looking up.

Meanwhile, the oligarchs and elite Experts begin gleaning the wheat. It’s damn lucrative. There are trillions involved in the climate crisis (far outshining the coroandoom).

Happy COP26, everybody. Where we will all learn how to own nothing, and be happy—and be, if Experts are right, a little tiny bit warmer. Maybe. If we don’t do something.

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  1. MikeW

    The most lucrative part of the Global Warming of Doom scam is the “Green” Energy scam. Wind and solar power (which are actually Black Energy – e.g. from cobalt/lithium/rare-earth mining and processing, bird chopping, infra-sound disease, etc.) provide significant sources of income to politically-connected expertocrats, who skim profits from government-funded “green” energy projects, set-asides and subsidies. Al Gore, one of the pioneers in this area, has made hundreds of millions of dollars off this scam.

  2. Chaeremon

    In self-developing societies (formerly: wildlife societies, yeah yeah long ago), the achievement of autonomy and sovereignty is followed by an unavoidable boredom that seeks varied diversion: Pastime.
    Who uses the distraction and allows peeking [er, education] (o. cannot prevent peeking, by e.g. CCP), cultivates the well-being, also in the long run, thus: intergenerationally.
    Unfortunately, this urge for distraction inevitably comes up against a cusp (apex, pike) at some point, which cannot be further developed within the limits of our planet (e.g. the eco-fool mania destroys more than can be simultaneously renewed).
    And as soon as then the boredom takes an unmanageable shape (e.g. the present consensus voodoo in formerly “sciences”), consensus demanding religion (etc) can spread as pastime — meanwhile the intersection of left extremism and productivity converges asymptotically to zero.

  3. awildgoose

    Wind power is just a nice name for bird cuisinarts.

  4. I believe that George Soros is heavily invested in destroying our economy so that he can benefit from selling the dollar short.
    It just fits with everyone else’s plans and motives.

  5. Sheri

    Mike W: I cannot tell you how much I HATE turbines and greedy, liberal ass*es in Wyoming that put them in. May they burn in Hell.

    They LIED. Covid shutdown PROVES that . They DO mean for all the slaves to live in the forest (until it’s 100% cut and burned) and starve. This is NOT about saving humanity, you frigging morons who fell for it. Now you can die starving and freezing or frying. You pleaded for it, you got it. I no longer care. You simply cannot fix stupid.

    YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. WE BRED STUPID AND NOW THE BILL COMES DUE. No use in writing on this—we past the point of no return in stupid and we will DIE for it.

    I read an interesting write-up by Putin in CNS news telling us how stupid we are. Yep, we are very, very, very stupid when Putin can see it.

    We still need SOMA (or a war) for this to work. They better hurry up.

  6. MikeW

    Sheri, I also hate wind turbines and the greedy liberal ass*es in Michigan that put them in. In the past, the big wind farms were generally limited to the thumb area, but lately they’ve moved into central Michigan, closer to where I live.

    Awg, bird cuisinarts is just a fancy name for bird choppers.

  7. M

    CS Lewis captures this phenomenon beautifully in his novel That Hideous Strength. It really is a hauntingly accurate portrayal of our day, down to the brutal animal experiments, blurring of gender, grasping for power, silencing of all opposition, manufacturing crises, scientism, and the vagueness of the expertocracies.

    Worth a read or reread for everyone.

  8. Sheri

    Mike W: We bought land and put in a cabin, then the greedy idiots ruined the whole area by putting in nearly a thousand turbines. There was NOTHING on that prairie and had not been for decades, except a uranium mine. Now it’s a GOLD RUSH OF GREED. They raised the cost of hunting because you can’t hunt where the turbines are (expecially since the animals do not stay there–they reportedly have data to back that up), so now the greedy, horrible land hating ranchers get money for turbines and for letting people hunt, which is paid for by conservation stamps you are forced to buy to hunt. The stamps have NOTHING to do with conservation. Hunting will be dead in Wyoming in ten years. Don’t waste your money.

    Turbines are about a gold rush the government hands out and people WILL die because the turbines have nothing to do with electricity. Only good news lately is the substation in Shirley Basin burned and turbines are all turned off. I hope that happens a lot.

  9. Thanatos Savehn

    You’ll love this new struggle session by the American Psychological Association: The APA is now apologizing for standardized testing and the few other things its members have ever done that wasn’t irreproducible B.S.

  10. awildgoose

    As a Michigan expat, I am charmed to find so many of my people here.


    I am sticking with bird cuisinarts as a dig at the bourgeois sensibilities of the baizuo who push the green scam so hard.

    Ed Bonderenka-

    I concur with your hypothesis that Soros is short the USD. That is probably the only achievement more appealing to him than being known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

  11. Johnno

    And now, stories of recent progress!

    German Official Warns Risk Of Electric Vehicle Fires Is “Completely Unaddressed”

    “The Revenge Of The Fossil Fuels”

    Profiles in Liberal Elitism: Joanna Lumley

    With rising gas prices, and electric grid problems and the whole shebang… times are tough for a global warmist who are now doing their absolute best to stay warm in the winter!

  12. Uncle Mike

    Dear vcx,

    Mongabay is an enviro loony propaganda mill. They’re in on the $trillions of climate graft or wish to be. The “info” that sparks your fears and tears is bogus. The Amazon is doing fine. Have you ever been there? I thought not.

    Clean up your own neighborhood. The rest of the world doesn’t need your interference or libbish concern.

    PS to Sheri — sue the windy bastards for millions and then move to Hawaii, or Arkansas, or somewhere more nicer. See for starters:

  13. Ann Cherry

    Sheri, I never tire of your cutting analysis of humanity. M, I’ve downloaded that CS Lewis book, which I’d never heard about. Johnno, I created a separate file just for your prodigious and useful links.

    When I remind my lefty relatives (I don’t have any lefty friends left), that one modern wind turbine uses over four tons of copper (and that’s just the start) their eyes glaze over. One of these lefty relatives, a true believer in “renewable energy”, was strongly opposed to the deep (not “open-pit”) copper/nickel mine they were trying to open in Minnesota’s Iron range, which SloJoe’s administration banned. From now one, we’ll get our copper from “somewhere else” where environmental laws are non-existent, and child slave labor the norm. Lefties, ignorant children that they are, just cover their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears, and sing “La-la-la-I can’t hear you!”

    SloJoe’s administration is working hard, however, to put vast off-shore wind farms all along the eastern seaboard, and we can be sure they won’t be visible from Martha’s Vineyard, where most of these power-players own multi-million dollar homes. Of course, those famous New England storms will wreak havoc on these windmills, but they don’t care.

    We can imagine the effect these monstrous turbines, anchored to the ocean floor, will have on our fishing industry, and on sea mammal and bird migration, and how their massive vibrations will affect animals who rely on sonar for navigation and communication. They don’t care, their political offices and mansions are now largely funded by multi-national “green” energy consortiums.

    We’re all familiar with the once-popular GlobalClimateWarmingChange meme, a polar bear stuck on a small ice floe; here’s a link to a good short article entitled “COP26, Picnic Time for Polar Bears:

  14. Johnno

    Climate hypocrisy!

    See as THE SCIENCE ™ catches fire!

    Yes! Green Energy Initiatives costs you more than you bargained for!

    And they still don’t work!

    Mistakes are recognized at last!

    UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators To Charge Teslas Being Used As Shuttles

    COP26 Is A Global Energy Embarrassment

  15. John W. Garrett

    I wish people would stop referring to elected politicians and heads of governments as “elite.”

    It is a flagrantly inaccurate use of the word. “Elite” implies some form of merit.

    Those folk are not elite. I will grant that they are successful Machiavellians.

  16. Dennis

    Typical that he doesn’t say exactly what he wants to “transition” to. Another vague and empty slogan, just as Clinton had simple “change” in 1992 and Obama “hope” in 2008. “Fundamental economic transition”…to what exactly? Well, you can be certain it won’t help the vast majority, but only the Oligarchs. And 20 years from now the next set of clowns temporarily occupying various political offices will probably still be bloviating about the need to “address climate change” and “transition the economy.”

    Cheers to Putler, Xi, and Bolsonaro for not even bothering to show up at this latest international clown confab.

    Funny too how Prince Chuck gets a pass on the whole “British monarchy is above politics and doesn’t take partisan sides” thing, so long as he’s spewing vague slogans in support of the Oligarch’s and Leftist Establishment’s pet causes. Think he’d get such a pass if he dared speak our against, say, abortion, gay “marriage,” promoting transgenderism amongst youth (adolescent hormone therapy, surgery, etc.), or Covid vaccine mandates? Ha!

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