Register Your Predictions for 2022!

Register Your Predictions for 2022!

My Dear Friends, and, yes, Enemies, Happy New Year.

As has been our tradition these many years, it’s time to register our predictions for the coming year. We look at how well we did last year tomorrow. As usual, we fared badly.


  1. Number your predictions, using numbers, like this.
  2. Limit your predictions to 5, a number less than 6 or more.
  3. No sports.
  4. Be specific and provide a way to verify your projections.
  5. Attach a probability word if you are less than certain.
  6. Verified predictions of our coming Doom will receive very little weight unless they are quite specific.

My guesses:

1. It is tempting beyond my level of endurance to predict this year, by summer, the coronadoom panic ends. This would be nearly entirely wishcasting, however, since every time some ruler begins his (never her) move toward sanity, the shrieking harpies and soy-boys start screaming “What about the children!”

The Ominous Omicron and testing mania have revivified the panic—but only to a certain extent. Eventually, war wariness must set in. Health Police will admit, if only to themselves and silently, that stopping all death is not possible.

Coronadoom “solutions” will be with us forever, though, applied to flu and even colds. New York is applying them to “racism” (non-anti-white behavior), and others will apply them to “global warming.”

All we can expect, then, is a gradual waning of the harsher aspects of tyranny, with some fixtures being permanent, such as requiring foreigners take their medicine before being allowed in country.

2. SCOTUS sits in a week’s time to decide whether the government can force citizens to take a government-mandated medicine else be forbidden to buy or sell; i.e. the OSHA dictate. Given John Roberts’s instinct to cuck first, ask questions later, I am worried. But miracles do happen and occasionally, just occasionally, he remembers he is a man. I am 50-50.

If this level of toxic femininity is allowed to stand, we are well and truly doomed. Not to a bloody, sudden, or even glorious death. But to a stultifying gray miserable soul-destroying inexorable restrictive increasing entropy. A true triumph of the matriarchy.

3. Obviously, Biden’s meds were better than many of us guessed last year. It appears they’ll be able to wheel him out from time to time and let him read from hidden teleoprompters for at least another six to twelve months. Maybe more.

Even lefties, even the woke, even I, want this to be. No living soul, except for genuine lunatics, rabid feminists and criminal comedians, want The Cackler to be our national figurehead. She is even dumber than a womens studies professor, but has just enough self esteem to go off message unpredictably.

My prediction, like all predictions, but here the conditions are more visible, is contingent: if Joe becomes a drooling mess or dies, The Cackler will not be allowed to rise, or not for long, and she will be ushered off stage. Somehow. They may ax her even if Joe trundles on. Coronadoom, maybe? It’s already acceptable to say the “doubly jabbed and boosted” are likely to get the bug.

4. The crowd-corrected, typo-free, expanded second edition of Everything You Believe Is Wrong will move from selling copies, to selling tens, even multiple tens of copies, as the woke realizes this is the Most Dangerous Book on 2022.

5. It is difficult to predict anything than a continued lurching slide into the longhouse, with the occasional small victory to give the wrong kind of hope. I am certain there will be events, but I don’t know what they will be nor their scale.

This brings up a funny thing about predictions: they’re only really interesting if few or nobody else thinks of them. Then we recall predictions are nothing but inferences from lists of assumed premises. The inferences themselves are merely manual labor, if you like, so it’s really those premises that are of interest. That’s why insider predictions are so accurate and, to some, surprising.

I haven’t any insider information, and can’t conjure any, not at this time, so I haven’t any interesting predictions to make.

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  1. Stephen W. Shipman

    1) In fear of losing ground to the crypto world, the Fed finds discipline evidenced by gold closing the year at $1655
    2) Alex Berenson wins the first round of his lawsuit against Twitter about free speech
    3) Twitter re-instates Robert Malone MD without apology or remorse
    4) Republicans bungle the 2022 midterm elections by avoiding a platform dedicated to economic growth and stable money, narrowly winning the House, but leaving the Senate in Democrat hands
    5) Progressives succeed in pushing Stephen Breyer into retirement. He is replaced by a female, black, gay and progressive state Supreme Court judge.

  2. hilary

    Here for the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. Nice bait and switch.

  3. BB

    1) Republican landslide at the US Mid-term elections
    2) Inflation (according to whatever the officially accepted measures) to run at above 4% for each month of the year in all of the US, UK and EU.
    3) Boris Johnson is no longer UK prime minister by the end of 2022
    4) Joe Biden just about survives another year.
    5) Over 2000 Sub-saharan Christians killed in persecutions in 2022. Not one of these reported in the BBC or New York Times (Source: ; search of BBC or Times websites)

  4. Keith Buercklin

    1. Though prices will continue to climb, reported inflation numbers will fall slightly, perhaps to 6%, which will be heralded as a victory by the press. After the elections we will find out they again changed the inflation calculation to favor Democrats.
    2. Republicans will win back the House and the Senate, thus saving the Biden presidency from even further infamy.
    3. Reporting around Coronadoom will shift to show Uncle Joe “did” save us all with the help of Democrat governor’s. Actual Coronadoom data will show we have an endemic seasonal bug when the press quits reporting every positive test as a case, except in Florida and Texas.
    4. Roe v. Wade will be overturned, providing Democrats with their only campaign issue to run on. It will not help them, since they were going to win those voters anyway.

  5. Kevin

    1) Tucker Carlson leaves Fox (the circumstances will not be clear, so this will include both by his decision and being fired/pushed out)
    2) The next stage of normalizing pedophilia commences. “Minors attracted persons” becomes mainstream, just like the trans insanity.
    3) Average gas price in the US exceeds $5/gallon
    4) “Pope” Francis meets his eternal reward

  6. JR Ewing

    1) Bitcoin passes $100k early in the year and then crashes 20%, then passes $150k before year end and again crashes 20%, as is the nature of the beast. (See #4 below) The Brandon Regime will talk about banning Bitcoin and will eventually succeed in cutting some miners off from their electricity sources with assistance from blue state governments.

    2) Biden’s covid vexxine mandate will be struck down 5-4 by SCOTUS, thus giving the Brandon Regime the opportunity to save face and cover to start quietly start walking back other restrictions, like letting the airplane mask mandate expire before September 1, well before the midterms. The Brandon Regime will then use Omoronicon as an excuse to say that Covid is finally over. Many businesses and other private entities will also quietly drop their vexxine requirements after the SCOTUS decision.

    3) Purple state governors will also start walking back any remaining restrictions (like Polis did), but deep blue state governments – CA, NY, IL, maybe OR, and blue cities will continue to dig in on vexxine passports and masks through the end of the year.

    4) The Fed will make very hawkish statements during Q1 but not actually do anything painful that might affect the ability of Brandon to borrow and spend imaginary money. Annualized inflation will pass 10% during the first half of the year and 15% before year end. Bond vigilantes will eventually cause real interest rates to skyrocket to double digits by the end of the year and cripple federal fiscal policy, thus making the Fed’s dilemma even more challenging. I have some thoughts about what happens in 2023 in this regard, but you are asking about 2022.

    5) Discussions of red/blue state peaceful secession will continue to become more frequent and more mainstream during 2022, but nothing will actually happen in that regard until the monetary SHTF in 2023. Who actually leaves whom depends on the “results” of the “election” scheduled to take place in November.

  7. Leslie

    From a non hysterical feminine viewpoint:
    1.God continues to work in mysterious ways to reveal truth.
    2.Distrust in corporate/medical/press tyranny continues as people of good conscience rise up.
    3. Biden, amazingly, stumbles on while the unsellable Harris is sidelined.
    4. Ghislaine Maxwell is murdered and the contents of her black book are published posthumously.
    5. Mortality continues to rise (above the 20% predicted by Pfizer 6 mo results) due to our insane response to the Doom and skyrocketing cancer rates from T cell suppression.
    6. The Supreme Court reaffirms our constitutional liberties, avoiding civil war in which Texas and Florida lead a nonviolent secession.
    7. Republicans (sans Trump) lead the way out capitalizing on shift in public opinion largely due to Joe Rogan (see #1 again)!

  8. The Invisible Hand

    1. The S&P 500 will correct 20% or more at some point during the year and DXY will crack 100. Could happen before or after a melt up.
    2. The phrase “get vaccinated” will yield over 50 million google search results by years end, currently at 30.5 million using quotations.
    3. Trudeau will come out of the closet. He will use the phrase “pansexual”.
    4. The flu shot will be added to the term “fully vaccinated” (become a vax pass requirement) in some place in Europe or North America.
    5. At least one province in Canada will begin tracking the number of residents who have had a 6th covid shot.

  9. RussO

    1. The right will start to wake up from their gaslighting enough to begin to question why they accept being referred to as “red”, when red has long been (and internationally still is) the symbolic color of the left; especially the extreme left. Meanwhile, the next phase of gaslighting, the repetitive use of the phrase “our democracy”, will continue to effectively erode public awareness that the U.S. is a Republic. (Long term strategy in using the phrase is to condition people to more readily question the need for the Electoral College, the Senate, etc., in favor of mob rule, er, democracy.)

    2. The Republicans will take both the Senate and the House, but accomplish nothing legislatively and will point to the creation of multiple ultimately fruitless investigations in order to convince their constituents that they were productive.

    3. Donald Trump will confirm his unwillingness to run for the presidency again. Why would anyone want to vote in an essentially lame duck president?

    4. cnn will abandon its hard leftist evening programming altogether with a reset ostensibly focused on objective news reporting.

  10. Sander van der Wal

    1) Marine le Pen will win the French presidential elections and become the next French president
    2) the Corona Booster campaign in Europe will result in so many vaccinated people becoming infected that as a result the mandatory vaccination plans will be abandoned.
    3) the James Webb telescope will discover this year that the earliest galaxies were formed 50 million years earlier than currently thought.
    4) no war this year between NATO and Russia, or between the US and allies and China.

  11. Aaron Glover

    1. mRNA inoculants for many human ailments become the new cocaine, to the highest bidder of course
    2. Ring of Fire developments both in Canada and in the South China sea
    3. A modern Silk Road expansion both economic and military – wise from the East
    4. Bering Strait and Arctic disputes from Russia with North Americans
    5. Continued manufactured inflation for select 1st world countries

  12. Deacon Blues

    1. In March to May, another First Nations “crisis” happens in Canada, in British Columbia. Ottawa will make all kinds of fake gestures for “reconciliation”.

    2. The next variant, OMEGA proves mRNA vaccines don’t work. New mandatory inactivated virus vaccines are introduced: “The first three/four shots were a good start, but…” The FAUXVID crisis wanes afterwards.

    3. Fauci gets metoo’d. He then ends up in jail with no bail. A few months later, he unfortunately hangs himself while the guards are ‘fixing’ the security cameras. (With the dirt he must have it’s a matter of time.) “Fauci did not…oh who cares” is meme of the year.

    4. Australia (and in future years, New Zealand) starts suspending elections, reason: FAUXVID. “To save democracy, we have to pause it.” Real reason: their leaders know they are finished, so scramble to buy themselves time.

    5. The US will get into a hot war in late summer. Nothing big, think invasion of Grenada level stuff. Something TPTB hope can be over in a month to boost the Dems before Midterms.

  13. Hagfish Bagpipe

    1. Flying cars.
    2. Flying cars crashing.
    3. Colonies on Mars.
    4. Mars attacks!
    5. Vaccine cures stupid.
    6. Stupid vaccine holocaust.

  14. Hun

    1. Biden dies and Democrats will rediscover Hillary

    2. Public discussion about merging with Mainland China will start surfacing in Taiwan and getting serious consideration

    3. Another part of Ukraine will formally join Russia and the US will be unable to do anything about it.

    4. Covid passes will become permanent in some EU countries (Germany for ex.). At best they will be temporarily deactivated, but people will be advised to hold on to them until the next wave or crisis.

    5. French election will be a big disappointment to nationalists everywhere as both Le Pen and Zemmour fail to win.

  15. Yarrow

    Ooh! I like it.

    1. Fedgov is forced to back off on vax mandates for federal contractors because of tight labor markets. It may not be fast enough to save some of the billions-of-dollars’ worth of in-progress projects they’ve already paid for, which will likely lead to….
    2. A decline in the US military’s naval and coast guard capacity. They’ll have a hard time replacing boats at the same rate they’re being retired. Which will lead to….
    3. An increase in illegal maritime trafficking. But I’m not totally sure how one could verify that.
    4. Continued inflation and supply-chain disruptions. I expect to see food prices double (or more) over the next year.
    5. As adverse vaccine effects in children become too obvious to hide, the first vaccine exec, or vaccine-pushing politician, gets killed by a violent mob sometime this spring. (not my prediction, but I’ve seen it around, I haven’t got a #5, and I’ll throw it in there to have a reference point to check back on…)

  16. Done.

    1. Deaths from “vaccines” surpasses 100 million by September. (just in North America)
    2. Inflation soars, so we can keep the proles in line.
    3. Gov demands handover of all privately held precious metals for a set price, to save the country…..
    4. Dems retain House and Senate. They now have the right algorithms.
    5. I win the lottery.

  17. Incitadus

    1. Purge of military and police accelerate
    2. Surveillance data weaponized, move to AI
    3. War on terror domesticated ie.1/6
    4. 4th and 5th amendments continue to erode
    5. Digital passports promoted
    6. Digital state controlled currency promoted
    7. Cost of private transportation increasingly unaffordable
    8. More small business destruction, home foreclosures, & bankruptcies
    9. Money printing, inflation, and debasement of the currency continue
    10.Airline travel diminishes becoming unaffordable
    11.Universal basic income, congressional feudal committees formed
    12.Climate alarm and costly mitigation remain the central theme
    13.Public shaming and censorship normalized
    14.CRT-globo-homo indoctrination hits a few bumps but continues unabated
    15.Operationalized medical tyranny/depopulation continues
    16.Supply-chain disruptions, empty shelves, and que’s for necessities
    17.Vegan tyranny all out war on meat launched

    Basically all you’ve got to do is take a look at the CCP empire if you want to see what’s coming.
    They’re all in balls to the wall with Mao’s learned helplessness model. It will eventually
    fail here but it may take a lot of us with it.

  18. Nate

    5 completely uninteresting predictions this year. This is a number less than six or more.

    1. Briggs’ content improves! He gives up on the old and tired Tuesday Coronadoom posts, but restarts Ask a Scientific Ethicist and This Week In Doom. This is totally a wishcast.

    2. SpaceX Starship orbit-reentry test is delayed past 2022.

    3. Elon Musk is banned from twitter. This is not related to (2).

    4. Trump’s “Truth Social” launches, but shutters by the end of 2022. This is probably also a wish cast.

    5. Pope Francis’ health declines and he likely either ‘retires’ or passes away.

  19. buzz bunny

    0. pope francis resigns to start a bed and breakfast in the swiss alps with a guy named steve.
    1. tyranny and tranny increasingly get confused causing hilarious results at mandatory library drag queen story time.
    2. equity in defecation act passes the san francisco city council resulting in not crapping in the street being a misdemeanor crime.
    3. biden clones caught on camera sniffing jen psaki’s hair.
    4. video of ghislaine maxwell not killing herself goes viral.
    5. random commenters still don’t learn to count.

  20. Zundfolge

    1. Vexine deaths will increase significantly and eventually be blamed on a “new variant” of C19 and of course the unvexxed.
    2. Biden will survive the year as president (the D’s don’t want Kamala and won’t be able to figure out how to easily get rid of her so they’ll stick with Biden even though he will continue to be an entertaining gaff machine).
    3. Russia will invade Ukraine and/or China will take Taiwan and the US will sit on its hands.
    4. Someone in Australia will snap and they’ll have a mass casualty incident.
    5. One of the top 5 major events of the year will be something nobody here predicts (some sort of weird, black swan type event that nobody could have seen coming).

  21. Uncle Mike

    Dear Doctor,

    Your predictions are nebbish and obtuse. Mine are not because I bite bullets.

    1. Joe Geriatric will NOT last 12 months. He’s going to pop a brain vessel and stroke out, and then be wheeled off on a gurney.

    2. But before that happens Kommie HoHo will resign, be impeached, or otherwise incapacitated (assassinated?) by the Central Committee.

    3. Then in accordance with the 25th Amendment, Joe Aneurysm will appoint a VP replacement: Hillary Epstein Clinton. HEC will then become Pres when Joe taps out. Yes. Mark my words. Before Dec 31, but likely after the Nov elections.

    4. The Ruskies will take over Ukraine with a minimum of bloodshed. Germany will help them do it. China will eat Taiwan like a hors d’oeuvres.

    5. On a positive note, despite runaway inflation the US economy will boom as the unwavering greed of the average American will defy the mandate-spewing fake-gay Marxicrats.

  22. Incitadus

    Sorry Briggs I may have misread your instructions all I saw was 6 or more.

  23. Johnno

    1. Officially US federal coronadoom policy ends! Red states go free, but coronadoom continues at the state level in blue states with either reduced lax enforcement that’s just enough to feel woke, or increased more brutal regiment to go broke. Lefties who who can, flee. Lefty leaders of tyrannical locked down blue states continue to vacation maskless in Florida while destroying their states remotely over Zoom Calls. Twitter rushes to their protection by censoring this exposure as online abuse and bullying.

    2. A similar pattern is repeated around the world. Level-headed or recovered-from-insanity or desperate-to-avoid-lynching leaders set their citizens free, but some reluctantly try to hold out as long as possible, like Canada and the UK, until they finally relent by the summer, and some descend into more tyranny and violent unrest like Australia, Austria, Germany, and Italy which might last the year. Anti-vaxxers declared terrorists for putting up physical resistance by not simply lying down and being beaten by masked police like they are supposed to. Russia, too, continues to pretend coronadoom is a threat, and the Russian people by and large continue to knife and beat up the local commisars, making at-home enforcement a farce. China stays commie and does what commies do. International travel is still in flux and unpredictable.

    3. NATO talks with Russia see Armageddon delayed as more talks are scheduled for the summer. The U.S. buys time until it can pull off a false flag chemical weapon attack in the Ukraine and blame it on Russia without looking so obvious. The ideal timeframe for them would be prior to the midterms so that the media can scream TERRORISM! WAR! RUSSIAN EVIL! And Brandon can look like the saviour we need! So please forget about everything else and vote for Democrat protection! But this doesn’t work! The Republicans sweep! Then the Republicans proceed to do absolutely nothing so that they can focus on screaming TERRORISM! WAR! RUSSIAN EVIL!

    4. Mainstream lefty media outlets continue to flounder. Lose viewers. Stock value nosedives. Buy-ups and consolidation happen. Massive lay-offs happen. Twitter whining happens. Federal Government bailouts happen. Money is printed. Youtube shuts down more legitimate competition. Alternative video platforms see record growth. Globalists run more exercises concerning “potential” hacking and crashing the global monetary and credit card system.

    5. Vexxed deaths skyrocket, but are blamed on something else. Government blames the unvexxed without clarifying why. Still-born child deaths skyrocket in the vexxed, but are blamed on something else. Government recommends more booster shots as a solution. Sterilization and barren wombs skyrocket amongst the vexxed. Government declares this a positive development for the sake if the Earth. More Deaths! So many more deaths and cancers and heart problems and influenza and covid variant cases amongst the vexxed, but are blamed on something else. Government blames the unvexxed without clarifying why. Understaffing and lack of labour increases exponentially! Government declares victory for creating more jobs in the market! Demands more immigrants and granting illegals citizenship to fill the labour needs. Laid-off white lefty media persons who are still alive shocked that they are being discriminated against out of preference for diversity hiring. Laid-off POC lefty media persons shocked that employers would prefer illegal POC hires who can’t even speak English over them and their preferred pronouns.

    BONUS: Francis I, still stubbornly hangs in there, just like Brandon! Tries to implement more innovative fuzzy-wuzxy together-ness initiatives such as concelebration with non-Catholics, Schismatics, and even non-Christians. Pushes for new forms of inter-communion for non-believers. Raises to the Cardinalate more effiminate men we cannot stand. Conservatives continue to insist he is the pope for some reason. Benedict XVI also still around, co-authoring more books that passively-aggressively counter Francis. Vatican PR continue to spin Benedict as supportive of Francis’ new endevours with carefully edited portions of controlled interviews with him and a poor photoshop or two. Latin Masses manage to survive as high ranking bishops who would have suppressed it drop dead from vexxine complications, but are blamed on something else. Vatican blames the unvexxed parishioners without clarifying why.

  24. Robin

    My 2C.

    1. AI will reach a singularity by fourth quarter 2022 – but only a handful of tech titans and the CCP will know of it. To the rest of us it will be ubiquitous but invisible. It will make any future democratic process impossible.

    2. Because of (1), there will never again be a US-centric election result. Only globalist boot stomping forever more. Whoever wins in 2022, whether Republican or Democrat, it will not matter – only globalist policies will be carried forward. The Supreme Court will be stacked in favour of these globalist objectives starting late 2022.

    3. Americans/Western/Five Eyes nations will continue to experience the ever-widening gap between rich and poor – and the destruction of the middle class. The middle class will disappear with the boomer generation.

    4. Boomers will die out rapidly due to vaccine effects. Death rates amongst this cohort will grow dramatically by the end of 2022, or their lifetime wealth accumulation will be transferred to the medical-pharma industrial complex in an effort to remain alive.

    5. There will be a (planned) global economic collapse following the November elections. This will result in the withdrawal of western military power in the Asia-Pacific region, and China’s brutal acquisition of Taiwan.

  25. Johnno

    Philemon, skyrocket EVEN MORE! There will be so many cases of rockets the entirety of Israel will be destroyed without HAMAS getting the chance to do anything!

    But if nobody likes that prediction, then…

    REVISED #5 –

    EVEN MORE Comic Book characters come out of the closet as L or G or B or T or something else! Who will it be? Will it be Daredevil? Will it be Green Arrow? Will it be Charlie Brown? Anything is possible! Marvel and DC comics continue to lose sales! Japanese manga sales skyrocket! The new superheroes that more western kids embrace will be Goku! Luffy! Tanjiro! Chainsaw-Man! Netflix will create woke Americanized live action versions of all of these, then cancel them after 1 season! More Marvel / DC films will phase out the leading white guys for women swaps and other diversity! No more Robert Downey Jr, or Chris Hemsworth, or Henry Cavill, or Chris Evans! Box office numbers tank! Men don’t buy tickets because Hollywood doesn’t care to appeal to them anymore! Women, foreign audiences, and gays don’t buy tickets either because, damn it, they wanted to see Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, & Chris Evans! Hollywood blames the pandemic and the stubborn unvexxed non-passport holders for struggling sales without explaining why, even as Spider-Man Far From Home achieves 2 billion dollars! They will wrongly conclude that what audiences really want are cross-media multiverses which will continue to be woke and fake and gay! They set plans for even more failure in 2023 and beyond! Soon you will see Seinfeld fighting the Gilmore Girls in the cafe from CHEERS as the entire cast of Friends age badly in the background! They are all in this together! SUBSCRIBE NOW!

  26. AC

    “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64”

    More of this. Incidentally, does this implicate the vexxine? Thank you!

  27. Don B

    1) The sky will be dark with AGW chickens coming home to roost (AGW = anthropogenic global warming). Those governments, such as California, Texas, Germany, UK, etc., who woke-ishly moved away from reliable electricity generation towards unreliable generation which relies on the weather (solar, wind), will have their economies damaged, but learn nothing.

    2) China, India and other rapidly growing economies will set new, historic records for coal consumption.

    3) The Permian Basin of West Texas and SE New Mexico will set new, historic records for oil production as a result of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

    4) Contrary to the widely believed consensus, inflation and long interest rates will not soar as Western Economies endure slowing growth as a result of the anchor of historic indebtedness.

    5) Partly because of 4), the extraordinary stock bull market will finally peak, and collapse, pulled downward by the weight of historic high valuations.

  28. BrianH

    1. Blue state smash & grab crime will morph into saunter & select as more criminals come to realize police are not coming.
    2. Hillary gets a new hairdo and embarks on a “tanned, rested and ready” media tour. Anyone expressing the slightest criticism will be deemed a racist misogynist and disinvited from all the right parties.
    3. Proof that aliens are now living amongst us earthlings will be disseminated by the feds. This will furnish a new cause for panic to replace the waning pandemic.
    4. Greta Thunberg will abandon her AWG leadership role in a hissy fit and return to school and anonymity.
    5. Texas will require remedial speech lessons for all new arrivals from blue states in an effort towards assimilation. Ex: “Ma’am, may I hepp you wrench off them dishes?”

  29. vince

    1) Hersterians co-opt “U n i t y” as the 2022 buzzword…
    2) Unity tees top garment sales…

  30. spudjr60

    I made 4 predictions last year. Three definitely wrong, one still undecided, but likely to be wrong. Mainly, I thought the Corporate wing of the Demon-Rat party would rise up and slap down the radicals and put them in the back of the bus. I was wrong, this is a good example of how they differ from the Repugnant party. The theme of my 2022 predictions is that the D’s will try to replay 2020 to “win” in 2022.

    1) Justice Stephen Breyer will retire, so his replacement hearing will be part of the get out the vote drive against the EVIL R’s.

    2) BLM/Antifa will riot again over the summer, but this time they will try to generate a lot of “martyrs” by targeting white conservative neighborhoods.

    3) The quantity and quality of “Hate” crime hoaxes will expand in 2021.

    4) John Durham will NOT put any Deep State soy-boy on trial for the Russia collusion fraud.

    5) I hope I am wrong, but Amy Coney Barrett will continue her transformation into David Souter

  31. buck smith

    1. China has a recession, world economy goes sideways
    2. As a result oil prices drift down, natural gas prices stay high
    3. Global temperatures cool off, but climate doomers keep hating CO2
    4. More evidence of Covid lab origin is uncovered.
    5. US election campaign violence features one or more assassinations or attempts against prominent politicians or journalists

  32. Michael Dowd

    1. Biden gone.
    2. Democrats lose House and Senate in mid-term.
    3. Inflation soars.
    4. Florida independence movement begins.
    5. Recession begins.
    6. New, more serious pandemic introduced with significantly higher death rate than Covid.
    7. Pope Francis dies or resigns.
    8. Schism in Catholic Church between Traditional and Novus Ordo Catholics.
    9. Gold and silver begin to soar.
    10. Only 3 of my predictions come true.

  33. DAA

    1. Tyranny will be all but implemented in the EU, with passes, forced but not forced vaccinations and so forth; some countries will act more mildly, but travel will be impaired to those who do not comply;
    2. War will break out in the East over Formosa and over Eastern Ukraine;
    3. Solar flare will probably hit Earth (remember that in 2012 we escaped because the Sun was looking the other way) – this will prevent an electronic war, but not a WWII-type war;
    4. Masons and similar, plus Devil worshippers, will reveal themselves and there will be a push for world domination; zombie wars will come to pass: zombies are people under the complete influence of MSM, given the nature of the Beast; some relation to 5G, which will be turned on; finantial sector will go “quantum” and no more freedom to anyone;
    5. Due to the injections, some 50-90% percent of injected will perish under 5G and/or some other form of “shot”.

  34. Plantagenet

    1. Republicans regain both House and Senate. Riots in the streets.
    2. SCOTUS punts. Roe neither entirely upheld nor abandoned. Riots in the Streets.
    3. Boris remains leader of the Tories by the skin of his teeth. Widespread indifference in the streets.
    4. JK Rowling made a Dame in birthday or New Years honour list.
    5. Greta whatshername nominated, and possibly wins nobel, Fauci and that bloke from WHO too. If there were one for being annoying they would have got it already.

  35. JR Ewing

    I know I already used my 5 predictions, but I want to add that I think the incidence of leukemia and lymphomas among the vexxed will increased in the general population in 2022. This will be followed by higher rates of ovarian and uterine cancer too.

    Probably smart to just leave it there but it will eventually become a society wide emergency in 2023 with rates an order of magnitude higher than before. And It will eventually become such a crisis with people out of work and infertile and such a strain on the healthcare system that with economy will collapse and the western world along with it. A true black swan event.

  36. Clay Marley

    1. The coronadoom scare will disappear. Mainly for 4 reasons: The Biden admin needs a win before the mid-terms; Omicron is a minor issue though highly transmissible – everyone gets it, many don’t even know; the highly amplified PCR tests will be discontinued; and the MSM will simply stop reporting on most of it, after giving the Biden admin credit for solving it.
    2. A new public scare is needed after coronadoom collapses. I predict it will not be global warming – it just doesn’t have enough legs to scare people, in spite of many shrill voices calling for action to solve a climate emergency. No, I will go for a cyberdoom emergency. It will require onerous Internet regulations of content and privacy, banking regulations, and likely a social scoring scheme.
    3. Neither Biden nor Harris will be in their current office by end of year (probably happen after the mid-terms).
    4. Republicans gain the house and senate after the mid-term elections, but not a veto proof majority.
    5. Late in the year it will be found that all cause mortality for those vexed, will be higher than the unvexxed. The jab is causing long term health complications.

  37. 1. 2022 is the year the Branch Covidians are phased out and the Greta Fan Club takes over: more and more controls are enforced and less and less freedoms allowed, but the alleged cause gradually switches from fauxvid to Climate Change ™.
    2. Similarly, our all but mandated social scores, currently based on ‘vax’ status, will come to include some sort of carbon score or suchlike.
    3. “The rich” discover that they are not homogenous. The unending power struggles among our betters increase as saner heads try to reign things in. The Soroses and Buffetts of the world may have enough wealth in enough areas to ride out almost anything, but some people who imagine they are wealthy are going to discover they aren’t. Some rich people, for example, have much of their wealth in shipping or airlines. They are not as happy with the direction of things as are the more satanic vermin like Soros, whose fortune is based on currency manipulation. This one is likely complicated to verify, but can be read between the lines when certain industries push back against the control mechanisms.
    4. Public school attendance falls sharply. Private schools boom even as laws and regulations are enforced against them. Conflicts move from school board meetings into the actual schools. (Again, could be hard to verify, as the only reporting will frame the parents as ‘terrorists’ if it gets reported at all.)
    5. Prayers that the pope speedily comes to enjoy his eternal reward will increase in frequency and fervor, but he will hang on for another year.

  38. Yancey Ward

    (1) OMIGOD variant peaks in cases (7 Day moving average) this coming Friday and Saturday. Deaths slowly move up and peak again on January 20th, and then both cases and deaths attributed to COVID drop to their seasonal low in late May and early June, only to start rising again in the gulf coast states and the other southern and hot desert states in early July. In short, the same seasonal pattern will continue to hold right through the end of the year in 2022 when we will be panicking again during the holidays. Mask mandates and temporary lockdowns will continue right through the year. Vaccine mandates by the federal government will be axed by SCOTUS by early February, but they will continue to be required by major companies under pressure from the Biden Administration. The testing regime needs to end, but I now believe it will continue indefinitely- the Biden Administration wants to end it, but far too much money is being made by Democratic Party donors at 50-100 dollars per test, which is 100-200 million dollars/day in revenue, or 30-40 billion dollars/year in just testing- staggering when you think about it.

    (2) Inflation peaks in the 1st quarter, but the effects of inflation begin to degrade the economy just like it did in 2007. All the stops will be pulled to keep the unemployment rate low through the mid-term elections. Real growth in GDP stalls at the 0-1% level by Summer. Interest rates on the 10Y-30Y bond make their yearly peak in February at 2 and 2.5%, and then decline the rest of the year in fits and starts to end the year at 1 and 1.5%. The stock market makes it peak in January and is flat into the Summer before a significant 20% correction or more hits in September.

    (3) Biden is still president on January 1st of next year. Kamala is still VP all year. The Republicans make no gains in the mid-terms and finally lose the Senate outright when they lose both the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania senate races due to massive mail in vote fraud once again. Republicans will lose 5 house seats in California alone which keeps the Democrats in control of the House. Both McConnell and McCarthy lose their leadership seats because of the debacle. Trump and one or more members of his family is indicted in New York. He will also announce he isn’t running in 2024 in an attempt to stop the indictment, but it won’t work.

    (4) The US and Iran reinstate the JCPOA agreement which allows Iran to continue to refine their weapons program while removing sanctions- Biden needs Iran to lower oil prices. China makes no moves on Taiwan. ISIS reemerges in large parts of Iraq as the situation deteriorates there- the government may even fall in Iraq. Turkey’s economy craters as the Lira becomes toilet paper and inflation there rips to hyper-inflationary levels. Erdogan holds onto power, but opens the gates to allow the millions of refugees flee to the rest of Europe.

    (5) Kansas City wins the Superbowl. Baylor wins March Madness again. St. Louis wins the World Series. Golden State wins the NBA. And no cares who wins the NHL.

  39. JohnM

    1. Sleepy Joe will still be (dis) gracing the White House (more and more) aided by Dr Jill.
    2. Sleepy Joe will disgrace himself, but Dr Jill takes charge; sacks the cackler.
    3. Killery suddenly comes to the fore after the Dems receive a drubbing in the mid-terms.
    4. BoJo is ousted in May.
    5. Someone prominent is killed during the French elections

  40. dearieme

    1 When the deadliness of the vaccines is exposed, some trees, in some countries, will be decorated with strange fruit. And if not trees, lampposts.

    Not so much wishcasting as “unlikely perhaps but they ruddy well deserve it”.

  41. Oh wow, this is so fun. I wrote a prediction blog a few days ago, that you can find on my site. It was a 1-10, so let’s pick the most “fun” five of them.

    1. Vaccine Passport systems will expand to more United States locations and become more severe. It does not matter that they fail to stop the spread of Covid. In fact, their failure makes their expansion a certainty. By the end of 2022, Democrats will have made it very difficult for anyone unvaccinated who ventures into their territory to do business of any kind. In some Democrat controlled areas, the unvaccinated will be barred from entering grocery stores, including children.

    2. Price inflation as measured by the CPI and PPI will continue to be over 5%. The tapering and rate tinkering will not bring it back under control. I am much less confident in predicting how high it can go, but I do think it’s more likely to be higher than it is today. This is important, because most people surveyed think the CPI will be 3% again by 2023.

    3. Bitcoin, silver, oil, and gold will outperform the stock market, but I do not expect the stock market to crash.

    4. Bitcoin will reach $100,000

    5. At least one Western nation will attempt a climate change lockdown.

  42. TiP

    2022 Predictions:
    1) With the dedication of the “Abrahamic Houses” in Abu Dhabi in 2022, an evil will enter our world unlike any in 2000 years. It will use the Freemasonic structure to openly persecute true Christians, while feigning love and acceptance to those who accept the New Order.
    2) Even though there are typo’s, Briggs wins a Nobel Prize of Literature for best fictional work with “Everything you know is wrong”. He celebrates because winning the award from the Experts proves him right.
    3) Conservative dreamers still do not tire of hoping the Supreme Court will hand down constitutionally interpretive decisions and not “bench legislation ones”.
    4) John Roberts caves once again to whomever is blackmailing him, because the populace did not pray and fast enough. (I know, the second part is an unfortunate gimmee)
    5) Inflation hits double digits.
    6) Masonic forces pick up more seats and Democratic Party retains control of House and get clear majority power in the Senate, because nobody recognizes who we are fighting and they assume the “democratic voting process” will be secure and accurate this time.

  43. 1. Some Jan. 6 insurrection defendants will gain access to government videos and information in discovery, that will reveal the whole operation be the work of Federal agents provocateur, as Darren Beattie has theorized.

    2. Regardless of what happens with the “pandemic,” the Cult of Black Maskers in the military and government will become a uniform standard, a political badge of honor, indicating fealty to the regime.

    3. The continuing vile lash-up of PC-Progs and Neocons will press hard to force the USA to incite, and participate in, wars in regions with no actual American interests at stake: e.g., Iran, Ukraine, Taiwan, Yemen.

    4. Dept. of Defense demonization of the demographic backbone of its forces will create a back-lash.

    5. Mid-term elections result in Democrats’ losing the House. Republicans bluster and do nothing with their power, terrified of the “insurrectionist” label.

  44. GamecockJerry

    Mostly hope but here goes:

    1. Bitcoin hits 100k.

    2. Slick Willie kicks the bucket. Hillmonster too distraught to accept VP nomination.

    3. Stock market has 15% correction.

    4. Repubs take House and Senate and continue to be worthless.

    5. Corona recedes from the headlines but the Branch Covidians maintain mask wearing and social distancing allowing for continued identification of idiots I don’t have to deal with.

  45. Anon

    This is not a prediction, but a note for Kevin. Around a holiday dinner, completely unbidden, someone blurted out that pedophilia just means “child love” so what’s the big deal? Whilst this person is not Greek scholar, methinks he picked up the line from some late-night “comedian”. I said, okay, let’s use this word: pederasty. End of convo, but still very odd interaction, and the speed “child love” is being pushed is very alarming. We don’t hear a lot about bestiality, but it pops up now and again, with claims that the pet “likes it.” The revulsion factor is a lot higher with this one, so it seems the kids are an easier sell. God help us.

  46. Last year I said I’d be wrong – and I was right.

    This year?

    1 – Kamala Harris is killed. A right winger is blamed (it’s a lie). Hillary fights an Obama for the succession. Biden resigns after a new VP is sworn in.

    2 – Inflation exceeds 30% for some products, near zero in others, fed produce a weighted average and declare victory. e.g. mortage rates go from 2% for 5 years to 6% – that’s a 3x increase just for Jan22 compared to Nov/21

    3 – Arizona does election fraud perp walks. WI, PA, NV, and Georgia eventually follow suit. It becomes common truth that Trump won.

    4 – Some Americans finally rebel against the covid b.s. and some leading refusniks become minor folk heros

    5 – Sarah Palin comes back into public life – trump becomes an eminence grise, deSantis/Palin become inevitable for 2024.

    Hey, no wishfull thinking here!

  47. Zapollo

    1. Shortly after the midterm elections, Trump makes an official announcement that he plans to run in 2024.

    2. While COVID restrictions / mandates never go away, there will be an increasing effort to portray the worst hysterics as deviationists from COVID orthodoxy. Light, gentle mockery of them will be permitted in mainstream outlets.

    3. Pope Francis will die. His successor will be theologically indistinguishable, but far less flamboyant.

    4. China will have a “Sputnik moment” where they will publicly demonstrate a technology far ahead of anything in the West. Consequently, at least one major left wing figure will join neoconservatives in talking up a potential war with China.

    5. The general public will begin to become aware of the looming debacle of the forced electrification of automobiles. While no expressions of concern or displeasure will be permitted at the official level, average people will begin talking about it.

  48. Russell Haley

    1) The vexxed will increasingly die due to heart attacks, blood clots and multi-organ failure. This isn’t my prediction, it’s from Dolores Cahill.
    2) China and Russia will cross every red line the US sets and the US will fail to respond (invasion will happen the following year).
    3) One or more Democrat cities will fall completely into lawlessness and marshal law will be declared.
    4) The midterm elections will fail to create a red wave and the democrats will *somehow* hold onto slim majorities in both houses. This is due to the fact that the elections are controlled by a computer algorithm and counties can be flooded with ballots.
    5) Bergoglio will die and be replaced with an even more left wing sodomite. The abrogation of TLM will continue unabated.

  49. philemon

    * 2022 looks like 2021, but with more intensity in the conflict between the technocratic control agenda and resistance to same.
    * The supply chain shock continues and inflation accelerates, particularly later in the year.
    * Russia will declare a protectorate for the Donbas to forestall a Ukrainian NATO-supplied military attack.
    * There’s a false flag cyber-security event in the immediate run-up to the 2022 election. In this case I expect naming doesn’t call. In other words, if tried, it won’t work.
    * The U.S. Supreme Court will rule against the OSHA vaccine mandate.

  50. OT false prophet twice stoned

    1. Vax passports will be tied to SSNs and mandated for all personal and business interactions. Everything from domestic and international travel to accessing bank accounts or purchasing groceries will require the passport. A minimum of two yearly boosters will be mandated, and anyone not current on boosters will be treated the same as unvaxed.

    2. Vaxxed die steadily from a variety of factors, including cancers, heart attacks, strokes, etc. MSM continues blaming the unvaxed, ostracising them from society and moving them into designated concentration camps where they are slowly tortured, killed, and organ harvested. The omega variant shows up towards of the end of the year and wipes out a third of the vaxxed. 6 feet apart becomes 6 feet under.

    3. Economic crash triggered by China and Russia completely moving off the petro dollar, followed by rampant hyperinflation. Fed rolls out a crypto currency that only they can print, and tie it to the vax passport. Powell calls Maduro for advice.

    4. The majority of the population becomes completely dependent on gov for daily sustenance, and “holding down a job” becomes a quaint notion of the past. Environmentalists outlaw killing cows, effectively banning meat. GMO foods, plant based meat, and lab raised meat become the law of the land.

    5. Reduced solar activity and pole shifts cause global temperatures in densely populated areas to drop, while simultaneously causing temperatures closer to the poles to rise. This affects global food production causing widespread famines. Electric vehicles are the only type of vehicles you can own, but electric costs become prohibitive rendering them useless.

    Those still alive will be miserable, and those dead will own nothing and be happy.

  51. Eric

    2022 midterms will NOT result in a “red wave” bc the system is still run by machines and un-auditable. The result will be a predetermined flip of only one legislative house, but only barely, giving the illusion that a mad electorate has some say.

    50.3% to 49.6% type races litter the lineup, continuing the unverified joke we call voting. Many millions of votes will be deleted in real time on our screens, again, bc of “clerical errors” or whatever Edison/AP makes up that day when someone notices.

  52. HGS

    1. USA, Biben remains pres, Harris departs to look after her family, Republicans smaller than predicted gain in elections.
    2. China continues to muscle build, but under a new leader, leaves Tiawan alone.
    3. France elects the conservative outsider chappy who starts a fight with his German friends over EU and NATO military buildup.
    4. Australia continues decline into totalitarianism and elects new Federal government, the socialist socialist one.
    5. Russia wins the games with the EU (gas, selling more at higher prices) and NATO (Eastern Ukraine gains formal semi autonomy).

  53. Milton Hathaway

    1) Jill Biden suffers a stroke, Joe resigns the presidency, Kamala becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine, until the new Republican Congress neuters her in 2023. All eyes turn to 2024.

    2) S&P 500 briefly drops to 3300, but is showing strong recovery by year-end.

    3) A research team at a university patents a very low-cost process for scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere. The environmentalists are in crisis, COP27 dissolves into chaos. The Cap and Trade market crashes, environmental investment losses run into the billions. Blah, blah, blah.

    4) AOC primaries Schumer to boost her bona-fides for a run against Gillibrand in 2024, but unexpectedly wins the nomination. She loses the general election after an ill-advised October announcement that she is transitioning to her true gender, thus dashing the dreams of her key demographic, men and women who want to date her.

    5) The Riemann hypothesis is finally proven true, but the proof is a disappointment to mathematicians because it reveals no great new insight into the nature of prime numbers.

  54. MikeW

    1. The Webb Telescope will become the first human-built device to directly image an extra-solar planet.
    2. All planets discovered by Webb will be shown to be extremely hostile to life.
    3. Biden will survive as POTUS, but his public appearances will become less frequent.
    4. Russia will negotiate increased autonomy for eastern Ukraine regions.
    5. Average US gasoline prices will rise above $5.00 sometime during the year.

  55. Bernard of Clairvaux

    1. The average intelligence and maturity of Americans will not improve so anything good that happens in society in the US will be despite that miserable fact. Those good things will be reported as “threats to our democracy.”
    2. The Biden administration will attack a relatively weak foreign country, most likely in Africa, in an attempt to start a war to distract the American public from the Nov. 2022 election, since the Dems will lose big-time. The attack will be reported as “a triumph of a bold, new, American diplomatic approach” and the election will be reported as “a severe threat to our democracy.”
    3. Pope Francis will be weakened by failing health or major scandal to a such a degree that a few conservative Cardinals will boldly speak out against his policies on the Old Mass, China and COVID. This will be widely reported as the “Catholic Church is in open schism!!!!!!!!” (5% chance it also gets reported as a threat to the Catholic Church’s democracy.)
    4. The COVID pandemic will not be declared over by the end of 2022 in most major countries including the USA, Canada, UK, most of Western Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand. This will be reported as “continued, responsible leadership.”
    5. One of the world’s nuclear powers will have a significant mishap with a nuclear warhead resulting in a nuclear detonation that results in great environmental damage but minimal loss of life. This will be reported as the “Russians fault.”

  56. Schrodinger's & Lovecraft's Cats

    1. going against the trend of these predictions: United States carries out strikes against Russian satellite, Russia retaliates by punishing the EU; Euro countries eat the pain; the US declares a quasi-victory

    2. Tucker gets taken off the air

    3. GAE affects a color revolution on the basis of LGTBQIAA rights in some benighted country; normies across political spectrum fall for the obvious foreign action to shore up dems chances in midterms

    4. Dem politicians try to walk down coof panic, but find that their constituents are the ones pushing it. Dems do NOT get crushed in midterms

    5. the astroturf BLM get out the vote machine gets revved up again over the summer

  57. Jan Van Betsuni

    (1) Julian Assange dies in Belmarsh Prison awaiting his extradition date. (Crown investigators suspect illegal drug use and recommend an inquiry.)
    (2) Queen Elizabeth II abdicates due to illness. (Prince Charles requests “Arthur” as his coronation name)
    (3) A sudden financial crisis in the UK leads to extended Bank Holidays (German Bank derivatives are blamed ~ a digital UK currency roll-out is announced for 2025). [50%]
    (4) Fauchi receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom after personally saving untold millions worldwide from the pandemic; he retires from Government Service to great fanfare.
    (5) Iran and Russia are blamed by the US/EU/NATO for sneak attacking Turkish naval forces [30%]

  58. 1. Bitcoin drops to $25K
    2. WestCiv birthrates dramatically decline
    3. WestCiv excess mortality rates dramatically increase
    4. “Digital Minimalism” becomes a mainstream term
    5. Unabomber dies in prison

  59. Johnno

    Let’s see how the Babylon Bee stacks up.

    It’s that time of year again—when the infallible prophets at The Babylon Bee tell you what will happen in the next year with 100% accuracy! Will 2022 be better than this year? You decide!

    Here is a definitive list of things that will happen in 2022:

    January 1 – USPS will deliver your Christmas package

    January 6 – Second insurrection attempt canceled

    January 20 – Pfizer unveils booster shots 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

    January 21 – Men break every record ever held by women

    January 22 – Harvard gender studies professor discovers five new pronouns

    January 23 – The Babylon Bee discovers a 3rd conservative joke

    January 25 – Obama releases another memoir

    January 27 – Mark Zuckerberg finally learns how to smile with his eyes

    February 1 – WHO runs out of Greek letters for variants and starts naming them after the Muppets

    February 2 – Jan 6th committee finally catches your Grandma

    February 26 – China officially annexes United States

    March 1 – Bill Clinton plants the flag on brand new Epstein Island

    March 3 – Space Force training exercise accidentally blows up Mars

    March 10 – Obama releases yet another new memoir

    March 25 – Meat is outlawed, replaced with delicious bugs instead

    April 1 – AOC red-pilled after reading an economics book

    April 19 – Man dressed as woman hailed as first woman to not complain about being cold

    May 5 – Hollywood studio announces all-female reboot of Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    May 10 – Firefly renewed for 12 new seasons. Unfortunately, it’s written by the writers of the 2nd season of Ted Lasso

    June 6 – AOC tweets something dumb

    August 15 – The only child to be named “Brandon” for the entire year is born

    September 5 – Jen Psaki becomes Ben Psaki

    October 8 – Obama releases new memoir

    October 11 – Ted Cruz finally gets to spend a week in Cancun

    November 17 – Republicans bravely squander control of Congress

    December 10th – You still can’t get your hands on a PS5

    December 25 – Christmas will occur on this day

    December 27 – Obama releases new memoir

    December 30 – Ghislaine Maxwell’s black book leaked, will be released in January

    December 31 – Jesus returns

  60. Chad

    1. The economy is deliberately put into deflation so that banksters, politicians, freemasons, the mafia, (I should probably stop repeating myself) can all buy up assets before blowing away the dollar with stimulus. The new currency changes to used masks and e-dollars requiring the vex, with proles trading in real goods on the black market.

    2. Republicans win the house and possibly the senate, but it makes little difference as they all belong to #1 and vote for the Right Thingz in the Right Amounts to keep the bread and circus going.

    3. The US tries to invade Russia. In winter. With proxy armies. Either after a false flag or using natural gas as an excuse. If fails.

    4. #3 causes Taiwan to peacefully join China.

    5. The energy crises hits the US. Prices soar and we consider nuclear power. AOC brings a bipolar Trans unicorn identifying man to tell us how unicorn facts can power the cars we drive. A new business starts, reaches a higher market cap than Tesla, and we all go cold.

  61. Baron von Redshield

    I think we’re at the stage of the process where they consolidate their gains, so this year will largely be about bedding-in of the New Normal, and ensuring no rollback can ever happen. Having said that:

    1) The Coronadoom situation will become BAU, as most people are vaccinated (which will mean ‘subscribed to the mandatory gov vax service’) and they can claim success on that front; they probably have to do this, because the public are getting restless and the system is struggling to contain the counter-narratives. As a result, they will pivot much of their focus back to Malthusian people-hate (i.e. “climate change.”)

    2) To make that pivot possible, they’re going to double down on repressing dissenters, while simultaneously improving things for compliers. There will be mandatory jabs for all (repeated every few months), increasingly draconian crackdowns on free speech, vaxx passports with location tracking at all times, etc. They’ll win public acceptance for this by dangling restoration of “freedoms” in return for compliance – most will comply, they’ll be allowed to return to a kind of highly-policed “normal,” and while they might feel a slight twinge of regret at selling out their less-compliant compatriots, that won’t last as they’ll just cut people like that out of their life (and you wouldn’t want association with known thought-criminals harming your social credit score).

    3) On that note, the existing credit score companies will combine data with insurance companies, health providers, etc. and will take a feed from govt departments and they’ll wrap the whole thing in ESG, BLM etc. to make it about Social Justice, not social credit. A Social Justice Score! And it will start to impact whether you’re able to get a loan, whether your kids get into college, etc. A bit like a Social Credit score would, but it’s totally not that.

    4) The time will be right under the Green New Deal to rationalize the various payments provided to an increasingly-broad section of the populace, and they will all be consolidated into one regular payment, kind of like UBI but not actually universal because it’s linked to your Social Justice score. As a condition of receiving this, you have to agree to complete financial observation by the IRS, or a subdivision of BlackRock, or Experian, or whatever. All transactions will be monitored (and scored) in realtime. This will of course be the preparatory step for CBDC, which they don’t quite have ready yet.

    5) There will be War, Famine, Strife and Pestilence, globally dispersed and deliberate but executed behind proxies. Expect to see more disease panics – smallpox has been teased several times now. If that doesn’t work, there will be attacks featuring anthrax, ricin, sarin, etc. – bearing all the hallmarks of false flags used by the agencies to incriminate the target group du jour.

  62. Pouncer

    1. The latest worry of the climate authorities will be “global stilling” – the failure of nature to provide enough wind to spin turbines, make electricity, and power vehicles in the numbers forecast. The proposed solution to failures of wind, will be extending or expanding subsidies to build more turbines in more places with more high-power “grid” line infrastructure.

    2. A Near-Earth Asteroid (comet, space-thing) will pass between the Earth and Moon but only be detected on departure. EVERY DANG YEAR!

    3. Ford hybrid vehicles will report dangerous battery failures for Maverick, Explorers and other new models, affecting thousands of new car owners.

    4. A major dam — comparable in size to Oroville — will partially fail and prompt massive evacuations.

    5. The “Starlink” internet service will prove a technological success but be shut down for months due to “lawfare” brought by competitive companies and non-US nations. SpaceX will shift lift capacity to other profitable missions.

  63. Leo D Lion

    1. Earth’s North Pole is moving. Because of this movement EARTH will have a pole shift. So what does this mean… Nothing if nothing occurs. But physics kinda say EARTH will spin to adjust. So Texas will be where Newfoundland is located. Least affected would be the Korean island areas.

    2. Nuclear War if and when petro dollar tanks…

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