Register Your Predictions For 2023!

Register Your Predictions For 2023!

My Dear Friends, and, yes, Enemies, Happy New Year.

As has been our tradition these many years, it’s time to register our predictions for the coming year. We looked at how well we did last year last Friday. Going against the trend, we did very well!


  1. Number your predictions, using numbers, like this.
  2. Limit your predictions to 5, a number less than 6 or more.
  3. No sports.
  4. Be specific and provide a way to verify your projections.
  5. Attach a probability word if you are less than certain.
  6. Verified predictions of our coming Doom will receive very little weight unless they are quite specific.

My guesses:

1. I missed Musk taking over Twitter, and miss-called his motivations (it seems). But given that all revolutions are made when elites war or oppose other elites, that he’d openly fly against the Regime is important. Even if he’s doing it for motives which are less than altruistic. As the oligarchic elites leverage globalism and woke, which none of them believe or really care about, but which they use to steal as much as they possibly can, there are bound to be inter-elite conflicts, as with Musk.

It seems to me too early for a general solid divisions to form. But when these things happen, they appear to happen “all at once.” Perhaps all the money being funneled into, and back out of, Ukraine will lead to bad feelings among the oligarchs, i.e. those who believe they’re not getting their “fair share” will fight against the others, which could lead to open conflict.

Hence the forming of nameable divisions. If this happens in 2023, which I see as a low chance but not impossible, since there’s lots more they can steal from the middle class before having to steal from each other, it will almost certainly give dissidents a lesser-of-two-evils choice.

2. Same thing in American (also UK, etc.) electoral politics. It’s clear, at least to those of us in Team Reality, that the Republican party is exhausted, and when it functions, which is rarely, it is only to bolster the Regime.

Other third parties have been tried, like the Tea Party, which the oligarchs crushed. Because federal elections aren’t for another year, the ground for forming a third party won’t be as fertile as in 2024. But there will surely be attempts, though none will become important.

Anyway, we are not going to vote our way out of this. Still, toward the end of the year is the best chance to see a last ditch Reality-based party forming.

3. Pope Francis departs to his final reward. At which point, depending on the Lord, we get a worse replacement, or a reprieve. I’m guessing reprieve, because it’s hard to imagine worse, and because of this artistically accurate picture, which needs no explanation:

Not shown is when the graph hits the bottom, which are those times when leftist singularities form, and the blood begins to flow.

Maybe a word of explanation is needed anyway. The downward trend occurs because of the brief upward swings, which are times when defenses are lowered and men return to grilling, forgetting that the forces of woke never sleep.

4. [I’ll fill these in later this week.]

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  1. Pk

    1. Faced with high cost, slowing economy, and low demand for electric vehicles, at least one US automaker declares bancruptcy and is bailed out by the US Gov’t. Government control ensures the continued decline of the US auto industry.

    2. Oil price spikes to over $150 sparking outrage and calls for nationalization of the oil industry. It probably won’t be completed in 2023, but look out 2024.

    3. The system continues to promote Covid variants and declares one that is more deadly, especially for children and minorities. This drives another round of vaccine mandates.

    4. Scandal rocks Elon Musk who drops out of sight. Same with Tucker.

  2. JR Ewing

    1.) After depleting its own war stockpiles, the US allows the Ukraine war to end with Russia keeping its conquered territories, including Crimea.

    2.) The GOP starts its own January 6 hearings and it becomes clear that it was a premeditated setup to get Trump under the 25th Amendment (hence the improper use of the word “insurrection” so early in the process). A couple of midlevel FBI functionaries get fired for instigating the riot, but generally the whole thing gets swept under the rug.

    3.) Despite confirmation of the plot to frame him, Trump flounders badly in the polls and it becomes clear the GOP has moved on except for his most fervent supporters. It’s not clear to me yet what happens next, because the dems will be desperate to keep him in the spotlight as their Bogeyman.

    4.) The US economy trudges along, not good, not bad. Stagflation as far as we can see. No significant change in the Dow or GDP from January 1 to December 31. The fed cannot do anything consequential about it because the finances of the US government are so precarious. It becomes the silent policy of the Fed to abandon its dual mandate and to facilitate the federal government inflating away its debt.

    5.) Accordingly, the price of commodities skyrocket. Oil to $150 by year end. Natural Gas, Gold, and agrciultural goods follow suit.

  3. Nym Coy

    1. The fed interest rate peaks at 5% and remains that high the rest of the year.

  4. Michael Dowd

    1. Trump announces he will not be a candidate for the 2024 Presidential election.
    2. The S & P 500 index will end the year below 3000.
    3. Gold will end the year above $2500.
    4. Biden will not be President at end of year.
    5. Two or more countries will leave the European union by the end of the year.

  5. JDaveF

    1. Due to lack of fertilizer from Russia and Ukraine, worldwide famine will occur, and will be worst in Africa 50%.
    2. Despite empty supermarket shelves, a gleeful Biden administration will ship American food to “People of Color” in the Dark Continent, deliberately starving Deplorables 25%.
    3. The South African Navy will piratize vessels bringing food shipments from Brazil to China 25%.
    4. Rather than invade Taiwan, China will then invade South Africa, and establish a new Sub-Saharan slave trade, both for domestic labor, and to export to the Middle East 25%.

  6. 2023 predictions
    Gavin and Maura (California and Massachusetts) will come down with persistent Wu gene therapy complications. CA and MA localities (start local) will begin the process to rescind carbon dioxide zero mania following Germany’s forced abandonment for survival. Trump wins the third time in a row. ABCDEFGTransgender fad fades.

  7. Dan Diego

    1. The SCOTUS will render a major decision on the 2nd Amendment, specifically allowing almost anyone to carry what and where they want, and the biden administration will override that decision, effectively neutering the 12 judges. At least one (Conservative) judge will leave the court in protest.

    2. The biden administration will move to further restrict access by Americans to federal lands (national parks, BLM land, etc.) via a series of new and existing policies that designate those lands “special” or “endangered.” This will effectively prohibit access to these places to most Americans.

    3. Several left-leaning states will then follow suit by blocking access to state lands using similar designations. California, Utah and Oregon will likely be the first to enact such draconian measures.

    4. There will be attempts to push an amnesty but none will be successful in 2023. That shouldn’t make the instigators too sad as 2023 will see this administration’s open borders policy allow even more legalized illegal immigration than we witnessed in 2022. Also, since those pouring across our borders unhindered will be provided work authorization and state and federal benefits assistance, they aren’t complaining, either. Everyone (except tax-paying American citizens and those waiting in line to immigrate legally) wins.

    5. The Powers That Be will move to shut down all non-leftist social media (Twitter, Truth Social, GETTR, Rumble, et al) by a) Denying access to app services (Google, Apple) and b) Blocking all internet access via government and court assistance.

  8. I expect 2023 to be a bit of a lull in the proceedings with more of the same, things will get interesting 2024/25 and beyond. That said given I have to predict something exciting I’d say the focus of action will switch to Africa as Ukraine stagnates and people begin to find it tiresome. China will start deploying significant military assets into Africa as quietly as it can. It has to in order to enable exploitation of Africa’s vast resources in favour of China. China will not do anything significant militarily to Taiwan though sabre rattling will continue. Taiwan is off limits because any significant military conflict there would collapse the global semiconductor manufacturing chain and that would end Agenda 2030. There’s an outside possibility of some kind of lightning war or coup in Taiwan but that at present seems unlikely. Taiwan will fade back into the hedge as Africa ramps up.
    The wild card to watch for is the UFO nonsense, I don’t have a handle on where they’re going with that. Maybe 2023 will be the year for space aliens. I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

  9. Stephen

    1. The Russia/Ukraine war will spill into Europe. Military action will occur on NATO member soil.

    2. The Covid vaccine injuries will be too hard to ignore. Panic ensues as people realize they are walking dead. Democrats hang this on Trump.

    3. A Cardinal will call for an investigation into Pope Francis’ election. His validity will be publicly thrown into doubt.

    4. Biden will suffer a major health scare and be hospitalized. Kamala Harris will be appointed to the Supreme Court making way for a new VP.

    5. Trump drops out of the 2024 race.

  10. 2023 predictions
    1. Gavin and Maura (California and Massachusetts) will come down with persistent Wu gene therapy complications.
    2. CA and MA localities (start local) will begin the process to rescind carbon dioxide zero mania following Germany’s forced abandonment for survival.
    3. Trump wins the third time in a row.
    4. ABCDEFGTransgender fad fades.

  11. spaceranger

    1. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Elon Musk will come out about their relationship and become an A-List power couple.

  12. Jim Fedako

    1. War in Ukraine does not end in 2023.

    2. Putin announces a successor.

    3. Germany does not suffer during the winter because it will buy gas from Russia via intermediary countries.

    4. The internecine war between the factions of the US omniparty continues. We, the masses, believe those siding with Elon are pro speech and defenders of other natural rights. Instead, they are the Politburo to the other side’s Secretariat. 2023 will close with that war raging and even less liberties enjoyed you and me.

  13. Stephen W. Shipman

    1. In addition to recognizing Putin’s SMO demands (Russian control of the Donbass; NATO free Ukraine; and a non-nuclear Ukraine), the US/West drops economic sanctions against Russia
    2. Northern hemisphere experiences COOLER than usual temperatures as the cyclical decline in the number of sunspots continues despite a counter cyclical increase during 2022
    3. Mitt Romney will frustrate a ‘conservative’ political policy objective at least twice as he seeks to demonstrate his relevance and attract MSM media attention knowing that a very narrowly divided Senate gives him the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what a cuck he truly is.
    4. The evolvement of another American Civil War escalates as the Powers That Be, who concocted the Covid tyranny, attempt to rob citizens of the ability to transact in and aggregate cash and to impose a Central Bank Digital Coin.

  14. Zundfolge

    1. The left will finally discover something they can convincingly blame the vax deaths on and the public will mostly buy it (so claiming the vax killed people will be claimed by even more to be nothing but a “nutty conspiracy theory” by the end of the year (no there is never going to be justice for this).
    2. China invades Taiwan and US sits on its hands (yes, I’m finishing out my prediction from last year with an “and”).
    3. Biden will still be president and still be the assumed Democrat presidential candidate for 2024 (with Kamala as his VP).
    4. Trump’s position as GOP candidate will be determined this year (either he’s the overwhelming favorite by the end of the year or he’ll drop out … I lean toward overwhelming favorite. This will all likely hinge on DeSantis and what he decides to do, I don’t think he’s running).
    5. Kanye West will come out openly as a Black Hebrew Israelite (may include another name change).

  15. Zundfolge

    Doggonit, I forgot about the CBDC that will be foisted upon the people. Shipman you win this time 🙂

  16. Don B

    1. The U.S. stock market bear will bottom in 2023 with the S&P 500 Index having dropped 50%, more or less, from the year ago highs – the NASDAQ will have suffered a worse decline.

    2. Global coal consumption will set a new high; China and India, with populations of 1.4 billion each, continue to use coal to provide 60% to 70% of their growing electricity needs. Western climate activists continue to irrationally assert that the U.S. must continue to shut in coal power plants to save the planet.

    3. A few countries recognize that nuclear power is important for having national economic security. China is building 50 nuclear plants with 100 more on the drawing boards (Source: Doomberg).

    4. Ukraine and Russia sign an agreement.

  17. Incitadus

    1. Musk will be seen as lipstick on a pig by 2024.
    2. Digital toilets will be hacked their contents ransomed online.
    3. Ukraine will cease to exist as a country and morph into a zone.
    4. Tax and regulate acceleration of middle class erosion continues.
    5. Trump secret white hat army underground base in Utah implodes.

  18. 0 – I will be wrong (again).

    1A- there will be a co-ordinated financial market attack on Tesla aimed at destroying
    Elon Musk. They will succeed in killing Tesla with the assets eventually sold to GM.

    1B – but Musk will get at least half of his $44E9 cost for twitter back because the
    judge who ordered the sale to proceed did so on the basis of assurances by twitter
    executives that proved to be false. Meanwhile twitter will become profitable with
    an implied capital value in excess of 60E9.

    2 – Paul Ryan will become the establishment GOP candiate for 2024.

    3 – the democrats will find a right wing trump supporter to blame for the assassination
    of Kamala Harris and Biden will resign after the new VP is appointed. (The only reason
    this hasn’t happened yet is that the infighting over who is to be appointed is still

    4 – the “conspiracy theory” which gains the most credibility this year is the one
    that says the west is supporting the wrong side in the Russia-Ukraine mess. As this
    starts to unravel George Soros will start to look more and more like a genuine Bond
    villain using his control of the press to fool most of the west into supporting
    actual NAZIs in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

    5 – by the end of the year over 60% of Americans will agree that the 2020 and 2022
    elections were largely stolen by democrats. State level action aimed at reducing
    fraud will be widespread, but court action aimed at halting this will produce
    sporadic violence including direct attacks on judges and elections officials.

  19. Sander van der Wal

    1) China will not invade Taiwan this year. Taiwan (which has a claim on mainland China) will not invade China either.

    2) This year we still won’t know whether UFO’s are extra-terrestial or not.

    3) Russia will not run out of artillary shells and rockets, and NATO will not run out of predictions that Russia will run out of shells and rockets.

    4) The Russia-NATO war in the Ukraine will not be over this year.

  20. My comment January 2, 2023 at 9:03 am, numbering is
    1. China in Africa becoming focus of shenanigans and sundry China musings
    2. Space Aliens

  21. The Invisible Hand

    1. Canada will make international headlines for having a second Freedom Convoy after farmers aren’t allowed to purchase enough fertilizer that they need due to new regulations. This will result in another “national emergency” being declared and Canada’s version of martial law being imposed again. One or more protestors will be murdered at the hand’s of the state. No charges will be laid.

    2. Something will happen to Trump (maybe a health scare) and he will drop out of the 2024 election.

    3. Someone will be mistakenly euthanized (wrong person) via Canada’s MAID program. The attempted coverup and following scandal will put immense pressure on the Liberal government to overhaul the program. Nothing will happen.

    4. The world government will destroy a well known structure. Using CGI, they will convince 90% of people that aliens did it and kick off the war on UFO’s. This will result in mass printing and money laundering. Expert “solutions” will require everyone do their part by remaining at home at all times, except to go to work and to get food. The unconvinced 10% will be shamed for being conspiracy theorists as not believing in aliens will now be considered a conspiracy theory.

    5. After a botched mastectomy left her bed ridden in a hospital, Cher will catch covid and pass away. It will be revealed that she did not have the covid shot due to being “mislead” by “anti-vax propaganda.” This will kick off a new round of online censorship.

  22. Cookie

    The predictions shouldn’t be hard this year, the trends are already apparent.

    There will be a piviot away from China, the West “elites” and whore media will now dress India up as the “wunder child” but you cannot put lipstick on a pig.

    Oh Europe may have problems with water, Germany definitely will have problems with civil unrest as their jobs and economic advantage disappears.

    As for science…a breakthrough will happen of significance by someone outside the mainstream.

  23. Vermont Crank

    Ann Barnhardt and her The DOA (Disciples of Ann) Cult will become formal sedevacantists and begin to consider plans to elect their own Pope.

    Pope Francis will announce he has chosen his successor and attribute that to his desire to save money and avoid politics (Cardinal won’t have to take expensive flights to Rome and vote in a conclave).

    Whites are forced into hot shooting clashes with invaders once it becomes obvious that many (100K at least) of the southern border invaders are trained militia paraprofessional mercenaries in the pay of China.

    It will become obvious when it is revealed the SWAMP has provided many (over 100) sites where weapons and explosives are concealed.

    Civil wars begin in England Italy and France where whites rise against the NAFRIS

  24. OT False Prophet Twice Stoned

    1. Politics – Trump says something spectacularly stupid that completely alienates and dissipates his base. He is urged to drop out of the race towards the end of the year. Joe dies and Kamala ascends.

    2. Elon – New law / ruling makes Teslas ineligible for buyer gov subsidies. Tesla stock hits single digits, Musk is forced to sell Twitter to cover his losses. Auto market contracts by 35%.

    3. War – Ukraine loses war, splits in two. One half joins Europe and the other becomes a part of Russia. Dems continue to stuff their pockets through a build Ukraine back better program. Soylensky is captured and publicly executed.

    4. Economy – China and Russia launch a new gold backed currency that all brics nations adopt. Oil hits 200 / barrel in dollar terms. Fed hikes to 9% and holds. Housing declines gradually by -20%. West soft launches CDBC, incentivizes first, then confiscates cash and coin. Record number of businesses close. Consumer staples, especially food, skyrocket. All else crash in value.

    5. Great reset – Electricity becomes scarce and rolling blackouts start in the west. Current limiters are installed in homes, preventing EVs from charging. Coupled with gas shortages, travel is severely restricted. Populace is forced to adopt a universal ID to transact in CDBC, needed to buy food and electricity. Media promotes this as a good thing because it is ‘equitable to POCs’. A special exception is made for voting. Population declines by 10% before year end.

  25. Not Buying It

    1) The Ukrainian army will collapse in late winter, early spring. This will prompt the US and Poland (and possibly Romania) to officially enter the war.
    2) Charges will be laid against Donald Trump for J6. The trial will be set for the same time as Presidential campaigns and will be televised. (He will be acquitted of the charges in 2024 after the elections)
    3) Europe will go into a deep recession due to high energy costs. Mass protests in France and Germany will not be discussed by MSM.
    4) “Died suddenly” will become the leading cause of death.

  26. Milton Hathaway

    Well, clearly I am quite bad at this forecasting stuff. What to do, what do do. Don’t participate this year? Nah, that’s no fun. Try wishcasting or fearcasting? Too obvious. I know – humor! Hmmm, I’m drawing a blank – comedy is hard! OK, I think my best bet is to come up with some semi-obvious guesses, but dress them up so they sound more substantial. Here we go …

    1. A Google search for “Epstein Island” (with the quotes) will exceed 20M results; it’s currently at 267K.

    2. A Google search for “Kamala Harris” (with the quotes) will exceed 250M results; it’s currently at 22.9M.

    3. A Google search for “Donald Trump” (with the quotes) will exceed 750M results; it’s currently at 234M.

    4. A Google search for “Elon Musk” (with the quotes) will exceed 1B results; it’s currently at 290M.

    5. A Google search for “” (with the quotes) will exceed 1M results; it’s current at 21.4k.

    Chances are reasonable I’ll hit at least one of those, I think.

    P.S. Check this out:“”

  27. 1. Scarlett Johanssen will be a little less hot. Not a lot less but a little less.
    2. There will be some young actresses who are hotter than our old favorite hot actresses.
    3. We will start to worry about how some of them look like hotter version of our grand children and we will start to be vaguely creeped out by thinking they are hot.
    4. People will wrongly accuse me of not being funny.

    I’m pretty confident about my predictions. I think I’m good at this. I put a lot of research and work into making sure these were as accurate as possible so when time comes to vote for your favorites, I’d love it if you consider voting for mine. I’d also like to thank my mother. 🙂

  28. Jan Van Betsuni

    (1) Julian Assange removed from Belmarsh Prison and placed in a UK Mental Facility.

    (2) California State solicits emergency Federal Bailout funds to pay public sector pensions and salaries.

    (3) Russian Special Forces occupy Odessa after launching a major offensive along the Black Sea coast.

    (4) King Charles III publicly reveals belief in Extra-Terrestrials inhabiting Earth.

    (4) UK Pound falls to parity (1/1) with the US Dollar

  29. Yancey Ward

    Limited to five, I will try to limit it to very big things:

    (1) Famine sweeps Africa and parts of south Asia by year’s end, and riots and wars break out everywhere as countries fight over food and water. This prediction might be a year early- stocks are still available to drain, so I give it 50% this year, and 75% by the end of 2024.

    (2) Incontrovertible evidence that the vaccines are causing more deaths than they are saving from COVID will be available by the end of the year, and Congress will act to remove the liability protection afforded Pfizer and Moderna. The prices of pharma stocks crater.

    (3) The Ukraine War leads, eventually, to a direct NATO-Russian confrontation, and the world reaches the brink of nuclear war. This could happen via a couple of routes- the Ukrainian army collapses, and to prevent a rout, Biden’s hand-puppeteer orders air strikes against advancing Russian troops. Or, things go very badly for the Russians, and Putin decides to roll the dice on using nuclear weapons against Ukrainian and/or other European targets, daring the US to retaliate- a true game of chicken.

    (4) Real GDP in the EU and the UK shrinks by 5%+, but the media will just report the nominal numbers relentlessly, denying the deep recession, hiding behind huge inflation.

    (5) One or more conservative SCOTUS justices die under mysterious circumstances, or are outright assassinated.

  30. Scott U

    A meltup in silver price (short squeeze by early spring).
    Hyperinflation starts to kicks in by end 2023/ early 2024..
    Trump is not re-elected 2024. Instead, 2028.
    A female is elected or “made” President 2024. Which one would be tolerable for you?
    While US agitates Russia but intensifies a bloody draw until negotiations, North–>South Korea lights the flames of unexpected bigger disaster.

    Bonus prediction: Prayer changes things! More than we know even if less than we wish.

  31. Plantagenet

    1- A general strike in the UK leads to the fall of Sunaks Tory government and an election. The result is a minority government. Probably Tory, but just possibly Labour.
    2- Increasingly tiresome man-child Trump announces he will not run in 2024.
    3- Increasingly lost and confused Prince Harry and his wife do not have their titles withdrawn but even the left wing press starts to distance themselves.
    4- Trudeau and the Liberals see their deal with the NDP collapse. General election summer/autumn.
    5- Mild recession in first half of year followed by some growth starting in August.

  32. Robin

    I’m going to put forward some very fanciful musings:

    1. The dollar, as the reserve currency, is the basis of US hegemony. The dollar will come under co-ordinated international attack this year on a scale not seen before. There will be wild gyrations of the dollar against other currencies that represent an historical tipping point in it’s role as the world unit of trade. In it’s defence will be the globalist elites whose corporations derive the most benefit from it and their bought-and-paid-for US political class. This will be the year of peak dollar. Sadly it will also be seen in historical terms as the inflection point of dollar demise.

    2. Those same global elites have had enough. Said elites are the corporate officers, CEOs, CFOs etc, and their cadre of overlapping board sycophants who direct the policies governing the vast interlocking corporate network that is starving humanity of its resources. For most of the 2000’s, they tried to take control of the world with TPP and TAP, but Hillary lost and Trump stopped it. So they went to plan B; they unleashed hell on the world with COVID while implementing AI systems that have the capability to control the democratic processes of so-called “free” nations. The contracts for vaccine provision, you would recall, were directly with governments and indemnified said global corporations from any liability. These contracts and their implementation were taken directly from the failed TPP and TAP treaties. In effect, COVID was the forced introduction of TPP and TAP.

    3. But that did not go far enough for their ambitions. The only option now is war. War to extend the survival of the dollar and war to drive even more power in their direction. This is the final act of the globo-corporate power grab, that will either lead to complete corporate-fascist world governance, or fail. It is a high risk strategy, but they have no other option. They have reached the limits of their rapacious ambitions.

    4. There will be several possible outcomes: (1) Great suffering in the poorer nations of the world where this war will most likely take place, (2) the loss of dollar hegimony countered by a huge rise (in dollar terms) in commodity prices that become the de-facto alternative currency basket. or (3) the globalists manage to pull of a few more years of dollar hegemony.

    5. AI has already taken control of so-called “free” and democratic societies. Half the population have become mere drones under its control; it will pick the rest of us off one by one. Such is the fine grained nature of it in the modern internet era, where every morsel of information reaching us will be filtered, controlled and individually tailored. The era of free and fair elections is over, until this evil system, this panopticon, collapses. Sadly a lot of suffering will be the outcome. Those true thinkers, those possessing real knowledge and information, such as those reading Briggs’ writings, will be so small in number that it is hardly noticed in the democratic process.

  33. Yarrow

    1) Hairy chests on men come back into fashion, followed by advertising for products that will “put hair on your chest.” We will notice these in the same spaces we currently see ads for other forms of gender-specific enhancement: our spam folders.

    2) Bulgaria, with possibly the lowest EGT-uptake rate in Europe, will either become the object of sanctions (scapegoat!) or the subject of many interesting studies. Possibly both.

    3) 2023 will see an explosion of interest in gardening and household-scale meat production (rabbits, chickens, aquaculture, quail, doves, cuy, etc…). This will encounter tension with the lab-grown-meat propagandists, but will have overwhelming popular support. Leading to…

    4) An explosion in public awareness about the problem of aminopyralid contamination (broadleaf herbicides such as Grazon), maybe some well-publicized but failed attempts to get a federal ban in the US.

    5) Fertility rates in industrialized countries decline further. Media continues to blame “people not wanting kids”, “the economy”, while fertility clinics hire more employees and open new branches.

  34. Jim H

    1. Ukrainian missile strike hits Voronezh, Moscow uses aircraft to bomb Kiev
    2. Franciscus II is elected pope
    3. Elon (Musk) announces run for presidency
    4. Toyota announces breakthrough in hydrogen-fueled cars
    5. Paul Pelosi makes the headlines again, in an unexpected way

  35. Robert E

    1. Putin will either die (naturally, or suspiciously) and be replaced by another hardliner

    2. The Ukraine war will end hostilities, although the details of land to be ceded/demanded will not be resolved

    3. The Republican majority in the House will end due to various deepstate (behind the scenes) efforts

    4. One of the Clinton’s will die before Biden, who will die in office

    5. Kamala will be nudged out of office in a sweetheart deal of some sort that is pushed under the rug

  36. Yawrate

    Russia wins the eastern Ukraine with a DMZ and a land route to Crimea.

  37. GamecockJerry

    1. Russia finally moves into the Ukraine en masse, destroys the NATO troops and establishes and 100k DMZ between Kiev and the Donbass. US celebrates destroying $30,000 Russky drones with $3 million Patriot missiles.
    2. Hungary finally gives the finger to EU and signs more long-term energy agreements with Russia.
    3. SPY drops to 3,000, Nasdaq 8500. Gold 3000.
    4. Finally, Slick Willie kicks the bucket.

  38. spudjr60

    2023 Predictions:

    1. None of the conventional wisdom pundits will be correct about the end of this cycle of inflation and recession. All of them seem to forget the reason the Federal Reserve had been engaged in “Quantitative Easing” and Zero Interest Rates for over a decade. It was to stave off DEFLATION. The Globalist Elitists will have to thread the needle and require massive discipline amongst themselves for a few of them to not Panic and try to graft on more than their allotted share of the spoils. If it happens this time, then it will be a global Depression. But for them, the bright side will be that they get to tag Trump as Smoot-Hawley.

    2. SCOTUS will rule against Harvard and UNC admissions policy. The shocker will be that they also overturn Griggs vs Duke Power and in the majority ruling the crumble the entire “Disparate Impact” structure.

  39. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The head of the secret criminal cabal controlling the world is arrested in Teaneck, New Jersey. Pulled over for failure to signal by Teaneck police, Marvin Finkelstein, 78, a five-foot-tall, one-eyed hunchback, confesses to being “the eye at the top of the pyramid on all your fucking money, ya dumb putz”. The entire organization is rolled up and jailed in Teaneck. One person fingered by Finkelstein, Satan, eludes capture at his suburban Paramus estate.

    With the liquidation of the Finkelstein cabal a spell is broken and a dazed world awakens as from a bad dream. A typical scene:

    “Wow, I’m sorry about your tattoos.”

    “Yeah, pretty crazy, huh? Now, what are we gonna do about all this hideous architecture?”

    “We tear it down, but first we arrest the pornographers.”

    “Fine. Then we get the war mongers and the big pharma killers.”

    “Right. Put on this necktie, wipe that facebook grin from your face, and let’s roll.”

  40. Hun

    I will use my predictions from z-man’s blog, because I want to see them compared to the rest at the end of the year. They are pretty realistic too and I think at least 4 out of 5 will turn out correct.

    1. The scientist-politicians in Brussels will find a solution to the EU energy crisis after the Gates of Hell open in the basement of the European Parliament. Construction of the pipes distributing energy from the Hell Gates to surrounding countries will result in the historically biggest economic boom west of the Hajnal line.

    2. Bulgaria will shock and awe Romania into a quick surrender, before moving in to occupy Zakarpattia. Hungary will quickly cuck and recognize the new borders.

    3. Mexico will align with Russia and switch to Cyrillic alphabet. Taco stand workers in Texas will be activated and start forming guerillas.

    4. Biden will be pronounced President for Life and Supreme Leader of the Free World. No more “Dementia Joe” as it turns out he was faking his old age the whole time.

    5. Israel will repatriate all their citizens and citizenship eligible individuals. The country will become deeply isolationist. Western politicians will forget that Israel exists before the year ends.

  41. Pouncer

    1) As I predict every year, (and so far have been at least semi-right each time) I predict a “near miss” asteroid strike will only be detected (or disclosed to the public) as the rock is departing our vicinity. A dangerous strike risk is specifically a rock bigger than 50 meters diameter approaching at less than 20 times the diameter of Luna’s orbit around Earth. We know of five due in the next couple of years — there WILL BE MORE. Don’t Look Up?

    2) Following the pattern of Wards, Sears, Macy’s etc, JC Penney’s will be sold to a holding company who will in turn sell off the few profitable bits — some real estate, some brands (Arizona , St John’s Bay) while putting the whole onto a glide path towards wreckage. Might be Kohl’s. One of the two.

    3) Pete Bootycheck will step down from Sec of Transportation and will blame homophobia. Also Shalanda Young, who will cry racism. Also one these three: Lloyd Austin, Tom Vilsack, or Jennifer Granholm, the departing will prepare a bid for veep in 2024.

    4) The stock price for Meta/Facebook will slump to below 100: their success metric of “monthly average users” will be redefined. A “GameStop”-like shenanigan of small investors “minnows” will push back efforts by “whales” to profit; Whales ensuring /betting that whateever was happening continues and minnows inesting for the fun of seeing a drastic change. The contest will not resolve in 2023 but the stock price will slide down all year.

    5) An Amazon Alexa privacy scandal will lead to the end of that (already known to be) unprofitable AI voice recognition service. A successor to “Chat GPT” AI will add a text-to- speech component and be taught to moan and “beg for more” when users talk or type dirty to it. ChatGPT essays in the style of “Letters to Penthouse” will become a short-term trend early this year. (Actually, the letters will persist but media coverage will get bored quickly and move on to the next thing.)

  42. Johnno

    Tsk-tsk… Briggs generously gives you all 5 opportunities to place a bet, and no-one has the balls to take at least one risky venture, instead settling for safe easy bets… *cracks knuckles* Lemme show you how a real man makes predictions:

    1. In the year 2023, Greta Thunberg mysteriously conceives by the power of some unholy Earth spirit. The child is born prematurely out of haste for it knows its time is short. As soon as it emerges it cries a banshee’s wail, and all present within the circumference of its vibrations cover their ears and weep. When it opens its eyelids, a tremor shakes the foundations of the alpines of Davos as all in the region emerge to witness a darkening sky absent of any eclipse or natural phenomena to explain the star-less black expansive veil now descending upon them. When it opens its interior second pair of translucent eyelids, the oceans recede back to the borders from whence they were set at the dawn of the Third Day. A thousand miles away, at another conference, Klaus Schwab, stops speaking, then slowly rises, his spacian high priest robe’s train drags heavily behind him as he proclaims, “The lord of the world is incarnated! It has come to make all things old and perfect again! As it once was before Human apes sundered her by their carboniferous presence!”

    2. Details of another intelligence scandal emerge where we begin to discover that various branches of the U.S. government are directly involved in child-trafficking and exploitation to fund their nefarious activities and doubling as a quid pro quo blackmail scheme of key figures in and out of politics under the cover of the Sex Alphabet groups and immigration smuggling border-less security and war-zone extraction. This will be the new IRAN/CONTRA / COINTELPRO story for the ages, the internet shall coin it PEDO/UKRANIA or COINTELPEDO. The agencies, no longer able to control social media and censor Twitter as they once did will attempt some shoddy misinformation gas-lighting, before inevitably admitting that it was all routine activity in the face of the Russian threat. The mainstream media will spin this as if it was all the Trump Administration’s idea, but never specify how.

    3. Mark Zuckerberg, not willing to look like a total chump like Zack Dorsey, will of his own initiative, begin disclosing how the U.S. government was directly involved with censorship/banning/surveillance on all of META’s services. He does this because he was in danger of being tossed under the bus for various failures of META’s other ventures from the Metaverse to their VR initiatives, and the other suits were going to place the blame for the corpo’s problems and scandal on his shoulders, so he decided to make the first move and look the hero.

    4. China continues to sink economically and internally as aging population grows exponentially, population replacement is in the negatives, and covid-theatrics continue to perform self-sabotage. The belt begins to tighten concerning paying off politicians abroad, companies continue to shift manufacturing away, and more desperate measures are taken where ethnic Chinese immigrants and students are suddenly kidnapped by secret police cells abroad are forced to return home to live and work and marry and reproduce, with the willing passive compliance of Western government and police who look the other way.

    5. W M Briggs releases a new book he never told us about, that he was secretly working on all along, making obsolete all those other books he sold you at premium price for ‘The One Book to Rule Them All and Impress your Friends and Family and Change the World and Baptise all Nations in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, as it was in the Beginning, Is Now, and ever Shall Be, World Without End, Amen’ or simply referred to as ‘The Complete Briggs Omnibus’ for short…

  43. Aaron

    Aiming for 5/5 again this year:

    1) Silk Roads (marine & terrestrial) are used to invade countries outside of Asia, at a probability higher than random

    2) Soros says so long to the Earthlings; many verifiable surprise heir-wanna-bees likely appear

    3) The Euthanasia craze accelerates (3% per year in the North now)…because four legs good, two legs bad?

    4) Apostasy is no longer closeted in Catholicism; more than a few million follow a third of fallen stars into public mutiny against, no I mean with…?

    5) Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and SBF pool resources to build my family a fall out shelter that can last 10+ years. I give this a non-zero, near zero probability of occurring.

  44. HiFast

    1. An electric vehicle parked in an underground garage below a high-rise in San Francisco will catch fire and spread to at least 5 other vehicles.
    2. Panic will ensue with the fire.
    3. In the aftermath, SF regulators will propose more than 5 wacky solutions. (Wacky = made Briggs chuckle.)
    4. One of those proposed regulations will be to ban ALL cars within the city.
    5. The Millenium Tower in SF lean rate will exceed current 3″ per year.

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