My Dearest Supporters, Loyal Readers & Despised Enemies,

The past year saw a federal-budget-level of grease thrown onto the Slippery Slope. The coming year promises to be no different.

Be ready for it. But also be of good cheer! You are here now, and you have no choice. Rather, you will increasingly be made to make choices, so you may as well make the right ones.

What’s coming in the New Year?

Have to get a second draft of Everything You Believe Is Wrong complete, removing the typos placed by my enemies, and adding a chapter on animal “rights”.

Regular video podcasts (as well as regular kind) are on their way! More about this soon. At long last, I’ll have a class on PROBABILITY. I thought about how to do it a lot, and came to no conclusions, so I’m just going to do it.

My friend Jaap and I will finish our book. Which we’ll also start this year. Soon. Yes. I mean it. No kidding. This will happen.

Also, I am past due writing a popular version of Uncertainty. It will…get…done.

Oh, yes. Come on back tomorrow to register your predictions for 2023.

I am also not thinking of many things.

Once again, I ask for God’s blessings on all friends, and confusion to our enemies. And may God rest Pope Benedict.

Happy New Year,

Briggs, SSgt (as was)

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  1. Richard Stadter

    Happy New Year to you, sir. May God guide your path and sharpen your mind!
    For Christ’s sake,

  2. CorkyAgain

    Is anyone else hearing their mother’s voice telling that woman on the right, “Elbows off the table!” — or is that something only us Boomer kids had drilled into them?

  3. JH

    It is believed that mistakes make a person better. humbler, richer in spirit, stronger, and wiser. All the good things that money cannot buy. So, I wish you make one mistake after another in the coming year. 🙂

    Wish you and your family a bright, happy, and healthy new year!

  4. Happy New Chat-OpenAI Year 2023 🙂 I suspect that Chat-OpenAI (the feared dreaded killer of journalism and narratives) is a continuation of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, with automation of non-complex cases — using the bulk data gained from the years with the predecessors. Thousands of human operators [same as before] work in the background on handling the non-trivial cases (e.g. choose/memorized from comprehensive multiple selections, etc).

  5. Lucy Tucker


  6. gareth

    Happy New Year Briggs, SSgt (as was) !

    Love the blog. Did buy “Everything You Believe Is Wrong” but thought it not so good, just re-hashed explanations of old well known fallacies. I’ve had “Uncertainty” for 5+ years but not got round to it yet (but have good expectations…)

    Anyway, do keep up the good and Godly works, much appreciated.

    PS: just a thought, what we need is a micro-donation system. Buy me a coffee, Patreon, etc requires too large a donation (in a field where output is free) and is not divisible, so the threshold is above the received value of each and every worthwhile cause. If it were possible to schedule say $10 a month and divide it on the 0.1c level to worthwhile recipients, that IMO would be a great enabler of truth on the interwebs. Or maybe we just wait until the value of $10 equates to 0.1c ??

  7. gareth


    Yes, now you point it out, I do.

    I did look at the picture earlier and wondered when it was taken, what context and who were the subjects…

    History, eh?

  8. C-Marie

    A very Blessed and Joyful New Year in Jesus Christ to you, Matt, and to all, as we continue our journey in moving on to Heaven!!
    The Living God is with us. Be with Him.
    God bless, C-Marie

  9. Jack

    Trump will withdraw from election.

    Ukraine will become another endless war.

    Stagflation sets in.

  10. Lucy Tucker

    Hi Sarge, I left you heart emoji ps but they turned into question marks.

  11. Johnno

    Happy New Year Briggs!

    I have held off buying a copy of your ‘Everything, Everywhere, all at Same Time is Wrong’ book, because I have shrewdly anticipated this 2nd error-clean edition, and I demand quality for my money even as it is being actively devalued to save us all from Carson’s power as we have gone astray. So tidings of comfort and joy for the New Year.

    There will probably be many joyless developments, so we must learn to revel in the witnessing of The Enemy’s progressive stupidity.

  12. Darin

    Thanks for all the great content you shower on us for free, and also for the great content you charge us for. I’ve learned a lot, and enjoyed every moment.

    Happy new year!


    PS Can’t WAIT for a class. I need to do examples.

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