Our Latest Panic: The UFOs, Or Whatever, They’re “Shooting Down”

Our Latest Panic: The UFOs, Or Whatever,  They’re “Shooting Down”

Quick post today.

I was answering a guy who said “A US military F-22 in Alaska just shot down an object the size of a car at high-altitude (40,000 feet) that was unmanned, not controllable, not a balloon, and not an aircraft. Any guesses as to what was shot down?”

My guess was as in the UFO story. Nothing. A figment of some instrument. A failure to read a panel correctly. Lack of training, incompetence, mixed with panic and the need to Do Something after the Chinese balloon revelation.

What did it turn out to be? Nothing.

I’ll count that as a hit.

Here’s the original UFO story from two years ago: The New UFOs Are Obviously Fake

You saw the “official” video with those triangles or pyramids in the sky which our new woke military released and identified as unidentified aerial phenomenon, their New & Improved! name for UFOs.

My guess is they don’t call them UFOs anymore to separate themselves from the icky unwoke masses, and in an attempt to make their inept investigations appear more scientific.

The New & Improved! UFOs are obviously fake (I comment only on the new and newish crop of videos), the result of the growing mandatory incompetence planned in the minds of our tarnished brass…

Competence is an enormous driver of disparities, and disparities are officially illegal. So it has to go, replaced by pilots and technicians who have spent so much time in Diversity Training they have never seen a commercial aircraft at night.

It’s not their fault. Instead of learning how to use their equipment, such as focusing camera lenses, sailors learn how to fill out applications to change their sexual designation. This new UFO flap is entirely on the narrow shoulders of our military leaders.

In that link are videos showing how to produce your own “UFOs” in the exact same way as our military produces them: by using cameras badly.

And now there’s lots of stuff being tracked, shot at, gibbered over. Pace:

I write this Sunday afternoon, so it remains to be discovered what the Huron object was. Could be the remnants of a weather balloon launched from the Gaylord National Weather Service station. I used to launch these myself when I was with the NWS in “the Soo”, a.k.a. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. They’ve since closed that station, and opened Gaylord.

Could be a flock of birds.

It’s certainly not UFOs. As one fellow remarked to me: “I don’t buy the idea that we could track or shoot down any ship created by an alien species that’s capable of interstellar travel. Ufo ‘researchers’ never seem to consider that.”

This is clearly due to the Chinese balloon panic, as CNN, inadvertently, confirms for us (my emphasis):

The US military shot down another high-altitude object over Lake Huron on Sunday afternoon, according to a US official and a congressional source briefed on the matter.

The operation marks the third day in a row that an unidentified object was shot down over North American airspace. An unidentified object was shot down over northern Canada on Saturday. On Friday, an unidentified object was shot down in Alaska airspace by a US F-22…

Great work by all who carried out this mission both in the air and back at headquarters. We’re all interested in exactly what this object was and it’s purpose,” she said in a tweet.

Republican Rep. Jack Bergman of Michigan also confirmed the operation Sunday, tweeting, “The US military has decommissioned another ‘object’ over Lake Huron.”

“I appreciate the decisive action by our fighter pilots,” he said.

Decommissioned. Nice euphemism.

It’s all made more ridiculous when you remember all a Chinese spy has to do is buy a plane ticket and hang around whatever he wants to spy on.

Politicians taking credit for “solving” the Great Balloon Invasion of 2023 ought to be all the proof you need this is, almost certainly, yet another mini-panic. We learn nothing. We lurch from one asinine “emergency” to the next.

More proof it’s nonsense:

He meant NORAD, not NATO. Can’t “:rule out”? Good grief. I hereby label General Vanherck the Dr Walensky of NORAD.

Of course, I could be wrong. The Chinese would be wafting mini-balloons into the air, each carrying a soldier, and upon some secret signal, they’ll all dive down to earth beginning an invasion.

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  1. Zundfolge

    I’ve been saying for some time now that its clear that TPTB are priming the public for a faux “First Contact” scenario wherein we’ll be told that the aliens are prepared to admit Earth to the United Federation of Planets and give us all a bunch of real cool tech, but not until we unite under a one world government, abandon Capitalism and religion, stop eating meat and using fossil fuels and maybe even eliminate age of consent laws (or any of dozens of other Progressive schemes they’ve long wanted to impose on us).

  2. PaulH

    “We lurch from one asinine “emergency” to the next.”

    The show must go on.

  3. Kenan Meyer

    Now that it has become pretty obvious that Ukraine is a lost case for US/NATO , they want to save face by deflecting the expected criticism at home towards China. If you lose a battle start another one; the sheeple won’t remember

  4. Zundfolge

    An interesting theory on these flying things on 4chan from someone claiming to be military intelligence (take the whole thing with a huge grain of salt, but it does seem plausible). Main reason I suspect its not correct is that 1) it makes the government out to be way too competent and 2) it pretends that our government is more concerned with national defense than domestic surveillance (if they can track golf ball sized objects in the air, they can track everything each of us is doing and the world is a giant high tech prison).


    I’m a military intelligence insider, and I’m tired of all the BS threads clogging up the board, so I’m going to explain exactly what’s happening, and why it’s happening, including some classified secrets. Here you go:

    1. NORAD has seen every single one of these well before they even get anywhere near US airspace.
    2. We don’t act on them, most of the time, intentionally, because we know (through our own spy channels) that these are just tests of our radar blanket. China is trying to see how much equipment they can sneak into our airspace, and where our “radar gaps” are. (We don’t have any radar gaps.)
    3. We were forced to act on the 200 foot wide balloon, because it was naked eye visible. We did not want to. (We really just didn’t want to reveal any information about our radar blanket, AT ALL.)
    4. China expects us to react to the other objects because of heightened security, so we were forced to act on those as well.
    5. We put on a show of going after the other objects, we explicitly picked some of the larger ones, so that China wouldn’t know exactly how small of an object we really sweep for. (If it’s the size of a bird, but it doesn’t have feathers and is flapping, we know it’s not a bird from NORAD’s passive ground based radar alone, we don’t even have to go look at it with anything actively, not to mention our satellite array can even tell, for objects of that size.)
    6. We actually made it seem like we had to use an AWACS for the object over Lake Huron, because it had a bit of stealth coating/shaping design. Truth is, we saw that object as soon as it was within several hundred miles of the US, but was on a course to arrive here. We didn’t need the E6-B at all, the circle search pattern it flew in, and extended time in air, that was so that China thinks we do need something like that to see their payloads.
    7. There are many more objects over areas of our airspace RIGHT NOW that we are aware of, and are actively tracking, but we will not act on, unless forced to, so China does not obtain any tangible information about our actual radar blanket.
    We actually have this entire situation 100% under our control, but we are making it look like it’s a problem, so China gets comfortable and actually starts to make more clear what their actual plans are.
    8. This entire situation is an intentional honeypot for China, and we are waiting for them to send up an actual offensive payload to determine exactly how/what they want to accomplish.
    9. We explicitly did not state that we KNOW the other objects are all from China, because of their “civilian weather balloon” excuse from the first one. The idea is, if they get mad about us shooting them down, they have to come forward and publicly announce that those objects were theirs’. And if they try to say that those were also civilian, and off-course, then we will ask them how they have any fucking idea that these were theirs’ IF they were civilian, because these objects arrived here months ago. Essentially openly catching China in a lie. They probably realize this, which is why they’re staying the fuck quiet about ownership on those.

    I have more information, but this is the gist of what’s happening. America is safe, and this is just a game of chess between intelligence agencies and NORAD.

  5. Rudolph Harrier

    The recent hyping of UFOs as aliens has bee so obviously astroturfed that the only way that you would believe it is if you blindly accepted any narrative handed to you by the combined forces of the government and the media.

    Unfortunately, as things like the vaxx craze or the instant switch to Ukraine as saviors of the world has shown us, at least a third of the population WILL blindly accept any narrative handed to them by the combined forces of the government and the media.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Panic is one of the chemical elements, #119, Pn. Panic was the first material to form after the Big Bang, and is part of every creation story, along with its cousin, Stupidity (#120, St), — …and the void filled with Stupidity, and the Stupid Panicked. Panic is a force greater than gravity. Panic makes the world go around. Panic flattened the earth. Panic is one of the major food groups at the base of the food pyramid. Panic is necessary for human life. Panic adds pizazz. Panic is the source of all human motivation. Panic is a major energy source. The mining and manufacturing of Panic accounts for 95% of all economic activity. Panic is equal and diverse. Panic, Stupidity, and Futility are the Triune Bonehead. A day without Panic is not worth living, so tune in to the Daily Panic and top up your Panic tank today!

  7. Incitadus

    ‘How much did we spend on these planes?’……about 5x what they’re worth.

    Like the anthrax attack a week after 911 with the postcards saying ‘the Arabs
    done it’. They’re overplaying their hand.

  8. Ann Cherry

    Why do people think only space aliens can make mysterious shiny objects fly though the sky?

    Here’s some other people who think the perps are a little closer to home:

    Adversary Drones Are Spying On The U.S. And The Pentagon Acts Like They’re UFOs:


    Of course, the Military-Industrial complex and all the other Government-industrial complexes (they are Legion) are rubbing their hands together in anticipatory glee…for WWThree.

    US Military to Use High-Altitude Balloons Against China, Russia: Report:

    This article from July of 2022 features a photo of a very large U.S. Spy balloon.

    It’s a “hypersonic race” to the ultimate finish line. Unfortunately, according to the previous article and this one, the U.S. is a little behind:

    The Pentagon’s Pronoun Wars – Daniel Greenfield / Sultan Knish articles

    What is most troubling about this to some of us, is the deadly FARCE of it all.

    Our Uniparty “leaders” know bloody well that China has already won this war, because they WANT China to win this war. The World Economic Forum holds Chinese-style forced collectivism and their surveillance state up as its model, and Xi was their featured speaker last year.

    Our Universities, educational associations and teachers unions, most of our government bureaucracies, and most “NGO’s” are completely infiltrated now.

    The Biden Administration has essentially handed over Afghanistan (along w/ our $85 billion in advanced conventional arms, and the largest airfield in the world) to China, and the eagerness of western nations to completely expend their own arms and treasuries on the Ukraine war, will also, ultimately, benefit China.

    Like empires of the past, we are spread too thin. While we defend the borders of countries across the globe, our own borders are being invaded by mostly young, military-age and gang-age males, perhaps five million since Biden took office. They bring with them drugs, victims for sex trafficking, and weapons of war, including chemical weapons such as fentanyl and even worse.

    So all of this UFO Hoopla and Spy Balloon-ey is just smoke and mirrors. A few more people (many more) need to get very, very, rich, and more of the middle class need to suffer and die, before the mopping-up action begins and the survivors start learning Mandarin.

  9. Incitadus

    Or.. it’s probably been assessed by some bunch of transsexual aments..

  10. Ganderson

    Has General Turgidson been reached for comment?

  11. Johnno


    Don’t you realize that all this escalation is a necessary step so that NATO can now claim that it was actually UFOs that blew up Nord Stream 2, certainly not the Russians as it turns out, but certainly NOT the Biden administration?!!!

    The UFOs have also been injecting themselves at the last minute in Ukraine. That is why we suddenly went from winning to losing, and why we need to give Zelensky even more sophisticated and expensive and longer range armaments! The Russians have been covering up their collusion with UFOs to undermine the rules based order! A globalist effort that is entirely disordered, can’t follow its own rules aside from or entirely because of DIE, and is certainly NOT Based. And why? UFOs!

    UFOs are also why the vexxines have been ineffective, their flying around is what is spreading undetectable radiation that is causing sudden heart attacks and cancers to soar, and they are obviously powered by all the nitrogen and CO2 in the air, but we are taking necessary steps to curb that!

    We will naturally need more funding. This requires a tax. Remember that Bear Patrol episode from the Simpsons? This will be that, only for balloons. You can’t tell them you only want to pay the Briggs tax. We’re all in this together!

  12. Incitadus

    No clown show is complete without balloons. Roswell was just a balloon this is
    it’s bookend.

  13. Incitadus

    its…that is

  14. jwm

    Seriously disappointed. I just got done telling all my facebook friends that the aliens have really landed!!!
    Now I gotta’ go retract. All my fun spoiled thanks to you, Briggs.


  15. Vermont Crank

    A pentagram wokesperson said

    What did we shoot down?

    We are still investigating and we will tel you what it was sooner rather than later. I have been authorised to report today is that it – and I will not say what “It’ is – is roughly the size of Lizzo but, obviously, not as heavy.

  16. Having once spent a few 24 hr periods (much less than one night..) at a DEW station makes me an expert right? At least for internet commenting purposes maybe?

    Or maybe not – I see both an incredible co-incidence and too many unknowns (to me anyway) here.

    First: we get the media hullabaloo over the supposed Chinese balloon. Biden et al get lambasted even by the MSM for doing nothing. So (?) we get the hersch leak re Nordstrom II (Look how tough Biden is, he’ll risk WWIII to support NAZIs in the Ukraine – gee, wow, ballsy, eh?) and then we suddenly hear about the air force knocking down UAP all over the country. Absent any facts, I assume lost weather balloons dragging radiosondes and say, pull the other one.

    Second: the alien question is interesting. Some small proportion of known sightings (and artifacts?) are unexplained. Could some of these relate to real non-human inteligences?

    I rather hope not because I think it takes a competitive species to develop the economic surplus and organizational skill needed to get into space, and any species arriving here is correspondingly likely to be more self-interested than would be good for us.

  17. Incitadus

    “Could some of these relate to real non-human inteligences?”
    The alien’s silence is ominous or it could just be too tedious to converse with chimps.

  18. Uncle Mike

    It’s all Swamp gas.

  19. It wouldn’t be Clown World without the balloons. In Clown World you use a half a million dollar air to air missile fired from a half a billion dollar jet aircraft to pop a balloon.

  20. Zundfolge had an excellent comment that no one can top.

    A flying object that is obviously a ballon for weather research, or spying (cheaper than a spy satellite, I suppose) should not be called a UFO.

    There are actual UFOs from other planets that have visited this planet at least since the1940s, and probably starting much earlier. They have been observed by miliary pilots since WW2 when they were called Faux Fighters, which they mispronounced as Foo Fighters. There were over 16,000 written UFO reports by US Air Force pilots from the 1940s to 1960s — the only period when such reports were required.

    UFOs were shot at by US military pilots and US Navy boats during the Vietnam War. No damage was ever done, and the shells were reflected right back at the Navy ship and sunk it.

    There were some recent videos of UFOs from Navy pilots published by the New York Times.

    There is no doubt many UFOs, especially those identified by pilots willing to speak up, are crafts from other planets. Many people refuse to believe this mainly because they are stupid, and ignore all evidence.

    The same people believe Covid shots were safe and effective.
    They believe in a coming climate crisis,.
    They believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
    They believe Trump colluded with Russians.
    They believe whatever their government tells them to believe.

    And then you have conservative people who believe in God, heaven, hell and reincarnation with absolutely no proof any of those exist.

    Most people have beliefs not based on facts, data and logic — those beliefs are not falsifiable — they can’t be refuted with facts, data and logic.

    But UFOs, forget it — that just can’t be real. Tens of thousands of professional military and commercial pilots are all mistaken. 100% wrong. They have no idea what they saw. Just an optical illusion. Must be swamp gas. And then I realize the average IQ is 100, and half the people are below that!

    Here is some beautiful geometric alien art to amuse you.
    I know most people will claim they are all a hoax – they are not a hoax:


  21. Johnno

    Nah Richie, it is people who believe in unscientific boobery like Evolution and heliocentrism without a shred of evidence and even evidence to the contrary that believe in aliens from other worlds.

    That said, I believe the encounters are real. On one hand, it is the abduction and communication experiences that have all the classic hallmarks of historical demons. As for the military encounters, these line up with ideas proposed by plasma science and electric universe theories, where plasmoids and other electrical phenomena show up on radar instrumentation, F with the flights instruments, and can be visibly seen and move in ways aircraft cannot and can be dangerous if one gets to close and thus get hit by the discharge. However, THE SCIENCE ™ doesn’t like it because it means everything the consensus has been pedalling since the time they ignored and buried Nicola Tesla on behalf of Edison’s boys is wrong, not just down here, but for their descriptions of all the fancy light shows in space as well. And you know by now how much THE SCIENCE ™ hates to admit it is fallible.

    Anyway, Occam suggests all this recent tomfoolery is a gubmint psy-op… including the balloons which may not be Chinese either!

    The balloons are Washington’s. They are for tracking vehicles and movements of citizens, probably in anticipation of banning vehicles and ‘environmental lockdowns’.


  22. Johnno

    The circus is over everyone. Stay tuned for the next performance!

    In Sudden Narrative Shift, Pentagon Admits Mystery Objects ‘Probably’ Private Craft Not Tied To Spying

    Gen. Milley Confirms 1st Missile Fired At UFO “Missed… Landed Harmlessly” In Lake Huron

    Snowden Says UFO Hysteria Is “Engineered” Distraction From Nord Stream Pipeline Bombshell


  23. Neil Jordan

    My hypothesis is more “robust” with a wee-er p-value – Rover has metastasized and its offspring are chasing down prisoners who have escaped The Village:

  24. Dodgy Geezer

    Go and look at the Professional Pilot’s network – PPRUNE. This is the blog for airline pilots and other aviation specialists.

    You will see there that, over the years, many thousands of balloon probes have been launched for various scientific purposes. After dropping their payloads on parachutes, these are expected to soar up to the edge of space and harmlessly burst. Some don’t. Some even retain some of their payload electronics.

    Add to this the many advertising balloons and other lighter-than-air debris which comes adrift from time to time, and you will see that the upper atmosphere has quite a few tenuous objects in it – mostly undetectable by radar. These may float at 100,000 feet or above, for months or sometimes years, circling the globe in the upper atmosphere winds. Eventually they leak and start to descend – typically falling in the oceans. A lot spin in the gyres around the North and South Poles.

    Occasionally, airline pilots catch sight of one, and they sometimes report them. Generally, however, they are not seem as a danger to aviation….

  25. Johnno


    US hobby club reports missing balloon after ‘UFO shootdowns’

    A group of hobbyists in Illinois fears that one of its small “pico” balloons may have been shot down by an American fighter jet thousands of feet over Canada, possibly mistaken as a hostile aircraft after a Chinese high-altitude balloon entered US airspace without permission last month.

    With US officials still unable to confirm what was shot down on February 11, members of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB) have offered a possible explanation. Tracking data shared by the group shows that one of its small mylar balloons went “missing in action” in Canada’s Yukon region on Saturday, matching the description, altitude and location of the unidentified object shot down by a US F-22 the same day.

    The NIBBB and similar hobby groups build what are known as pico balloons, sending the devices high into the atmosphere and tracking them as they circumnavigate the globe. The balloons typically cost no more than $200 to construct – with some running as cheap as $12 – and are often less than one meter in diameter.

    The object was fired upon with an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile, costing taxpayers a minimum of $472,000.

    While Scientific Balloon Solutions founder Ron Meadows, an expert on pico balloons, attempted to inform the government that it had likely shot down a cheap device used by hobbyists for fun, he said officials were not listening.

    “I tried contacting our military and the FBI – and just got the runaround – to try to enlighten them on what a lot of these things probably are. And they’re going to look not too intelligent to be shooting them down,” Meadows told Aviation Week.


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