Briggs You Tool! UFOs Are Real & Driven By Top Secret American Pilots, Insists Reader

Briggs You Tool! UFOs Are Real & Driven By Top Secret American Pilots, Insists Reader

I changed the title, slightly, from Briggs, You Fool! You’ll see why. Anon writes:

You’ve missed the entire point about the ufo story. You can deny the existence of alien visitations since you’ve never seen one, just as you can deny the existence of electrons, since you’ve never seen one. I get it.

The point is that there is a shadow government, totally extra-constitutional, under no constitutional executive or congressional control or oversight, is running the show. These “tic-tacs” and other similar types of vehicles now shown to the public by the military are not alien but are built by Lockheed Skunkworks and other contractors and have been around since the 1960s. These vehicles use a revolutionary source of energy and propulsion well beyond anything known by the public, “scientists”, or any elected official.

It matters not if you believe this technology was reversed engineered from alien spacecraft or developed by smart humans in the 1950s. It exists just as shown on military gun cameras and radar data.

Our elected government is a show and a sham. They do not call the shots and do not run anything that matters. They don’t know about this technology, and until recently did not know about the ‘deep black’ programs that developed them.

You are right about one thing. Tucker has been duped by a psyop claiming these tic-tacs are aliens. They certainly are not. They are human made machines that use technologies that would put oil, gas, utilities, solar, wind, and all of the other multi-trillion dollar industries that pollute the earth, enslave and impoverish humanity out of business overnight. The few mega rich psychopaths who run these industries will never allow that to happen and will use whatever means that the shadow government will provide to stop it.

Open your eyes and quit being such a tool. Look below the surface just a little bit. It’s not about aliens.


Always start by agreeing where you can: there is certainly an extra-Constitutional cabal running the show. Nobody, and I mean nobody, thinks Joe Biden is in charge. Even Joe Biden. Frankly, I don’t think anybody is in charge. As in one individual or one group acting in concerted fashion across the wide reaches of government. Much more likely to be various fiefdoms ruling over their territories, without explicit central direction.

Though with roughly shared goals. Like funneling as much of the public purse to themselves and their friends as possible. Harassing us with endless new rules created by Experts, half devoted the Cult of Safety First!, half devoted to “saving” the plant. Love of sexual degeneracy, possible demon worship. Who knows what else.

To this end, they roil the public with factionalism, but with each fief jealous of the others. Each wants as much control as possible. Yet all publicly swear they operate under the old rule-of-law framework. There is still some respect for the courts, for instance. There is no open revolt. Except when it comes to fortifying some elections.


But enough of that. Our topic is UFOs.

There are no UFOs. The kind with alien drivers, I mean, and you agree. And there aren’t that many, or even any, new wonderful aircraft designed by our government or their contractors. They haven’t built anything decent for a long time. Alk terrific terrible toys they touted turned tits up when put into actual service.

I recall (I’ve told this story before) sitting in a Seattle bar, many years ago, where Earl was telling the same old story that the car companies were sitting on an engine run entirely on water, but they didn’t want to release it lest—-the car companies make too much money? Who knows. It’s never clear.

No, sir. I’m afraid incompetence is the best explanation for our recent spate of UFO sightings.

We already saw Mick West demonstrating how poorly trained soldiers don’t know which end of the camera to look through. He duplicates every famous incident by using technology badly. It is not hard to do.

Who remembers the mini-panic when the Air Force (my alma mater, I blush to say) claimed they shot down a UFO? Which turned out to be the obvious.

This West fellow has video after video, breaking down how inept use of too-cool-for-school tools are misused by untutored soldiers whose minds are addled by too many Respect for Diversity & Sodomy sessions. He breaks down the latest “whistleblower” nonsense, too. No, not the guy who said he had dirt on Biden but who, rumor says, turned up dead in a hotel room (or was it some FBI back room?). I mean the guy who said there is a UFO cover-up and that the government and Vatican knows all about it, and that they’re conspiring to probe-with-extreme-prejudice those who tattle. Except himself. Somehow he has survived the slaughter.

Here’s what funny. Mick West is not hard to find. Took me a whole of one minute (maybe less) to discover him when when the first UFO reports were coming out.

Journalists, if they had any intelligence, or were capable of independent thought, could find him, too. Lord help us, even rulers and bureaucrats could find him if they wanted. Yet they do not. They have no interest, it seems.

I haven’t seen in any major discussion (but I don’t follow it rabidly) in the current UFO panic any mention of West’s work, or any discussion that false sightings are really more proof of the stupidity of the people in charge.

There is no interest in these stories other than as confirmations of one’s desires.

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  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”There is no interest in these stories other than as confirmations of one’s desires.”

    Thanks, that’s what I wanted to hear.

  2. Incitadus

    I agree this is all a complete planned psy-op to fund the MIC. Fear covid now
    fear the aliens which common sense tells us statically must exist. The idea
    that we’re the only form of intelligent life in the universe is absurd. Even
    more absurd is the idea that we have successfully reverse engineered a UFO
    capable of interstellar travel when we can’t even build a hypersonic missile
    much less shoot one down. Oh and don’t forget you’re supposed to fear AI
    as well the next psy-op we’re being threatened with daily in the MIC/Pharma
    owned press. Alien#1: “the earthlings can’t seem to figure out it’s all a money
    pump to concentrate wealth and power.” Alien#2 “yea I know must be that
    last genetic downgrade we installed so they couldn’t reach out their hand
    to take from the tree of life and live forever like us.” Alien#3: “yea it’s like
    herding asses.”

  3. brad tittle

    You don’t have to dig too far into the UFO subject to realize that all the traction is on the fantastical. Anyone who tries and point at the artifacts created by the processes we have in place is a boring bastard to be ignored. Boring does not sell well.

  4. 1 – the hydrogen combustion engine was demonstrated in the 1930s. So cars could have been made to run (indirectly) on water. The people who allege conspiracy because water is cheaper than gasoline are missing the bit about using energy to make hydrogen from water. and then assuming “big oil” is villainously surpressing great tech. Think of the headline “engine runs on hydrogen from water” after misrepetition by many many people.

    2 – was it beria who said “show me some facts and I’ll find you the alien”? I would not be surprised if there were real evidence of aliens on earth – but, so far, nothing convinces.

  5. Rudolph Harrier

    I can respect someone who points to the variety of video and physical evidence for UFOs over the years and says “UFOs must have a physical reality to them.” A lot of the so called evidence is pretty sketchy, so I’m not personally convinced, but someone who says this at least has put in a lot of legwork.

    I can’t respect someone who says “the most recent disclosures mean that we must now accept that UFOs have a physical reality.” The only reason you’d think that these recent videos are any better than anything that came before is if you need to see something on the news before it’s real to you.

  6. brad tittle

    Tucker Carlson quoted the one guy who said he saw proof, but then we dig deeper and discover that he HEARD about someone that heard about someone who had seen the proof.

    “Well, I trust that guy and he trusted the other guy”..

    This brings me to my FAVORITE conspiracy theories…

    1. CYA
    2. FTK
    3. SSM

    — (FYI — Cover your Ass, Feed the Kids, Spreadsheet man)

    the first two explain why people get hush hush about some subjects. A friend of mine gets squirrely anytime I mention subjects on the phone.. He doesn’t want people shutting down his means of feeding his kids.

    Spreadsheet man? He is the bastard that follows the spreadsheet and does 1 of 2 things… Chases what the spreadsheet tells him makes money OR… Thinks the model in the spreadsheet will make him money…

    This leads to things like reducing the size of containers… Saving a 0.005 on 10,000,000 screws… or adding MSG to products… MSG makes everything irresistible..

    I have 3rd hand stories of pilots who had to fly cargo from Pt 1 to Pt B who weren’t allowed to know what the cargo was… It came from Roswell… Obviously that means it was UFOs because the pilot didn’t say anything for 30 years…

  7. Cary D Cotterman

    There are phenomena. I don’t know if they come from Planet X (probably not), Palmdale, or China. I just wish to hell somebody would tell us so all the silly speculation would end.

  8. Cary D Cotterman

    What seems consistent is that, while there are razor sharp images and video of every conceivable rare thing, from extremely obscure and hard-to-find species to nebulae trillions of miles distant, there are no good, convincing photos or videos of UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, and all the other stuff we’re supposed to take seriously. I can spot a jet fighter streaking across the sky miles away, whip out my camera with telephoto lens, and snap a photo so clear you can read the insignia and see the pilot’s head through the canopy. But even the U.S. Navy and Air Force, with state-of-the-art equipment, can only get these crappy pictures and video? PBS shows HD video all the time of the most rare, tiny, obscure, elusive creatures, thousands of feet under the sea, but nobody can get anything but a blurred photo of Bigfoot? The only way it makes sense is to assume it’s all fake.

  9. I like UFO stories. Doesn’t matter if it’s a story about aliens that come visit us or a mini-study debunking those stories (like what West does). All of those are escapist for me. War could break out in my country any moment. Every day when I wake up and come to look at the news I wonder if it already started. West and East are at it again and all serious analysts predict Russians will soon open the road to Odessa and when they do it’ll be a make-or-break moment, the West will need to decide if it will sink the entire planet into nuclear armageddon or recede in power to pre-Reinessance levels. We could all be dead in six months. Well, with that backdrop UFOs really harken back to a nicer lifestyle. UFOs are what you talk about when you’re happy and sitting at night watching the sky. It brings out the thinking of better things, of what COULD be. Anyway, here’s a hopelessly optimistic UFO video game:

  10. flatty

    The aliens are humans from beyond Antarctica on the flat earth and the government lies about the earth being a pear/ball to hide that they are from a secret bloodline of “aliens” that come from beyond Antarctica and that when they destroy America they will just fly back over there. The purpose of UFOs is to be able to fly past Antarctica.

  11. Johnno

    BRIGGS, YOU FOOL! The UFOs are OBVIOUSLY here to help their Deep State front-man, Biden, from having to face the music playing through the gramophones of every shell company his family runs while the prostitute press spin-spin- spin around like saucers trying to get you to focus your mind’s camera on them so that the real story escapes autopsy! Why do you think Biden keeps falling down all the time? It’s obviously because Corn-Pop up in the mothership keeps trying to beam him up, but all that excess carbon in the air keeps preventing us from having nice functional things like levitating devices! We’d all be living in castles in the sky and flying about in our Jetson cars and screwing our AI Rosie Robot maids by now were it not for the fact that we keep all that excess cattle livestock around to eat of while suckling from it’s teets! Klaus Schwab is all dressed up and ready to go! But are you??? I thought not.

  12. I can agree with your analysis mostly. What’s glaringly and obviously incorrect is your belief that there is no supra-national organization / entity ruling the world. This is patently false. The coordinated scams on “climate change,” “pandemic,” to name but two are firmly entrenched in all governments of the world and they act as one on these issues. Any apparent conflict between governments, such as for instance the current contretemps in Ukraine, is yet another manufactured crisis. These manufactured crises do kill people of course and many involved will genuinely believe them to be real but they are in fact fake and gay. If nothing else you can verify the Ukraine conflict as fake due to the obvious fact that the usual suspects are making money like bandits off the back of it. This UFOology and aliens threat nonsense will likewise play out across all governments and be yet another demonstration of the global nature of the matrix. The UFOology should be cast iron evidence of covert global governance even to heretics like you since as you point out it’s not possible that these things are ET nor is it plausible it’s some kind of secret sauce redacted from us for decades.

  13. Anyone who dismisses tens of thousands of UFO REPORTS BY US military pilots, radar operators and air traffic controllers as being 100% wrong is a fool. These reports are supported by videos from US Navy jets and radar records. The UFO are silent, have no wings, no measurable heat output and do maneuvers that no manmade craft could duplicate. Soe are visible on radar and others are not.

    That some person claimed to know of downed UFOs, with no proof, does not change all the evidence of UFOs available since the 1940s. UFOs have been seen by the thousands of trained pilots. And they are not 100% wrong.

    It is sad that anyone who claims to know science would so quickly dismiss all first hand evidence of UFOs as fantasies.

    It is puzzling that anyone would believe humans are the only life in the universe. Given that UFOs tend to have distinctive shapes, they most likely come from more than one other planet. There may be civilizations on other planets that are thousands of years more advanced than we are. Perhaps one million years more advanced. They are certainly more intelligent than humans who dismiss all evidence of UFOs as fantasies or conspiracy theories. And of course the recent government reports are UFOs must be 100% wrong too? Can’t trust those goobermint people, or anyone else, who interferes with one’s UFOs don’t exists confirmation.

    Dismiss all the UFO evidence since the 1940s and ridicule those people who do not — that’s not science. The typical attitude is ‘I’ll believe in UFOs only when one lands on the White House lawn’.

  14. brad.tittle

    @Richard. My apologies. Trained pilots are every much as blind as I am. They actually have it worse based on their location where they see stuff. Pilots are also arrogant asses. God bless them. If they are not arrogant asses, do not fly with them.

    I will not call them crazy. I accept they saw something. I will not accept that what they saw and what is represented in TV and Film as what they saw as the same. I have seen many weird things. I was able to investigate enough to NOT jump up and down with proclamations of ET visitation. I just got down watching a spec move up the wall… I looked closer and realized the movement was a combination of not quite looking and the drops of water flowing past.

    I was attacked visually by aliens one day. I saw strange movements outside the window in the sky. I grabbed my glasses and bam I couldn’t see. They got me…. Wait those weren’t my glasses, they were my wife’s. The movement was just a consequence of my eyeballs moving in a dark room…

    I do not ridicule any of the folks who claim to has seen things. I do suggest that sleep paralysis is a thing. Also… DREAMS are a thing.

    I believe and don’t believe at the same time. I believe in pilots. I am waiting for one of the Billion plus cameras that are always handy to capture something better than NOTHING. I listen to those pilots anyway. The stories are usually entertaining. It is amazing how many sailplane instruments stop working …

    “My altimeter wasn’t registering properly… A weather event must be coming through… ”

    The broken altimeter had nothing to do with flying outside the box… Just be sure to be using oxygen when you get into broken altimeter territory…

  15. Johnno

    No one is dismissing that the REPORTS are real, Richard.

    Just that the explanation lies elsewhere – In things that THE SCIENCE ™ likes to ignore because it describes phenomena outside of and counter to establishment dogmatic theories, like cosmoligical and biological Evolution, of which “life somewhere out there” is a subset they really really hope is true. Because if not, then it means they have to bend the knee to one very particular religion, with otherwordly intelligences that are very very involved with our lives more deeply than you’d imagine. I think you know the one!

  16. Milton Hathaway

    Hagfish, your wit kills me sometimes.

    Driving home once many years ago, a searingly bright green light streaked across the dusky sky; I had a perfect visual angle on it through the front windshield, seeing it from start to disappearing below the horizon, still blazing. It might have lasted for a half-second, but it seemed more like three seconds. Wow, that’s the coolest meteor I’ve ever seen, I thought. I was listening to a local radio station at the time, and soon the station switched from music to putting callers on the air, describing what they had seen. Other than saying it was very green and very bright, none of the callers described what I saw. They described the light as changing direction, or hanging in the sky for thirty seconds, or seeing exactly where it landed, etc. I had heard that eye-witness testimony was unreliable, of course, but I didn’t realize that eye-witness testimony was total crap.

    Having said that, I am starting to take the JFK assassination conspiracy theories much more seriously, after having dismissed them all my life. The recent shenanigans of the three-letter agencies has opened my eyes. When something inconceivable happens, it’s much easier to believe that it wasn’t the first time.

  17. I expect the usual, comical, confirmation bias that requires 100% rejection of all evidence, arbitrarily dismissed with no study.

    Air Force pilots reports of foo fighters in World War II
    All delusions?

    16,000+ US Air Force pilot written reports of UFOs from the 1940s to 1960s, when such reports were required.
    All delusions?

    Tens of thousands of UFO reports by other pilots, all at risk of great ridicule
    All delusions?

    Thousands of UFO “calling cards” — complex, perfectly geometric art created at night in farm fields, usually in 5 to 10 minutes. Over 70 witnesses of orbs of light over the fields as the designs were created. Analysis of crop stalks by University of Michigan physicists in the 1990s determined there were very unusual changes to plant stalks and nodes, caused by an unknown energy, completely unlike broken stalks of a crop circle hoax.
    Of course they must all be hoaxes?

    It’s so easy to have confirmation bias and reject 100% of contrary evidence.
    But how is that science?

    Photographs of my favorite crop circle designs
    They look nothing like uneven simple crop circle hoaxes:

  18. Even die hard UFOologists end up rejecting the thesis that the UFO phenomenon is about actual physical objects. Jacques Vallee for instance. The ET hypothesis becomes more ridiculous the more you think about it. What exactly the UFO phenomenon is may never be understood since we are still as far from understanding human consciousness and the human mind as we ever were, in spite of all the sound and fury on the subject generated by modern so-called science.
    That there is some kind of deep black technology wielded only by the elite is an attractive thesis. The consistent lack of hard evidence, the eternal reliance on hearsay, makes it clear to me that thesis is pushed as part of intelligence service disinformation. My belief is it’s just to distract from the fact that extant technology is intentionally crippled by regulation to generate artificial scarcity thereby enabling profit taking. There is and never will be a shortage of oil, gas, and coal and there is no problem with CO2 emissions. These are fake problems intended to manufacture scarcity and enable oligarchical control of resources to continue.
    If you think about this objectively it actually makes sense given the globalist parasites farm humans as if they were animals and all that giving resources to poor people achieves is an explosion in the numbers of poor people who aren’t much use for anything.

  19. Johnno

    Delusions??? Oh ho-ho no-no-no, Richard Greene…

    You’re talking to a good ol’ X-Files man at heart here…

    Consider that some of us have looked into this a lot further than you might’ve been willing to go… Certainly most Ufologists suddenly get chills and turn back from this path as the ramifications are far greater than they wanted it to be… much like THE SCIENCE ™ practitioners.

    The conclusion some of us have come to is that aside from those things explainable by instrumental optics and general misunderstanding, that there is certain phenomena is, indeed, actual real phenomena of lights in the sky that THE SCIENCE ™ doesn’t want you discussing, because they ruled it out a-priori a long time ago, and you know how they never like to admit mistakes that destroy their lucrative careers. But then there is the really real scarily eerie stuff… but it’s not at all some bullshit civilization from Alpha Centuri-Z. Rather these fellas come from somewhere much further than the edge of the universe’s radioactive borders, from deep down below, and are certainly not human, but have a vested interest in seeing humanity burn in the fire for eternity, because we were made to take the places in the stars they’ve fallen from.

    I am very keen to know what the government is hiding and who our elites have been in contact with… Sometimes I shudder to wonder if they themselves really do know what they’ve gotten themselves into… But I think all these pride things, child-sex-murders, and devilish-pagan-festivities witnessed at various global mass concerts and events are all connected to it!

  20. brad tittle

    @Johnno — I want to believe. I really do. But when they keep leaving me with stupid evidence and long winded discussions around a couple of pictures or movies or whatever collected over 40 years, I have to turn to the default answer — believers want to believe. Be very careful telling a believer they are wrong. There is an equal chance of getting punched in the face.

  21. brad tittle

    @Milton Hathaway — Exactly. I have tried to teach knots to people. I have done it over and over again. I have watched people NOT see what is in my hands no matter how I make it visible. The best I have managed is to guide their hands through the process.

    I have fooled myself over and over with different visual stimulus. I backed up and reevaluated what I saw…

    I had enough experience to know that What I thought I saw was not necessarily what was there… I have failed in this particular way…


    These are the words of people who are just a little too sure of themselves.. But we want certain people to be sure. When you are landing a plane, attempting to reevaluate over and over the visual stimulus you have in front of you WILL END IN THE DEATH of everyone on board…

    So the dance continues.

  22. cdquarles

    When I was taking pilot lessons, I never had an issue with that. I know that visual perspective matters and it will change over time (like parallax). It was just a matter balancing things just right, knowing that if you didn’t get it right, bad things happened. Same with learning automobile braking. You eventually get the “feel” of it well enough to not crash.

    And indeed, never be too sure of yourself. It is easy to fool yourself. That’s why external reference points are valuable.

  23. Brad Tittle


  24. Nate

    Matt, I think you’re on a roll with the crazies. First you dare suggest that maybe you shouldn’t be required to acquisce to “lets you and him fight” in the middle east. And now you deny UFOs plus the world ruling cabal that controls everything but is simultaneously incompetent? Who will be left but us poor, long-time suffering readers of your dad jokes.

  25. Nate

    Damn this is from June. You just reposted on Twitter and here i am thinking it’s today’s post.

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