Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July. As a reminder we used to have a proper country, here is a video of Roy Clark.

You can look at these pictures of fireworks, as they used to be (from Flickr Commons). You may also wish to browse the Top Ten Fireworks Tips from the Cult of Safety First!

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  1. eminence grease

    happy insurrection day!



    Just remember: we won’t vote our way out of this . . . . . . . . .

  3. cdquarles

    Today we celebrate our Independence Day.

  4. Gunther Heinz

    Why don’t you post a photo of those same children as they lay prostate on the ground, shreiking and whaling as the explosion turns harmless fun into gore! Oh, that you ignore, Mr. Freedom ..

  5. Gunther Heinz

    …. do you wanna see picnics exploding next door? Do you RELISH violence?

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    Jesus, Heinz, pull the stick out. We grew up in the ’60s with fireworks. We lived in California, which even at that time was over-safetyized, but we had ways to get around it. Our dad, who grew up in Ohio and Texas in the ’30s, would make a trip to Mexico and come back with a treasure trove of firecrackers, cherry bombs, and M-80s, which he would dole out. We were taught not to be stupid enough to ignite them while clutching them in our fingers (personal responsibility, Heinz), and nobody ever got seriously hurt. We also figured out how to throw California sparking fireworks that were meant to tamely sit on the ground, so that they’d fly like rockets, and to pinch “Picolo Pete” with pliers so he’d explode at the end of his whistle. We had a blast, figuratively and literally. I pity the kids of today who live lives of continuous adult surveillance, deprived of all exposure to risk.

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