Register Your Predictions For 2024!

Register Your Predictions For 2024!

My Dear Friends and Despised Enemies, Happy New Year.

As has been our tradition these many years, it’s time to register our predictions for the coming year. We looked at how well we did last year last Friday. Not too good. This year can only be better.


  1. Number your predictions, using numbers, like this.
  2. Limit your predictions to 3 (THREE), a change from previous years to get us to focus.
  3. No sports or other celebrity tittle tattle.
  4. Attach a probability word if you are less than certain.
  5. Verified predictions of our coming Doom will receive very little weight unless they are quite specific.

My guesses:

1. Yes, Trump quashed the rumors floated about picking Nikki “Donor’s First” Halley as VP. But it’s likely he floated the original rumors himself, though everybody is now saying it was his enemies or 42-D chess. Which means even if they let Trump win, it will be no better than things as usual.

Anyway, I still maintain that “literally Hitler” will not be allowed to win the Presidency. The left is batguano mind-jelly screechingly irrational on all things Trump, which says far more about how they view their own security and legitimacy than what it says about Trump. Who governed to the left of Bill Clinton.

There are too many scenarios to track, from pre-convention maneuvering to leftist fortification tactics. Which means, I think, nobody (in power) knows what they’re going to do until events present themselves.

So my prediction is still this (made originally here): Trump is taken out, or, if by some miracle he wins, he is taken out the old-fashioned way shortly after the election. Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom is installed at least as the Democrat candidate, and likely the Presidency. But I now wonder if it could be by the VP route, since nobody wants Kamala.

2. It’s tempting to predict a return to assassination, one of the most common political tools in all history. But we have not often seen it in the West since JFK, which is very strange. Is it because so many women are now in positions of power? Because so many men in power have never seen military service, their biggest physical challenges lay in punching buttons on their cellphones to order Ubereats?

As saturated in soy, Netflix, video games and vegan “food” as we are in the Longhouse, somebody will at least accidentally conclude that the quickest path to victory is by the grave, and not his own.

My prediction is at least one high-level assassination in the West. In manlier countries, like China, they are more common; I’ve lost count of the number of high-ranking officials who crossed Xi Who Must Be Obeyed and who disappeared or died suddenly. In our case, it will more likely be a real assassination if done by a leftist, or merely a plot if by a rightest. Could be death by swatting: the left is calling cops and lying to them about prominent right wing people, and, of course, the cops are believing the lies.

3. Civil war? No. Not yet. The election will bring much turmoil, but it isn’t until the end of the year. There has been much boasting of the “people rising up”. People never rise up, except as an unthinking rabble, which are easily put down. Men do rise. But for that to happen we need elites who are dissatisfied and angry because of their treatment from other elites.

Maybe that’s Musk, it’s certainly not Trump (who had his real chance). It’s more likely a man most of us have not well considered. But, I think, not this year. Still, the election in the States, which is global in its way, will cause much trouble.

But there will be no new virus panic, though Experts will try. We perhaps see the odd Victim riot, with the possibility of some fighting back (that black guy who screamed he wanted to kill all whites, then stabbed two little white girls, was arrested but then immediately released), though any such actions will produce a mega-ton mushroom cloud of media hersteria.

My prediction is this: Rulers hunger for any event they can juice to shut things down, so look for increasing hersteria over trivia as the year progresses. Something will be more than a blip, and they will concentrate all their might on it as an excuse to stifle opposition as much as they dare.

Unlikely suspects are UFOs, global warming, now called “climate change”, white supremacy or “racism”. More likely are a new health threat or actual natural disaster (volcano? meteor?). Even likelier still are an assassination or its “uncovered” plot, or a “device” the FBI “discovers” at a Pride parade. Something like that.

But the worst is war. Few things allow greater control than war.

Now if you were conspiracy minded, you’d say our rulers have already planned a thing or two, given one its eminent spokescreatures came out last week and “predicted” that a “black swan event” (unpredictable events) will happen, an event that will be “a national security event with high impact”.

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  1. Dan Diego

    1. Donald Trump wins, again, though the polling devices, again, experience unfortunate glitches and…

    2. Gavin Newsome/Michelle Obama.

  2. Michael Dowd

    1. Trump elected President.
    2. Pope Francis no longer Pope.
    3. Ukraine war ends.

  3. Sander van der Wal

    1) Wilders becomes prime minister of the Netherlands.
    2) The Ukrainan army will collapse, and Ukraine will unconditionally surrender to Russia.
    3) The Israeli Cabinet will fall, because the hawks will oust Netanyahu.

  4. Aaron

    Ha! I can do worse this year:

    1) American hegemony slithers toward oblivion, taking Canada with it as US/Canada leaders betray/are complicit/jump ship, in respective countries, for more global positions of power
    2) EU financial world is levelled, precipitating a civil or regional war
    3) Destruction of churches subsides, closings/abandonment/non-attendance accelerates

  5. Simon Platt

    1. Leo XIV succeeds Francis I.
    2. William V succeeds Charles III(b).
    3. President-elect Trump is assassinated.

  6. The Invisible Hand

    1. Regime continues to pretend to fight Trump while installing him as president.
    2. There will be no major big gov’t scams (like covid, “climate change”, etc) until after the installation, 2025 at the earliest.
    3. Trump chooses a woman or man pretending to be a woman as his VP. One of (Haley, Noem, Jenner). A Haley VP pick increases his chance of an early death sometime in 2025.

  7. Zundfolge

    1. Despite all the discussion and conjecture to the contrary, the election will be Biden vs Trump (but I’m not foolish enough to predict the outcome of the election itself. Its just as clear that Trump will be the winner as it was he’d win in 2020, but winning elections doesn’t win elections these days).
    2. There will be at least one serious assassination attempt on Trump.
    3. Democrats will find some way (likely dishonest chicanery, possibly outright assassination like Scalia) to remove Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court.

    This is too vague to count as a prediction, but whatever Democrats have planned for their “October Surprise” this election will be the most audacious and unpredictable OS ever pulled off. Something akin to WWIII, Alien invasion (either from space or Mexico), WMD terror attack or complete collapse of the global economy (no, the Trump assassination attempt doesn’t count).

  8. 1. Argentina will have a booming economy. (Can’t hide my bias on this one).
    2. US election will be tight, but I don’t think Trump will get elected.
    3. There will be new panics, but not lockdowns as in 2020.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    God bless!

  9. Yancey Ward

    1. All of these predictions will turn out to be wrong, like last year’s.
    2. Biden or his replacement is “elected” after 3 a.m. the day after the election with 100 million votes.
    3. The Ukraine war remains mostly a stalemate at the front line with the Russians content to basically killing every able-bodied Ukrainian male who hasn’t escaped the country to Poland and Western Europe.
    4. Biden announces an agreement with Mexico to reinstate the Trump immigration policies that lower illegal crossings by 80% in the Spring. The agreement will end after the Democrats win the elections.
    5. Trump is convicted in one or all the courts and at least one of the judges will deny him bail on appeal of conviction.
    6. The 49ers win the Superbowl, the Celtics win the NBA championship, the Dodgers again faceplant in the playoffs before the world series. The Huskies beat Michigan next week, and Kentucky wins March Madness.
    7. No recession occurs on paper but only because the government runs a 2.5 trillion dollar deficit and the BLS underreports inflation by an increasingly large amount.
    8. Elon Musk is indicted in federal court on something/anything in order for his enemies to regain effective control over Twitter. Matt Taibbi is also indicted on charges similar to those against Assange as it Tucker Carlson.
    9. Excess deaths in the U.S. continue at a 10% run rate for the next year, but the CDC will find it increasingly difficult to sweep the deaths into more convenient categories and will, instead, create entire new ones with benign sounding names.
    10. The first class action lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna gets OKed by a judge somewhere.

    Some conditional predictions:

    1. If Trump somehow wins the election next November, he is either assassinated or on January 6th 2025 Kamala Harris and the Democrats do exactly the same thing Trump encouraged Pence to do in 2021, only this time the media will applaud it as completely legitimate and necessary as the leftist mobs camp out in the Capitol building to make sure they do.

  10. Yawrate

    1. Biden withdraws very close to the Dem convention
    2. Newsome steps in to save the Dems and picks Gretchen Whitmer for VP
    3. Serious backlash against tranny transitions

  11. Jim Fedako

    1. Trump/Vivek ticket wins
    2. Ukraine war is not declared over; no armistice or surrender or agreement signed
    3. Folks finally realize that without original, human-produced content, AI generative models can only hallucinate responses – the world is not doomed to be taken over by bots. However, bots will be used to justify political nonsense, similar to The Science tm.

  12. Incitadus

    1-Russia nukes Ukraine.
    2-N Korea nukes S Korea.
    3-Israel nukes Iran.
    4-Elections are canceled martial law & Pres. Harris for life.
    (think about it she’s the perfect puppet)

  13. 1 – most of the trends from 2023 will continue: more than 60% of Americans will understand that Trump and the GOP won easily in 2020 and 2022 and, by year’s end, more than 25% of Americans will realize that Soros et al (i.e. including the Obamacon in the U.S.) support the NAZI side on Russia vs Ukraine.

    2 – the most effective anti-maga strategy open to the democrats continues to be the murder of Kamala Harris by someone who can be presented as a Trump supporter. A question more of timing than anything else…

    3 – more and more people will come to see P(E) as an indicator of what we know about E. Note that this estimator is about our understanding of E, not about E.

  14. Plantagenet

    1. Labour wins UK election but on the continent leftists are defeated in every major National, or EU vote. Immigration becomes virtually the only issue.
    2. The German Church moves closer to outright schism, Rome dithers, the press announces any move to the left as “A miracle” and ignores or condemns any conservative response.*
    3. Corporations and professional bodies looking to recruit, and favour, those without University degrees becomes “a thing”. Mainstream press has kittens.

    * Timeframe unknown but Peter Erdo (Archbishop of Budapest) becomes Pope. A moderate conservative one of the few acceptable to all sides. Defends Latin mass, puts Germany on the clock.

  15. William R

    1. China formalizes its invasion of Taiwan. Kicking off a major hand wringing exercise in DC Beltway.

    2. Trump wins assuming SC doesn’t cave to the Dems on ballot eligibility. Dems ramp attempts to impeact again

    3. The Dem convention becomes a flash point especially since it is on Chicago. Several possible paths to major issues: An assassination/kidnapping/insurrection plot is “uncovered” by the FBI; Leftists bring their goon squads to create havoc looking to blame right wingers; or Biden is removed as nominee kicking off massive fractures in Dem party

  16. Robert E

    1. A serious Tesla fire in an enclosed place (like a garage) is a catastrophe and creates a backlash for EVs
    2. Trump is taken out of the election somehow as the deepstate cannot allow it. More likely by attacking/harming one of his children or other family members
    3. The US ends up in a hot war of some sort, just ahead of the election
    4. Biden dies, Newsom already chosen behind the scenes to ascend to the throne

  17. Hun

    1. War between Russia – Ukraine will end with a long truce, but also a refusal by Western powers to accept the results

    2. Israel will temporarily tire of murdering children in Gaza and things will go back to what passes as normal in that area

    3. A Chinese company will announce a breakthrough in the field of photolithography, making a potential war over Taiwan less likely.

  18. Mark

    1. The Supreme Court will let states strike Trump from the ballot. The ruling will be 6-3 or 7-2. (They might do this just by not taking the case.)
    2. The Ukraine conflict is settled. Russia formally gets Crimea and the Donbass. And contra Ianto does not attempt to roll across Europe.
    3. Whoever the GOP places on the ballot wins not just the EC but also the popular vote. The GOP gets over 55 in the Senate and keeps the House.

  19. 1. Annualized inflation in USA ends the year above 20% and the Fed can’t figure out how to reduce it. I say there’s 50% chance (sorry, probability, but the list of conditionals is a bit too long 🙂 ) it ends the year above 50%.
    2. Somewhere in EU a public animal sacrifice is offered to some god or goddess. This does not include Islamic sacrifices and does not include hypothetical Catholic sacrifices. We’re talking return to paganism. 🙂
    3. I buy and read the book Uncertainty. 50% chance I buy and read all the other books by Briggs.

  20. John M

    1. After release of the Epstein Island visitor names, the Demos will go full pedo and pass laws allowing intercourse with anyone, or anything, at any age.
    2. AI will start fading away to irrelevance with successful intellectual properties/plagiarism lawsuits, like the current NYT suit.
    3. The site will be in the top 100 most clicked on the intraweb.

  21. Uncle Mike

    1. 2024 will be the Year of Terror. Dozens (possibly hundreds) of already-infiltrated Islamo fascist terrorist teams will carry out their planned attacks in major urban areas — in conspiratorial cahoots with Woki fascist (antifa/BLM/etc) riots, arson, and looting in the same cities all summer long.

    2. The urban riots will, as planned, disrupt the Vote, and in the chaos the Dem-mafia will employ their usual voting fraud and sabotage tactics, only more so.

    3. Biden (or other Dem puppet) will win easily, the flagrantly debased Big Coup will tighten its grip on America’s throat, and the PTSD-ed American people will comply like sheep led to the abattoir.

  22. Kevin C

    1. “Folks” across the political spectrum will agree that immigration should be reduced to zero (or extremely close to it) and a large volume of illegal aliens should be deported. Metric: this is openly discussed in mainstream news media; leftists entertain the idea.
    2. An elected official publicly announces they are sexually attracted to minors.
    3. A saintly individual gains prominence in the Church, but the faithful are divided as to legitimacy. By “saintly” I mean Padre Pio type; both virtuous and with miraculous signs of holiness.

    Predictions 1 and 2 are for the United States.

  23. Cary D Cotterman

    1. Assassination or at least attempted assassination of Trump. If the latter and he survives healthy, it will boost his rating.

    2. Biden finally has an on-screen meltdown so bad not even the Dem media can deny or spin it. California’s Governor Hair Gel is in, and is “elected” to the presidency in November. Protesting conservatives are hunted down by the FBI and CIA for years as insurrectionists.

    3. Disney doubles down on making woke movies. Admission to their amusement parks increases to $300.00, with no drop in attendance.

  24. 1) Someone shoots Zelensky

    2) There continues to be no quantum computard

    3) There continues to be no AI outside of reddit fever dreams. Sam Bankman Altman sells another tranche of his scam to Microsoft.

  25. CanSco

    Trudeau will not resign in 2024 and there will not be a Canadian federal election. He will continue to hold power as long as possible and continue to inflict destructive, divisive policies on the nation, notably with immigration and climate policy. I would dearly love to be proved wrong.

  26. Stephen

    1. The next President will not be Biden, Trump or Newsome.

    2. Trump won’t be alive in January 1, 2025. He will have a heart attack.

    3. “Pope Francis” will also die.

  27. Johnno

    I feel very embarrassed on behalf of us all, but especially me, that we did not do very well with last year’s predictions. I know I was too ambitious. I got ahead of myself. I was drunk on precognitive exceptionalism.

    But now, it’s time to course correct and compensate. It’s time to protect our accuracy rating by making some extremely safe and simple predictive bets.

    In other words… it’s time to be CONSERVATIVE! And as we all know, conservatism always helps!

    IN THE YEAR 2024:

    1. Hell’s Cardinal Tucho Fernandez will write a new motu proprio, signed and issued by his unholiness Francis I, that their church will open up more pastoral avenues for blessing, baptizing and incorporating in liturgical roles – Transgenders – but bu-bah-BUTT!!! the conservative fields of flowers will sway and insist, IT DOESN’T LEGALLY MEAN TRANSEXUALISM is being APPROVED! So everything is fine! Don’t get any ideas! Don’t listen to “the Pope”! Shut up! Just go to Mass where the Transexuals’ adopted children are now encouraged to be baptized (we can’t punish the children, can we?), whilst they are blessed (but not for their trans-stuff, trust us), and assisting at the Novus Ordo as readers, lay-communion distributors, and trans-altar-server-girls (close your eyes if you don’t like it!).

    2. The 2024 Summer Olympics will be a horribly hosted experience, as heavy security in unable to keep up with the unapproved festivities of the culturally enriched migrants who are just as excited to break criminal records as they happily wreck havoc upon the city of Paris and its legal tourists. A lot of sports merchandise and branding will be vandalized, burned, and/or looted and the various sponsors will run to the TV cameras to show how tolerant they are by eating the losses as no big deal. There will also be a few ‘carditis’ cases of collapsing vexxinated athletes broadcast live, causing expurts to tug on their collars as the feeds are abruptly cut.

    3. The Ukrainians will pull off (with CIA/MI6 help) a significant terrorist attack within or closer to Moscow, that will be too big for Putin to play down with the usual rocket/drone wrist-slaps and fist-shaking accusations at the USA. Russia will then heavily retaliate against Ukraine in an operation similar to the Israeli devastation visited upon Gaza, and there will be actual serious counter-sanctions against US and EU interests, energy and shipping channels with the help of Middle East proxies. Western Palestinian and Ukrainian lefty protestors will fight each other in the streets over who deserves the most media attention and Washington moneybags. Trump will be bludgeoned with questions about how much war he is willing to wage upon Russia, and any statements he makes about de-escalation will be played up as the *NEW* Russian Collusion and Treason narrative.

  28. Nym Coy

    1. The hordes of illegal immigrants will be offered a path to citizenship by fighting in WWIII, since Americans are too unhealthy and medicated to do it.

  29. pouncer

    1) The Judge in Michael Mann’s libel lawsuit against Simberg and Steyn will attempt to “split the baby” by disallowing any evidence or testimony on climate science itself or the validity of the hockey stick, and attempt to confine the dispute to whether or not words like “torture” or “fraud” are, per se, libelous, or instead enjoy First Amendment protections as expression of opinion.

    2) The risks to Earth from outer space will *again* be illustrated to compare to AGW — a Carrington Event solar flare will degrade our communications, or a big dangerous space rock will closely approach undetected, or — new risk — a Chinese knock off from SpaceX Falcon booster rockets will make an uncontrolled descent and crash near a populated area.

    3) RFK Jr will make the ballot in many, but not all, states as a minor-party candidate. The Secret Service will belatedly provide a protection detail, upon urging from Trump.

    4) Trump will choose a running mate from the current field of challengers — DeSantis, for preference.

    5) Kari Lake will field hundreds of “poll watchers” to monitor voting — and ballot counting — in Arizona this November.

  30. C-Marie

    President Trump will win the presidential election in the United States in 2024. There will be a pseudo peace among Americans for two to three years. Then we will experience that which God allows, as His purpose is to make dear to people’s hearts, their extreme and total need of salvation, available only in and through His Son, Jesus Christ, whatever their religion and beliefs are, now. The fallacies coming out of the Vatican, will be clearly seen for what they are, and salvation or rejection of salvation, will be clearly understood.

    God is our Father and His Love for us is everlasting, but rejection of His Son, can only last for a time in each person’s life, then when time is up, one’s choice is finalized. Let it be for salvation. And do let the Holy Spirit of God lead and guide you.

    God bless, C-Marie.

  31. Nate

    1. Briggs continues to entertain and inform with posts throughout the year, constantly beset by his enemies inserting grammar and spelling mistakes into his posts.

    Thanks for your blog, Matt. It’s a small light in a lot of darkness in this digital world.

  32. Zapollo


    1. There will be a major terrorist attack on US soil, possibly at one of the big political conventions. The perpetrators will be identified as Palestinians or Palestinian sympathizers. (Whether or not this is actually true is another issue…)

    2. Israel will pull out of the 2024 Olympics due to security concerns.

    3. There will be yet another scandal involving Chinese espionage. I predict listening devices will be discovered at the Capitol, White House and the Pentagon.

  33. Rudolph Harrier

    1. We get tons of articles and astroturfed social media comments about how perpetual copyright is askshually a really good thing and how our entertainment will be better if Disney owns everything. (A bit of a cheat; this is already happening.)

    2. A white man shoots a rioter in self defense, which is captured on video and blatantly shows the rioter trying to kill him. But since this doesn’t happen in Wisconsin, he is found guilty of murder and several hate crimes.

    3. So many candidates for office will be indicted for crimes that the public will lose interest. However, the GOP establishment will still insist that it’s wrong to prosecute Democrats for crimes since it sets a bad precedent.

  34. Jan Van Betsuni

    1. Odessa Oblast is occupied by a large contingent of Russian Security Forces making Ukraine a defacto landlocked State. Zelensky flees to his pied-à-terre (16th Arondissement of Paris) to escape war-crime tribunals. {}

    2. A retaliatory air-assault by Hezbollah on Haifa’s port facilities triggers a massive exodus from Israel.

    3. The New York Times attributes John Kerry’s demise to the effects of Climate Change.

  35. More and more educators will only accept consensus if it is in the form of raw data for processing with computers. They will formulate objections to idiotic claims, e.g. ask for experiments, and in this way the notoriously fraudulent pal review will gradually be replaced.

    Example, with Chat~AGI~: The temperature of the atmosphere is equated deliberate falsely by fake model calculations which are not validated with physical experiment (in the past and at present); yet the atmosphere does not contain enough energy to measurably affect the visible part of the oceans (70% of planetary surface); and there is no hot air during the many months of polar night. Answer terse with focus on energy: where is temperature above ground coming from? then insist on results of experiment …

    The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

  36. h g s

    1. Russia/Ukraine war and Israel/Palestine war both continue to the end of 2024.
    2. Europe slides into real (technical) recession for most of the year.
    3. Putin re-elected in Russia, while Trump is stoped by legal warfare from running for president. Biden kept as stand in President in USA.

  37. Jameson Campaigne

    1. Nikki Haley will be disqualified from both thew presidential and vice presidential ticket because she is not a “natural born citizen.” As is clearly stated in the U.S. Constitution.

    2. The Democrat convention in Chicago will resemble that of 1968, lots of uncontrolled mayhem, with the same political results as back then, a R Party wave election, with at least for D Senate seats falling to R’s.

    3. Neither Trump nor Biden will be the parties’ presidential nominees. I fear — as do you — an attempt on Trump’s life by catspaws directed by a foreign power.

  38. MikeW

    1. Vladimir Putin will be deposed.
    2. Egypt will assume administrative control over the Gaza Strip.
    3. Biden will be re-elected.

  39. Robin

    1. Neither Trump, Biden or Kennedy will be elected as President. The next President will be a person who is not yet on the horizon.

    2. The breakaway civilization that has been planned for some time will come to the attention of the masses. This is the establishment of a multi-trilion dollar, sub-orbital, off-planet, satellite-based communication, surveillance, banking and data storage economy under the control of a few elites. It will be completely private, opaque and outside the control of any nation or legal jurisdiction. Elon Musk will be at the forefront of this development.

    3. There will be call to reign in the elites behind this development that will be used by the left and right to justify calls for a single inter-galactic legal governance framework, AKA Star Trek style, that goes far beyond the destruction the nation-state that is currently being attempted.

  40. JerryR

    Absurd predictions that might come true.

    Biden will be reelected but his VP will be Michelle. She will not take over till two years have passed so Obama will have another 10 years if we last that long. Actually, one could say it would be 16 years since he calls the shots for a lot of what Joe does.

    The election will be stolen but investigating the means will be off limits.

    The only thing holding the country together is what to do about money. So there will be major moves to change how we save what we already have and where our earnings will go. Probably unsolvable but will be the major reason for keeping the country together.

    All three based on current trends which are deteriorating and cannot be changed.

  41. Kenan

    1. By end of 2024 it will become apparent that Ukraine is going to break in pieces, largely taken by Russia(russia friendly part), Poland(everything west of Kyiv), Hungary and Romania(south), leaving Ukraine as a small rump state around Kyiv

  42. cookie

    1. A sleight of electoral hand will remove Trump from the race.
    2. JFK jnr will be named in Epstein revelations.
    3. The U.S will strike Iran.

  43. GamecockJerry

    1. Trump will not win the Presidency. No clue who the D’s will nominate.
    2. Ukraine finally folds and gives up Odessa and Eastern Ukraine.
    3. SP goes to 5,000,then drops below 4,000.

  44. Codex

    1. Sarah Hoyt will write at least three new books on three new series. They will be awesome.

    2. Three or more U.S. states will soft secede by formally telling (via congressional resolution or executive order) fedgov to jump in the lake on one or more federal mandates – and get away with it.

    3. RFK Jr. will narrowly avoid assassination and be elected to public office.

  45. spaceranger

    1. Things have been quiet on the abortion front lately, expect it to heat up as the election nears and policy initiatives are put on the ballots in key states to increase democratic turnout. The infotainment narrative generators will gladly assist with at least one major movie or miniseries wherein oppressed women are dying in large numbers due to coat-hanger abortions—Cider House Rules on steroids.

    2. Virginia Guiffre will be invited to speak at the Democratic convention to pin Epstein on Trump. Christine Blasey Ford will also make a showing.

    3. Astros win the Series.

  46. 1. The next war will be in Lebanon. The US will lose at least one warship.
    2. Trump wins in 2024.
    3. Z resigns and Ukraine capitulates. Western media spin this as a victory because Putin was stopped before he sacked Paris.

  47. Dors

    1. In the region between the Eastern Mediterranean coast and the Persian Gulf, the total amount of military conflicts will grow.

    2. The Western derivatives markets will cause an unprecedented degree of controversy : Are they rapidly collapsing, or should we “ignore the false alarms”?
    The true answer will be the former. The West will enter a financial crisis larger and deeper than the 2007–2008 one. But, the acceptance of that fact will be slow, gradual, and will not finish before the start of 2025.

  48. spudjr60

    The easy one: The US Supreme Court will overrule the Colorado Supreme Court and Trump will be on the Primary ballot.

    The one I hope doesn’t happen, but can’t shake it: A nuclear bomb will be exploded as a weapon of war somewhere on Planet Earth.

  49. JohnM

    1. Attempted assassination of Pres Trump, incapacitates him.
    2. Michelle O’Barmy unsuccessfully enters politics.
    3. €uro in big trouble in November.

  50. Phileas_Frogg

    1. At least a few US politicians, Federal and/or State, will be killed/assassinated. Things are simply becoming too fatalistic to avoid such a scenario. People on both sides are no longer demonstrating and shouting, they’re smoldering and whispering, a much more frightening prospect.

    2. The German Bishop’s Conference will continue to inadvertently serve the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith by forcing the St. Gallen Group into situations impossible for them to maintain plausible deniability on. They will offer a Bishop, or else several priests or an order, as a sacrificial lamb and, if not outright excommunicate, then take serious measures against as a form of re-exerting control. (Tangential, and so I’m counting it as part of #2: “Bishop Strickland will be joined by at least 2 other Bishops in his exile.”)

    3. New York State will readjust, put a moratorium on, or extend their mandate for Electric Buses for all Public Schools, due to it’s utter impossibility in 90% of the state. Regardless, the slow decoupling between upstate NY and Albany will continue, with school funding being a key battleground.

  51. kmann

    1. Iran’s government will have a major upheaval, will be less militant and more favorable towards the West (though not completely).
    2. A number of people in the comments section will loose the ability to count to three.

  52. Joy

    Uncle Mike nailed it but just not sure about 3.
    Still a possibility for a good outcome but that could be hope triumphs, again.

  53. Tucker Carlson is Donald Trumps Choice for VP. My predictive model will follow. I’m applying for a trade school at the time but I will lay don’t 1,000 dollars on that.

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