Top Ten Articles of 2023

Top Ten Articles of 2023

Today that most highly anticipated post of the year, the post where you learn what you, the reader, did to us. For it is you who are responsible for what articles were popular and which were not. I can only be blamed for writing them. You must suffer the consequences for your endorsements.

Article views used to be easier to count, but this year I have to add in the Substack mirror, and there are now (over the last two months) more readers there than here. Sometimes. Depends.

Substack doesn’t allow sorting of post statistics, as far as I can tell, which makes counting a pain in the keister. Have to look page by page.

For instance, I think the most viewed article on 2023 on Substack was Ianto Watt’s “All Jacked Up“! It was picked up in several sources. On the other hand, “New Zealand Vaccine Data: Possible Injuries & Misleading Signals“, which came in just behind Watt, had by far the largest number of comments, feedback, and led to more new subscribers than anything else. Point is, neither of these posts cracked the top 10 on the blog.

I’m only including articles written in 2023. The 2021 article “The New UFOs Are Obviously Fake” is still finding readers, and was the tenth most viewed article this year. But it’s not fresh material—though I did take certain liberties.

Until I figure how to count both places, here are the Top Ten most viewed 2023 articles on the blog, followed by a couple of top ones on Substack:

Blog Top 10

  1. 28 June. (Yet Another) New Paper Proves There Is No Nitrogen “Crisis” In The Netherlands. There is no crisis, yet, believe it or not, Experts and rulers pretend there is. Why?
  2. 13 March. Support The Proposed 28th Amendment To The Constitution Of The Once United States. Repealing the 17th, 19th, and 26th Amendments, for a start.
  3. 1 June. Welcome To Pride In The Ability To Masturbate Into The Rectum Of Another Month. Who doesn’t like a good party?
  4. 3 May. Doctors At NEJM Release Important New Statement: Do Not Get Sick. “Racism”, “racism”, “racism” trumps medicine.
  5. 1 February. It Was Always Clear Masks Don’t Work In Stopping Respiratory Viruses. Our review of the Cochrane Review, and of the century-long list of paper disproving mask efficacy, all forgotten in the mad rush to panic.
  6. 1 April. Jokes Against The Regime Now A Crime: Douglass Mackey, A.K.A. Ricky Vaughn, Convicted. Convicted of a conspiracy to tell jokes.
  7. 30 March. Modulation of Ice Ages – Without CO2 — Guest Post by Ralph Ellis. There is a wealth of evidence showing at least global warming is not a serious threat. Ignored (like masks) in most places.
  8. 5 April. Young Winston Smith Attends His Company’s Emergency DIE Training. O’Brien held up her left hand, in which she held a photograph of Rachel Levine. ‘Is this a man or woman, Winston?’
  9. 18 April. Why Science Is Broken: Hillsdale Speech Video & Transcript Now Online. The talk in which I made Hillsdale scientists, yes even Hillsdale scientists, sounds like Ned Beatty up against the tree.
  10. 8 May. And the most-viewed was…What To Do About Black Crime? The answer rulers hit upon is Let It Happen while condemning “racism”.

That’s from this year. Yet the most viewed by far during the year, beating its nearest competitor by more than two times, was 2021’s The Hierarchy Of Intelligences & IQ: We’re Not As Smart As We Think. Right up there, too, was 2010’s (yes) The Mathematics of Boneless Pork Rectums. Both of these have enduring popularity.

Substack Top-ish 10

  1. 6 July. Congress Mandated Experts Design Plan To Block The Sun — And Kill Us All. You might not have thought Experts can be this dumb. But you were wrong.
  2. 23 August. Be Damned To Your Masks & Your Idiot Moronic Effeminate Fear. We shall have many occasions to speak of the loss of courage.
  3. 24 May. Did The Covid Vax, Or Any Vax, Cause ADHD or Autism? Steve Kirsch’s Survey Data Analyzed. Not in this data, anyway.
  4. 12 October. The Biological Reason Why America Meddles In So Many Conflicts Around The World. America never was a “proposition nation.”
  5. 23 October. New Paper Claiming Biological Sex A Fiction Has Normie Academics Pretending To Be Shocked. Do not follow The Science.
  6. 29 September. Something Has Gone Seriously Wrong With “Climate Change” Science. Something is always going wrong.
  7. 8 November. Men, Don’t Fight For The Regime. Need more proof?
  8. 11 December. Climate Hersteria. Hersteria: soy-infused hyper-sensitive effeminate hysteria.
  9. New Zealand Vaccine Data: Possible Injuries & Misleading Signals“. Vax likely killed a small number of sickly people, but it did not kill many people.
  10. “All Jacked Up“. My alibi for JFK’s assassination was that I was not born yet.

Only the Lord knows what 2024 will bring.

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  1. Russo

    Interesting in that seven of the twelve in the Top 10 were in Q2 of 2023. None of the Top 10 were published in the second half of the year. What make ye of that; if anything?

  2. C-Marie

    Yes, He does know, and we are and will be, willing to trust Him, as He is Lord of all!!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  3. A fast way to sort almost anything on your screen is to use windows cut and paste ( ctl-c , ctl-v ) to move the table into a new excel spreadsheet. Excel has excellent sorting and selection.

  4. Gunther Heinz Hochleitner

    My suggestion for your first article of 2024: STEVE KIRSCH BETS MY POOCH A HOTDOG; “Prove my data is wrong!”

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