The Vatican’s New Exhortation On “Climate Change” Has Many Errors

The Vatican’s New Exhortation On “Climate Change” Has Many Errors

The Vatican issued a new Apostolic Exhortation, given in the name of Pope Francis, entitled Laudate Deum.

The document is addressed “To all people of good will on the climate crisis.”

There is no “climate crisis.” It does not exist. It is not so. I (and many others) have spent years and years documenting an enormous number of arguments showing there is no “climate crisis” (a small handful here). Whoever wrote this exhortation has based it on a false premise. And, as Aristotle taught us, from a false premise come the greatest errors.

Like this error: “the world in which we live is collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point.” Passing by the needlessly frightening “breaking point”, we note that this sentence is not so. The world is not collapsing, not due to “climate change” anyway. The West is collapsing, it is true, but in part because of unnecessary hersteria (effeminate hysteria) over “climate change”.

Overreaction like this: “We will feel [climate change’s] effects in the areas of healthcare, sources of employment, access to resources, housing, forced migrations, etc.”

Whoever wrote suffers from a now common inability to imagine changes in the environment that are not bad. Because it is not physically possible that all changes in climate are bad, because some changes are good (like increased plant and crop growth and warmer weather), sentences like this reveal more about the author’s mind than it does about the world.

Now for a theological curiosity: “African bishops stated that climate change makes manifest ‘a tragic and striking example of structural sin’.”

This is false. Every plant, animal, and even every inanimate object affects the atmosphere, and hence the climate. Is impossible—not unlikely: impossible—that whatever is on earth not to affect the climate. The climate on earth has never been static, and never will be static. It cannot be static. It is impossible to stop climate change. A changing climate is not a sin.

Rise up, Peter, kill and eat. Man, like all other animals, must affect his environment to live—and even to die. Certainly there will be, at times, excess; for instance in the over-vigorous production of the tracking devices we insist on carrying with us everywhere. All excess should and must be condemned. Gluttony and greed are not new sins. They are sins. “Climate change” is not a sin.

There are many factual errors in the document, which were easy to check, but were not. For instance, “the signs of climate change are here and increasingly evident”. The climate is always changing, so that is true, but the one must understand that when the phrase “climate change” is used by the untutored they mean the theory of “climate crisis”; they take this theory as proven.

Yet this is not so.

It continues: “it is verifiable that specific climate changes provoked by humanity are notably heightening the probability of extreme phenomena that are increasingly frequent and intense.” This is false, and easily seen to be false. All these attribution studies are fundamentally flawed. They are all premised on perfect model predictions, a false premise. Details are at the link.

Another: “we are presently experiencing is an unusual acceleration of warming” (and more similar rate-of-change claims later in the document). Not so. Historical data come from models of temperature by proxy, which necessarily smooths values; whereas current values are much more variable because of the increased frequency of measurement. This gives an entirely false picture of rate-of-change if one is not careful. The amount of uncertainty in actual changes is too large to make the claim.

Another: “melting of glaciers can be easily perceived by an individual in his or her lifetime”. It has grown warmer (thank God) in some years. What happens to ice when it is hot? It melts. That melting is taken as (separate) proof that the theory for the warmth is therefore true. But there are alternate theories, which make the same, and better predictions. Other, better, rival theories besides “global boiling” or “climate crisis” exist. These are supported by the same evidence of melting glaciers.

Another: “Droughts and floods, the dried-up lakes, communities swept away by seaquakes and flooding ultimately have the same origin.” This is false. Droughts and floods are down, not up, and their harms are down, not up. And seaquakes caused by “climate change”? No.

These are followed by a surreal claim that some blame “climate change” on the poor, and women. I have studied this subject for decades and have never heard this, from any source, even once. Yet if somebody has made this preposterous claim, they are wrong. Or perhaps this is a mere appeal to pity.

Another: “Events of natural origin that usually cause warming, such as volcanic eruptions and others, are insufficient to explain the proportion and speed of the changes of recent decades.” This is not so, as we show (among other places) in this paper: Warming in Terms of Human and Natural Factors.

Some fear “efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels and developing cleaner energy sources will lead to a reduction in the number of jobs.” This indeed has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen, all to no measurable effect on the climate. Only elites will make money on this.

There is much more of this sort of thing, but unless we want a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis, which would take a few thousand words, we’ll settle for this brief, and representative, sample. (I welcome all questions on specifics.)

The document states: “It is no longer possible to doubt the human – ‘anthropic’ – origin of climate change.” It is possible, even mandatory, to doubt. Man, we know with certainty, affects the climate. But doubt is the best, and most rational, approach when hearing any claim about “climate change”. For instance, it is claimed everywhere on earth is warming faster than everywhere else on earth, which is preposterous. The subject has become so ridiculous that scientists claim everything—there is no exaggeration here—everything bad will be made worse because of “climate change”. They even claim there will be fewer cannoli because of “climate change”! You are welcome to try this experiment (at this link) to prove my claim that skepticism is not only rational, it is necessary.

The document laments that skeptical attitudes are found “even within the Catholic Church.” I am, of course, in the Church, and I respectfully dissent on the belief that skepticism is unwarranted, and perhaps even sinful. Skepticism is rational here, as I said, and one should even dismiss grandiose apocalyptic claims, which even the document admits “may well appear scarcely reasonable or insufficiently grounded.” Yet they would have us embrace these unreasonable claims anyway because, the document says, “it is always too late, since no intervention will be able to halt a process once begun.”

This just is not so. If it were so, then there would be no need to act. It would be too late.

This is followed by a discussion of some kind of one-world government (“a new procedure for decision-making and legitimizing those decisions”), which “we need not necessarily think of a personal authority”. Well, it has to be some kind of authority, one run by persons. Who “must be endowed with real authority, in such a way as to ‘provide for’ the attainment of certain essential goals.”

Don’t think of it of losing your own government: “It is not a matter of replacing politics, but of recognizing that the emerging forces are becoming increasingly relevant and are in fact capable of obtaining important results in the resolution of concrete problems, as some of them demonstrated during the pandemic.”

They did. Worldwide idiotic panic for nearly three years, with a plague created by globalist Experts, and mandated deadly “solutions” advocated by globalist Experts. Which we should repeat for “climate change”?

The document insists that the final solution, whatever it will be (details are vague), be welcomed in COP28. This means the 28th UN climate conference. Twenty eight years of destruction foretold, twenty eight years of The End being pushed ahead a few more years, twenty eight years where tomorrow is the Point Of No Return. Twenty eight years is a very long time, my friends. And indeed is has been more than fifty years of claims like this. How many more are necessary before it is accepted “mistakes were made”?

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  1. Tillman Eddy

    WTF! Not the first time the Church has botched science… just disappointing!

  2. john b()

    The document insists that the final solution … what could go wrong?

    I was waiting for an LGBTQWERTY story … been seeing vatican and such on my feeds … Francis will soon bless same sex marriage according to one source …

  3. it’s time to concentrate on 1 (one!) problem to solve it snowball-like; the so-called climate crisis can’t even be defined mutually-acceptable; what are your suggestions on “one problem”? i’ll hold mine back for now.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”This is followed by a discussion of some kind of one-world government…”

    I am shocked — shocked! — to see a Pope acting as the mouthpiece of a satanic globalist conspiracy to crush, enslave, and exterminate man under an iron boot of war, debt, plague, and famine. Imagine — the Pope! — as a Bond villain. Shocking. But a pretty good plot twist. Actually, that’s a pretty predictable plot twist. For a Hollywood movie. Pope Blofeld. He has his palace stocked with puppies and kittens which he trods under foot while shod in iron boots. But the bad guys always get it in a Bond flick. Picture Pope Blofeld sitting on the Holy See, he flips a switch but instead of igniting Doomsday… Bond has rejiggered it so a hatch opens on St Peter’s roof and the Pope in his chair blast off into outer space, orbiting the earth, forever. The world is saved in the nick of time. Cut to Bond getting the girl. Happy ending.

  5. @Hagfish Bagpipe:
    > Imagine — the Pope! — as a Bond villain. Shocking. But a pretty good plot twist. Actually, that’s a pretty predictable plot twist.

    I’m reminded of the pornocracy. Although I don’t expect the current hiccup to get ANYWHERE near that f*ckup.

  6. Natureboi

    Who wrote this garbage?

    23. “It is chilling to realize…”
    A: The Pope is citing his goosebumps as a rationale? What grownup writes like this and why is she being allowed to do so? Euphemism is not argument.

    Laudato Si was actually not bad, influenced obviously by Guardini and the like. This letter cites secular sources more than the Church. It appears to have at least 2 authors, as someone has made an attempt to bring it back to a moral exhortation to care for human dignity and the natural world independently from any supposed benefits of technological progress. I won’t believe that person is the same one saying we have to write this because people still don’t believe in climate change, and the reason it’s important is that it is no longer possible for anyone to not believe in climate change.

    I mean wtf?

  7. Johnno

    Antipope Jorge has less legitimacy for his claims to office than Biden has for his presidency. At least Biden’s predecessor and opponent clearly conceded. But at least Jorge manages to have more cunning, contempt, and faithlessness than Biden, minus the dementia. But at least Biden might be given some leeway for mental impairment at his judgment, something not granted to Jorge.

    The only time the Church botched science, was when it started consulting heretics and ceased listening to it’s own Tradition. The Church IS RIGHT about Geocentrism. That hack Copernicus was wrong, Galileo at least finally regreted listening to him, much to the chagrin of the burdegoning THE SCIENCE ™ which would go in to further make an ass of itself with Uniformitarianism and Chuck Darwin’s bull****. Then Fr. Lemaitre had some thoughts of his own, Vatican Too happened, proper scientific and all moral thinking got outsourced to Expurts, Paul VI kissed the UN’s ass, John Paul II appealed to General Relativity, Benedict XVI decided the Papacy was 2 spirited and decided that he’d leave one half to embrace the effiminate half, and now an Anti-Pope and openly obstinate formal heretic exhorts a piece of environmental hersteria, that was obviously generated by some intentionally retardedly de-programmed-to-say-doom A.I.

    Rather than tackle the obvious, lukewarm ‘it’s-complicated’ Catholics would rather debate to what extent A.I. generated Exhortations are binding on Catholics and what % of it is authentically magisterial, and how much can they excuse and distance Conditionally-Pope-for-Now Frankenstein from what may have been his Kissy pal Tucho telling the A.I. to say what he told it to say. Then they’ll wash their hands with pride to resist and relax that it’s thankfully not ‘ex cathedra’ whilst for all practical purposes German tranny women-to-men deconesses will soon be blessing sodomites at the altars for all to see, and the weather will still be absolutely fine!

  8. Cary D Cotterman

    Hagfish–I’m still laughing over “Pope Blofeld”.

    Get that movie produced, and I’ll be first in line to buy a ticket!

  9. Ann Cherry

    Anti-pope Bergoglio understands (as do most of us) that the modern “environmental” movement is a vehicle for global communism, aka forced collectivism. His own Vatican has stated that Chinese-style communism best embodies Catholic social teaching. One can hardly think of anything or anyone more scandalous than Bergoglio and his Mitered Minions. Even so……

    I plucked this quote from somewhere, maybe Ann Barnhardt’s terrific site:

    “Never, ever, ever conflate any person or earthly institution with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is God-Man, or with the Supernatural reality that is His Holy Catholic Church, His mystical Body and Bride. To have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is to be impervious to scandal, by definition.

    “Those who take scandal – who allow scandals to destroy their faith – are guilty of spiritual suicide.”
    – St. Francis de Sales

  10. C-Marie

    Link …

    Maybe written by Archbishop Fernandez, or influenced by him.

    Hmmm … New World Order support ??? Point 69. from Laudate Deum …. signed by Francis :

    “69. I ask everyone to accompany this pilgrimage of reconciliation with the world that is our home and to help make it more beautiful, because that commitment has to do with our personal dignity and highest values. At the same time, I cannot deny that it is necessary to be honest and recognize that the most effective solutions will not come from individual efforts alone, but above all from major political decisions on the national and international level.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. C-Marie

    Just watching an excellent story … Crash Landing On you … a sign in North Korean on the show read in the English translation ….. “Unity In One Mind” ….. Just what Francis appear to be pushing ….. not judging anyone.

    God bless, C-Marie

  12. patrick healy

    Nature Bio,
    I find the hoofprint of Herr Hans Joachim Schellinhuber all over this piece of pagan garbage as they were on the previous nonsence in Laudato Si.
    This Pope has neither the scientific knowledge or the command of English to compile this satanic epistle.
    Mind you when you consider that only last week he embraced that other satanist Billy Clinton in the vatican – need I say any more.

  13. I have studies climate science using the wit and wisdom of Perfesser Pope and Perfesser Greta Thunberg; Her is what I learned:

    (1) Climate change will kill your dog

    (2) The only cure is fascism

    Join me in pledging to never buy a private jet.

  14. Tillman Eddy

    Absolutely priceless!!

  15. Gunther Heinz

    In Argentina, on account of soccer craze, every male will get kicked in the head at least once in their life.

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